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Hi everyone,

I’m so excited about this product, it’s amazing and works really well…… superbly well.

Details from

Eyelash Lipocils & Black

2 x 2.5ml / 2 x 0.08 oz | Ref. : 8990

Longer, Healthier lashes in just 28 days

The Story:
For over 60 years, Talika laboratories have specialized in eyelash growth.

In 1948, Talika launched the 1st treatment for eyelash growth. In 2010, Talika innovates again with LIPOCILS EXPERT®, the 1st formula which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies natural lash pigmentation and enhances curls.

In 2012, Talika reveals its game and takes its legendary Lipocils range one step further for those who want to look their best while waiting for their natural beauty to emerge. On one side, the classic conditioning formula grows lashes naturally longer and fuller; on the other, the keratin-stimulating mascara provides instant results.

The Product :
2-in-1 eyelash growth stimulator + mascara

Step 1: L I P O C I L S ®
The legendary formula for natural eyelash growth
Containing 12 botanicals Stimulates growth

Step 2: B L A C K M A S C A R A
Exclusive mascara formula
Gorgeous deep black look Lengthens, volumizes and curls Stimulates keratin synthesis

The Results :
IN JUST 28 Days :
Stimulates growth: 80%*
Thickens lashes: 74%*
* Test results – 30 volunteers – 28 days

Longer, Fuller, Darker lashes

The Directions :
Each Morning:
1/ Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.
2/ Apply Black mascara when desired.

Each evening:
1/ Cleanse lashes, optimally with Talika Lash
Conditioning Cleanser.
2/ Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.

This is the Lipocils the one that helps the lashes to grow (you may read my previous post made 3 years ago HERE regarding Lipocils and the result after using it HERE)

Now, they made a mascara, a very lovely one too. The blackest one with the smoothest formula ever tested (by me heehee), gives instant curls, length and volume as well.

The liquid glide smoothly on every lashes and feels so wet, put a name card on the lids when applying the upper lashes and under the lower lashes during application of the lower lashes and it will protect your skin. Wait for a while for the mascara to dry before blinking.

Or it would be like this, but fret not, use a cotton bud to clean the mess after the mascara is dry and noticed that they were like fibers, I love it. The mascara is proven waterproof and for all its benefit I think this is probably the best mascara I’ve used.

Smudge-proof, water resistant and waterproof, tear-proof, heat & humidity proof, sweat & perspiration proof.

Add length, curl and volume plus still build-able for more curl, volume and length. Deep dark color. Lovely formula and very smooth liquid on the lashes. Stay on with me the whole day and cleaning it also so easy with an eye makeup remover.

Last but not least, this is my final look, after the whole makeup and using the TALIKA  Lipocils & Black to the thickest possible by keep reapplying (no fake lashes needed) like they creating fibers. Dark , black, luscious fibers.


May I warn you that you’re about to see my skin naked, without any makeup on, so embrace yourself.

The good news is you’re about to see the wonderful effect of Skin Retouch, it’s like your naked skin being improved, tailored, fixed, renovated, etc . . . so it appears finer, smoother, softer, matte and well, in photoshop world, like being retouch.

Before reading this post, please do read my previous post about the details of Skin Retouch by TALIKA, HERE.

After reading the previous post, with me on a full make up, now take a deep breath and behold ^0^ Aaaaaaaa!

Please see the video of me using it, as in a matter of minutes the transformation achieved.

And here’s some pictures with before after skin. Just in case you can’t bear watching the video heehee.

I was really amazed haha, anyone who have this product really need to test their skin half and half.

The Formula

Stretchy Texture: fills wrinkles, fine lines, and pores. Smoothes skin

Intelligent Pigments:

Small pigments create an optical soft-focus effect by unifying the reflection of light within lines and pores.
Large pigments hide imperfections and redness of the surface of the skin.

The advantages of the formula:

non-drying moisturizing complex
a truly transparent skin primer, both universal and unisex
easy application
long-term treatment effect

Now, let’s digest it,

the white turns clear on the skin and as it dries up it gives the skin a slightly pulled feeling, like a mask, which will slowly become loosen as the hours goes by. The cream can be used alone or best with a loose powder, no, you’re not advice to used foundation or other cream after this one as Skin Retouch already ‘envelope’ our skin.

The matte effect will be a major benefit that everyone will looked for as instant result and the matte effect stays on for more than 8 hours, yes, it is impressive and I can clearly says more than 8 hours since now it is more than 8 hours and my skin still look matte without drying them.

The coverage is natural and unlike tinted moisturizer or foundation which can be heavy, uneven, or unnatural, Skin Retouch is clearly looks natural. And I’m longing for the long term benefit as well

My skin looks flawless as the cream really fill up the large pores and fine lines.

Wonderful!!! Highly recommended and I’ll be back with before after pictures with several victims member of my family so you’ll see how universal and unisex this product is ^__^

See you and thank you TALIKA Indonesia.

TALIKA Skin Retouch Launch

Hello ladies ^0^

A couple days ago, I was invited by TALIKA Indonesia for a very lovely event.

Skin Retouch is here!!!

Yesterday, I arrived at Makan Makan Resto and ready to see this wonderful product claimed to give a photo retouch effect for our skin.

The team has prepared the room, all dressed in black, blue and white ^__^

This is it, this is the product, a white lotion comes from a tube completed with spatula for application. Ms. Sina told me, it is compulsory to use the spatula for it helps the cream to spread evenly and creating some kind of veil or mask, enveloping our skin.

Ms. Sina showed me the result on her hands, guess which one have used the Skin Retouch? Yes the left hand, the one that looks matte, smoother and softer tone.

I came early, so I have the chance to learn more about the product in a more private way.

Skin Retouch details from

Skin Retouch Face

30ml Tube Applicator | Ref. : 270L1
Over time, the face loses its smoothness. The skin does not reflect light evenly anymore. The skin starts to look dull, tired, and greyish.
SkinRetouch Face® acts as an instant corrector of time by playing smartly with light. The skin looks immediately younger.

Blurs fine lines and wrinkles
Unifies and matifies complexion
Tightens pores

How does it work?
Stretch texture: smoothens skin by filling wrinkles, fine lines, pores and dehydrated lines, without clogging the skin. Matifies and reduces shine.

Soft focus pigments: small pigments slip inside the wrinkles, fine lines and pores and the large ones cover imperfections on the surface to reflect light evenly. Through a brighter complexion, the face looks younger.

Directions for use
1. Apply your usual skin care on cleansed skin.
2. Apply Skin Retouch Face all over the face, smoothing, like a foundation, from the center of the face outwards.
3. How to use it in combination with make-up:
– Liquid foundations must be applied before SkinRetouch Face.
– Powders must be applied on top of SkinRetouch Face.

For whom?
All who want an immediate solution for younger, smoother looking skin.

– Every morning with or without makeup.
– Anytime during the day, as a corrector

Neat isn’t it?! Seems like Talika will keep having these products that enhances our beauty. It’s time for me to try it on my hands.

Aww! I like it. The skin look younger instantly and yes, they also have skincare benefit as well, so instead of using foundation that covers our skin with tone that sometime unnatural, I’ll try Skin Retouch.

The Skin Retouch gives me:
* soft matte finish
* velvety smooth feeling to the touch
* natural coverage
* skin care benefit, as it have anti aging effect and brightens the skin

Stay tune for my next post ya as I use it on my face =^^=

Picture of me and Ms.Sina, she is so beautiful and tall!!!

Here is the product and available in Talika’s counters for Rp. 485.000

Thank you Talika Indonesia for inviting me and you for reading the report, I will make another post for Skin Retouch A.S.A.P ^__^

First of all, I would like to thank TALIKA Indonesia for giving me this wonderful product which I’ve been dreaming about ^__^
Yes, it is Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles by TALIKA. An oil made from essential oils that smells super good and do wonders as well.
See the product details at
Pure essential oils made with 100% natural plant concentrates.

Benefits :
100% natural plant concentrate brings an intensive care to dehydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Revitalizes and firms the skin. Softens the epidermis and helps prevent line formation. It also regulates sebum production.
Huiles vitales is non-comedogenic, without colorant or preservative.

Application :
Vital oil can be applied on the whole body including the face.
As a regular treatment:
– Every evening, after cleansing, apply three to four drops to lightly moistened skin and massage gently until absorbed.
Ingredients :
 Plant oils                       Natural moisturizer without clogging pores
 Jasmine essence                       Softening
 Lavender                       Cleansing & detoxyfying
 Rose                 Softening & stimulating
And read the product details on the backside as well. It is so simple and easy yet, so wonderful
The oil feels like a dry oil. Easily absorbed and not heavy at all.
As seen on No. 1 and 2, fluid and light. No.3 after spreading it a bit, No.4 fully absorbed and delightful. It made the skin glisten and you can continue to enjoy the scent of lavender.
I use it as a serum, after cleansing and toner. Then put the oils on my palm and inhale the scent before gently massage my face with the oils. The skin become glisten thanks to the oil and enjoying pampering moment. Use a hydrating moisturizer on top and let sealed it all in. In the morning, your skin will feel so moist, supple and rejuvenated. Suitable to be use with the Cream Booster (Read: HERE) since the oils help the tools to keep gliding for a minute.
Will I keep using it? Definitely!
Do I recommend the products? Yes. Why? For the essential oils so pure inside that have been known for generations to moisturized, soften and detoxifying the skin. Natural and suits all skin types.
Hi everyone!

Today let’s talk about caring your hands and feet ^_^

Everyday and almost every posts here is about face, face and face haha! It is time to discuss other part of our body that need attention as well in looking gorgeous. Summer is here, it’s time for flip flop and the trends of open shoes and colors are here too, so the attention is on the other part of our body. You want those hands and feet looking well-groomed as well.

Staying in Jakarta means summer all year long and open toes slippers is always in. Imagine wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo and ehm, those nasty chapped dry heels are visible or the unmanageable toes, they are in need of pampering as well.

There are so many ways of making them look good. From the simplest way at home and daily maintenance to the high end treatments done in a salon or spa.

For me the key start with Cleanliness. As long as they are clean, point no.1  is taken ^^

From washing your hands and feet when they are dirty to scrubbing them well. The skin on our hands and feet are ‘tougher’ in terms of we use our feet for walking daily, so it need to be tough, if not we feel so much pain every single step. And Our hands as well. We touch and hold so many thing daily and it need layers that protect from the heat (cooking mama), roughness (working papa), and other jobs. Some parts can be visible thicker due to constant friction. Like parts where you hold your pen, it create some bumps as a natural cushion. It doesn’t always look good but our body have the tendency to adjust to any situation we’re in.

Nevertheless, due to the adjust mentioned above some part can be quite ‘damage’, seen with roughness, chapped and overly dry. So after scrubbing it, we are using moisturizer for hands and/or feet.

But since those area are used a lot ^0^ some products do cause the hands and feet to be slippery thanks to the oils contained. I experienced it a lot on my feet. To overcome this I put some lotion at night before bed, giving the feet enough time to recover or moisturized over the night. But it need to be done several time and not an instant result. The skin on the are does soften, but easily dries again.

With the hands? Same thing. I wash my hands a lot, from doing laundry, dishes and daily habit as well. So usually the moisture doesn’t last long, I need something instantly making them look good ^^

While pampering is the key, I’m thinking of spa and soaking them real good. There are so many items out there that can be used as a bath soak or some sort. Where I’m letting the natural ingredients soften the skin and nourish it. But again, too much soaking can leave the skin drier, especially when it’s done with warm or hot water.

My resort? Spa and beauty salon! They can pampered my hands and feet alright ^__^ but (haha, I’m really sounds like a complainer) I can’t do this all the time and spend my time at the salon/spa daily. The service depends on the staff and well, humans are also known for being moody and does errors from time to time. I hate when they over clipped the skin, it is painful and sanitizing is a standard not every salon can achieve.

They do have bonus thou’, pretty nails afterwards,

From the most unnatural,

 To the most natural look.

From hands,

To toes.

But I wish I can do these at home all by myself with the easiest way. How?

Yes, try TALIKA ^^ I do tried their Instant Manicure –> HERE

And I see an instant result 🙂

So nails-wise, they are covered. I still want the rough part on the book of my hands and heels be securely lovable as well. Right now all my choices is in the daily treatment. From cleanliness, scrub/peeling, and oh, one more thing, for the feet, we need them smells real good as well. I do found many ideas on removing the odors –> HERE. Aren’t there an all in one solutions? The one that gives smoothness, smells good, pampering, moisturizing, and for the nails too?

Before we go there, daily diet also important for a healthy nails and skin, including the skin on our hands and feet. Nails in particular have these details:

Nail problems    Possible nutrient deficiency
Brittle, weak and dry      Calcium, Vitamin A
White spots       Iron, Zinc
Cracking and breaking    Protein, Iron
White lines        Zinc, Protein
Curved nail end and darkening     Vitamin B12
Reddish-brown spots      Folic acid, Protein and Vitamin C

And one more that often asked, yellowish? Is due to color pigment, who often colored their nails without using base coat to protect the nails, the pigment goes into the nails. Other problem such as fungus, etc, can be solved with anti-fungus cream.

Euuhhhhhhh!!!! I know, I know, we are all here to discuss how can hands and feet become gorgeously beautiful ^__^ take note that beautiful hands and feet (incl nail) start from a healthy condition. After that then you can enhance the condition by pampering pampering and pampering ^^

So remember, healthy diet, cleaning, soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing is the key to a beautiful hands and feet. Let’s wait if there’s a product that can give us a result of all that in one, until then let’s do the conventional way.

See you!

Cream Booster by TALIKA

Hi all!

I’ve got this wonderful product from Talika, yes, a brand that kept giving us options and answer to various needs that can’t be obtain by conventional ways.

Details from

NEW! Triple-action Cream Booster device combines proven LED phototherapy with micro-vibration technology and ionotherapy to stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange.

Active ingredients in your daily skincare regimen go directly to the targeted zone deep within the cell where they can perform to their maximum potential and help you look your best.

Comes with a one-year international warranty.

This wonderful device is easily used and handy for traveling as well. Put it inside a glasses case or small long pencil case and use it when you need it. Always on a cleaned face with moisturizer on top (plus serum as well) and see the amazing result where the products actually works better with Cream Booster.

Use it by yourself and found out how unique it is. Others can’t help you, the touch of your own hand will activate the product.

See the video for more details and enjoy!

Thank you so much TALIKA Indonesia, I’ll keep using the products and find out if there’s more that meet the eyes ^^

TALIKA Eye Decompress

Hi all pretty readers!

How are you? I hope you don’t have any migraine like the one I have right now X.X bummer!

Due to lack of sleep and relaxing, (any company wants to sponsor a trip for me?) I kinda feel stressed lately and need a rejuvenation. Holiday season is not here yet, so I decided to do a mini relaxation at home.

Yes, I’m using TALIKA eye decompress.

Here some details from

Eye Decompress
9 x (3 ml / 0.1 fl.oz.) – 9 treatments per pack
Talika Eye Decompress refreshes, soothes, relieves congestion and revitalizes tired looking eye contour.
Are your eyes :
– puffy in the morning?
– irritated – red?
– feeling de-hydrated?
Talika Eye Decompress refreshes, soothes, relieves congestion and revitalizes tired eyes.
How to apply ?
Place the pastille into the capsule containing the blue solution.
The pastille immediately absorbs the solution and transforms itself into an eye mask.
Open out the mask and apply it on the eyes for a few minutes.
Other benefits :
1 – efficient
2 – easy to use
3 – travel friendly

How to use it is detailed on the back of the packaging

Let’s start by open mine ^__^

Mine is individually wrapped

While you can get yours in a set

Open the lid start with the one near the pastille. It’s the dried eye mask.

Then both, careful not to spill the blue fragrant liquid. Yes, the smell is just so lovely, flowery, relaxing and beautiful

Then, just put the pastille into the blue liquid, in a matter of seconds it absorb all the liquid.

Here’s mine

Carefully unwrapped the mask and put it on your clean naked skin. I don’t recommend using any eye cream before this mask for better absorption and since some products might not goes along well together.

I take a 10 minutes break while resting on my bed. It was really something that I need. Comforting, soothing, cooling and the smell is so lovely, haven’t I said it much?!

Now it’s the result. First of all too bad I can’t take a picture of how soft and smooth my eye’s zone right now. I can certainly touch it. The area below my eyes get the most of it, they become so soft and I know I shouldn’t do this but I can’t stop touching it.

A 10 minutes rest with this mask really rejuvenate the eyes and I can’t say much for the puffy thingy (take note the light is from above and creating a darker shade for the lower part of my eyes) but it still look fresher, brighter, and definitely happier.

Will I use it again?


For the gorgeous smell, freshness, and softness of my eyes.
Hi all!
It seems like these 3 days will be all about TALIKA, yes indeed ^__^ Celebrating the relaunch of TALIKA in Indonesia (Read: HERE), let me share you more of my reviews on TALIKA products.
TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, let’s read the details given by
Lash conditioning cleanser
100 ml / 3.4 oz | Ref. : 5100
A soft, refreshing OIL FREE eye make-up remover capable of removing all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara.
Who should use it ?
– anyone who wear waterproof mascara and do not want to remove it with an oil-based solution
– anyone with sensitive eyes
– anyone who want to help treat and strengthen their lashes
Results :
A dual performance :
– cleansing action
– lash conditioning action
The Talika + :
1 – The Lash Conditioning Cleanser is the first non-oily eye make-up remover that is capable of removing waterproof mascaras
2 – Its dual performance is also unique, combining high cleansing power with lash treatment and conditioning.
High performance presentation:
– Easy to use
– Product remains fresh and clean
– Excellent hygienic properties
Ingredients :
 Cornflower extract           Softening, astringent
 Silk proteins                  In-depth treatment to improve lashes structure
 Natural cleansing                     
Seems so impressive, let’s prove it!
The packaging is cyan blue as always and I really like any pump device for beauty product since it is a lot more hygienic than pot, tube or normal bottle. I took like 2 pumps on a cotton sheet, sorry for the mess haha! The color is delightful and the texture is a bit gooey.
The Before pic (left)
I use a waterproof and stay on eyeliner, mascara on my brows and even thou’ I’ve taken off the fake lashes, the glues are still there (I really don’t like these glue, they are tricky alright). Some foundation and powder are there in the eye zone as well.
So I took the cotton that already moisten by TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, put in on top of my closed eye lids and let them sit for a while. Some of the gooey cleanser did get into my eyes, I feel a bit sting and thinking it would be a problem. So NOT! In less than a minute my eyes are comfortable again, unlike other makeup remover that really uncomfortable for the eyes. TALIKA Lash Conditioning Lash Cleanser is made for the eye’s zone.
Then I gently swipe them and voila! It’s cleaned everything it touches. Those nasty glue are taken off without a fuss, so does mascara, waterproof and stay on eye liners.
See the cotton sheet, it;s all there.

Will I keep using it?

With the result this good and not irritating my eyes, definitely will!

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Hi beauties,
How are you today, it is indeed a long weekend and I love the traffic when Jakarta is less crowded (doesn’t we all are haha!) Well, in these wonderful timing, TALIKA have their grand opening held in Metro Plaza Senayan 19-25 of March 2012.
Bloggers are invited on the 24th, yes, Friday ^__^ and today the 25th is for media and everyone. R u guys coming btw? If yes, share here okay ^^

This is me taking picture during the event
This is the famous LIPOCILS, with more lengthening power. You can read more about TALIKA LIPOCILS expert on my previous posts —> HERE
During the grand opening, Ms.Sina Deubner, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of TALIKA, graced the event and help us understand the product better.
One by one, she explain to us all the products carried by TALIKA. The first counter is in Metro  Plaza Senayan and now the second one is in Metro Pondok Indah Mal. But during the event, they didn’t held it at the counter
it’s in front of Metro so everyone can see what’s going on. The settings is pretty and looks comfy.
Beside all the product information, she also shares personal testimonial, of how she’s been using TALIKA LIPOCILS expert for the past 6 months and indeed her lashes are long. You might say since she was a Caucasian, but the term apply to anyone.
TALIKA do have items only for the eyes zone, like this mask where the liquid smells so good. I will do the review ASAP ^^
And my favorite light therapy by TALIKA. Read it more —> HERE
It’s my personal reviews using the Light Duo and Light 660
Some products for the hand are also available, an all in one manicure set, an instant manicure powder (Read –> HERE) , etc. It is indeed a fun time at TALIKA.

A heated lash curler? Got them as well. The tools is designed with extra attention, not too hot so your lashes wont burned, soft silicone, and a change colored too so you’ll know when it is ready for your lashes.

After around an hour of explaining and discussing products, I took a picture with her, she is so friendly and fun to be with.
Now, TALIKA have a promotion going on for any purchase of the Light therapy (Duo or 660), yes, you’ll get all that shown in the picture above.
Still need more info? Come to their counter, or if you’re really busy, join their facebook page and twitter. Ask the team about the products.
Last but not least, hurry, join their contest, it’s as easy as 1,2,3
1. Follow @METROdept and @TalikaID on Twitter
2. Take a pic in front of Metro and TALIKA backdrop at Metro Senayan 19-25 March 2012.
3. Twipic the picture mentioning @METROdept and @TalikaID and end it with #TalikaLaunch
That’s all! And you have a chance to win 500k worth of vouchers from METRO (announcement of the winner is on 28 March 2012)
Join ya!
Hi all pretty readers!

It’s been almost a month for me with light therapy by TALIKA. Light 660 and Light Duo. Please do read more on Light 660 —> HERE, and Light DUO —> HERE

I’ve tried making it daily habit, but it was soooo hard to be that discipline and persistent. I guess this is the issue in using Light Therapy, beside that it’s all good.

1. They are effective

2. SO easy to use
3. Don’t need any liquid or cream or anything, they don’t even touch the surface of our skin
4. Handy tool that’s convenient to be carried everywhere
5. The more you use the more benefit you reap and if you use it daily for like a year it’s like Rp.5000 per day and if you take good care of the product it can last for years and it gets cheaper by the day ^__^ savvy!

Now, let me share you my experience with each light, start with Light Duo

The collagen booster.

I found this light to be the most lovable. The yellowish light is calming and I found it relaxing somehow. I can use it for my entire face and body (cool isn’t it?!) and my neck too. Cream and gels sometimes have limitation, but this light can go beyond.

It’s not a secret that all body parts need a collagen booster, I use it on my stretchmarks as well 🙂

Now the skin lightener.

Okay, this is the toughest one in seeing result. The thing is pigmentation is involved and it took years to develop and sorry to say, it ain’t goin’ anywhere soon either since deeper layer involved. For sure I think I need more than a month to see a result that’s visible.

Imagine this, using the product for like 10 minute for the whole face per day while the sun exposed is hours in the same day, so you like fighting the sun, sounds impossible? Not really. Protecting the skin with sun protection lotion, avoid the sun at it’s peak and 2x a day with skin lightener, you may have the result you want. A lighter skin tone all over.

 Last but definitely not least. Light 660 the complete acne solution is the one that shows visible result the fastest. Zits, acne, pimple, and all of that can be dried up in the matter of days (for me) and weeks for my husband. Of course it’s a continuum, which means life goes on and you need to use it regularly.

My verdict: This is the one that I think would be the favorite. Mind the bold lights but fret not, TALIKA provide you with eye protector as a shield. The three function of antibacterial, anti inflammation and reducing sebum is just spot on! I use it on my backs as well and it can helps reaching those difficult places.

One more thing, I use it on my scalp as well, only on the part where the oiliness is overwhelming, it feels warm and a bit weird, so let me remind you to use it wisely and only on the skin for the minutes counts and half for the scalp since the pores are bigger.

Overall these light therapies from TALIKA is a high quality products that will benefit you ^__^