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Hi everybody,

There are quite a number of eyelash growth serum on the market right now. DASODA Super Eyelash Growth Factor is one of them. I get mine from a company in Singapore, I know nowadays the custom and FDA are being so fussy, a package of mine also stuck and I need to get letters of registration. Since the package are sponsored products, the company will try to settle things up. I imagine how difficult it is for those who shops online (international) and try to get their stuff. Hangin’ there okay, I hope there’s a solution and a logical one.

Okay back to DASODA ^^
This eyelash essence said to help beautifying and protecting eyelashes, eye zone essence, and may be use as a mascara base as well.


The product contain: Silk powder, panthenol, prohairen ß4, ceramide, keratin, lipidure®, vitamin B12, EGF, FGF. EGF x FGF steers the cell activation and a combined use with FGF promotes the synthesis and division of the epidermis, dermis, and hair matrix cells.


Those ingredients are able to care for the hair roots, moisturizing the lashes, protect cuticle, moisturizing the eye zone, treatment for dull skin, and have a separating + curling effect too.


The product is suitable for all skin type, suitable for damage lashes and promote thicker lashes, I think the product suits me since I want thicker and stronger lashes too due to the constant usage of makeups and falsies. Sometime the glue for falsies accidentally plucks the natural lashes. Regeneration is definitely needed so my lashes gain regrowth.


This is the product, a click-able pen so once the liquid are out it is impossible to go back inside, assuring me a more hygienic product, suitable for the eyes area. I’m always kinda afraid in trying products to be used near the eyes, and lashes are super duper close alright. So quality and packaging does matter for the best product possible for my precious sights.


The tip is a fine brush which used by holding the pen sideways and gently ‘color’ on the lashes on top and below. I found myself easier putting on the lashes below than the top part. If it’s become a bit messy, it’s okay since the essence may be used all over the eye’s zone (not eye balls) to help softening the skin and de-puffing action.


That’s the liquid, a slightly thick pinkish clear transparent liquid which is easy to use, doesn’t sting my eyes, not sticky and so far I like the sensation it created on the skin surrounding the eyes as well. Since I’m only using it for a week, I haven’t been able to share on the before after effect. But when I’m finished with the whole tube. I will. So far the effect I get is, moisturizing, hydrating and softening, for the lashes and the skin near the eyes.

Just click 3-4 times on each usage (since the first 2 usually nothing comes out) and gently brush the lashes one by one, I wish they have the brush for lashes where usually available for mascara, but I think I understand why they didn’t, again for the hygienic reasons ^___^

Stay tune for my before after . . . perhaps a month from now.

Thank you.

Hi everyone ^__^

Especially those makeup-addicts. IBB is back with makeup challenge and as always as staff we will provide some looks for you to copy. We gladly do that as well.

After trying to figure it out a unique topic for the members, one of the staff (start with letter H) really want a Valentine with no pink with it. Say whattt?? Valentine is all about pink, so now, try to twist your mind into something romantic without the signature color.

Register here: CLICK ME.

And thank you Make Over for the prizes so the girls (or boys) can win some of these wonderful goodies. For a look using products from Make Over, you all may visit Carryna’s blog.

Now, here’s mine

Here are all the products I’ve used for the look, variety from Anna Sui, Laneige, Palgantong, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Dasoda and Lash Grip. You may search their individual review at my blog on the labels or search through the search tab.
Using Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ as a base. This is the first time I’m using the product and it was quite easy to be used and lovely. Later I’ll provide the review on another post.
Below is the image of me after using Laneige.
Mine is No.21 Natural Beige. The shade is very natural as most BB Cream will gives skin a greyish tone or whitish, so it is not really natural. Really natural? Yup, they are ‘mild’ on the skin, like light-medium coverage and look somewhat natural compared to ‘old days’ foundation. But nowadays, foundation already gives us so many choices to look like we are on our ‘born-with’ skin.

So back to Laneige, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is able to make an evenness, covers most of the problems and ready for some colors.

Add Palgantong powder so there base are set finely. This product is still my best loose powder for being so good in not melting. It kept the makeup sets for 12 hours or so. I’ve used it during my trip to Osaka in summer and touching up is a privilege. This powder is able to stand through sweats and sebum for more than 12 hours. Just remember when sweating to dab on the tissue and don’t swipe. Dab is the best thing for a settled makeup.

The thing I do next is adding some blush on from The Body Shop, it’s an old product which I still love thanks to the shimmering effect of a rosy glow. Not pinky ya, rosy.

Make eyebrows using Anna Sui’s brow set, and eye shadows as well and make it all about sophisticated purple. A strong yet still romantic tones to be used in Valentine.

And adding some purple lashes. Using Lash Grip is wonderful as it is black in color and sticks for the whole day as long as during usage, it is waited until dry and no sweat has touched the unset glue. Removing the glue is tricky as it will not come off altogether. Or perhaps I use too much? In my defense if I’m using less, it will be gone in a few hours.

An eyeliner is added, DASODA is used and a stay on waterproof eyeliner also help to masquerade the gap between the fake lashes and the real one attached to my eyes.

Last, after seeing the whole look, I think my eyes should be the center of attention, I use a peachy gloss on the lips from Estee Lauder.

And the makeup is done, but Valentine wont be suffice with this look, I need a wardrobe to make them complete.


In a magenta colored dress.
I’m ready! Submit yours soon ya ^__–

Hi all!

A new year is officially started and it’s been like around 3,5 years since I started blogging and like 6 years since I start reviewing beauty products. Guess what?! I’m still enjoying trying new stuff, experiencing and sharing the information. Now, it feels like a regular routine to always pick up a new products where later I can write a post about it.

The world is indeed big and many many beauty items are made daily. This is one of my favorite cosmetic which given to me from the distributor in Singapore. A liner from Japan, called, Mega Liquid Liner, produced by DASODA.

The background is pink and so girly too, please do check out their website: for more info and here’s a glimpse

Basically it’s an eyeliner that offer quick drying formula, blackest color, no staining (after cleansing), easily clean with cleanser yet waterproof.

All the details on it is in Japanese but I’m really happy to see the website have an English option, which rarely given by other Japanese products, so it seems that they do noticed customers from around the world ^__^

It is written that the liner is smear-proof, waterproof and dramatic color. I completely agree! Use it on a dry lids and the liner will work it’s way creating a dark black liner and framing the eyes. But when I’m using a creamy eye cream or when it’s too hot and my lids are sweating, Mega Liquid Liner won’t dry as fast as it supposed to.

And when I used it on the lower lids, as my eyes are very delicate and hypersensitive (I always cry during makeup), tears will dissolve the liner. Warm, fresh tears. I’ve tried cold water on my face and the liner does waterproof, so perhaps don’t splashed yourself with a warm water and it should be just fine.

I also a big fan of the fine line at the tip and when pressed I can easily created a bolder line. I love the stability too plus the constant black color that comes out. So it provide a perfect dark colors that goes steady along the way, no need to be afraid of an ‘on and off’ lines.

I’ve tried the liner with various brands and products of makeup base, primer, eye base, eye shadows, etc, and so far, Mega Liquid Liner from DASODA can be BFF with all of them and can be used alone as well without any of them.

Stay on power? All day long in an air conditioned room, but when exercising (sweating) the product will be affected when rubbed/scratched, it will break into small particles but still no smudge and so far it never gave me Panda eyes.  

Overall, make sure the lids are dry enough during application and wait until the line is completely dry and set before activity and it should stay all day long. The brush doesn’t need much pressure, just apply it gently and a deep dark color will come out, a pressure will create a bolder line when needed. Steam and warm water (incl fresh warm tears) will break the liner gradually, so gently tap a tissue (don’t rub) on the warm sweat/warm tears and let the lines get dry. This product has never smear nor smudge on me (I’ve used it for a month now). Last but not least, the cleansing is very easy, any makeup remover (preferably for the eyes) will undoubtedly cleans with no trace behind.

Thank you

PlusOne Asia Pte Ltd