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How are you? I hope to see your perky cleaned and polished skin today heehee!

Let me share with you a review of this skincare product from Japan.

Hadanomy Collagen Milk, first let’s see some details from the company’s website.

Details from http://hadanomy.jp: (english version by google translate)

Collagen, it is of water-soluble component of the protein obtained from such animals. Normal collagen, but the magnitude is difficult to penetrate the skin, collagen micro Because the low molecular weight collagen normal, it is easier to penetrate the skin.
Collagen than normal, so “micro-collagen” of a molecule fine, you can quickly penetrate the skin, skin Puru ★ needle to binge!

(Purpose moisturizing formulation) Na hyaluronic acid
Na hyaluronic acid, a component is mainly water retention capacity of the skin. In the moisture retention of hyaluronic acid Na, supports Puru ★ your needle.
(Purpose moisturizing formulation) acerola extract
To be extracted from acerola extract, which contains many components of the organic acids and other vitamins and vitamin C.
(Purpose moisturizing formulation) honey
Honey, which contains excellent moisturizing ingredients, to moisturize dry skin, your skin supple to the state.
Mind the translation okie?! 
 Collagen Milk is used after cleaning and toning the skin, kinda like emulsion where then moisturizer is needed afterwards.

The white creamy almost like a gel fluid smells refreshing and wonderful. Like a mixed of floral and citrus. An immediate cooling feeling is there the minute it touches the skin and easily absorbed. I love it. It added the moisture, hydration, suppleness and fresh feeling to the skin in a jiffy. Plumper skin, but take note, it’s not a permanent result, you need to apply the Collagen Milk daily.

For me being in the 30’s I need collagen more than when I’m 20’s. The texture of my skin is still very good, so I just use it on my night time regime or anytime I see my skin looking tired and dull, the Collagen Milk for me act as a boost of healthy dose of vitamins and goodness from various ingredients.

Does everyone need this product? Actually no, if your skin is high in hydration, very young and very plump, plus high in elasticity as well, you don’t need it yet. Try this product after you see the signs of exhaustion and early signs of aging.

Overall, it’s an additional product to be used for those who wants their skin to stay young longer and get those lovely plump skin without being too heavy or overpowering nor oily.