Hi everyone,

after long years of having long hair, I’m feeling stuck and bored, so I went for a hair cut. Thinking that I do not yearn for just an ordinary hair cut plus I kinda have no idea what style suits me best or perhaps inspires me the most, I went to One Piece at Central Park.


This is my before look.

One Piece is a salon under Shunji Matsuo. I’ve been here several time before and familiar with the ‘Japan’ ambiance everywhere. From the staffs, stylists, products and decoration. However, this is my first time having my hair cut at this salon.  I am very picky when it comes to hair cut. These past two years I’ve been hearing and witnessing nothing but rave reviews on having a hair cut, ehm, 3D hair cut in this salon. And I know one stylist there who maybe know what I want.


This is the result, I ask for Kevin, I’ve done a treatment in 2011 with him as well and has been discussing a lot regarding hair style, it seems like he understood me. I don’t have to say much about the exact hair style it’s more to asking than telling him. Unlike other salon where the customer has to portray exactly the cut they want, in here we discuss and he judges the cut by my hair strands, facial shape, head shape (seriously, he even measured my head), and length I want. And yes, I do refer to one hair style in a Japanese magazine which I just saw while waiting for him to come over, but he made that certain style works for me. So, it’s not the exact same design, but the one adjusted to my features.

My head is NOT common, I got this bump on the top and flat back, which is not a perfectly egg-shaped head and is not a good structure for hairstyle. He sees that (and literally touched the whole skull head) where he later give me a perfect cuts….cuts? Yes, two times.


Above is me and Kevin.

The 3D means the hair is cut when it is wet (like in any other salon) and after being dried. Usually, it would be just a trim or making sure they are in the balance length (between left and right side) but in here, it will be another set of cutting. There’s a lot of technique which maybe very common in Japan, but not in Indonesia. He really made my hair looks fuller and hide the imperfections on my head \^0^/


This is my look after an hour or so, the curls has loosen as it is not permanent.

Kevin also taught me how to style the hair. He then gives advices and tips to take care the hair and maintain the style without any complexity. For me it’s a whole different service and I’m recommending anyone to try at least once having their hair done here.

Info: Cut with Kevin Rp.350.000