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Hello lovelies,

Shiseido invited me for a Spring Summer 2013 Make Up Show with a twist of Fashion Show from Blaire.


The event held in the Penthouse of Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta.


Clearly this is not the first time Shiseido collaborated with the fashion industry, but I wish they make something different.


The event started with a makeup demo. The distance made us (me and other guests) difficult to see the process.


Maybe someday Shiseido will give us a private session ^__^


The model with base on are given colors by the makeup artist.


Then, the highlight of the event, Ms. Blaire and her collection. Please refer to the image below and don’t be shy to click it for larger view.


And I got one close up makeup look which I think unique and unlike Shiseido I’ve witnessed before. A gradation from purple, pink, peach and a stripe of blue line.


Thank you Shiseido for having me and see you next time!

Hello lovelies,

Indonesian Beauty Blogger March 2013 is officially started today ^__^

Created a look like a dazzling Marilyn and win prizes from The Balm, a cosmetic brand from San Fransisco which recently landed in Indonesia.


Some of the products used in this tutorial are courtesy of The Balm and will help me creating a look that hopefully as mesmerizing as Ms. Monroe herself.


Here are the three items, Balms Away, the eye makeup remover, Shady lady, an eye shadow with a whole lotta attitude, and Mary Lou Manizer, a highlighter / luminizer that want to get all the attention she can get.

I’ll share Balms Away review on a next post and two makeups here ^__^


It’s gonna be an exciting next post ^__–


Let’s start the step to step guide of me trying to create a glimpse of Marilyn’s iconic look.

Start with a bare face.


Boi-ing, an industrial strength concealer from Benefit to cover large pores, under eye, fine lines and other imperfection.


Shiseido Lifting Foundation shade I 00, by fingers, dot a few spots on 5 parts and blend away. Covering all the uneven skin tone and creating a base for the skin. Wait for a good 5 minutes before the next step, so the foundation have time to sets in.


Followed by a compact powder by Estee Lauder.


I use a foundation brush for CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Powder Makeup. Make sure the skin is completely dry and the foundation has set before this powder or it will make some blotchy effect.


Then a Loose Powder from Teint Miracle series from Lancome, a very beautiful light powder that gives the skin a luminous effect with a mild glistening aura.


On some part Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent is added, then blend with fingers.


Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact is used for my brow in shade 03. Simple, so easy to use and looks natural.

Don’t forget to tidy up the brows first.


I use a base for eyeshadow using Kate eye shadow in PU-1 inspired by this look from Marilyn,


She looks stunningly beautiful.


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner for that cat eye look or at least a winged, but I need something more, the lashes.


D’Eyeko is used, and just happen to be the only lashes I have that able to create a very sexy cat eyed lashes.

Tips of using D’Eyeko that I get from Lizzie, use from the outer side to the inner, and it works!


A subtle touch of a Cheeky Glow, for that light blushing touch from Maybelline.


I need a shadow that really perk up the eyes and increase the effect of the sexy lashes, Shady Lady is here.


Comes in 10 gorgeous shades that’s bold and brave.


There’s some tiny sparkles, I see they have some shades that’s not available in other cosmetic brands and unique too.
The selling price is Rp.150.000.


Same goes with Mary Lou Manizer, which I think a must added collection to any beauty pouch. Rp.280.000.

I love this highlighter as it draw attention right through it and exactly where you want the attention to be. Easily blend and watch out, you may in for a spotlight \^0^/


Then, it’s the lips, I tried making them thin but decided to make it bold and so red and seductive,
Maybelline Red Porcelain, I love this lipstick, like a red leather just landed and rule.


No Marilyn look would be complete without that famous black dot, right below her left cheek.


Using the Hyper Sharp Liner again and voila!

I want to go all out with a blonde wig, but try imagining Marilyn in a brunette.


Using my Philips are a curler, a wave that says, hello, I’m here.


Get a help from L’Oreal Professionnel Bounce Whip.


Divide the hair section by section and tongs on! Change my clothes into something with vintage tag label, and I’m ready!


How do I look?


Inspired? Please do join the makeup challenge and create your own version of Marilyn Monroe and win prizes.

Submit your creation here:



 “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”
Marilyn Monroe


Images of Ms. Monroe from Google Search and Quote from

Energizing Fragrance by Shiseido is a Floral fragrance for women. Energizing Fragrance was launched in 1999. The nose behind this fragrance is Claudette Belnavis. Top notes are carnation and pepper; middle notes are iris, jasmine, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, anise and rose; base notes are woodsy notes and white musk.

My review:

The very cute packaging in an energizing color is definitely an eye candy. This fresh floral scent reminds me of spring and a bit of summer where the freshly cut flowers on the table or perhaps a bouquet is presented. It’s not in a romantic kinda way, more to the free spirited aroma where we embrace the new season, open field and run free in the flowery meadow. The scent turn milder on the skin, while on the clothes smells fresher and a bit sharp as well. Almost like the scent of a scented tissue ^__^

(When I was a kid there’s this one brand of tissue that smells really good, it have flowers printed on each sheets and they were very very thin and super soft.)

Energizing Fragrance is an EDP, so it stays for more than 4 hours and hmm the scent also reminds me of Japan … for me Japan in spring smells like this. Flowery, in fact, very flowery and fresh. I like it. I think this is a perfect everyday fragrance and feels the lightness of musk and abundant of floral to follow me all day long.

However I’m not 100% agree with the word energizing, for me energizing always means citrus, this is more like invigorating and inspiring.


Hi everyone!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger is back with a makeup challenge \^0^/ and this December (2012) the theme is End of Year Party Look

Prices for this month will be from NYX

These are some of the stuffs I used for transforming my sister heehee, yes, my sister will be my model once again.

Thank you my dear sister ^^

First, on a cleaned moisturized skin, I applied a concealer (Shiseido) on the area affected with acne marks, redness and uneven skin tone, including the bags under the eyes. Followed by foundation from Shiseido to even out all the skin tones and set the base with loose powder from Coverderm.

The concealer is a bit darker than her original skin tone so I applied as if it was shading as well to enhance her cheek bones.

As for Coverderm Finishing Powder, the fine particles easily blend and create a natural matte finish look. May be applied right after foundation or at the end of the overall makeup to ‘set’ everything’s up.

As usual after the base, I always more to the eye’s zone, start with the brows. As she like her natural brow, trimming with a tool from Panasonic is my answer. Then draw a bit lines using Revlon and brushes the brow with mascara from Lancome.

But I recommend a tidier brow for a more ‘Party Look’. For me the brow could make a big difference in one’s look.

Next, is the liner. I’m trying this stickers for eyeliner, just open the packaging and stick them on the lids. Of course it’s a bit tricky especially when ones doesn’t have an even eyelids, like my sister, her right eyes appears bigger than the left thanks to the uneven lids.

A scotch tape may be applied before the eyeliners stickers so the eyes become even, then after sticking the stickers, use a liquid eyeliner with the same color as the stickers.

I’ve used Shiseido, a creamy eyeliner to help even out the sticker, there’s a tiny bling on the edges of the stickers. Next time, I’ll choose a bigger one.

This time, I want the eyes to be sharp and let the eyeliners get a spotlight, so no eye shadows are used.

Followed by Benefit’s Duster as a highlighter only on the nose line.

A bronzer by The Body Shop and blush on by Anna Sui for her cheeks area, one for the cheek bone, and one to add a touch of rose so she wont look pale and dull.

Last? A lips sticker!

I’m so excited about this next item as it can create a difficult look which will be super duper tough using a normal lipstick and brush.

Hello! Noticed me?!

Get her hair done. attached a bling on her forehead, use a very sparkly outfit and my sister is ready for an End of Year Party!!!

Share me yours and join the Make Up Challenge by signing up: HERE. Deadline? 20th Dec 2012.

Hello ladies,

yes, I know I posted it before about the Lacquer Rouge (HERE) and it was really amazing. And the event that celebrated with beauty bloggers from IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) also a hit, we love Lacquer Rouge.

Here’s a video of the interview with Ms. Sien Lie (Shiseido) and the show of Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection with Shiseido.

For the base I’m using Radiant Lifting Foundation in I00, details provided by

Radiant Lifting Foundation
SPF 17


Revive your skin with light. A revolutionary anti-aging foundation with innovative light technology to eliminate shadows and give skin a radiant, youthful glow. Radiance Reflecting Powder provides a soft-focus effect and luminosity to wrinkles for a more youthful, lifted appearance. Offers a smooth, radiant finish for 12 beautiful hours and a rich moisturizing effect for 24 hours.
  • Smooth Wrap Oil, Hydroxyproline, and Rose Apple Leaf Extract provide abundant moisture to the help counteract wrinkles and firm the skin.

The texture of the foundation is slightly creamier than Perfect Refining but still blend-able on the skin for that ‘makeup’ look. Flawless and provide coverage from medium to high. When I use it, the staffs in IBB says I look like I’m using full makeup since it does gives my skin a full coverage, even tone and not even a dot of large pores visible.

The 18 shades of Ocher, Ivory, and Beige undertone provide colors from light to deep dark. 

For the lips? I’m using the Lacquer Rouge in 501.

The event took place in Glow Plaza Indonesia on 2nd of November 2012. Almost 100 beauty bloggers attended all have fun ^0^

This is the Perfect Refining Foundation.

Perfect Refining Foundation
SPF 15


A light liquid foundation that blends seamlessly to instantly erase conspicuous pores, acne scars, and skin roughness for perfectly even, long-lasting coverage. Minimizes shine while optimizing the moisture balance of the skin. Offers an exquisitely smooth, refined finish for 15 beautiful hours.
  • Shiseido-exclusive Hydro-Producing Complex optimizes skin moisture levels and provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Formulated with Micro-Smoothing Complex, a Shiseido exclusive ingredient that refines the texture of skin for perfect smoothness. Optimally reflects light to create a soft-focus effect that minimizes appearance of skin imperfections.
  • Medium to full coverage.
  • New darker shades for a more complete shade range!
This foundation is the one reviewed by the staffs (video show above), the texture is so light and anyone could easily falls in love with the foundation. It gives the skin a medium coverage, definitely lighter than Radiant Lifting. Also available in 18 shades (may be differ from one country to another)

Some of the IBB Staffs who have oily skin or oily t-zone experience some ‘melting’ on the areas of oiliness. Use a skincare for oily skin to tackle this matter and mattefying make up base before use. An oil blotter also needed for touch up.

Me? Since I have combination dry skin, I love this foundation for being so perfect. Use it alone or with makeup brush, it provide my skin a refine look without being too much. Suitable for daily look and looking pretty. I’m using a loose powder afterward and the base is easily set.

Thank you Shiseido Indonesia and hope you all enjoy our videos \^0^/



Smoothly draws a long-lasting line of concentrated colour to dramatically emphasize eyes.

Comes in two shades:
Black, which is mine 

I wish the stick comes in longer version but I have no complain at all with the brush, only the tip end is movable with the rest stays firms, so when applied it can give finer lines without fail. It wont keep running into wide lines.

The cream is thick indeed, I thought it look thick but not that thick, it was ‘that’ thick.


I tried playing around with the wider side first and as usual before actually use the product, blend it well at the back of my hand first. It’s not easy since the consistency of the cream but it definitely gives me a bold darkest black.

Variety of result from the brush, wide side, thin line from using the horizontally, and when blending it.

Based on the thin line it was not easy to keep a straight full line with even darkness, some bold, some fading. Some even like dots after dots. I don’t think it is possible to create a full line at one stroke, it need multiple times.

I’ve tried the brush on my eye lines as well and I love how the brush still gentle enough given how firm it is. But again the inconsistency, I have to apply several time for a full line. Since the cream is thick and heavy, a primer is essential, it helps the cream to glide smoother and finer too.

Wait around 2-3 minutes for the liner to be completely dry and it will set for the whole day. It depends on how many the cream applied, the thinner it is, the faster it dries and so on.

Waterproof? It was tough! Like really tough, I try to rub it as well, rinse with a bit of soap, it stays on the skin, like stays there for good . . .  until a makeup remover comes of course.

Help me to become the Shining 30.
you have to connect via facebook to vote:
click then in the gallery, you’ll find me ^__^
 and click vote ya

Thank you so much.

Hello ladies ^__^

Lacquer Rouge is finally here!

The lipstick that gives the lips a shine and intensity they deserves.


Inspired by Japanese Laquerware, one coat provides intense color and deep luster. This rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer. Applicator fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even application that does not bleed. Lacquer Rouge improves dry, rough or peeling lips with continued use, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized.
  • Contains Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

All 12 shades are available in Indonesia for around (+/-) Rp.250.000 each.

These are the swatches of Phanie’s hand heehee, and look at the amazing gloss. Awesome, I’m so licking liking them. But, I’m insisted on choosing the shade after trying them on your lips. Me, Stephanie, Carryna and Priscilla are trying the shades, the exact shade can look really great on one while not so perfect for the other. Even the shades which seems similar can be so different in one’s look. I think I can fit to at least half of the shade, so I can always play dress up and most of us also able to find at least 6 wonderful shades that matches our look and skin tone, so the option are still widely open.

Here are some of the shades that I’ve tried:

RD 305 – Nymph

Kinda like a rose, suitable for daily/office look.

Sorry for the poor light, don’t worry on the next images I moved to a better lightning ^__^


RD 607 – Nocturne

The one that’s in the ad and create a whole lotta buzz. So dramatic, intense and alive!

PK 310

Romantic, sweet and lovable, all of us (beauty bloggers) want this shade XD

RD 501 – Drama

Yes, it is drama alright. A bit lighter than RD 607 but still can cause a stir. It was vibrant red, the kind of red that wants attention, wants . . . drama.

RS 404 – Disco

The one that Stephanie picks, haha this one also cause a stir, look at the color, it is amazingly pink, like shockingly good pink.

Okay, that’s all I’ve tried and all of them have this ultra smooth feeling, a bit sticky but a lots of attitudes and character in each of the shades. The glow and shine does last hours and hours, no touching, it can last up to 6 hours and still looks like you’ve just applied it. Of course it was on the terms of no swipe, no rub, and no kissing policy. Lacquer Rouge is not waterproof, so it will washed away easily.

Overall, a brilliant lippie that gives your smooch a title. Must have: Every shade, or at least 6 of the shades and play with them in every theme you’ve got.

Thank you Shiseido Indonesia.

Hi all!

Who loves a blush on their cheek to show how in love they are with a rosy glow? I do! I really really do. So when Shiseido Indonesia kindly handed me this one item, I scream a little, haha! I’m so happy, a girl never can have too much blush on.

And it’s in Rosy Flush (S5). So what is this?

This is an Accentuating Color Stick, so yes, it gives accentuation to our look.
Here is some details from
For brilliant luster and added dimension, this multi-purpose color stick for highlights eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Spreads smoothly, adheres well on skin and maintains a lustrous, crease-free finish. Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizing factor. Contains 3-D Powder that gives a natural depth and highlight to the facial contours.
And it comes in 5 shades
S1 Bronze Flush
S2 Peach Flush
S3 Glistening Flush
S5 Rosy Flush
S6 Champagne Flush
Wait, no No.4? Nope!
This is mine, the Rosy Flush. The packaging is luxurious, simple and elegant. Easily spin and can be dab directly to the cheek anytime you need to blush =^__^=
The image shows us the product in one stroke, so don’t worry, the product is quite forgiving and you do have to to blend it in and use it according to your needs.
After blending that one stroke, as seen unlike other creamy blush on, Accentuating Color Stick still gives me a matte finished, natural and soft. Perhaps this is the effect of the 3-D Powder as well. The feeling is comfortable and not oily at all.
But I want them more striking and more flushes of colors, so I add multiple strokes and blend it.
It was superb. And later on, I did try to wash my hands with a mild soaps but the product stays a bit, so you need to clean it with make up remover before a cleansing foam. For me the blush stays on longer than ordinary powder blush on and much more comfortable than other creamy blush on that usually oily and unsettled.
I love the non-sticky and natural finish. Perfect for summer or just about any season as it is a bit water resistant. I will give you more images of me using the products on my cheek, after my holiday, so bear with me okay!
Overall, highly recommended for being easy to blend, natural with a soft matte look, right tone and shade for me and the stick is perfect in terms of packaging and for application reason. But I hope they increase the simplicity of the packaging, heehee, maybe a limited edition where the packaging is painted with floral or some sort, well anyway, in terms of function, it is wonderful and easily loved.
Hi all!
I’m here to give you a full report on Shiseido 140th Anniversary in Indonesia.
The event is held in Grand Hyatt, one of the most promenade hotel in Jakarta and like Shiseido as well, one of the most famous and promising beauty brand in the world. Wowza!

This is me with Ms. Sien Lie from Shiseido, we are both dressed for the success of Shiseido more years to come in Indonesia and the world.

All the arrays of skincare and makeup too are presented and ready for any guests for a quick touch up and even purchases too. They have special promotion on that day, envy much?!
Inside the Krakatau Room the guests are all ready for the show to begin, wait show? Yes, there will be fashion show for us and it would be a glamorous one, elements and makeup plus accessories combined. Who are the people behind it?
Hanna Amalia (The expert of Beauty Elements)
Widhi Budimulia (Fashion Designer)
Elizabeth Wahyu (Accessories Designer)
I got to think what is this signs surrounding the Shiseido 140 Anniversary, squares and circles, please do read more details here:
And other details regarding the products, brands, and company can be found in ^__^
Now, let’s start the show shall we?!
Here come the pretty MC and she officially welcome all of us to the event and the guests are happy, eager and excitement is in the air. I can see some even get their camera ready for what we gonna see \^0^/
Bam bam bam from the beauty elements presented (fire, water, wood, land, and metal) to a little discussion with the fashion designer, accessories designer and of course Shiseido, we are here, we are officially celebrating the 140 years of Shiseido in this world. Giving us beauty from the east, where beautiful skin takes part, enhanced by their natural makeup for that beautiful looking ladies and for being themselves.
Beauty if a part of esthetics.

It was decades, a beauty of transformation of the brand’s firm philosophy that has been establish over this century.

Now, the highlight of the event is the fashion shows, where the guests are indulged with the beautiful dress and gowns where elements takes center stage that day. And on the back we can also see the wide screen gives us makeups by Shiseido for the world class shows. It was beautiful.

That’s it all! See you next time and congratulations for Shiseido on their 140th Anniversary!!

Thanks for inviting me and hope to see you all again soon!

Good morning!
Nothing beats the freshness of a morning and a fresh new blog post thanks to Shiseido. Their 140th Anniversary is just up (blog post coming soon) and with these are some of the stuffs they gave me. Shiseido is famous for their skincare as well as makeup, herewith I give you two of the items, the Perfect Mascara mine in BK 901, black, and Silky Eye Shadow Quad (quad means four) in Rose Tone.
The loooks is suitable for a romantic look if paired up with pink cheeks and lips, but today I give you some twist that can be uses daily like work or other occasion.
This is my before after picture where one only done the base and the after is after everything ^^. For the base I use Skin Inc CC Cream and Revlon two way cake (wet and dry) and loose powder moisturizing effect by Revlon as well. For the brow, Givenchy in dark brown.
The cheeks are the after shot is using Estee Lauder in peach and the lips are Revlon butter in nude (vanilla) top it off with a bit pink from Estee Lauder lipstick. Both very moisturizing.
Now, let’s see the tutorial.
Silky Eye Shadow Quad is so easy to use and they do provide the tutorial and guidance for your convenient, but it doesn’t always goes that way, you can mix and match and have your own style on the go.
The powder is somewhat broken easily with my brush and since I really like my brush for it’s precision I guess it might be too ‘sharp’ for the eye shadows.
Btw, here’s a details from for the product:
Ultra-smooth eye shadows that glide on with shimmering translucent color.

・Gives lustrous dimensional color with Full Saturated Color Powder.
・Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizer.

They are soft alright in terms of texture but the color also comes out, not very vivid or high pigmented, but I think it’s more to the natural taste. Just swipe them in the order of the darker below and as it goes lighter move it on upwards. And after that do not forget to…
blend it well, so the looks become more natural. However nowadays many trends are coming so you can do what you want and makeup should gives you freedom to express yourself not limiting. In blending you can use different brush which is bigger or same size as well. Sometime I even wait for everything is done then blend it gently with a big brush.
We move to the mascara as seen above. It does create some kind of fiber wig and an instant look of longer and darker lashes. I didn’t use any curler before.

・All-day Beautiful Finish.
・Proven Smudge-proof Formula.
・Easy to Remove with Warm Water.
It does stays on whole day … if you’re not crying, cry means teardrops coming down and fresh tear drop is warm, so if you cry the mascara that touches the warm teardrop will fall as well. But it is easy to clean and I can testify the smudge proof formula ^^
Am I satisfy with these products? Hmm, for the eye shadow, it was more to the natural than vivid dramatic colors, and the mascara dribbles away once there are tears, but the good news is they don’t smudge and there’s no panda eyes, just black tiny drops that can be swipe sweep swoop with tissue or cotton (or just fingers) and voila, clean areas again. So, I give both of the products 3,5 out of 5 stars ^__^ for being stays on for almost the whole day and soft + smooth look.