Hi everyone, I’ve recently get a new set of hair ^__^ thanks to Shinjuku Premium Salon. But as coloring and highlighting have it’s groove, It’s also makes the hair dry, and I want them to look pampered, smooth and still soft as well with a healthy glow. Haha! Did I asked too much?!
Apparently not, many products out there are made for this kind of hair condition, the ones that are dry, brittle, weak and need help. So, I tried Mylea Lancry, a very affordable product that have been around for a decade and can easily be found in Indonesia.

Read the details accordingly and you’ll find out that this mask is actually quite simple to be used and let’s see how effective it is.

This deep treatment mask is made to add shine, smoothness and protecting the hair.

The scent is like a delicate floral and I like it, it’s not sharp nor too much. It’s just right. And the thick white cream is smooth on the hair, and when you have a processed hair, you can feel that the hair strand is like open and feels rough, so when I applied the mask, the cream like stick on the hair follicle, especially on the part that need help.

I use a normal shower cap and let it sit for  15 minutes before rinsing it. I didn’t use any warm nor hot water, just a regular temperature.

When I rinse it, the cream also easily rinsed out and there’s not a sticky or oily feeling on the hair, just a pleasant smoothness. Avoid the scalp ya, it’s a hair mask, not a scalp mask. Afterwards the scent stays for a couple or hour (not the whole day like Kerastase), but the smoothness stays until the next day. It helps my hair to look relaxed therefor it seems more straight and add some glows, but the effect is not instantly nor build hair strength like products with ceramide or ciment.

Overall, it’s a good daily treatment for a very dry and rough hair, gives instant smoothness and affordable as well. It is best to be used daily and after the hair gets better, I’ll use it 3 times a week and lesser when it’s healthy and strong again. But if you want your hair to regain it’s strength you need to use other product that helps in more repairs and build stronger and fuller looking hair.

Price, around Rp.85.000