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Hello ^__^

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect also comes in a series for the night, called White Perfect Night. Fairness Revealing Soothing Cream. I think this is the first time I’m trying a night cream from L’Oreal Paris. Usually it’s either day cream or a day-night cream such as the Hydra Fresh, the original one, the one I used around 12 years ago when I’m still 20 years old.


Wake up to radiant skin!

White Perfect Night Cream contains a breakthrough ingredient – Melanin Vanish™, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. Night after night, spots are reduced, skin looks fairer and more radiant.


The cream is a bit like milky violet in color, just like the packaging. The design of the pot looks simple, reminds me of Hydra Fresh and other variant from the same brand. The texture of the cream is light, like a merit between gel and cream. Smells like N**** brand (lotion). I like this kind of scent, it is comforting.

When applied to the skin unlike the typical night cream which is heavy and felt so rich, the White Perfect Night is able to getinto the skin, so there are no leftover feelings on the surface. The skin become hydrated and slightly plumped immediately. So far I haven’t witness the transparent rosy whitening but the skin do appears clearing up. Like there are less dark spots than before usage. The result also not instant, it took me weeks to notice the result of a clearer skin but since the gel cream feels light to the touch the days went by without hindrance.


So, if you’re looking for a brighter skin with a creamy gel that doesn’t feels sticky nor greasy? This might be your answer as a night treatment. Of course this product can’t be used alone, a series of cleanser, toner, and day time treatment also needed.

However for me, since I have dry skin, I need a night cream with more hydrating effect than this one, so probably I wont continue using the White Perfect Night, perhaps in the L’Oreal Paris world, I’ll opt to the Hydra Fresh once in a while or top it off with a hydrating cream at night.

Hello girls!

Thank you so much for everyone who participated on the giveaway sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Sorry, I have to wait until 12th of October 2012, so I am 2 days late of officially announcing the winners on my blog (I have announced the 4 winners on Twitter and my Facebook page on the 10th) because I have to wait for the 5th winners to give me her address. All 4 have replied except one and after the date is due I have to changed with another winner, and she did the same, didn’t return my email with the address needed after designated time and I have to pick another winner. So the 5th winner changed 3 times 😀

Haha! Ladies, please do check your emails regularly heehee.

And finally the 3rd winner responded immediately and I’m happy, finally 🙂 I can’t wait anymore since all the other 4 have confirmed a.s.a.p.

So here they are:

Caroline Pitono

Ira Watirahma

San Dee

Erika Lie

And the 5th winner, after changing the winners 3 times:

Christina Lea E.

Congratulations all, your details has been passed to L’Oreal Paris Indonesia and stay tune for my next giveaway ya.

Psst! After receiving the prizes please take a picture and tag my facebook page, I would love to see.


Hello gorgeous!

The review now is for the lashes, L’Oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum.

Details from

Product Benefits

It’s arrived: L’Oréal’s Renewal Lash Serum enriched with Arginine and Centella for a nourishing lash boost. Lashes feel fortified, look renewed. Clinically Tested.


Developed by L’Oréal laboratories following 3 years of lash research, the Renewal Lash Serum has an intensive formula enriched with Arginine and Centella. Lashes feel fortified and nourished.

The professional applicator is designed with a rounded end to treat the lash line whilst the curved edge is tailored to coat the length of the lashes from root to tip.

Easy to use and simple. So do I use it? No, this time, it’s my sister’s lashes I’m borrowing, since I’m using another product that’s also for the lashes, and we compare each other at home.

This is the applicator, unique, right?!

And according to her the liquid is not sticky but sometimes clumps at the lashes and can be quite gooey like eye gunk.  But it’s the result that counts, here’s the before after picture.

Above is the before pictures, taken in different lights and mode. She forgot to take a picture of her eyes closed. But I have one from months ago:


Left eye

Right eye

Below is the after, how long is the after? 5 weeks of after the first usage.

I see that the lashes are longer on some part but not overall. Not yet fuller and hmm, I think I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 as it’s not really working  in terms of fuller and more volume for her after using it 2x a day after cleaning the area, for the whole 5 weeks.

My sister is still using it and notice the longer lashes. I guess if you’re looking for a longer lashes, you might want to give it a try 🙂


I’m Ultra Volume Collagene in 01, oh wait, there’s only me, in black.

Details from

Up to 12x lash impact without clumps*. The super-sized brush and the Hydra-collagen enriched formula gives lashes breathtaking volume.

*87% agree: test on 165 women

The Instant Impact brush is 2x bigger than a classic mascara brush to build volume fast. It deposits just the right amount of formula on each and every lash with no clumps. Lashes look instantly plumped up with up to 12x more lash impact.


My body is chubby and so does the brush I have, thick, fuller and lot’s of volume, hopefully to give any lashes a fuller and volumized look like I am.

Enough with the product talking ^__^,

I found the black bottle a bit thicker that other mascara and the lid is adorable with the kinda glass like figure covering the black top. It added the luxurious mode.

Now, here it is in action, below are my before after images:

Take note my left and right lashes are totally different, one points up and the other points down, I didn’t use any eyelash curler so I can tested the mascara own ability for my lashes.


Clearly darker longer with more volume as well, but the texture of the mascara is a bit dry for me, so it’s like a cream that when applied, I have to wait around 3 minutes before it sets. If the mascara haven’t set it will be messy and blotchy.


Not completely waterproof but have a staying power as well, like 3 out of 5. Use a primer and eye shadows plus some loose powder surrounding the lashes for better staying power. Not smudge/tear-proof so please handle it with care. Clean them with an eye makeup remover afterwards.

I think the mascara is suitable for daily use and makes me feel like I can never go out without it anymore, I love fuller lashes yet still hoping for a better guard against water, rubs, sweats and tears. On the other hand on my next post, you’ll see a great product to be used with any mascara, including Ultra Volume Collagene, a Lash Amplifying Mascara by Anna Sui.


A great mascara that really gives volume as promised, but not yet ultra volume. A bit thick on texture and need more time to dries up compare to other mascara with washy texture. Build it up with more volume by repeating and keep layering the lashes but it can be a bit sticky when they’re not dry, so be patient and gives some time between layers. Will you get an ultra volume in the end? Yes, after multiple layering and gently building up the volume.
Works better after the lashes being curled and I really wish the mascara have better resistant against water, sweat and tears 🙂


I’ve shared my previous event with L’Oreal Paris during Miss Candy launch: HERE

This is one of the item that I get from the goodies bag, Color Riche Nutri Shine in Miss Raspberry.

The pink tone is fresh and lovely, juicy and fun too.

Ooohh, a lipstick made a big difference isn’t it?! It helps freshen up the whole look and far more attractive. When I use Miss Raspberry I get compliments from those surrounds me, the color is not tacky but adorable. The moisture last for around 2 hours or so, I still need some lip balm, but definitely not drying. I also a fan of the sweet scent. The color last around 3 hours since I rarely licks my lips.

Now, do you want to win it? Here’s your chance:


It’s only a week away and you’re not just getting the Color Riche Nutri Shine, you’ll be getting the Glam Shine and Le Vernis too ^__^

All prizes are sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Hi all!

I’m currently trying true match super blendable foundation by L’Oreal Paris, unfortunately the tone is in N4, too dark for me, so I’m just going to give it a go on my hand.

New with Hyaluronic Acid. Skin is hydrated all day
New ultra fine pigments for an even more precise match with your skin tone
Outstanding coverage for a flawless natural makeup result. Your skin simply made perfect.
Shake well before use

SPF 17/PA ++
Matches perfectly the skin texture and tone

The liquid is a bit creamy, yet blend nicely on the skin, you can use a foundation brush for perfection, but by fingers alone I can see and feel the differences. After blending it well, wait for a while until the foundation is set before applying another product such as loose powder.

The foundation gives me a bit of water-resistant action, the water droplets will stay on top of the skin, so when using the foundation and got splashed by water or rain, just use a tissue and gently tap on the waters, as long as the surface didn’t get swipe, the foundation will still covers the skin well. But don’t wait too long ya 🙂

If you checked on the product details, including from the website, true match come in many different varieties of undertone, shades and result. So you can get that perfect match for your skin, or plays a bit, if you want a tanned look, rosy aura, etc.

Always use it by putting them in 5 spots on your face: foreheads, both cheeks, nose and chin. Then gently distribute them evenly. Don’t use too much, to avoid using too much, make sure to put them on bit by bits on those 5 spots. After spreading them well, I see some golden dots, yes, there are sparkles there.

This is my before after picture, N4 gives me a pale nude looking skin, the photo made the after seems fairer, but not in reality, so perhaps there are some ingredients that reflects lights, useful for camera-ready actions.

I didn’t feel any hydration, but true match super blendable definitely doesn’t dries up my skin, the medium coverage is nice and so does the SPF 17/PA++ for a light protection against the sun ray. Clean them well after use with makeup remover.

Best usage: Find that perfect tone/shade for you and you’ll love it more.

Benefits: Super blendable and wide variety of shade/tone.

Thank you L’Oreal Paris Singapore for the product. I wish I can have one in my skin tone ^^


Have you read my previous post on the new range by L’Oreal Paris?
They are cute, adorable and so ‘IN’ at the moment?

Click HERE

And hmm, do you want some?

L’Oreal Paris Indonesia will grant your wish, well, 5 of you.

Join this wonderful giveaway just by creating a Style Board of Candy Looks, here’s a sample of mine:

Keen to join? Followed the details ya:

“Style Board of Candy Looks” will be held from 20th September 2012 until 7th October 2012.

Each contestant has to make a Style Board inspired by the new collection by L’Oreal Paris which is Miss Candy.

The Style Board need to be posted on their Facebook wall tagging L’Oreal Paris Indonesia, WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com and open for public view.

Tweet “I’m creating a Miss Candy look inspired by @LorealParisID and @c13v3rgirl, see it here: (url of the Style Board on Facebook Wall)”

Then, leave a comment on my blog (yes, this blog) with facebook name, twitter account and email.

Winners are chosen based on creativity and will be announced at my blog on the 10th of October 2012.

5 winners will get 3 products sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Indonesia from the new collection of Miss Candy. 1 Glam Shine, 1 Nutri Shine and 1 Le Vernis, per winner.

T&C for all contestants:
1. “Like” L’Oreal Paris Indonesia and WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com Facebook Pages
2. “Follow” @LorealParisID and @c13v3rgirl on Twitter
3. Be a followers of
4.. Play fair and be nice to other contestants.  

So, what are you waiting for? Join and win some sweet prizes from L’Oreal Paris Indonesia

Hello everyone!

Miss Candy is here and she is from L’Oreal Paris, giving you a sweet world of cosmetics.

Here I am, sitting down on a fully decorated room, all in delicacies of pastels.

Sweets, candies, cotton candies, cupcakes and many more, it was any child dream come true, sugar rush! But we’re not here for the sweets delight.

In front of me is a full collection of makeup, ready to transform anyone into Miss Candy.

Miss Candy?

There it is a girl with lips as sweet as candy and colored in pastels. Sugary and lovable.

L’Oreal Paris has invited us to enjoy these beautiful collection.

Mr. Adi the Official MUA for L’Oreal Paris is here, ready to share his tips and knowledge.

While waiting for other guess to arrived, I’m trying their nail colors, oh yes, all the details about the product can be found HERE, their official press release.

I’m using 3 Color Riche Le Vernis

I love their shine and tone. Without the need of using top coat the glaze are already glossing. It dries up around 10-15 minutes.

Then the event started with a lovely coral dress MC greeting everyone here.

Followed by the lovely Ms. Lia, her blouse is so cute, everything and everyone is in the mood for pastel She shares with us the video, enjoy!

Aren’t they irresistible?

Now, let see the make up in real life.

Ready to give us a demo ^^

Ms. Didi, a girl who rarely use makeup become the model and look at her face after the makeover! She looks happier ^^ A sweet makeup can do that to people.

And all of us can try the products as well. I start with Glam Shine, I found these two tones swirls to be sumptuous and tempting.

Smooth, soft and ultra glamorous with the shine and gloss.

Try it yourself!

Then I have my chance trying on Color Riche Nutri Shine. 5 choices of colors ready to spoiled the lips.

The adorable names.

The swatches, not satisfy with swatches? Me too!

I’ve try them on, one by one.

507 Miss Raspberry

506 Miss Orange

505 Miss Strawberry

504 Miss Caramel

503 Miss Marshmallow
Which one do you like? I like Miss Strawberry and Miss Raspberry ^^ but each one of them are all so moist and delicate to the lips.

Thank you so much L’Oreal Paris Indonesia for having me, see you all soon!

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Sebagai brand kecantikan no.1 di dunia, L’Oreal Paris selalu berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik pada produk-produknya. Kali ini L’Oreal Paris mengajak Anda untuk berpetualang ke dalam dunia permen yang manis dan dengan menghadirkan koleksi terbarunya, Miss Candy, yang terinspirasi dari keceriaan dan warna-warni kehidupan. Sebuah persembahan manis untuk para wanita Indonesia yang akan membuat orang-orang di sekitar Anda terhipnotis dalam kilau kecantikan Anda.
“Rangkaian Miss Candy menghadirkan nuansa permen yang manis dan menggoda untuk penampilan wanita Indonesia. Sesuai dengan namanya, koleksi Miss Candy ini juga dilengkapi dengan wangi permen yang menggiurkan dan akan membuat bibir Anda tampak semakin irresistible. Koleksi Miss Candy memiliki warna-warna pastel yang lembut dalam tiga rangkaian produk cantik yang terdiri dari Lipstick, Gloss dan Nail Polish,jelas Lia Kurtz, Group Product Manager Skin Care & Make Up L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.
1.      Color Riche NutrishineMiss Candy Limited Edition
Color Riche Nutrishine menghadirkan koleksi warna baru dengan aroma permen yang akan membuat bibirmu tampil manis dan menggoda.  Dengan kandungan Royal Jelly dan Shea Butter yang akan memberikan nutrisi dan kelembaban alami pada bibir agar selalu tampak lembut, Color Riche NutrishineMiss Candy Limited Edition terdiri dari 5 (lima) pilihan warnauntuk mempercantik penampilan sehari-hari Anda:

#503 Miss Marshmallow
#504 Miss Caramel
#505 Miss Strawberry
#506 Miss Orange
#507 Miss Raspberry
2.      Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition
Produk gloss terbaik dari L’Oreal Paris, Glam Shine, hadir dengan tampilan yang semakin menggoda melalui kombinasi dua warna spiral yang menggiurkan. Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition akan memancarkan kilau permen yang membuat bibirmu tampak segar dan natural. Dilengkapi dengan aplikator yang didesain khusus untuk memulas bibir agar selalu tampak berkilau, Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition hadir dalam 4 (empat) pilihan warna:

#703 Miss Marshmallow
#708 Miss Apricot
#706 Miss Orange
#507 Miss Raspberry
3.      Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy
Untuk melengkapi kilau permen yang manis dan menggoda pada penampilan Anda, rangkaian Miss Candy juga dilengkapi dengan rangkaian Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy nail polishyang dilengkapi dengan Integrated Gel Technology dan kuas yang didesain khusus untuk menjangkau seluruh bagian kuku, sehingga mudah diaplikasikan dan menghasilkan warna yang tahan lama. Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy nail polish terdiri dari15 (lima belas) pilihan warna cantik untuk kuku Anda:

#101 Opera Ballerina                                   #402 Rouge Cancan
#104 Beige Countess                                   #406 Burgundy Diva
#202 Marie Antoinette                                  #504 Insolent Magenta
#204 Boudoir Rose                                       #602 Perle de Jade
#207 Baby Doll                                              #611 Sky Fits Heaven
#211 Opulet Pink                                          #702 Black Swan
#302 Exotic Canaries
#303 Lush Tangerine
#305 Dating Coral
Dengan Miss Candy, tidak ada manis yang berlebihan untuk Anda. Rangkaian L’Oreal Paris Miss Candy di peroleh di Sogo, Centro, Seibu, Matahari, Debenhams, Metro, Watsons & Guardian.
Tentang L’Oreal Paris

L’Oréal Paris, merupakan salah satu brand dari L’Oréal Group yang memfokuskan diri pada produk-produk perawatan mulai dari perawatan kulit, rambut hingga make-up. Rangakaian produk L’Oreal Paris berbasis kualitas tinggi melalui berbagai teknologi advance dari serapan ilmu pengetahuan sehingga tercipta keindahan yang di dukung teknologi sempurna.

Hi all!

Today I’m going to share a lot of posts ^^ let’s start with the base shall we?!

It’s L’Oreal true match make-up base moist up

A glifing texture that covers imperfections for an even homogenous complexion, leaving your skin hydrated and makes your make up finish more beautiful all day

The product is not new, so it’s been around for a while, I got mine years ago and haven’t open or use it until now.  The texture is mildly rich, a bit light and easy to blend in plus there’s no residue of leftover at the skin surface. So it’s pretty comfortable, not sticky, not oily and there’s almost no scent in it. It gives the skin that luminous glow. Don’t forget to use it after done with the skincare routine. The color is nude and similar to the skin, and it should be able to blend on any skin tone.

Make up base is used before any makeup put on the face, but if you use SPF protection, you also applied it before the make up base.

Since it is moist up, it clears that the product is made for a moist dewy look. But don’t worry the look can be easily mattefy by adding loose powder with matte effect later on when finishes. The true match make-up base is made for a more natural look. Please refer to my before after look below.

As seen above the After shot is not that moist, the make-up base helps the skin tone looks more even, more glowing and looks better. Suitable to be used daily and follow on with your foundation for a more coverage or just a loose powder for a light base.

This product is more suitable for those looking for a very light and natural coverage and better complexion overall. Can be used all over the body as well (let’s say on your wedding day) for added glow and even tone skin.