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Hello everyone,

this month Lola Box is a perky bright orange-yellow sunshine, please do see the video here:


There are a lot of items isn’t it?! And I’ll be waiting for next week where Lola will replace the expired item with the new ones.

I’ve tried some of the product now and like Skin79 it will be on a different blog post ^^
But for the rest of the item, I’ll share my personal thoughts here:

Clarins UV+HP11 SPF40 UVA UVB PA+++ Oil Free and Anti Pollution Day Screen Multi Protection.
A milky salmon lotion which distributed easily on the skin for a velvety smooth feeling, a bit glossy but still comfortable to be used daily.

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Serum.
A clear cool almost 100% transparent gel that smells so good and freshen up the skin almost instantly. Absorb so fast and leave the skin plump and lovely. I would love to use it everyday just for the texture alone.

Air Lift Toothpaste
A simple toothpaste which have a properties almost like a minty chewing gum, keep giving me a fresh minty feeling up to an hour after brushing the teeth with it. The thick white paste is providing fresh breath, but I think I need more than just a fresh breath, like the one for sensitive teeth.

Masami Shouko Cleansing Sponge and Puff.
Both work well like usual, but I like the puff better since it feels softer on the skin. I know the cleansing sponge help trigger skin simulation but sometime when rub too much during cleansing will irritate my sensitive cheeks.

The Face Shop.
The Clean Face series, Toner and Lotion.
A fragrant collection that tone and moisturize the skin in a light way. I can’t say anything more from the 5 ml products.


That’s it for now, see you on my next post regarding Skin79 and Make Over products that will be sent to my home by Lola Box ^^

Thank you so much!! Keep giving me surprises yaaaa.

Bonjour dames,

a lovely cleanser from Clarins is here called Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed.


Details from

Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed

Purifies Pores

Skin Type: Normal, Combination
Texture: Cream

Refreshing cleansing mousse eliminates impurities, make-up and excess oil while respecting skin’s natural moisture balance. Comforting Coconut extract nourishes, softens and boosts skin’s radiance. Soothing formula neutralizes the drying effects of hard water. Rinses easily with cool water.


The product is simple as it is a cleanser but I found some interesting facts and experience using it. As seen above the tube is almost all out  ^__^ it is shown the product is loved.


The white cream is wonderful, from the lovely scent of white floral to the abundant luscious foam. It felt so rich and gentle on the skin, I must say I love the sensation it created on the skin, it helps removes all dirt, debris, sweat, grim and the result is still a very soft skin without striping the moisture off.


But when using makeup, especially the waterproof, I still need to clean them first before this one. Yet, compared to other foaming facial foam I’ve used, this one is the best so far for being so fluffy, refreshing the pores and gives the skin a healthy clean feeling that’s just addictive.

Hello ladies,
especially mommies out there, mommy like myself, who bears the pregnancy and gain so much weight until all those marks are coming out.

I know the best way is to prevent it from happening but now, truth be told, I have my stretch marks and it’s difficult to get rid of those nasty breaking lines.

Details from

Clarins’ exclusive Crowberry extract helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy, puberty or weight fluctuations. Enhances the production of collagen fibers to boost skin’s elasticity and resistance to future stretch marks. Soothes and comforts tightness. Fragrance-free.

Use light, circular massage around the thighs, hips, abdomen and breasts using the Clarins application method explained in the accompanying product booklet.

And it is recommended by Clarins not to use the product alone, but with several other such as the Body Shaping Cream, Tonic Body Treatment Oil, etc.

I’ve been using it for a while and let’s face it, 30 ml only last for a week. So, I can only review one week of usage. The white cream smells like coconut’s flesh. Young coconut to be exact. Once touches the skin and with easy circular movement the cream is absorbed, leaving the skin feeling hydrated instantly but not greasy. I’ve tried a few other brands before, usually feels too greasy on the area applied with tons of shea butter in the ingredient list. Clarins Stretch Mark Control is not overwhelming, feels light on the skin but gives flexibility unlike other products I’ve tried.

The result of one week usage is the skin become moist, hydrated, calm, softer and smoother, but I haven’t witness any significant reduction on my stretch marks.