Hi everybody,

this item is unisex and I’ve been using it for a while and so does my hubby. He loves the bursting menthol coolness and I’m looking forward for the sebum-free scalp.


Details from www.kao.com/jp:

Medicated Shampoo Extra Cool Success

Drop the oil that clogged pores sebum micro cleaning, we will help the penetration of hair tonic. Prevent dandruff itching, hair & scalp clean. direct-touch liquid container Yukiwataru the scalp. I avoid the smell of sweat. Extra super cool refreshing type.


Clock t * olamine pyrophosphate, purified water, polyoxyethylene lauryl ether sulfate solution (1E.O.), lauric acid amide propyl betaine solution, ethanol, alkyl glycosides, lauryl hydroxy sulfobetaine solution, POE (16) lauryl ether, menthol, pepper extract, polyoxyethylene tridecyl ether, diallyl dimethyl ammonium fluid acrylamide copolymer chloride, hydroxyethyl cellulose hydroxypropyl trimethylammonio chloride, anhydrous citric acid, fragrance, Blue 1

How to use:
Opening the cap with nozzle ● When the solution turns out 90 degrees counterclockwise (nozzles) blue part. Please close the nozzle after use.
● When a refill, please turn to the left (root cap) Silver part.
How to use ● After wetting the hair, scalp lightly applied to the nozzle, I applied the proper amount. Push about three places is a guide for about 1 second (5ml about). Wash to massage the scalp, then please rinse thoroughly.
PLEASE NOTE ● Do not use when the faulty staff skin eczema ●, fire staff (skin rash, sores), etc., it may cause worsening please refrain from the use rash ●, the weaker the stimulation sensation of menthol and irritation When we arrived at such time and face to be careful not to enter stop using anomaly appears, consult the staff psychiatrists skin eyes ●, eyes, rinse thoroughly you soon

● I do not put out of the reach of infants and children

Please do mind the translation from the original Japanese words.


We get our in Tokyo last month for around 500 Yen a bottle which many resellers sells it for 5x the original price. Yikes!


The details given from the website is clear enough, so let me share the feeling and experience of using the product and the result so far.


Most shampoo has to be used on wet hair and after being lathered. This one is different. Put the liquid directly on wet scalp. Add a bit more water and massage the scalp. The lathers are light but not the menthol.


The first time I used it is in the morning and it was super duper cold. Like freezing cold. The whole scalp become energized and I’m fully awake alright @_@ thanks to the high menthol feeling. It was an experience that hard to forget. My husband enjoy the mints so much even thou’ he doesn’t have oily scalp.

Yes, this product is beneficial for those with  oily scalp like me. The scalp remain feeling clean and sebum free for hours. It does stays sebum free far less longer than other shampoo I’ve used. Which means the product also made the hair dry. I need a conditioner / mask with high moisturizing effect for the hair strands since my scalp is oily and the hair is brittle and dry.

Will I keep using it? Yes, around 2-3 times a week or when the scalp feels super oily or when I need my hair to stay limp-free longer.

The menthol feeling stays on the scalp for almost a full hour, perfect for hot summer days.

Not recommended for those with dry scalp condition.