Hello lovelies,

here is my recent purchase for Rp.99.900 from Duo. Available at selected Guardian shops near you. I’ve been using Lash Grip for years and since it was not easily obtainable in Indonesia,  DUO become an option for me. One, it look like a twin sister of Lash Grip. Two, the variation, and last, they have one in black heehee.


Details from duoadhesives.com:

Don’t forget to watch the video provided by Duo Adhesives on their website.


As easy as one, two, three. Prepare, glued on and stick it. I love the dark since when dried somehow appeared to be like a black eyeliner and hide imperfection, plus, it does made my eyes looks bigger too.

The slightly milky dark grey glue will turn into solid black once dried. That’s why it appears as if I’m using a black eyeliners. The glue can be added accordingly after usage with a tooth pick for precise measurement, just be careful not to poke your eyes with the sharp tooth pick (ouch!).


On me the glue sticks as long as I want it too, so far I’ve used it for 2 hours, 4 hours, and maximum would be around 10 -12 hours when I have an event all day long. So it has depends on the events and how long I have to use it. The tricky part is not to sweat or let it get wet/humid before completely dry and set on the lid.

The part where it usually detach first is the one at the inner side of the eyes. Maybe since it is the most humid place compared to the outer side. But when used in a dry and cool room the glue sets better and the fake lashes wont easily apart from the lids all day long.

So whenever I use fake lashes I have to bring the glue along for backup plan as well, just in case something wrong happen and I wont have to ended up with half lashes on.


Prepare everything before hand, like measuring the lashes, bring the cotton bud/tooth pick/ other tools you might need, clean fingers, so when the glue is applied and waited to be half dry, your fingers aren’t too busy doing something else. Wait till half dry? Yes, lashes glue are best to stick it on when half dry, not when completely wet. Completely wet means mess and there wont be enough glue left on the exact place meant to be.

Half dry is characterized by tackiness and exact stickiness. Trial and error is necessary ^___^ Practice before the big event, okay?!


Cleaning wise, if you love your real lashes, in the first place you should not let the glue touch or reach them. So when pulled it will be pulled from the lids. So far, DUO haven’t give me a clean finish, so it will be leftovers that need to be picked, kinda troublesome. Dolly Wink has better glue, one strike and all glue are out.