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L’Oreal Paris White Perfect also comes in a series for the night, called White Perfect Night. Fairness Revealing Soothing Cream. I think this is the first time I’m trying a night cream from L’Oreal Paris. Usually it’s either day cream or a day-night cream such as the Hydra Fresh, the original one, the one I used around 12 years ago when I’m still 20 years old.


Wake up to radiant skin!

White Perfect Night Cream contains a breakthrough ingredient – Melanin Vanish™, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. Night after night, spots are reduced, skin looks fairer and more radiant.


The cream is a bit like milky violet in color, just like the packaging. The design of the pot looks simple, reminds me of Hydra Fresh and other variant from the same brand. The texture of the cream is light, like a merit between gel and cream. Smells like N**** brand (lotion). I like this kind of scent, it is comforting.

When applied to the skin unlike the typical night cream which is heavy and felt so rich, the White Perfect Night is able to getinto the skin, so there are no leftover feelings on the surface. The skin become hydrated and slightly plumped immediately. So far I haven’t witness the transparent rosy whitening but the skin do appears clearing up. Like there are less dark spots than before usage. The result also not instant, it took me weeks to notice the result of a clearer skin but since the gel cream feels light to the touch the days went by without hindrance.


So, if you’re looking for a brighter skin with a creamy gel that doesn’t feels sticky nor greasy? This might be your answer as a night treatment. Of course this product can’t be used alone, a series of cleanser, toner, and day time treatment also needed.

However for me, since I have dry skin, I need a night cream with more hydrating effect than this one, so probably I wont continue using the White Perfect Night, perhaps in the L’Oreal Paris world, I’ll opt to the Hydra Fresh once in a while or top it off with a hydrating cream at night.

Aquasource Nuit

Hello everyone,

since last year I kept waiting for this product to be in my hand and experiencing the sensation and hydration on my skin. Finally, the Aquasource Nuit is here.

As a skincare addict and skin lover, this is one of my must have item.

Thank you so much Biotherm Indonesia, I’m super duper loving this night jelly. Been using it for weeks now and it’s beyond par.

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Please read the details providing above on the skin looses up to 4x more water than during the day and what’s inside Aquasource Nuit.

For me it’s like a sleeping mask, use the jelly overnight and waking up the skin feels so good, comfortable and away from dehydration, oiliness and yes, night wrinkles too.

Night wrinkles? Yes, those overnight lines, either the permanent ones or those made from linens and sleeping sideways (or worst facing down).

Now, hydration goes deep overnight
AQUASOURCE Nuit contains revolutionary skin care technology to specifically address the overnight hydration needs of women. Concentrated in Mannose, Thermal Plankton Cellular Water and P. Antarctica, a micro-organism that has the unique ability to retain water, Aquasource Nuit helps replenish skin’s water reserves. Upon wakening, the skin looks beautiful and more luminous, day after day.


Hydration 5 layers deep for long lasting comfort overnight.


More luminous for 83% of women
Improved texture for 84% of women
More elastic for 92% of women


The freshness of a gel. The hydration of a mask. The unique gel-turns-balm formulation instantly melts into your skin.
Enjoy the addictively refreshing scent of citrus fruits, accented with Apricot, Jasmine and Musk.

This is the jelly, a deep blue clear jelly, like the ocean, the waters of the ocean. The scent is beautiful, nicely done and far from overwhelming, especially for night use. Somehow gives me a peaceful intro of beauty sleep.

The jelly feels luxurious, soft and delicate at the same time, the skin response fast, giving me a radiance and vitality in an instant. My husband acknowledge the immediate changes and love what he sees. The skin looks so hydrated, supple and alive. So dewy and moist.

I love how simple yet effective it is, the jelly feels far from heavy, overwhelming and discomfort like most night cream, no grease nor oiliness felt. Like putting a mask made out of enriched glacier water, protecting and hydrating the skin all night long, it really feels like a beauty sleep. 

My dry cheeks feels so happy and my slightly oily t zone comforted.

Good bye dehydrated skin and hello dewiness.

You can find more about the details here: CLICK!

On that link it have explain my first experience with Skin Vivo (almost the whole package in the range) including this night cream.

The rich white cream is not think nor fluid, it was something in the middle. I really like how it really defines the word rich. The scent is mild and a bit musky which is pleasant and doesn’t bothers me as a night cream (overwhelming scent on night cream is a nightmare). But the best part doesn’t lies on the scent, is on the cream. Usually other cream provide moisture, full stop. Skin Vivo Night provide rejuvenation and vitality overnight, waking up with a less lines and better skin condition are possible.

This is the first time I’m liking a night cream for being rich yet not clogging my skin, absorbed well and working out as an anti aging cream.

This is me after more than a week using Skin Vivo Night, the whole look become younger, less complexion, rejuvenate, supple and plump.

Take note that I’m using the serum, milky lotion, and eye cream from Skin Vivo range too. During picture taking I do use light makeup, but I can’t hide the fact that my skin looks a lot better since using Skin Vivo.