I’ve been loving Fancl since knowing the reason behind the making, yes, a devoted husband whose wife’s skin is highly sensitive and unable to tolerate any preservatives. It happens that he knows a lot regarding making a skincare, he then created Fancl, a preservative free skin care.

The washing powder is a delight for me. Especially during traveling nowadays where liquids are limited. The powder in a sachets also suitable to be used in Jakarta. The one in the bottle have more volume but due to preservatives free it can only last a month after opening the packaging. So sachets means open only when you use it. Why? I do have many different face cleanser according to my needs that particular time. The one that contains more of makeup remover, the one when I have an acne or two, the one when I feel delicate and sensitive, etc. That’s why I prefer the one that stays there ^___^ even when I’m not using it.

As always the white powder looks like detergent and easily lathered up. It cleans my daily debris, sweat and grim in a jiffy and highly effective without being too dry. If you have sensitive and really dry skin, they do have another type. This one I have is for normal skin.

Too bad Fancl is not available in Indonesia, but you can always shop Fancl in Singapore, one particular shop I know is in Takashimaya.