After the Bobbi Brown event I was so happy when the Brand Manager introduced me to La Mer. The famous Creme De La Mer first mentioned by Ms. Lopez and since then it’s been playing in my minds on how they actually are. Here, you’ll get my first glimpse to some of the products.

Let’s start with one of their best seller which is The Body Refiner.

A multi-faceted treatment that polishes, hydrates and cushions the skin.

Infused with over two carats of pure diamond powder, this multi-action cream formula polishes, refines and revitalizes skin while protecting its moisture barrier. Dull cells are instantly lifted away to reveal a soft new surface. Fermented sea muds help detoxify and purify. Ultra-smooth and glowing, skin is prepared to receive the benefits of the body treatments that follow.

Can’t you see the diamonds sparkling?

The ‘scrub’ feels rough even thou the particles are small. I can definitely feel the ‘polished’ effect and being refine. I’m the kind of person who takes care my skin by taking showers regularly, scrub and always moisture. But I’ve been told that La Mer can do so much more.

After rinsing the skin feels soft to the touch and refined they really are.

Continues with Body Serum, this is the first time I’ve heard a serum for the body.

A revolutionary elixir that reduces the appearance of discoloration.

A silky serum designed to address the appearance of discolorations, blotchiness, spider veins and sun and age spots. Re-mineralizing algae extracts and selected botanicals stimulate the delivery of vital hydrating and clarity-correcting actives to the skin, dramatically restoring a youthful luminosity.

The serum is thicker than face serum and milkish. Easily absorbed but I think I need more than one use to testify more.

The Body Creme

A sumptuous cream that saturates the skin with a wave of long-lasting hydration.

Like a seaweed wrap in a jar, this luxurious moisturizing cream infuses dry skin with long-lasting hydration. Micro-Algae Complex attracts and captures moisture throughout the day. Blue Algae Life Ferment™ immediately restores clarity and works over time to diminish the appearance of minor discolorations and improve firmness and tone. Skin emerges supple, smooth and glowing.

How long is the effect last? Up to 48 hours according to the staff. The moisturizing effect will stay there event thou’ you take a shower.

Then last night I’ve tried on The Concentrate which used on facial.

A revolutionary treatment that complements skin’s natural healing process.

This ultra-potent elixir remarkably improves the appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns, and visibly diminishes irritation and redness caused by dermatological procedures.

Formulated with a high concentration of The Miracle Broth™, it empowers skin with the energy it needs to accelerate its natural repair process. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid “cellular cement” to help strengthen vulnerable skin while the anti-oxidant properties of Lime Tea Extract help protect skin from external insults. Feelings of tight or taut skin are relieved as suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored.


To complement skin’s natural healing process and improve the appearance of scars, thoroughly massage onto affected area at least twice per day. La Mer’s scientists recommend using The Concentrate in tandem with Crème de la Mer to seal in its vital, skin-renewing benefits. Always consult a physician prior to use after surgery or any other serious skin trauma.
My review: The thick clear gel is a delight to the skin. Comfortable and truly a wonderful product. Actually last night when I use the product I don’t have any immediate problems except exhaustion and it clearly shown on my face, but today when I wake up my skin looks awesome. Smooth, moist yet not oily, supple, simply gorgeous! I use the concentrate with a moisturizer from another brand but they don’t seems to have any problem being combined. I think it’s one of MUST HAVE item from La Mer.

After trying on some of La Mer collections I can’t help but wonder the story behind it. La Mer means The Sea, which is most of the ingredients are from. Dr. Max Huber (An Aerospace Physicist) had a severe incident in the lab, causing the appearances of scars which later he was able to create a ‘cure’, a healing property of Creme De La Mer.

This is La Mer sunblock which is light and easily used with no residue seen nor felt on the surface, no greasiness nor shine on the surface too. Perfect in terms of blending.

You may click the image for larger view or open for further information.

Last product I’ve tried on the spot is Eye Concentrate.

An ultraluxe eye treatment that dissolves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

This concentrated cream utilizes three unique forms of Miracle Broth™ to deeply condition, smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area. It significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles, lines and wrinkles for a luminous new life.

Fortified with an iron-rich mineral, The Eye Concentrate dramatically dissolves the appearance of dark circles. It works in tandem with a specially-engineered, silver-tipped applicator which helps cool the skin, immediately improving micro-circulation.


Dab a small amount and gently sweep onto the eye area with applicator morning and evening to ensure proper delivery of this potent treatment. Follow with Crème de la Mer.

It comes with a handy tool for application which is made from pure silver.

Dab numerous spots on the eye’s zone then circled the area using the applicator that feels cold and gives instant cooling effect is so much relaxing. Using it definitely interesting and fun too.

My eyes seems more radiant and alive. I wish I can bring them all home. My La Mer experience stopped here? Nope, some samples are given and I’ll keep reviewing and have you all updated ^___^ Thank you for reading.

Special Thanks to Ms. Patricia, Trainer of La Mer, and Ms. Nia, staff at La Mer Pacific Place.

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