Hi ladies,

who loves spa? I do!!!

I raise both hands and feet (if I could) haha! It’s like pampering time is here! Unfortunately, not all of us has the luxury to spend time (and money) at the spa. So, I try to create the spa at my home, using scrubs, body butter, scented candles and so on.

One brand that is familiar with spa in Indonesia is called Dewi Sri Spa. On this opportunity I’m trying one of their collection called Peach Delima Body Foam.


Details from http://www.dewisrispa.com:

Peach Delima Signature Series

Exotism of peach and delima has inspired various cultures from the ancient time. Delima (Punica granatum) represent eternity, lavish and fertility. Both are riched with vitamin C, vitamin A and poliferol as antioxidant and promote a fresh, smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

With a self foaming device the product burst out lovely foam with a rather sharp to the nose scent of peach delima. For the whole body I think it took around 10 pumps. I did try to enjoy the scent and benefit, which hmm, I can’t seem to experience. The cleansing properties is okay, I guess, but there’s no adequate freshness to it nor healthy looking complexion. In fact, I can easily replace the product with any other kind of body foam with a cost far less.


Sorry to say this item get more negative feedback from me. The Rp.100k ++ price is too much for a 2 weeks usage (2x a day). The scent is a bit sharp on the nose and the I don’t see any ‘real’ benefits to the skin.