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I just got a whole pack of Natur shampoo, it contain 6 shampoo (all variants), conditioner and a hair tonic. This is the first time after 7 years ago I use Natur. Back then they only have 1 type of shampoo, and I think I remember that the shampoo feels too dry on my hair. But this morning when I try their Aloe Vera plus Green Tea shampoo, it still feels soft. It does give my hair a bit of squeaky clean feeling but it’s still considered as soft and manageable. The thick brownish gel texture can easily be lathered on. The fragrant is definitely better than 7 years ago (original). I do use a conditioner afterwards.So my advice is always use a conditioner for your hair (avoid the scalp) afterwards.
I will continue using the products with all the range that I have and update on my post (probably around a month) and how the shampoo will be able to help with the hair fall.
As you can see in the picture I’ve finished the 15 ml tube after 2 weeks of usage day and night. Please read the previous post regarding how I started and the combination which I begin with —> HERE
And here is my review after 2 weeks of using this wonderful product. I like how versatile it is, I can use it day or night since it is not divided, so the moisturizer for me is light enough as a day moisturizer yet still gives me the protection my skin need at night for a long sleep. The white gel-creme texture is a delight, I’m not the number one fan of the scent but I love the feeling it create on my skin. It’s just soft , simple and hydration, hydration and hydration.

Combine with Perfectionist (CP+) for day and ANR at night, is just powerful for me. My skin feels the reversing ‘energy’ to stay smooth and less wrinkle in parts I use the serum+cream on. I see that fine lines near the eyes and cheeks are far more relaxed than before, my dry zones like cheeks are hydrated, yet the t-zone stays normal (not oily), it feels comfortable for a long wear. So twice a day is enough for me.

Conclusion: a high quality product that suitable for daily use, it’s not a wonder cream that can do magic smoothen the skin from the first use, but you’ll noticed the hydration from the first use and less fine lines in the count of days.

Oh and sometime during day use I mixed the Perfectionist (CP+) with ANR too, just can’t let ANR go ^_^

On Saturday, I went to Mr.Curry Grand Indonesia after drooling over their newest promotion ad in front of the elevator on the way to buy Harry Potter last movie. They have Omurice. A warm rice mixed with either butter or tomato, yums! They look so delicious and rich in flavor.
With enough toppings and sauce to choose from this meal is something that worth trying for. We try the one with salmon and ikura, the rice? Tomato ^_^
Waiting here is pleasant, the atmosphere is fun, many people are enjoying the meals with their families and friends. When the food is great, so does the conversation.
Not long after ordering the food, here come the food, they are served warm (not hot), with a small bowl of salad. Our hot tea (breakfast) is served before the meal is presented. The presentation is lovely, tomato rice is hidden under a perfect omelet and the delicious white creamy sauce with salmon and spinach. The portion for me is big enough for 2 people ladies.

Yet, we still ordering a dessert, a small dorayaki with green tea cream worth Rp.12.000. We couldn’t resist their dessert yet know our stomach have a limit. The mango puree is fresh and give a bit of zing thanks to the sweet and sour fruit.

The pic above show their generous portion where the rice are solid under those yummy omelet, and the ikura (salmon eggs) taste fresh too. Would I come back here again? Definitely yes, thanks to their delicious meals, desserts, drinks and friendly staffs. Two thumbs up for them. 
Thanks to HerWorld Indonesia Tried and Tested page, I was able to try this wonderful product from Kiehl’s, here is the details I found from, a bit of advice, if you really confused and clueless about Kiehl’s? Check out the website and read people’s review, you’ll the picture ^_^ :

Formulated for dehydrated, under-nourished, and damaged hair, our mild, yet rich and creamy shampoo instantly moisturizes and fortifies hair as it gently cleanses, leaving hair manageable and supple. Our nurturing formula contains the latest in haircare science with molecules that mimic natural oils which coat healthy hair. We blended enriching Avocado Oil, Lemon Extract, and Olive Fruit Oil-inspired by traditional home recipes-to help restore the healthy look of the hair, leaving it full of shine and softness without weighing it down. Ideal for hair weakened by overexposure to sun, chemical-processing, or excessive heat styling.

My hair condition: About 6 weeks ago I have my hair smoothing and colored at the same time. So they are dry especially on the ends, but since I’m a responsible person all of this time I always take good care of my hair, so they are not dry or at least doesn’t look like dry. People with chemical treated hair normally have dry hair, and I’m also an avid fan or a hair dryer, there’s no way for me not to use it daily. And I don’t use a low voltage one, I want my 1100W (okay not that big).
Then when I tried on Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo, I have low expectation since well, my scalp is oily and my hair is not that dry. I pour the thick white creamy liquid and it felt so soft on my hands, I think they are doing magic on my hands too, it felt good ^_^ then lathering up on my palms it made generous amount of foam. Then I applied it on my hairs. Massage like usual and rinse, WOW, what was that?! Yup, I feel my hair become more supple, filled up, where each strand feel like fuller now. Before using the shampoo I thought my hair was fine, now after comparison it felt like coarse, it’s like there’s tiny holes particles, well let’s just say my hair ain’t feel THAT smooth. Now, it felt smooth, stronger in terms of hair strand, healthier, and glow? Yes, I think so.

It feels like my hair is sucking all the goodness from the shampoo and surprisingly for a nourishing shampoo for dry hair, it doesn’t bother my oily scalp at all. Usually stuff like these can easily create a limp lifeless hair afterwards, but it’s not. They are still bouncing with volume, not a great giant volume, just a normal volume that my hair have. Conclusion? It’s a great shampoo for dry hair and really does what it said it does and give your hair a really good nourishment boost without weighting your hair down. 

Just tried Bain Chroma Riche (shampoo), Masque Chroma Riche (hair mask), and Serum Chroma Thermique (leave in protection), all for a home treatment from Kerastase Indonesia. The shampoo is so smooth and gentle, this clear pinkish gel can lather up real good and created some kind of film protected hair afterwards. Then towel dried the hair and applied the mask on the hair avoiding the scalp area. The white gel-cream feels rich yet not heavy.

I leave it on my hair for 20 minutes and to avoid being messy, a shower cap is needed but put some holes so your head wont get over heated and lack of air. I really like the fragrant that was fruity and floral too. So feminine. Then rinse everything off.

After towel dried the hair I use the serum. It was light and easy to use. I put them on my ends only, it was really really light. Unlike other serum that either oily or sticky, this one is just perfect. But after all that I didn’t see any dramatic change on my hair. They are smooth, yes, untangled, yes, looks healthy, yes, but there isn’t any va va voom glow that I’ve been looking forward to. My hair is colored for a month now and I thought somehow the products can revive the color and shine like in the commercial. Well, I guess not.

Yesterday I bought something from SAMPAR, after spending more than 15 minutes what a Rp.150.000 voucher can do and since I have no idea of the brand, quality and what their specialty, I decided to buy the cheapest one. Prodigal Pen that cost around Rp.235.000, I just top up Rp.85.000.

A bit information about SAMPAR that I found on their website:

A unique combination, benefiting from the best of the past and the essentials of today, blending aromatherapy and high technology, SAMPAR is an irrefutable response to the modern woman’s requirements for instant beauty.

Designed to work with surgical precision at the very heart of the cells, SAMPAR research selects cutting-edge ingredients with proven effectiveness, used at their maximum concentration to produce instant gratification and long lasting results.

Each SAMPAR product is specifically designed composed and clinically tested incorporating a new generation of high tech active ingredients. Combining the resurfacing qualities of AHA’s and vitamins acid with the rejuvenating properties of bio-peptides and hyaluronic acid produces a unique approach to skin treatment. In addition, the exclusively designed anti-oxidant shield, the Urban Advance Complex, neutralizes the negative effects of pollution on the skin.

Efficiency, luxury and sensual indulgence… all fundamental elements of the SAMPAR brand and philosophy.

What is a Prodigal Pen?

A smart, rollerball applicator dispenses eight essential oils that zap zits quickly and effectively. Plus, the compact size (2.5 inches) is totally portable, allowing ease of use – anytime, anywhere.

My review:

The unique scents is like refreshing and filled with essential oils, a bit chilling feeling on the skin and a (tiny) bit sting too. I applied it on my 2 acnes that suddenly just appeared out of nowhere last night. Like a pre-volcanic shape that just become a hill. I hate acne, they are a bothersome and can be quite tricky. So, I said to myself, why not give this Prodigal Pen a chance. After cleaning the area, I rolled in. This morning I wake up checking my zit . . . where are they? The size is reducing by far, if last night is 70% about to erupt, today they are 20% about to erupt. It really work!
I think it is one of the must try items of SAMPAR, pay them a visit at Grand Indonesia and ask the friendly staff, they will recommend you a perfect product according to your skin need, they insist on it. But unfortunately, not all the staffs are kind, friendly and full of smile, one of them (1/3) seems in a really crappy mood and she obviously let the customer see it.

WARNING about the product: You’ll easily get addicted to it!

Bouvardia is having a giveaways gals (and guys too), how:

Follow them on Twitter @MyBouvardia and wait for a DM from them and to follow you back. Give your details accordingly and you get a confirmation email with a voucher you need to print like shown above.
Make your way to Bouvardia with the voucher (Grand Indonesia) and pick a rose of your choice from the selected pre-prepared rose. At first, I have low expectation for the rose, but theirs are amazing.
It is freebies but you can choose the words from Happy Birthdays, Congratulations, to like mine, I Love You. The roses are big, fresh to the max and oh-so-lovely. They are high quality red roses where the stem is thick and healthy. Love the petals that’s so fragrant, soft velvety yet strong.
Look how big mine is and it’s worth Rp. 100.000. Yes, each rose is worth 100k and that is your gift from Bouvardia.

Individually wrapped to with their beautiful bow, paper and plastic. Each rose can last up to 2 weeks.

What I like about them is a personalized print that can be made on the petals from words to photo for Rp. 100-150k per flower. Unique!

Don’t forget to be my followers and I’ll share you many giveaways to come. Just click the Join This Site button on the right side of the blog, below Total Page Views and above members, yes, be a member here ^_^.

As a continuation from my previous post —> HERE 
Now I’m doing the review on 02.
The cream feels rich and the texture is kinda funny, usually for make up base, they are either too thick or too light, too powdery nor not powdery at all, RMK Creamy Polished Base is somewhat in between and there’s a bit bouncy feeling, like a bit jelly-ish (not even a proper word but I’m out of it).

During application the cream is easily spread with fingers (that’s what I do) and a bit powdery than 00 but definitely lighter than other tinted make up base that I know.

What it does to my skin is:

It created a thin layer of a more even skin tone, light , non sticky — like using a gel form moisturizer (tinted), and from there you can either use a foundation for a thicker layer or just use your compact powder then loose powder for the finishing look. I’m using a compact powder, very gentle motions too, like tapping, so I don’t feel the need to put too much powder on top, since for me, the make up base already gives me the basic that I need. A more subtle, even-colored skin and moist-natural looking finish.

I’m not a fan of heavy make up and this product suits me, but I don’t see a problem if you keep piling makeup layers by layers, again it depends on your need.

Conclusion: Worth buying  ^_^

VAIO Z is Here

Yesterday night I went to Shangri-La hotel around 8 PM for an event with SONY. VAIO Z is in the house, along with all the series. As a blogger computer is a necessity, I’m looking for a laptop that is light yet packed with all the goodness inside. Many VAIO-s here is what I considered ‘over-achievement’ since I need it for blogging only.

Many guests are here and most are loyal customers. The room looks gorgeous as always, unfortunately not the service by some of the hotel’s staff that look nonchalant.

On the stage the songs kept flowing with a big screen of VAIO Z series advertisement.

You can imagine yourself in here, working with your VAIO Z, 3 big screens and high technology is in your hand. VAIO Z able to do 4 things in the same time with no lag at all.

Some of the details:

VAIO Z Series

  • Genuine Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 64-bit (English Version)
  • Intel Core i7-2620M Processor 2.70 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.40GHz
  • 8 GB (4GB (Custom Module) x 2) DDR3 SDRAM (MAX)
  • 13.1 inch wide (Full HD: 1920×1080) TFT colour display (VAIO Display Premium, LED backlight, Adobe RGB 96% coverage)
  • 256 GB (128 GB x 2(RAID 0), Serial ATA
  • AMD Radeon HD 6650M

And I understand none of those things.


Sweets presented on the event

So after being confused I talk to one of SONY staff regarding the laptop, they are friendly and can explain difficult computer words as a normal person (as dummy proof). VAIO Z is perfect for a business man or woman that need a laptop that stand to the test, able to support their needs from interactive charts, blu rays writer and player, speed, long wear battery to non stop wi-fi.

The additional battery can be plug off and charge on it’s own. Both of them use together means up to 13 hours.

One of the uniqueness of the laptop is the cursor and the material surrounding it. More resistant, it stays stylish longer.

Other VAIO series with different price tags too. Ask the friendly staff which series is suitable for your need, maybe they can help.

One of the items that I think perfect for my household. My husband can work with it and well, I just use the rest of the tech he didn’t need.

I kinda feel I’m in a wrong place, I thought there will be a presentation regarding the product so I can understand it better, like step by step guide and things that I can apply in my daily life. Yes, the staffs are great explaining but I still feel I need more information. But I see many geek scientifically blessed brain able to speak to them really well, while they are talking about processor, GB, intel and all in between, I was like, who? So what does it means in my daily life, does it means I can blog wherever whenever I want, will it support my photoshop, or video tutorial making, or I just look very interesting holding them.

Okay I do have many complaints regarding my current laptop, sometime lack of response, so slow in turning on AND off, I can’t open many things all at once, need more internal memories, I also need a laptop that so light and easy to carry around, while my husband need one to work, with all his presentation details, and games for the whole family. Is it too much? So which one is the ‘right’ one for me?

So, if any of SONY representative reading my post on this one please do contact me as I need help with choosing the right laptop for me or perhaps when they have a workshop for dummy, send me an invitation and I’ll be there.

Sweets anyone?

Mr. Curry

For anyone who claims to love Japanese food would have known curry as one of their favorite, and to those who claim to love Japanese curry must have known Mr.Curry.

Mr. Curry as one of the house produced by Waraku, hmm name of Pasta De Waraku ring your memory bell?
Many choices is here, you have no worries in terms of selections. That is my sis, we both Japanese food lover, don’t she look so happy we are about to dine in there.
And we are officially starting the meals here, one of the quickest item arrived is kids meal for my girl. Mango-Nyan Curry Set that looks so cute and don’t you see how happy she is, and it comes with a free toys too. For me the meals is much more healthier and more delicious than any other restaurant where usually the kids meal only spin around junk food. It’s mom and kids approved!
Then it’s time for the grown ups, only in Mr.Curry we can choose up to 4 different curry, from original, red, white, and black sauce. I got to be honest, I like them all, the original is all time favorite, the red is fresh with tomatoes and gives me that zing, while the white is milky creamy and the black is so rich in flavor, I have troubled in terms of choosing the one, and usually I never go alone so each of us can have different kinds each time.

The meat goes along with the curry is abundant too, from chicken, beef, to seafood. Not really much of a meat person? Than you can order with veggies, sausages? Sure, they got it too. Even the beef can be choose between patty, minced or sliced. Now you really run out of excuses not to try Mr.Curry isn’t it?! Mr.Curry really take curry seriously and showing customer they are really specialized in curry and all it’s glory.
I’ve tried pretty much almost everything but I haven’t try the curry with pasta, will do on my next visit. And I hope it is soon ^_^
Okay, this pic is the original sauce, I just want to show you the thickness of it, it was full of flavor, delicious yet not overwhelming. For me it goes down really well with rice and fried food. The mixed between crunchiness of a deep fried food and soft yummy curry and a warm fluffy white rice is unbelievably satisfying.

Try the stewed curry set too, perfect for a cold rainy days. The salad also fresh and lovely for any health conscious people and my kid never have a problem eating them, they are decorated well and like any Japanese product, it’s all about presentation and quality.

You still have many option from Gratin, Risotto, Sandwiches, Nan-bread pizza, and other items for your meal. Either lunch or dinner let Mr.Curry gives you the right kind of satisfaction in a meal. Oh and I do recommend the curry for dine in only, but if you love sandwiches or pizza, they are good to go too.

Don’t forget their drinks, presented in a jar that somehow appealing too.

Last but not least, the delicious dessert that any kid or those young at heart will love. So come here and never come alone, the portion is abundant and your eyes can easily be tempted by how good their presentations are. When you come in a group you can share each other food, this place also family friendly, the atmosphere and ambiance is perfect for hanging out.

This July 2011 they opened a new branch in Mal Taman Anggrek and if you want to be kept updated join their Facebook page and twitter too.