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Hi lovelies,

another Za is here. This time it’s the Ever Brows, specifically made for the brows ^__^


Mine is 02 the cocoa brown.

This is a very simple product, also so easy to used and practical. Compared to other similar product Ever Brow has several positive sides.

The colors are not intense as other brand, it helps avoiding super bold eyebrow which looks natural.
The dry crayon texture is perfect to draw a natural brow un-fail-able.

The no need sharpening is brilliant. I hate those pencils which need sharpening and then when I do sharpened them only to found the broken pieces as all the pencils inside easily cracked.
The brush is soft and user friendly, helping the brow to set easily and naturally.



it’s another ‘working’ product from Za that gives result without the burden of a high cost. Simple, very user friendly and works really well.

MAKE UP FOR EVER and its genuine waterproof proven products, welcomes a new addition into the family of AQUA range. Say hello to AQUA BROW, the water and smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows which vows to achieve one’s best, most natural bold brows to date. AQUA BROW is a highly pigmented gel that enhances and reshapes natural-looking brows. Formulated with volatile oils and carnauba wax, its superior waterproof formula creates an even, natural result with a long-lasting hold while its high concentrated hydrophobic pigments allows for intense color payoff that will not fade all day.

AQUA BROW comes in a kit with an applicator brush and a lash brush. Each brush is specially designed for high precision corrections. The slanted brush is used to spread the corrector and change the shape of the brow for a natural looking finish. And the eyelash brush is used to brush the eyebrow, blend the product or can be used with the AQUA BROW to tint naturally the eyebrows.

Hello everybody!

Here’s another post from my recent trip and daily I bought so many of them, well, at least as many as I can get my hands on ^__^ heehee.

I love lashes, get them in many varieties and the glue as well, while doing so, the Dolly Wink is so cute and decide to try it on.

Mine is No.1, Honey Brown.

Details by Koji:

In a soft core, Eyebrow pencil can draw natural brow.

Honey Brown familiar fluffy hair color bright. I finished in an impressive natural brow.

You can be strong in sweat and water, because hard fall, to keep fresh all day to draw eyebrows.

With screw brush texture soft, blurred if after drawing, I finished in natural further.

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The products packaging from behind. Found out more details regarding the product at:

So I try on the product and it was soft and smooth sailing, it even beats items from other brands that cost twice or tripled. Wonderfully made, Wonderfully made, stays true to it’s color and looks natural . . . after brushing.

The brush is super duper wonderful, top of the notch. Love it to the max. Gentle, effective yet give a proper shading effect with a fur-like effect and cottony feeling. It’s the ultimate brush for me.

This is my final look, I love how my brows synchronized with the hair and it stays there until the end of the day or until I cleaned them. It stays there through sweats, humidity and heat too. See the difference between normal brows -black, my sis- and the one colored with eyebrow pencil in honey brown -mine-? Love love love!!

Cleaning it? Use any foaming facial wash, cleansing oil, or the gentlest makeup remover and it’s gone 🙂

Hi all!

Another product from Japan that I bought during my Summer Trip. It is impossible not to buy any beauty products there, as they are blessed with abundant varieties and collections not to be missed. The latest product is always around every 3 months, new packaging, new designs, improved ingredients and so on!

I never have an eyebrow mascara before, I always use the one for lashes heehee, so the tone usually either black or deep brown. So the minute I lay my eyes on this cutie, grab it immediately to be used on my new dyed hair.

I used to think that black brows with blonde hair is okay and still look natural, I’m wrong! Lighter shade of brow that follows the hair look so much cooler, better and friendlier to the eyes (looking at the brows) ^0^

After picking it up, I gazes on other similar products as well, but triggered with Kiss Me since they have the word “Best Seller”, “Highly Recommended”, etc.

After choosing the shade (the product comes in 3 shades of browns, dark, light and the lightest is no 01) I get mine in 01. Confidently using it on the spot and use it for days after it for a full review. The brush is soft and wonderful to be used, the mascara is user friendly and not clumpy at all, gently brushes the eyebrows with it and the colors will gradually follows, no errors whatsoever. Perfect for a shaped brow. For those whose brows are not shaped yet, can trim it down before using the mascara and use pencil brow in the same color.

On the picture above and below is me after using the mascara, no signs of a black eyebrows left behind, meaning, it gives my brows a full coverage with natural looking flows.

The mascara create some kind of fiber wig, strings of gooey things which is later become harder and hair-like rubber thingy. Waterproof and water resistant, it stands through the whole day, against the sweat and humidity. I really like it. Later on I cleaned them at the end of the day with cleansing oil and warm water. The mascara will come out fiber-like, so it’s not the hairs from the brows that falls off, it’s the mascara.

Final words: I love it and will keep on using the product ^__^

A gorgeous product is in the house. One of Anna Sui’s newest collection of Spring 2012, it’s Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact and mine is in 03.
Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia for the lovely product ^^
It was love at first sight, as bow to our hair knot, see the beautiful bow for our brows.
Details from
“Boost up your 3D effect of your astonishing eyes with well defined frame. Play up fun colors for your eye brows to match with whatever image you are striving for!”

A eye  brow compact comes with Dark & Gradation shades for defining the perfectly natural 3-dimensional eye brow. Dark color for defining while Gradation color provide naturally tinted color for brows.

03 is deep brown with lighter shade or brown and dark green. A sophistication and delicate colors that is easily blend or move alone. Either way I’m enjoying it. The texture is is lovely too, not exactly powder and like almost dried cream. It can be as intense or as light as you want too . . . hmm, I smell tea rose, is it just me?
Please view the video of me using it ^^
Next time I’ll make something fun with more colors involved, but I’m sure satisfied with the 3D effect I got so far. I used to be a fan of pencil brow and only pencil brow will I use. . . not for long! Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact is smooth, delicate yet can be vivid at the same time. It blends easily (I know what I’m talking about, I’ve tried other products before that look almost the same but so poor in terms of quality and effectiveness compared to Anna Sui’s).

Last but not least, expect
High quality brushes, packaging, mirror and every little touch she did it was perfect. Love it!

The color last the whole day, as long as I didn’t wipe it, and clean-wise? A gentle makeup cleanser will simply do.
I know you probably wont read this post in the morning, but let’s just imagine you do so \^0^/ As morning is fresh, so does we want our look to be, fresh! And this one handy thingy will help you get there.
A Givenchy Eyebrow Show, mine is no.1 which is dark brown and I think it would be a very good addition to my normal black pencil brows I have. Plus I do have a more light colored hair as well, they’ll go along for sure.
Let’s see the product, and the price.
As many other pencils for brows Eyebrow Show also equipped with brush to blend the look more a more natural allure.
First let’s see my ‘before’ picture. I got some spaces and need more arch. In this post you’ll also witness how a brow can make someone looks so different. More refined and ready for the day.
Start by drawing the brows, some beauty specialist advice to always start from the outer side of the face toward inside. Since the inside part is slightly larger and need more adjustments than the edge. You can learn wherever you want about making your brow, from visiting beauty salons to stay at home and watch the youtube. But I advice you to know your own face and play with it for a while, make different shapes that suitable for you and you like it, or better, loving it.
After drawing it, always brush it so they’ll blend well. The brush of Eyebrow Show is pretty firm and able to help the blend well. The dark brown color also quite vivid but if you want a softer look just applied the pencil without too much pressure and brush it all the way.
As seen, the before and after is so different and now I like the trend of a more bushy eyebrow, but again, no boundaries, feels free to draw your brow like you want them to be, but remember the thinner they are the older ones face usually look. And too much arch also create an unfriendly face, again trial and error okay 🙂

This is my after look when I finished both of the brows, and I like to keep it original and not so symmetrical. Some love the exact copy while I prefer to follow the brows. Nevertheless let’s go back to the review of the product. The pencil is smooth and quite forgiving when making mistakes, I also like the fact they are erasable in a jiffy when I want to erase it but stays there as long as I don’t wipe it off.

The color looks natural and can give me from the softest look to the more vivid brows I ever see. For me the price is still in an affordable and reasonable price, and a pencil brow do goes a long the way.