Hi all,
Shea Hand Cream Lavender from Omi Brotherhood Menturm is here, a product from Japan but made in Korea. This 35 gr of product looks simple yet irresistible. As someone who loves lavender, anything with lavender is my thing haha! Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion to even household products, bless those who incorporated lavender to detergent and cleansing liquid.
So this hand cream is something that I wont missed.
Thou’ I’m not a big fan of shea butter, the lavender lures me in. And I’m glad that the shea isn’t sticky at all this time. It does rich but gives the hands a soft feeling instead of sticky, I do have sweaty palm so my hands easily become sticky or super slippery with any hand cream, I even washed my hand right after using body lotion or body butter.
At first I also thought that the product is suitable for winter or dry climate only, but this particular hand cream is wonderful, kinda like White Musk Hand Cream by The Body Shop (click : Here) but a bit lighter. The texture at first is creamy, but after distributing the white kinda thick cream it can absorbed easily, I remember one time a doctor is using this kind of cream, but different brand. As she washes her hands often between patient and it causes her hands to break and really look dry. So I’m not saying this is a product specially for doctor, but anyone who need to washes their hand often or do chores (like laundry and dish washing regularly) may have some benefit from hand cream, plus the lavender scent as a bonus haha!
I also recommend to use every night as sometime we tend to forget our hands as they do need moisture as well, and well, aging signs also shown on your hands you know 😀 Keep them young from the easiest way, hydrating.
Use it as less or as often as you want it. Simple and affordable product available in almost any drug store or beauty shop in Japan.
Warning! The cream is soft alright to the touch but please do careful when lifting a cold glass heehee as it is slippery when touching wet objects.