Hi all,

lately I’ve been searching for a perfect brush, inspired by the large paddle brush in L’Oreal Academie from 2 years ago (yes, since I first met Mr.Ambar) I was long for a good huge brush since according to him it is needed and essential in creating a gorgeous locks. Wonderful products such as hair care is still needed, the brush is only one of the tool, to make it all work!


Details from http://www.goody.com/:

Only Goody brings you the Start.Style.Finish. Collection so you can finally get the best results from your styling routine. Your hair has different needs when you start out with wet strands, when you style with heat and when you smooth and finish a dry style. Select the correct tool for fabulous results with Goody Start.Style.Finish.

Step 2: STYLE.Need to get it straight? Lift the lightweight grip to volumize and straighten medium to long hair.


Ceramic – to minimize drying time
Ionic – to help reduce frizz
Natural Boar Bristles – to add shine


How To Use: 

Style by wrapping hair half-way around ceramic barrel that heats up fast with direct heat from a blow-dryer. Next, lifting at the root, pull hair straight down while you continue blow-drying your way to the ends.


This is the product in my hand, looks normal? Nope, it is huge, super huge, it’s incomparable to any brushes I’ve used before. And at first I’m worried about the boar bristles, they look so rough and super tough on the hair. But there are small tiny pulps (orange color) that seems will protect my scalp from damage or scratches.

The brand apparently to be a reputable one in the USA and famous for creating many different kind of brushes, like the one that with towels inside, it’s very cute and funny in the same time. We are able to comb and dry hair faster. This one claimed to help drying faster too and I’ve prove them right.


The huge rounded brush is really huge, right?! It’s almost as big as my head XD

The bristles are not as rough as I thought it would be but they are tough alright. I’ve use it on dry or wet hair, the brush able to straighten the hair in both condition but last longer if used on wet hair with hair dryer on.

Hair serum also helps the fly aways to be kept tidy and add more shine. I love how soft and airy my hair become after using this brush. The free tangle feeling is most sough of after a periods of perming and bleaching and other form of damaging the hair.

The result?


A shinier straighter hair with no tangle whatsoever. It does take a work to get used to this huge head brush but the result is worth the effort.

Front and back mirror will help during self-usage and pins/hair clips are definitely essential. When the hair is still wet they are fragile alright so pull down gently. The brush also able to gives some volume when pulled up near the root and hair dryer is used to blow the hot air.

Suitable for medium to long hair which means at least shoulder length hair. The bristles are great separating the tangles but if the tangles are too much, use a spray of de-tangler so hair become less stiff and easier to smoothen out.

It is better to brush your hair from halfway down to the end before going all the way from the roots, so the tangles become less stressed ^__^

Overall, I love this brush and will get more brushes from Goody, next I want the one with towels, the one looks like a paddle … and all in XXL sizes \^0^/ woohoo!