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Hello gorgeous ladies,

there’s a new serum in the Biotherm world and I’m going to share how awesome it is, be prepared ^^


Here some details from

The team from Biotherm has been so excited and exuberant when showing me the products and what it can do. I was in either try to grasp their enthusiasm or somehow in disbelief, can a product be THAT good?

They’ve shared with me the 9 visible result, the texture, the bottle and the details.


As usual the Biotherm is about pure thermal plankton and since a couple of years ago, they start exploring new resources to the waters from ocean, lakes, rivers and not just spa water. Now, the Blue Therapy Serum is extracted from 3 different water sources.


Please do watch the video.


What do you think? After viewing the video, reading about the ingredients and see the details above, where we can do something about aging and it will show an 80% differences. So from 100% aging, only 20% is inevitable, so if we use the correct product, we might avoid the 80%, resulting in a youthful skin, firm, less lines and wrinkles, and less dark spots too. Amazing!



80% of the signs of aging can be visibly reduced.


Wrinkles appear smoother, contours feel tighter as though uplifted and dark spots appear reduced for a visible transformation. For all skin types.


A golden elixir that melts into your skin.

Apply morning and/or evening to clean skin.
Apply either underneath your usual moisturiser or anti-age product, or apply alone.
Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the centre. Finish by the neck. Avoid eye contour.


And this is the product, please do mind my comical mood ^^ lately I need to express my self more, more than just words, after all an image worth thousands of words. A product this good do need thousands of words ^^

Yes, there are tiny sparkles on the smooth gel, like golden mixed with white gold is crushed and infused. The amazing smell of aquatic resources and a touch from Biotherm scent department. It’s like an elixir, an efficacious liquid for youth.

I’ve been using it for weeks and I’ll begin with how smooth and fast it is to penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin a bit glow before completely absorb. There are reaction from the skin, in my case, a positive reaction. Hydration, firmer, dewier, plumper skin with a more even toned complexion within 10 days. And I’m sure this is not yet the climax.

The product is used like other serum, on a cleaned face, after the toner and right before moisturizer. I use it with my Aquasource, a moisturizer from Biotherm family as well. You may use it with other brand and range but best to be used within the series of the same brand.


Will I keep using it? Definitely!

Will I recommend the product to my loved ones? Yes!

Thank you so much Biotherm Indonesia.

Hello lovelies,

finally I have the time to finish writing about these wonderful products I’ve been using for some time. I am amazed on how the texture can be so light and fulfilling at the same time, it was like instantly absorbed. Perhaps it is due to the water-based ingredients, ohh yums!

And just a bit of history here, before all of these goodies come, the team from V10Plus ask me to do some check list on my skin condition. Where later they’ll give me products suitable for my skin based on consultation sheet, cool isn’t it?! So the result are suitable items for my unique skin. 


I’ve done my checking and there are items that get more than 3 points: BIO CELL Serum and Ceramide Serum. The team from V10Plus add one more serum for me, the Collagen Serum. An ingredients that I used to avoid since somehow it made the acne appears. Will V10Plus Collagen Serum gives my skin the same effect?


To understand a product, I have to use it accordingly, V10Plus is equipped with step by step guide as well … what, no toner before the serum? Nope! Apparently the serum texture itself is quite light and doesn’t need anything before usage, a clean and dry skin is enough.


Here are my babies, the Collagen, Ceramide, and BIO CELL serums. The one that I’m really curious about is Ceramide, I know I’ve been using Ceramide based ingredients for my hair, as it helps the damage part to be strong and healthy again. I guess it’s not just my hair needs the Ceramide, my skin’s too.


The bottles are in different colors, they are so cute, and I think the texture of the serums should be the same to0, or isn’t? Soon, I’ll find out.


From 10 different ingredients, I am going to review 3 of them, heehee so excited!!

Here are some info from

What is BIO CELL?

BIO CELL encourages the production of energy in the skin cells. BIOCELL in your skin continues to decrease as you get older. V 10 plus slows down the symptom of aging very similar in molecular structure to estrogen. Estrogen is called the “beauty hormone”, which keeps the skin youthful. But estrogen secretion decreases dramatically from your late 40’s, so you have to supply BIO CELL to your skin.

BIO CELL is good for…

DNA Repair, Skin Cells Repair, Anti-wrinkle, Prevention of melanin production
What is Ceramide?

Ceramide is the main component of intercellular lipid, which keeps water in the skin and also protects your skin from external stimulus, such as air drying or ultraviolet ray. Lack of Ceramide depresses the barrier function of skin and causes dryness and roughness of the skin.

Ceramide is good for…

Dryness and sensitive skin. It fills in the damaged horny layer and enforces the barrier function of skin. V 10 PLUS Ceramide serum uses vegetable Ceramide, which is extracted from rice polishings.

What is Collagen?

Collagen dominates about 80% of dermis and keeps the elasticity and juvenility of the skin. It decreases after your mid-20s, so you have to replenish collagen to keep your skin looking young. 

Collagen is good for…

Wrinkles and elasticity. V 10 PLUS serum uses marine collagen which is  FRESH SEA BREAM’s SCALE. It contains more amino acids and its molecule is smaller than the pig’s and cow’s collagen, so it has more penetration power. Also, as it contains marine elastin, you can regain soft skin with this combination. 

Neat, right?! All the details provided by them and please do read on their Brand History to learn more about V10Plus.


The one I’m going to take pictures is the green one, Ceramide Serum, why? The texture of the serum is the one I found to the thickest and almost like a gel. BIO CELL and Collagen are runnier than Ceramide. This is fascinating for me ^__^ since maybe from all those 10 they all have different viscosity according to each of their ingredients.


Currently all of them are made in Japan and have the exact same clear transparent colors. I found no allergy or any kind of discomfort from using them (all three of them).


I uses them daily according to my moods and figuring out my skin’s need at that time of application, so I’ve used all three, mixed all three, and any condition I want. One thing for sure, each usage is 3 drops. It could be 3 drops of Ceramide, 3 drops of BIO CELL, 3 drops of Collagen, 2 drops of Ceramide + 1 drop of BIO CELL, 1 drop of Collagen + 1 drop of BIO CELL + 1 drop of Ceramide, etc, it was a very fun activity for me, which kinda made me wish having all 10 of them ^__^ just to satisfy my ideas or creativity heehee.

The best thing about this serum are they contain NO paraben, NO chemical fragrance (they literally smell like nothing at all), NO artificial color, NO mineral oil, when opened it has to be finished within 6 months, so yes, they are included as fresh products.


Like mentioned, I’ve used all three of them including the Collagen, and I’ve suffered zero acne. The Ceramide is a huge hit for me since it help my skin to retain moisture/hydration way better than any other serum I’ve used. I know I have to keep using them so I can see visible result, but so far for these past few weeks the feeling and sensation I get is just wonderful. Like the products are custom made for my skin.

The BIO CELL actually feels like nothing on my skin and so far I haven’t found new wrinkles/lines, hopefully in the long run it’ll help reducing the wrinkles or at least keeping me stay younger longer ^___^

And I’ve tried them with other products from other brands as well and so far they are okay. Okay as in able to be used together and in fact, adding more benefits to my skin. Since the serums are all water based they are better to be used before any other products that may contain oil or other ingredients that will block the absorption. None of other products that I’ve tried to be as light as V10Plus serums, so suggestion from the V10Plus team about using it before any other product from other brand is proven to be correct.

I know we are used to get a serum in the market which already made just as it is, in V10Plus customers can have a precised ingredients which is benefit for their individualized skin. 10 serums with hundreds of possibilities for mix and match. For me these serums aren’t just my serums for life but things may chance, my hormones, age, or I can move to another country with different climates, and changes happens. I can easily get another series of serums from V10Plus, so I think they are not the kind of unchangeable, one size fits for life, permanent serums. They are like serums that grow with you where you can choose the one that fit you at that moment. 

Will I keep using it? Definitely! Will I recommend these products to my loved ones? Yes!

Hello ^__^

From the recent event with Clinique, I get myself a nice juicy serum heehee. I’ve been eying on this item for months (since I saw their appearance on Singapore Women’s Weekly) and dreaming about having it. At last, it’s mine \^0^/ 


Details from

  • Skin Types: All
Potent serum gives every skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles, sun damage. In 4 weeks, see obvious reduction in lines, wrinkles, improved texture. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact. Different commitment, different results. And yet impressive results guaranteed.

  • Apply 3 to 4 drops twice a day to face and around eyes. For all Skin Types. Partner with any of Clinique’s de-aging solutions
  • For increased prevention against the effects of stress, sun and pollution, add Superdefense SPF 25 and Super Rescue.
  • For intense visible repair, add Youth Surge SPF 15 and Youth Surge Night.

I don’t know about most people, but I always make a wishlist on things I want to to have, most of them are beauty products haha! I found them very interesting and appealing. Clinique’s ad is always sleek and clean. Minimize in design yet able to strikingly provoke curiosity and clearly describe the results of using the products being advertized.

Laser Focus ad is cool and looks high tech, like it was made with the latest machine in the universe. The clear slightly milky serum is said to be as close as dermatological laser procedure, I’ve done one of that laser before and hmm, let’s see the result shall we?


The serum used after cleansing and toner. The serum may be use all over the face and areas near the eyes too, neat! I love beauty products, each and everyone of them (that works) but I’m still longing for an item that can be used all over, fuss free products and actually really effective. I know we need 4, 5, or even 6 steps, but still, don’t we all just longed for the easiest, quickest, fastest, and simplest product out there?!

The fact that this serum provide several benefits to fight aging from wrinkles and the sun is cool too. Some products provide anti-lines and wrinkle, some helps clears up the spots, this serum provide both and it actually add some ‘power’ of hydrating as well. The slightly sticky texture holds the moisturizer which added right after the serum, promote better moisture barrier for the skin. I use it mostly on night time and waking up with this plump and dewy skin. The finer lines are far more easier to be erased, in a number of 1-2 weeks the very fine lines disappearing.

I do have several dark spots on my cheeks, so far they are still there . . . hmm, I know that spots are tougher, but I’m keen on keep using it until the whole bottle is finished ^__^ So far I can see the whole face seems brighter, softer and happier. Maybe the tinier and thinner spots are gone by now like the skin been through a regenerating process.


Overall, this serum with a fancy packaging not just looks cool from the outside but inside too. First time user might feel the serum to be sticky, use a hydrating moisturizer after the serum and see how the serum helps hold the moisturizer to stay intact to the skin. I think it is best for those around 30 years old or when the signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and spots are appearing. May be used with products from other brand and type according to one’s need.

Laser procedure also took several treatment to start showing result, for now I choose Clinique RepairWear Laser Focus for showing results almost like laser treatment with a very small fraction of the price.

Hello everyone 🙂

How’s your weekend? Mine is busy slash exciting slash comforting slash unique all at once haha! And on times like those I’m glad I have weekend to sort out multiple stuff all at once. And I have the chance to see which products that have been lying around and used all these times yet, haven’t been reviewed.



A Multi-functional facial gel enhances whitening, moisturizes, calms and relieves irritated skin.


Using your fingertips, smooth a suitable amount of Multi Facial Gel onto your face and pat gently. Use after Vita Advanced Whitening One Step Cleanser or Vita Whitening Moist Cleansing Wash. Apply to dry skin immediately after cleansing your face.


Yes, it’s the Multi Facial Get from Vitamin Science. The Vita Advanced Whitening Multi Facial Gel is a clear gel in texture with lovely fresh fruity floral scent without any heaviness or musky or anything too much. Like a fresh cut pear. I can use it with any brand of cosmetics out there since the product is so light, absorbed on the skin almost instantly and multi-function.

May be used as a serum and alone (as moisturizer too). I use it as an all over serum. Face and body.


The product gently soothes the skin and gives enough hydrating effect for day time. Since I have dry skin, I need a moisturizer after the gel day or night. I see their ‘whitening’ system as a product that reduce redness and irritation, so the skin appears fairer,

One unique features, the Multi Facial gel helps moisturizer absorb better, and somehow seems to work better as well. I don’t know how to explain this, the gel also clearly beneficial for the body skin too. I love using Body Butter but like maybe all of us in hot and humid climate understand that butter+heat=sticky or slippery.

Using Multi Facial Gel prior upon body butter/ lotion/ any moisturizer and get that lovely sensation on the skin where the leftover is minimum. Hopefully it means the skin gets more nutrients than just used alone (moisturizer/body butter/lotion). 

Overall, I see this as a universal beauty product which is beneficial for the skin as it reduce discomforts in several ways. Reducing sensitivity, irritation, and helps other products to be ‘accepted’ better by the skin. Facial skin and/or body skin. I’ve used it for my family members as well and so far everyone is a fan of the light texture and hydrating effect without ANY stickiness.

As someone who tries so many products out there in the market there are some products that do bring unwanted reaction from the skin which may develop not 1-2 hours after usage, or even 1-2 days, sometime they do appears 1-2 weeks after the usage. Multi Facial Gel calms the skin in a way as a preventive and solution for me. I think it is one of a must have item in the beauty world.

Hello ladies,

this item has been on my wishlist for some time. I love anti-oxidant products as I’m fully aware of all those free radicals surrounding our livelihood. We need anti-oxidant not just in our food, but on our skin too.


A lightweight, translucent gel fluid essence with highest amount of Phyto-Red Energy Complex for visible correction of fine lines and immediate radiance.

Fruit considered to have most rejuvenating power. It is also one of the richest natural sources of vitamin c while containing flavonoids, polyphenols and carotenoids


The effect would be rejuvenating and somehow I found an assurance when smelling the berry-kinda-scent that the powers of the fruits are all there. The liquid is light, a hint of orange in color and for me it’s like adding vitamin to the skin. I love how this serum is not oppressed with heavy weight anti lines ingredients in a way that the skin feels too much, but more to the rejuvenation and freshness.

I see vitality, radiant and happier skin. Once spread the liquid easily penetrated into the skin, a once dry skin become moist at first due to the intake of the liquid, then glow, not that kind of oily glow, but a glow like the skin just touched by a ray of sunset, like blushing, but in a milder way.

Then absorbed without sticky leftovers nor oily. Moisturizer can be added almost immediately, best to be used with the cream from the same range. Personally, I’ve tried pairing the serum with moisturizer for other range and brand, so far, none match the result like when using the moisturizer from the same range. It was wonderful and adding vitality to the skin like never before.

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia.

Hi everyone!

Wow, this is the last item I have from Luxola at the moment and yes, it’s another one from Mario Badescu.

Details from

Firm, tighten and smooth aging skin with this daily or overnight serum that is safe for all over the face and eye area. Plumping Collagen and Elastin, moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract are the active ingredients that preserve the skin’s tone, moisture levels and elasticity.

How to Use: After cleansing and toning apply 4-5 drops on face and neck. Safe for eye area. Follow with moisturizer or night cream. May be used twice daily.

Beauty Tip: Apply twice daily under eye cream for firming and moisturizing results.

Ingredients: Collagen, Seamollient, Retinyl Palmitate, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Tocopherol,Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans,Dermonectin, Bladderwrack Extract,Imidazolidinyl Urea, Filagrinol,RNA,Herbal Extract

I’ve been using this serum for a while, and from the smell, texture and feeling on the skin is wonderful. Let’s start the review of this green creamy gel like lotion from the herbal scent that’s fresh and easy to the nose, to the oh-so-light felling on the skin and probably that’s why the serum can be used for the eye’s area as well.

I feel the hydrating effect almost instantly and it gives my skin like a silky effect with the feeling of elastic as in bouncy. I find the serum suitable for twice a day usage and I used it with varieties of brands of pre-serum, moisturizer, toner, etc. During the day when I like to keep things light and not oily the serum works well as when at night when I’m pairing it with a very hydrating moisturizer to stay all night long. For me, it works both ways ^__^ another bonus point? Can be use for the neck too.

Hi gorgeous!

I’ve got some awesome products from Luxola which I’m not familiar or event heard of, so I’ve been studying, learning, trying and using it since I get back from Singapore, which is 3 weeks ago. So pretty much there’s been test drives of these samples and they were awesome!

Please do click on and learn about them, they are organic, real products that carry no parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and many many other ingredients that proven bad or suspiciously bad for your skin in a short term or long run.

And after trying them one by one I was completely in to them as they proven to be so effective and good to the skin as well and unconventional. Let’s start one by one.

Pure Cleansing Gelee

Re-Balancing, Deep-Cleansing & Decongesting Soap-Free Gel Cleanser

This pure and refreshing, oil-free, sulfate-free cleanser removes surface impurities without stripping, drying or irritating. Gentle enough for delicate skin, yet dissolves every trace of makeup and dirt. For all skin types, especially normal, combination, or oily. Also great for sensitive or acne-prone skin. FORMULATED WITHOUT: – Preservatives – Parabens – Sulfates – Propylene Glycol – Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic Dyes – Petro-Chemicals – Phthalates

Key Benefits:

benefit Offers both foam and gentle cleansing in one product

benefit Removes bad surface oil while protecting good lipids to keep skin hydrated but not oily

benefit Gentle enough to remove eye makeup. Makeup can be applied immediately after use

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient White Willow Bark Extract- Helps remove dead surface cells and acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent

key ingredient Squalane- Strengthens skin’s protective moisture barrier

key ingredient Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract- Cools, refreshes and tones

Application: Use in the morning and evening. Squeeze a nickel size amount of cleanser into your hand and apply to damp skin. Using your fingertips, massage in an upward and outward motion. Rinse or remove with a wash cloth and pat face dry. Gentle enough to be used for extensive facial cleansing. Remove stubborn cosmetic pigment around eyes and lips. Removes makeup, debris, and dirt thoroughly.

I didn’t expect much, well for sure, I didn’t expect anything from it, yes, it’s from Swiss, one of my favorite country in the world, yes, the product look sophisticated and high tech too, seems like made with precisions, and so on, and when I looked at the gel, it was clear, no scent and doesn’t foam much. I thought it was just a bummer, since usually the one that doesn’t foam doesn’t made the skin ‘feels’ clean. This one just does it. It cleans my skin, even thou’ I’m not that brave in using it as a makeup remover all at once I did trust it as a second wash after my waterproof makeup remover, which usually I use the one that foams, like abundant of foam. This one gives me minimum foam.

The gel clean the skin like non other, it’s unique, refreshing and still kept the moist but the feeling is still clean. There are some product that claimed to clean without striping the moisture but actually just doesn’t clean well. This one actually cleanses the skin while keeping them soft and supple. My husband have an oily, angry and easily irritated skin with high sensitivity and his skin looks relaxed and calm when usually red and angry (especially during traveling). Planes causes his skin to dry and now he just got back from a business trip and his skin looks well. I’m impressed!


Stem Cell + Advanced Peptide Triple-Action Wrinkle Eraser

Now eliminate wrinkles without toxins, lasers or injections. This triple performance treatment penetrates deeply to encourage intensive cellular repair and diminish signs of imperfection. Swiss apple stem cells, pure amino-peptides and Bio-Swiss organic Alpine extracts virtually lift away surface lines and wrinkles.

Key Benefits:

benefit Promotes firmness and elasticity around the eyes

benefit Hydrates and smooths fine lines

benefit Promotes healthy cellular renewal

benefit Cools and soothes inflammation to reduce puffiness

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient Swiss Apple Stem Cell Technology protects skin stem cells to preserve the youthfulness and vitality of your skin

key ingredient SNAP-8 + Argireline are cutting-edge peptide alternatives to popular injectables that topically target the same wrinkle formation mechanism

key ingredient Advanced Collagen Boosting Peptides firm skin by boosting the synthesis of collagen type I, III and IV

Application: Squeeze 3-5 drops into palm of hand and apply to cleansed skin AM and PM. Follow with another anti-aging/repair Serum Absolut if desired, and then with your moisturizer. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

This one definitely does it! Careful thou’ not to use it too much. I know for sure the ingredients are active or at least activates something inside our skin, I uses too much for the first 3 days and redness appears on my forehead. No, not acne, like red bump that disappears immediately 24 hours after I stopped the serum. I think next time I stick to 2 drops only or maximum 3 drops. It was really really effective. It stimulate the skin for visible hydration, smoothness and healthier skin. Again, just don’t use it too much. If you want to check whether your skin can take it or not, try bit by bit for a while, like 1-2 drops twice daily on a cleaned skin, this is a pre-serum, which used before the serum. And after around 3 days if you think your skin can take it use as suggested 2-3 drops twice daily.

I’ll keep using it as the clear thick water is just lovely and even thou’ the laughing lines are still visible, the finer one like near the eyes and on forehead are actually gets finer and finer week after week.

Since I only have the sample size, that’s all the review I can give right now for using it around 2 weeks.

La Defense SPF 30

FIVE STAR UVA Protection + MMP Inhibitors

Shield your skin from UV-light, pollution and free radicals with 100% micronized, microdispersed mineral filters. Our powerful new peptide technology prevents the sun-induced breakdown of the collagen matrix – known as matrix metalloprotease (MMP) – one of the primary causes in the development of lines and wrinkles. This lightweight, transparent formula minimizes signs of premature aging and the formation of dark spots. Suitable for even the most delicate skin. So gentle it can be used to protect the delicate eye area and skin after aesthetic/clinical procedures. FORMULATED WITHOUT: – Preservatives – Parabens – Sulfates – Propylene Glycol – Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic Dyes – Petro-Chemicals – Phthalates

Key Benefits:

benefit Anti-UVA/UVB protection helps delay early skin aging such as wrinkle formation, reduced elasticity, skin dryness and age spots

benefit 5 STAR UVA Rated – to block the #1 cause of wrinkles: UVA light

benefit Anti-MMP (sun-induced collagen damage)

benefit Potent antioxidant, anti-pollution and strong anti-inflammatory

benefit For all skin types, including sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient Zinc Oxide provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB/UVC protection

key ingredient Advanced Rice Peptides prevent MMP (UV-light breakdown of the collagen matrix), one of the primary causes in the development of lines and wrinkles

key ingredient Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Green Tea and Beta-Carotene neutralize pollution & ozone generated free radicals

Application: Apply to face, neck, and the area around the eyes evenly before sun exposure, and as needed. Do not rub excessively. Allow 20 seconds to dry before applying other products.

At first the white lotion need to be shaken inside the tube since the first thing coming out is like waters, white spots and after shaking it for a while a smooth white lotion coming out. Feels light and again with no expectation, I was in awe. The white lotion at first look, feel and seems so white on the face after application. I expect some shines and glow like conventional sun protection, this one does not. The whitish look turn into clear in a matter of minutes and looks so natural. No shines, no greasy look, it’s just so clear, yes, it is transparent. I love this product so much as it can really be use daily without the need to cover the shines (like made by other sunblocks) .

Overall, Luzern Laboratories items shown here are amazing and highly recommended to try them. And hmm, Luxola really meant it when they say all the products/brands carries in their online shops are really the one that they love and may I said kudos to them for actually proved to be searching products that’s really really good. I know for sure there’s gazillions of products out there and they seems to scoop out best things that haven’t been around in Asia yet. Wow!

All products details are from:

Hello lovelies,

These items must be very familiar to most of you or at least seen them on the mags, ads, etc. It was indeed so famous that literally almost everyone who know or uses skincare, aware of its whereabouts.

I’ve seen them in the ads like decades ago when I’m still a kid and already in awe looking at how gorgeous it is, golden capsules, they look so sophisticated, luxury and expensive haha! And really, they are pricey alright.

Details from

A lightweight, silky-smooth — yet non-greasy — serum for your face, neck and décolletage that instantly infuses your skin with youth-restoring Ceramides. Absorbs quickly to strengthen and repair the appearance of skin for a visible improvement in overall appearance and a noticeably more youthful complexion.

  • Immediately smoothes and revitalizes the look of skin.
  • Visibly improves skin tone and clarity.
  • Supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gives you skin that’s noticeably softer and smoother.
  • Reduces roughness and dryness.
  • Enhances your skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel.
Researchers found that the natural production of Ceramides, collagen, elastin and essential nutrients like calcium all contribute to skin’s healthy vitality, but can be compromised by age and environmental aggression.

Within Ceramide Skin Care, you’ll find uniquely different Ceramides to help the skin perform more efficiently in repairing its appearance.

Key Ingredients:
Ceramide Lipid Complex (CLX) — Ceramides 1 and 6:

  • Ceramide 1 strengthens, supports, firms the look of the stratum corneum and enhances hydration.
  • Ceramide 6 is a gentle Ceramide hydroxy acid, naturally exfoliates dead surface skin cells, increasing moisturization.

Other Key Ingredients: Essential fatty acids, Phytosphingosines, Retinyl Linoleate, Borage Seed Extract, Vitamin E.

All Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Squalene, Cyclohexasiloxane, Isostearic Acid, Ceramide 1, Ceramide 6 Ii, Borago Officinalis Seed Oil, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Retinyl Linoleate, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Phytosphingosine, Oleic Acid, Hexadecanolactone.

I got mine (again) from Stephanie, a skincare junkie like myself heehee, she is the author of Diary of a Product Junkie ^^

She was like, “these are for you!!!”. It’s nice when beauty bloggers hang out together and we exchanges stuffs ^^ well anyway, here’s my review.

Since I only have samples and it’s for two usage, I wont be dreaming of giving you a full review and explain how it changes me. It’s just going to be a short review of the first 2 usages. I found the oils to be very light and unscented. They are oils alright but I can use it day and night. I use it at night for the first time, followed by a moisturizer, and it just smooths everything out, the feeling is very good on the skin. It create a glisten on the skin and I thought, “Oh boy, it’s gonna be oily in the morning.”. It’s not.

Far from oily the skin feels moist, supple, without any traces of grease on the skin. Like everything absorbed very well. No oily skin in the morning, no dryness, sticky or whatsoever. Like the skin become healthier overnight. I can clearly say why this product is a hit. It create a balance on the skin, so it would look like a baby’s skin, where it have moisture retain inside but no feeling of residue. Just soft and smoother skin.

I can’t say anything for my laughing lines or other lines, but overall within one usage there are improvements on the skin from the side of moisture/hydration and comfort.

Then, I use it in the morning to test about the ability to be used during day time and under makeup. It blends very well in the day time as if it was night time. I found no difficulties with makeup, no greasy feeling nor oily, even on the t-zone. This stuff is cool!

Will I use them again? Definitely!

“To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman”, Elizabeth Arden.
Product Details from
See a Visible Difference in as little as 6 days* when using the new Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum together with the spa-inspired skincare regimen. *Based on US in-home use consumer test of Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum on 55 women aged 30-50.

In a perfect world, your skin would repair and replace damaged cells so quickly that you’d have a continuous, healthy glow. In the real world, our skin needs a little help. We’ve optimized 100 years of spa science to create a serum that gives your skin a healthy advantage. This advanced treatment formula with our exclusive retinyl complex renews skin’s clarity and texture as it evens skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Dermatologist and clinically tested. Non-comedogenic. Sensitive skin tested.


Retinyl Linoleate: An exclusive retinol derivative that gently and effectively retexturizes skin, improves skin tone and skin clarity, and helps repair the appearance of sun damage. Your skin is left firmer and smoother looking.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Found naturally in the epidermis, this ingredient lubricates and attracts moisture to your skin.

Vitamin C Derivative: This stabilized form of Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and helps brighten the appearance your skin.

Smooth onto your cleansed face and throat before moisturizer, morning or night.

As always, you’ll get best results if this is part of a consistent, daily Visible Difference essential regimen: 1) Cleanse   2) Tone   3) Treat   4) Moisturize

See the product from up close and I’m really interested to know more. Since I don’t have the rest of the range, I only used the serum with other brands of products that I have.
You can read the details on the bottle, sorry for the blur, I just can’t seem to get the picture to focus this time 😦
As you twist the lid moved up and it become a pump. Very hygienic and looks exclusive as well. The white cream which felt like a gel is indeed a delight to the touch, nose and skin too. The smell is like a fresh white flower, unique in a sense of I never smell any other skincare like this and I like it. It’s like a mixed between freshly cut white floral and skincare cream.
I use it after I clean my face and use toner, even thou’ it is made to be used with the rest of the range in Visible Difference, I can still use it with other brand and they go on just fine (not optimal but at least not contradictory).
The serum for me is adding more moisture to the skin and somehow giving my skin a more healthy glow, radiance and appearance. The skin looks more supple, hydrated and well, happier. I really enjoy using this serum since it is gentle to the skin yet giving me a more overall result from hydrating, plumping to smooth things (lines) out again gently. It is a delight and true honor to be able to try this wonderful serum, thank you so much Elizabeth Arden Indonesia and I highly recommend this product for everyone who are looking for serum increasing their hydration, looking younger and healthier at the same time.
First of all, I would like to thank TALIKA Indonesia for giving me this wonderful product which I’ve been dreaming about ^__^
Yes, it is Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles by TALIKA. An oil made from essential oils that smells super good and do wonders as well.
See the product details at
Pure essential oils made with 100% natural plant concentrates.

Benefits :
100% natural plant concentrate brings an intensive care to dehydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Revitalizes and firms the skin. Softens the epidermis and helps prevent line formation. It also regulates sebum production.
Huiles vitales is non-comedogenic, without colorant or preservative.

Application :
Vital oil can be applied on the whole body including the face.
As a regular treatment:
– Every evening, after cleansing, apply three to four drops to lightly moistened skin and massage gently until absorbed.
Ingredients :
 Plant oils                       Natural moisturizer without clogging pores
 Jasmine essence                       Softening
 Lavender                       Cleansing & detoxyfying
 Rose                 Softening & stimulating
And read the product details on the backside as well. It is so simple and easy yet, so wonderful
The oil feels like a dry oil. Easily absorbed and not heavy at all.
As seen on No. 1 and 2, fluid and light. No.3 after spreading it a bit, No.4 fully absorbed and delightful. It made the skin glisten and you can continue to enjoy the scent of lavender.
I use it as a serum, after cleansing and toner. Then put the oils on my palm and inhale the scent before gently massage my face with the oils. The skin become glisten thanks to the oil and enjoying pampering moment. Use a hydrating moisturizer on top and let sealed it all in. In the morning, your skin will feel so moist, supple and rejuvenated. Suitable to be use with the Cream Booster (Read: HERE) since the oils help the tools to keep gliding for a minute.
Will I keep using it? Definitely!
Do I recommend the products? Yes. Why? For the essential oils so pure inside that have been known for generations to moisturized, soften and detoxifying the skin. Natural and suits all skin types.