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POND’S Age Miracle Day Cream

Good morning! As I write this review in the morning ^__^ and does morning always means good things that happen on the start of the day.
Sun is there and start beaming, gives us energy and everything in between. From the good to the over exposure, so we do need a sun protection.
For face wise I always opt a day cream that contain SPF, like POND’S Daily Resurfacing Cream UV SPF 15 PA++
The packaging is gorgeous and they really put they heart into it, well some may say it’s overly done to cover the real effect of the product but reading some review here and there, POND’S Daily Resurfacing Cream SPF 15 PA++ earns a lot of 5 star reviews. So let’s take a look shall we?!
Details from
Daily Resurfacing Cream UV SPF 15 PA++
Kegunaan Produk :
Membantu mengurangi vlek hitam akibat penuaan dan kerutan hanya dalam 7 hari.
Cara bekerja :
Dengan Advanced CLA4 Complex™ yang terkenal dapat meningkatkan produksi sel-sel kulit baru. Sedangkan SPF 15PA++ melindungi kulit dari penyebab utama penuaan kulit.
Tersedia dalam kemasan baru 30 ml
Details is just about everywhere on the packaging. Please do read them carefully to find out more on the ingredients used, just in case you got some sensitivity going on.

Indeed the product doesn’t stop there. the range varies from cleanser, serum, day and night cream. Don’t forget the dual eyes too. I really want to try but they are sold out on the store I went into. According to the beauty adviser, Age Miracle is really a hit in Indonesia, many customer buy them and really like what they see, so they kept telling their friends, when I get mine, some customer also keep asking about the products that’s run out at the moment.
Okay, enough observing, now it’s my time to review on the product.
Price wise I think it is pretty affordable and not in the luxury product level. The pinkish cream is thick (mine is for normal to dry skin) have a faint smell, which is good as I don’t like skincare that have overwhelming scent especially when it’s not natural. I use my toner and emulsion (different brand) before applying the day cream and I think the product actually easier to applied when used alone. My toner and emulsion make the day cream slippery and need some time to be evenly distributed.
But when it does, I can see why many people love it. The cream can work as a makeup base too. The skin appears smoother and powdery velvety effect. But for me there’s a bit of ‘thick’ feeling on the surface that I can’t determine to like it or dislike. Meanwhile, if you’re focusing on the surface I think you will rave the product. But for what beneath it, I need to observe more. I didn’t use the whole range and I’m not a fan of the whole resurfacing theme. It might work for those with dull skin and never exfoliate.

When cleansing after using the product please do not forget to double cleanse since there are some SPF involved.

Overall: This day cream is suitable for those who are looking for an all in one day cream with light sun protection and gives a matte base finish and ready for makeup or just a light coverage. Really not bad for a product cost around 100k Rupiah ^__^

I just got these products yesterday so I just to do a quick review after using it. The ingredients that getting the spotlight is Camellia Leaf that supposed to brighten up the skin with Catechin (EGCG). It’s the element that slows Melanin production. Also antioxidant to fight free radicals. A small leaflet book also given showing full instruction, details and massaging tips.

The white cream is light and have a strong fragrance in it. I must say this budget wise product do give an instant brightening effect but still leaves a bit of oily sticky residue on the skin and the smell can be a problem if you’re really not a fan of it.

I must warn you that whitening/brightening product with exfoliate can leaves your skin very dry but it depends on your skin condition (dry, normal, oily, combination) and work with appropriate products to handle things out. There are some ingredients in this day cream that might create some problems especially if you are allergic to it.

i don’t think this is the right POND’S product for me, perhaps I’ll try age miracle since it does cover 30’s  ^___^