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Hi everyone,

as always IBB has come with another makeup challenge not to be missed ^__^ This month’s theme is Bling It On, inspired by diamante and products that’s on the stake is from NYX. You got to won a set of hampers worth Rp.500.000. There will be two winner as always so the total prize is Rp.1000.000.

Don’t forget the staffs of IBB and past winners are not allowed to participate.


So, as a staff myself, I’m just going to share my version of Bling It On.

Above is my before look, so plain ^__^

A pre-cleanse skin with toner, serum and moisturizer.


Step 1:

Using an All In One BB Cream from The Body Shop in 02. A little bit too dark for my skin tone but I’ll compensate it with a fair Cyber White EX compact from Estee Lauder which is a bit too light on me.


The BB Cream starts as white cream and by dabbing it all over the skin, they’ll turn into skin tones accordingly.


After the BB Cream is well spread.


Step 2. To finish off the base I’m using compact by Estee Lauder by using the sponge and carefully blend everything well since sometime it can be cakey. But by adding Revlon loose powder somehow they are able to create a harmony.


Step 3.

Using a highlighter, bronzer and shading all in one with that famous item from The Body Shop. Which I think wonderful and able to give me an enhance cheek bone. Shaping the face to be more contoured than before.


Step 4:

Adding some blush action for that healthy perky rosy glow also using a product from The Body Shop.

Step 5.

Eye shadow and eye brow pencil from ZA


Step 5.

NYX, The Curve, an eyeliner with unique shape and design which made using eyeliner easier. The curvy tool made the hand stay steadier while during application deliver rigid line. So don’t try to do a straight line all the way. Make small lines and connect them that smooth lines above the eyes.


Below is the result. Since the look focusing near the eyes area, I’m making a slightly longer lines with a wink upward.


Using an eyelash curler from Shu Uemura only to help the lashes to curls.


Before the final step which is decorating, colored eye lenses, and fake lashes, I use the lip gloss from The Body Shop, it smells berry-licious but found to be quite sticky.


I hope it add some tiny bling on the look thou’


By using eyelash glue, I add some bling on forehead. And some heart shaped gold dusts (product by IZU) on the rear sides.


One on the right side and one on the left.


The images are taken with 2 different camera, iPhone and Fujifilm Fine Pix. iPhone able to capture normal light with more focused on details on low resolution, while Fine Pix absorbed light more with higher resolution yet unable to focus on closed range.


I hope you get the idea ^_^ 


But I feel I need more bling so I added one more but still in an ambiance of simplicity and hoping to see the contestant to take it further and really bling it on!


Check out my full transformation below of before, and after all are done.

Make yours soon and see you on Indonesian Beauty Blogger Facebook Group!



Another makeup from Revlon Indonesia called Custom Eyes and mine is in 025 Metallic Chic.

Details from

Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner allows you to easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before! Available in a new summer shade Beach Beauty.

Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade.
Sweet Innocence: For a special effect, dust shade 1 or 4 under the bottom of the eyes to create a soft halo effect.
Party Pops: When wearing bright shadows, keep face and lips understated. Opt for soft, sheershades that let your eyes take center stage.
Naturally Glamorous: For a natural look in the evening just intensify your daytime look. Lips and cheeks can go darker and more shimmer can be added to the eyes.
Metallic Chic: Mixing metals is a chic trend giving eyes a fashion forward look.
Rich Temptations: Mixing purples and green on eyes creates a contrast that makes eyes pop.  
Smoky Sexy: Create a smoky rim around eyes with the pointed end of applicator, concentrating at the lash line for a perfect smoky eye 
Yes, yes, I heard you, this is not a new product, I have this for months and months now hence the old pics heehee, present speaking of course it is not as pretty as shown. A lot of hand and finger prints.
So why bother showing you the used and abused product, here is the nice one haha!
At the first glance I’m not really a fan of the colors but somehow it does create some pretty exciting combination and unique looks.
with 2,3 and 4
Giving me a fresh look and far from boring conventional makeup.
And 1 and 5 (below)

for a more classic look.

So far I think the product works quite well to be used with or without primer, the primer will help the shadows to set and last longer, while without the particles will ‘fall’ easier.

Hmm, for liner-wise, I still prefer the conventional liner as they made a more refined look.

Overall it is an affordable product with choices of colors and ideas. 5 shades per box is pretty decent and the shades are mixable. Best to be used with a small brush or sometime the ends of my fingers.

Hi everyone,

this item is not new to the Revlon family, and has been lying around at my home for months and months. Looking at it I’m wondering why didn’t I make a review out if it?! Well, here it is.

The Double Twist is a simple black waterproof mascara with red packaging and silver linings. The shape of the bottle also quite plain. But they have something that I found to be quite interesting.

The big brush.
It was the biggest one I have so far compared to all the mascara at home. There’s tiny dots of reds on the brush and the brush itself is pretty hard. A bit sharp when touching the roots of the lashes. Not cutting sharp, just sharper than other brush which is like a brush. This one like made from rubber/plastic with rubber.

The blackness is enough for me and the liquid also suitable, not too creamy, and definitely not watery.

Here are the before after pics.

Instantly the lashes become longer and more vivid than before. I didn’t use any lash curler, and the mascara didn’t really add a curling action as well. The big brush able to grab the longer lashes and the rubbery material helps to hold on to the lashes, making sure they are separated well enough and coated by the mascara. However shorter lashes are a bit more tricky since the big brush is a bit too big for them.

On lower lashes the review remain the same, able to reach the longer lashes while the shorter on are left untouched.
The mascara supposed to be waterproof, it does but after sweating (like working out in a gym sweating) they will start to drop. Not smudge, just dots, black dots are falling apart under the eyes. But if you’re daily activity is inside a well air conditioned building, which involves no sweats or humidity they will stay with you al day long.

Cleansing wise? A good cleansing oil will do the trick.

Hi everyone!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger is back with a makeup challenge \^0^/ and this December (2012) the theme is End of Year Party Look

Prices for this month will be from NYX

These are some of the stuffs I used for transforming my sister heehee, yes, my sister will be my model once again.

Thank you my dear sister ^^

First, on a cleaned moisturized skin, I applied a concealer (Shiseido) on the area affected with acne marks, redness and uneven skin tone, including the bags under the eyes. Followed by foundation from Shiseido to even out all the skin tones and set the base with loose powder from Coverderm.

The concealer is a bit darker than her original skin tone so I applied as if it was shading as well to enhance her cheek bones.

As for Coverderm Finishing Powder, the fine particles easily blend and create a natural matte finish look. May be applied right after foundation or at the end of the overall makeup to ‘set’ everything’s up.

As usual after the base, I always more to the eye’s zone, start with the brows. As she like her natural brow, trimming with a tool from Panasonic is my answer. Then draw a bit lines using Revlon and brushes the brow with mascara from Lancome.

But I recommend a tidier brow for a more ‘Party Look’. For me the brow could make a big difference in one’s look.

Next, is the liner. I’m trying this stickers for eyeliner, just open the packaging and stick them on the lids. Of course it’s a bit tricky especially when ones doesn’t have an even eyelids, like my sister, her right eyes appears bigger than the left thanks to the uneven lids.

A scotch tape may be applied before the eyeliners stickers so the eyes become even, then after sticking the stickers, use a liquid eyeliner with the same color as the stickers.

I’ve used Shiseido, a creamy eyeliner to help even out the sticker, there’s a tiny bling on the edges of the stickers. Next time, I’ll choose a bigger one.

This time, I want the eyes to be sharp and let the eyeliners get a spotlight, so no eye shadows are used.

Followed by Benefit’s Duster as a highlighter only on the nose line.

A bronzer by The Body Shop and blush on by Anna Sui for her cheeks area, one for the cheek bone, and one to add a touch of rose so she wont look pale and dull.

Last? A lips sticker!

I’m so excited about this next item as it can create a difficult look which will be super duper tough using a normal lipstick and brush.

Hello! Noticed me?!

Get her hair done. attached a bling on her forehead, use a very sparkly outfit and my sister is ready for an End of Year Party!!!

Share me yours and join the Make Up Challenge by signing up: HERE. Deadline? 20th Dec 2012.

Hello lovelies!

Yes, Indonesian Beauty Blogger has started giving you all a makeup challenge each month start from November 2012. And the theme these month is Enchanting Fairy, triiinggggg.

The prize is for 2 person, where each get a Rp.500.000 hampers from Too Cool For School (Total prize is Rp.1.000.000) cool isn’t it?!

Read the details HERE

Better hurry, the competition ends on the 20th of Nov 2012.

Now here’s mine, noooooooo I’m not joining the competition, I’m just giving you mine and hope you get inspired by it ^0^

A huge thanks to my little sister, once again she has become my model heehee. Above is her before face.

Start with a mineral foundation by bareMineral in light. I don’t need a thick layer of coverage since her skin doesn’t have much problem to be covered. Yes, we both have great genes ^^ btw none of these photos are edited, I dislike edited photos, well, minor is okay, but is the changes are major like jawline, nose shape, and bumpy red skin become flawlessly smooth without a trace, it would be just wrong. We should be proud of our-self, it’s funny how you met someone on their photo and in actual real live to be the complete opposite. Okay, enough chit chat ^__^

I added some Maybelline Clear Smooth in Natural for those anti sebum protection. Both the powder and the mineral foundation applied using brush. Perfect for a young lady like my sister where she wants the lightness of a makeup without being heavy.

Then I tidied the brow (no plucking, she dislike plucking the eye brows) using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes for the brows and the lashes are using Too Cool For School Super Glam Volume Up Mascara (blue).

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo 04 used as a based for the liners and lid.

Topped it off with Revlon Colorstay 540 and for the liners? Revlon Colorstay 002 Brown. Easily blend the look where the green takes part as a star. Blend it with light green and creamy yellow base.

The Body Shop Cheek Color 04 with golden sparkles for that fairy dust.

Now the theme starts now, using the brown eye liners as the main twig, heehee, my sis didn’t allowed me to give her a branch, so twigs it is.

 Gradually draw leaves one by one with Revlon and Anna Sui. Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in 03 also used as the main lines of the leaves, where the eyeshadows becomes the fillings. 

To add another sparks on the forest theme, Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz (BS 45) is added using a lip brush.

Carefully turning the eye lid on the left side as a leave as well. Decorate the hair ehm, she is not a tree, accessorize her hair and put on a costume for that forest fairy overall look.

The lips are smeared with Ceramide Ultra Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in Honeysuckle.

 Adding some green shadows in the middle part for a touch of green.

And below for a more mysterious look of a forest fairy where all the lips covered in green shadows.

It’s easy isn’t it? So? Join the competition and let your imagination run wild.

All the products used and thank you sister =^0^=

Hi all!

Everyday, ladies around the world usually use lipstick on daily basis. My mom, is one of the ladies that rarely use moisturizer but lipstick? You can hardly find her without one.

Lipstick has been an eessential part of enhancing one’s beauty. It added color, moist, and dimension. Some create illusion, some create seduction and some just adding that right touch for our look.

Super Lustrous from Revlon is one of the brand and products that able to deliver all of the above with their wide variety of shades, tones and colors.

Details from

Infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. Find your lip color amongst a dazzling array of 82 fabulous, fashionable shades!

Exclusive LiquiSilk™ formula with mega-moisturizers seals in color and softness
– Silky-smooth, creamy texture
– Stay true color wears evenly


To create the perfect pout, define lips by applying your choice of ColorStay® lipliner to the natural line of your lips. To further increase the wear of your lipstick, fill in lips completely. Continue by applying your favorite Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick shade over the lined lips.

The shade is quite vibrant and alive, quite moist and affordable. It gives the lips a medium coverage, not yet full satin finished but still suitable for special occasion when added with balm and lip gloss. Last for around 3 hours. Overall, it worth every penny ^__^ I like the wide variety of choices, I know it’s probably different from one country/city to another, but it worth the shot. From Fig to rose, violet to iced mocha, pink to berry, coral to chocolate, they have it all!

Help me to become the Shining 30.
you have to connect via facebook to vote:
click then in the gallery, you’ll find me (Carnellin) and click vote ya

Thank you.

Hi everyone!

A great eyeliner is definitely essential in one’s look, nowadays everywhere I got, even on the wet market, the ladies there does use eyeliners with no other makeup used. So eyeliners is a crucial item ^__^

Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liner in 02 Brown.

Details from

Bold, smudge-proof color that lasts up to 24 hours

-Easily glides to create delicate to dramatic lines

Pull out brush and flip to secure into cap. Twist off cap and dip brush into crème gel eye liner. Glide brush in small strokes across lash line. Close tightly after use.

The product can be detach into 3 separate items. The pot, the brush and the lid. Below I’ll share 2 different look,

Slim and natural

bolder cat eye look.

The creme dries up really fast, please put on the lids tightly and do not wait for even a second. As I put them on my sister’s lids, yes, the model above is my sister (thank youuuu) as she open her eyes right after I put it on, they are dry already. Super duper fast to dry, waterproof and smudge-proof = proven!

As the product is water and smudge proof, they will stay on the skin until cleaned with cleansing oil or eye waterproof makeup remover.

The creme on the brush also dries fast, so clean it up right after usage and keep yourself away from dry and stiff brush which can be painful to the eyes.

For around (+/-) Rp 100.000, this product is a steal.

Knock, knock, knock!


Yesterday, a package arrived and it’s from Revlon ^0^

Inside there’s Revlon PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer

Lightweight primer smoothes skin while evening out skin tone with color correcting pigments that neutralize redness and uneven color. Wear alone or under foundation.

Revlon’s NEW primers are lightweight primers that soften skin and diffuse light to help minimize flaws and even out skin texture. It creates a perfect canvas so that your foundation will glide on more evenly and smoothly. Primers can be worn alone or under foundation, and are oil free, talc free, fragrance free, paraben free.

– Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smooth skin texture and tone.

– Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Color Correcting Primer to brighten skin and neutralize redness while evening out uneven skin tone.

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup in Medium Beige.

Get an airbrushed finish with Revlon’s light-as-air mousse makeup. Press button gently to deliver a lightweight air-infused foam mousse that blends seamlessly. Photochromatic pigments minimize the appearance of flaws for a smooth, poreless look.

PhotoReady Airbrush™ Mousse Makeup, an air-light makeup provides a flawless finish, whether it’s on camera or in person. The whipped texture allows you to blend evenly for undetectable coverage, leaving you with a smooth poreless complexion. The formula’s photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws, leaving you with perfectly airbrushed skin in any light – indoors, outdoors, or under the flash of a camera. Oil free, fragrance free. Use alone or over PhotoReady™ Primers.

Details found in

And here’s my reviews:


The Color Correcting Primer are light diffuser alright, it helps brighten up the skin in an instant. Have you noticed that when taking pictures some part of the skin can look dull or even darker, like there are shades. That’s because some part of the skin can reflects the lights better while some don’t.

It could be because those parts are healthier, more radiant, etc. But with Color Correcting Primer you get that overall radiant skin in an instant. Will you be able to look at it with naked eyes, unfortunately no, but do take a picture and see the difference.

What you can see is the matte effect, soft to the touch feeling and velvety smooth skin. No visible large pores, less lines and younger looking skin with radiance.


The mousse.

After shaking the bottle, the mousse still didn’t come out as perfect as I thought. It’s kinda like frog eggs piling up heehee. And since it’s fragrance free, the smell kinda medicinal for me. Definitely not a fan.

Since the mousse is in Medium Beige, the color and tone is way too dark for me, so I just tried them on my hands.


The before after picture shows how tan my skin look like after using it, hmm perhaps when I want to look tanned, I’ll use it ^__^

The mousse is perfect to be used after the color correcting primer, both of them increases the radiance of the skin so they look, well, photo ready. Even thou’ the mousse is not perfectly foamed, it still glide lightly on the skin. It’s not as light as other brand with higher price. The coverage itself is medium, suitable for a natural look without being too heavy. There are some shimmers noticeable, they are like particles that reflect lights, so no paparazzi can catch you off guard.

Overall, it is an affordable product that delivers result. But I wish the texture could be lighter, less glossy, and doesn’t have that smell, I guess a bit scented will be alright  ^0^

Tips: Use the primer first for more a smoother finish. When applying the mousse, it is better to use a foundation brush, it helps the application to be lighter and softer look too. After using the mousse a simple loose powder will help sets everything.

Hi all!

After quite a while now I make another LOTD and show off some of the collections that I already reviewed some time ago 🙂

Here are the products used:

Illuminating Perfecting Primer by Estee Lauder, review and details HERE.

Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, review and details HERE.

Revlon Touch & Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder, review and details HERE.

with the help of The Body Shop Mineral Foundation Brush, slightly details HERE.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Honey Brow, review and details HERE.

Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner, review and details HERE.

Aqua Liner by Make Up For Ever, review and details HERE.

Laneige Volume Finish Blusher in 204 err . . . I never made a review about this product, well let’s do that now. The mono rose is a bit coral (just a tad) and gives me a plain brick look, which is suitable for daily use but for special occasion, I need something more which gives gradation, sparks like glitters perhaps and glow.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited, review and details HERE.

I started by using the primer from Estee Lauder and always on a clean moisturized skin.

After primer the skin is ready for makeup and light one will do since the glow, radiant and better looking complexion are achieved by the primer. Different primer gives different effect, mines give those illuminating finish with pearly touch.

Then I moved on to Shu Uemura BB Mousse, an all in one solution for coverage, sun protection and smoother looking skin. After the BB Mousse I always apply on loose powder, which is Revlon now and use brush for both BB Mousse and loose powder as the powder helps the application more even and finer result.

Moved on to the brow, I trim mine a bit before using the pencil brow from Dolly Wink, brush it with the ones attached to the pencil and help the color to cover the brow better. I love how soft the brush is and I gotta say, Dolly have the softest brush and as effective as other brands which is harder and not gentle on the skin.

After the brows, I moved on to the eyes, creating eye liners using Anna Sui’s on the lid and make some cat-eye look. Careful that some people have different eye (left from the right) and I’m one of them so I need to be extra gentle and take more time if I want an exact same result, but nowadays as I pay attention on makeup world in the runway, it is okay to slightly different. Still same stroke of application but the result can be a bit different one eye to the other. Same rule goes to the brows as well. So you just relax and portray your own definition of beauty.

The lower part of my eyes I uses Aqua Liner from MUFE in purple, adding a twist of colors there. Continues with blush on from Laneige and the smooth operator lippy from Shu.

Final touch for me? Lashes, it create a different me all at once. Love it!

Do you like makeup? Which one you love the most and a must have for you?

Another product from Revlon is here.

It’s their Blush on in Red Apple. At first hearing the name I thought it was something bold and red like Snow White’s red apple kinda thing, but inside, it was something mild and cotton candy like.

I use it after finished with the base and the loose powder too. The blush is kinda cool too and the color is refreshing. I really dislike the brush, it was too rough and plain. It is not smooth and for my delicate cheeks, they are not friendly so I suggest to use another brush with better material and quality.

The cheek color itself is pretty and suitable for daily makeup without being bold. So natural it is and quite smooth. It doesn’t have special ingredients, it just colors for the cheeks and nothing’s more.

Affordable product that doesn’t surpass their price in terms of quality and suitable to be used daily, it provide a fresh color and choice for your daily lifestyle.