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Hi everyone!!
I received a package from Bio Essence Singapore where they introduce a new series with Royal Jelly + ATP. ATP is Adenosine Triphospate, the source of energy (please google up on that one when more details are needed).
Here’s some opening from Bio-essence:
Bio-essence has innovatively blended Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, and precious natural ingredients such as Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica with the addition of Royal Jelly & ATP to create out latest V Face Series.
Queen bees feed exclusively on Royal Jelly, accounting for their incredible longevity. Their lifespan is 40x longer than the worker bee. This shows the advance anti-ageing effets on Royal Jelly.
ATP helps to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin.

From the original 6 steps series, Bio-essence sends me 3 of them. Deep Exfoliating Gel, Radiant Youth Essence and Face Lifting Cream. All have their own uniqueness and specialty. The series comes in deep blue tone.


Inside the product’s box there’s other stuff than details. In the cream, a measuring tape is provided. It is a tool to help checking on the V shape on the cheeks, seriously? Yes, apparently the product also promoting firmer skin which result in :


Impressive isn’t it?! Upon usage I can feel the tightness and lifting effect. There is a slight tingling sensation, like cooling the skin. The cream feels easy on the skin, leaving the skin velvety smooth without greasy feeling.


I recommend for anyone to try on the cream and feel it. The white creamy texture is soft and feels smooth, however, as it comes in every box, there’s an allergy reaction that might comes on some people. Bio-essence are reassuring that their products are using safe ingredients and wont harm the skin, nevertheless, please do read it carefully before using it.


I’m only using it a few times now and haven’t do any measuring ^^ but when I do, I’ll share it here.


Next, it’s the Deep Exfoliating Gel, there are some other products like these in the market, some are safe to be used and proven friendly to the skin and while just don’t. Where is this product lies?

Here’s the details given:


In short, the product help to ‘clears up’ the skin and the whole look. I’m using it once a week, and beside for facial usage the product may be used for different areas, such as knees and elbows too heehee. For those bride to be, I do recommend to use the product all over the skin for that all over refining effect, and continue with moisturizer, the peeling gel helps removes everything that inhibit the nourishment to take place on the skin.

Result? A more even tone skin with radiant glow (after moisturizer).


Here’s a bit of demo on my hand.

The cloudy yellow-brown gel is light to the touch and easily distributed, like melting on the skin


Then, gently rub the skin, within seconds the dead skin cells will come up and rinse it with water after finish (when the skin feels dry). Use a regular facial cleanser afterwards and experience a clearer looking skin.


The last item is an essence that feels and looks like facial oil I’ve used before. The texture is light and even thou’ it’s really like oil, it does penetrate within a minute leaving the skin feeling soft and not oily.


The product can be used for an arms and legs too ^^ I know it is ideal to be used in the cold weather where the air is very dry, but the product also suits me who stays in air conditioned room almost 24/7.


I use the essence after cleaning the face and toner, right before moisturizer. So Bio-essence with these 3 products are gathering up to become the 3 Treasures of The V Face Series for that v shaped face and help reduce the double chin (yippieee!!) added bonus: softer skin with firming effect and away from dryness.

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Hi everybody,

this is (for me) a long awaited post since March last year XD haha seriously. The media event is really last year: CLICK ME. On that post there’s also product details and many more information regarding the product and series comes with it.

Months ago Estee Lauder finally handed me one and here is the review.


Please do read the details from that previous post regarding the info or just click for reading materials regarding the product. It is still the same Resilience we knew, just improved, better and new-er.


It comes in variation, mine is the one with SPF 15. I’ve used the ‘older’ version before and very much loving it, now, I love them still. The aroma, the texture, the sensation when using it, the comfort and the result.


The pinkish cream may look thick but when touched it melts on the skin and easily dissolve, glide and made my skin feel the love of being pampered. The SPF is quite low, so for me, I need to add more since 15×15 is 225 means 3 hours and 45 minutes. My skin need 6 hours of sun protection, adding another sun protection like sunscreen is needed.


Overall it’s a wonderful day cream that helps the skin get firm again without any stickiness, oily, nor any kind of discomfort. The skin gently become firming and the sculpting can be made with the help of massaging. There are some technique and tools helping a sculpting cream to work better. When we reach a certain age, the skin become less firm and start to loose their tightness.

This cream able to help slowing down the sagging skin. Preferably use the whole product in the series, from the serum ANR or Perfectionist, and the one for the eye.


If you’re looking for a moisturizer with a firming and sculpting effect without the greasiness and just plain superb, try Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Cream (which means can be used for the neck too, yeay!!) SPF 15 ^__^

Tips from me, add a higher SPF sunscreen afterward for protecting the skin from UV damage. For those with dry skin may use serum for adding hydration before the moisturizer. So far this product can be used with other luxury products from other brand and other range. Customize them with your own skin type.

The whole pot (50 ml) when used daily may last for +/-2 months.

Hi ladies,

I’m back with more review on skincare. Natrulift is one of The Body Shop skincare range. This particular product comes with a series around 2-3 years ago.

Details from

Skin feels firmer and hydrated, wrinkles appear softer. Moisturises for up to 12 hours. For signs of ageing.

(the image is taken when the product is just opened)

I was hesitate at first in making this review since, I’m not a fan of the product for it’s smell. When I thought of pomegranate, I think of something very fresh, juicy and fruity, however the day cream smells like . . . cosmetics. Like a cheap oily lip gloss. A bit sharp on the nose and it eliminates the image of fresh fruity scent in my head.

The cream looks like colored and heavy from the image but when touches it was very soft, like gel soft and melts away like butter … and oily a bit like butter. This is the second part of why I don’t like it. It is a bit greasy on the skin. For those with normal skin condition (to oily) will dislike this day cream, but those with dry skin will enjoy the comfort of the slightly oily texture since it holds the moisture better.

I was told that Natrulift Firming Day Cream is for aging skin (around 35+) where the skin has lost it elasticity more than before. I don’t see nor feel an immediate firming action but the skin does look and feel suppler, healthier and bouncier.

The cream will start being less oily after 10 minutes and stay on the skin almost all day long keeping the skin hydrated. And the smell will also start disappearing after 10 minutes (that’s a good news for me).

Now, will I keep using it, unfortunately for the scent, I will have to say no. I know it sounds petty, but I’m a aromatic kinda person. But for those with dry skin where has loosen the elasticity, this product may work for you and love the light gel creamy texture as well.  

Hi babes,

I am in love with belif, and lately they re-assuring me to keep being in love with their stuffs.

Details from

Product Description

A fresh, clear, gel soothing mask that calms and relieves sensitive and stressed skin. Formulated with Chamomile that has a powerful calming effect and Xylitol soothing capsules that prevent skin troubles.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

When your skin needs soothing, gently apply to the entire face after skin toner. Keep the mask in the refrigerator for about five minutes for an extra cooling sensation, which will calm your tired skin and reduce facial swelling in the evening or the next morning after a night out.
I know for sure I’m hooked just by reading on the details. Being a mom and beauty blogger plus a full time housewife means, sleeping is indeed one of life’s greatest treasure that often so damn difficult to get. Waking up so early in the morning while spending the night before writing is just my normal activity. Events and go-to’s is like adding more to-do’s in my routine which in the beginning already so full. If my chores has a checklist, it is endless . . . literally.

So, I need this thing, I need this mask badly and it never hurt that they come in the most skin friendliest possible. Simple, pure and delightful.

Those tiny dots are not blurs, it was the white dots mentioned in the details as xylitol soothing capsules. The gel? Those clear cooling gel is temptations, if they have one in a bathtub size, I’m definitely going in.

Always put this mask inside the fridge and get that invigorating icy cold gel that’s not just anti-hangover but waking you up in an instant. Like a cold compress. Imagine a hot lazy day when people feels so un-energized due to the heat. This mask will make everyone says, “Hello, I’m ready!”


I’m using it on a cleaned tones face. Best to be used on an exhausted face and see the amazing instant result.

The gel is super cool and feels so good on the skin. I love the calming herbal scent.


As I applied generally and making sure all the parts get some action, the xylitol is bursting and disappearing. Waiting 10-15 minutes is meaningless, the mask is super comfortable 30 minutes usually flies away in a zippy.

The gel will dries up and a bit sticky, I usually rinse them off with water (room temp). And the result?

A perkier skin. Literally. I can feel a pull outwardly and it gives my skin  . . . perk-effect. Firm and away from those hangover/lose sleep/exhausted and tiredness. I can feel the skin getting tighter and it looks tighter too. This is wonderful. I understand why they are called Anti-hangover soothing mask, for it’s soothing abilities, comforting and wake the skin up to be ready for the day.

Must try and must have as well!

The mask can be used in the morning to wake you up. At day time when the sun is scorching hot and be cool. In the afternoon when you want to relax and take a nap, then waking up with a very energetic skin. At night before a date or a romantic night and you don’t want to be looked like crap exhausted. This mask is amazing and how or when or who you want to use it by/with is just a matter of creativity and everything is possible. Love ’em!

Hello lovelies,

this particular item start available since last year, and after trying the product for some time, here’s my review regarding SK-II Stem Power Moisturizer.

1 jar of a 50 gr of luxurious moisturizer is in my hand. The tube is red, daring red, like Christmas red ^__^

Inside? A white creamy moisturizer.

Details from

I use it around this much every single time. So far, I’ve been using the moisturizer with other brand as well as with other SK-II items. Indeed when used with other SK-II products they will work well as a synchronized system However, I found the moisturizer to be pretty friendly to be used with other brands and range as well.

The cream have a faint smell of yeast, very faint, I found the FTE to be much stronger for the nose. The cream is easy to be used and on the skin feels soft and smooth too. A bit rich but doesn’t cause my skin to look oily nor feel oily. Easily absorbed and feels light on the skin.

My pores do seems to be less visible and the overall skin looks firmer too. The moisturizer calms the skin with hydration and gives bouncy effect as well. A must try item for everyone who want some firming action on their skin. Best to be used with other products from SK-II.

Biotherm Firm Corrector

Details from

Did you know, after the age of 20, skin loses 50% collagen? Does the skin on your body appear to be sagging, lacking tone and radiance? With Firm Corrector Refirming Body Concentrate, you can resculpt the appearance of your body in just 10 days. Your body’s skin appears more tightened, toned, and firmer.

In 10 days, Firm Corrector recreates the skin’s firmness framework for a firmer body, as if “recompacted”.

A rich and enveloping texture that instantly softens skins as it radiates with beauty. The non-sticky, non-oily formula allows for easy application for the cream to absorb quickly into the skin, enabling you to get dressed immediately following applicationThe fruity and woody fragrance lifts the spirits, providing you with a complete sense of well-being.


• L.Ochroleuca extract
• Mother of pearls
• Pure Thermal Plankton
• Vegetal oils

I’m using the Firm Corrector right and and has been using the products for a few days now, the 40 ml will run out soon. It’s actually the travel size. The texture of the white lotion is rich at first but absorbed quite fast especially when I do the massaging technique shown up there. It’s unique alright, instead of normal hand massages using the palm, it uses our claws and fist-like. There’s definitely doesn’t give the skin a greasy leftover feeling whatsoever, so comfortable all the way, doesn’t stain the clothes nor create an oily mark.

The skin become smooth and softer right after usage but for the first 4 application I still didn’t see a significant firmer skin. A bit firmer on the feeling but not visible . . . not visible yet perhaps, I don’t know. I will give you more review if I manage to try the products for more than 10 days ^^

Hi all!

It’s has been a lot of events lately that I really need to make effort writing the reviews ^__^ But, it is an enjoyable experience, busy for sure, but it’s my passion. Some of you will definitely feel the same, very busy in daily activity yet you enjoyed it. Little that we know that it would take a toll on our skin, so not just health, but the beauty of our skin as well.

When you’re still young, you can simply ignore some of the signs since their not so visible, the regeneration progress and natural skin protection from our body is still very active and let’s just say more alive than when you reach older years.

But don’t just sit around and wait until you’re late, some anti aging can be used from around 18 while some when you’re 25. But some according to your skin’s need, like Shu Uemura’s Phyto-Black Lift.

Let’s read the
Details from

phyto-black lift

premium global anti-aging line

phyto-black lift is a premium global anti-aging skincare line designed to visibly lift and firm skin while gently smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for a revitalized more youthful complexion. enjoy skin’s youthful beauty – with instantly visible results.
phyto-black lift key technologies
power of black ingredients – elixir for youthful looking skin.
the mystic beverage, black tea ferment has been known in Japan since the 5th century for its legend to have cured a sick emperor. for centuries and in contemporary japan, black ingredients are recognized for their many health & skin benefits as a source of lasting youth and vitality.

phyto-black lift expertly blends unique black asian phyto-ingredients enhanced with advanced beauty technologies to address the major skin concerns of aging.

Black Tea Ferment
helps to prevent skin glycation*1 of collagen in order to maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and sagging. It also acts*2 as a powerful detoxifying agent to help skin recover an alluring radiance.
Black Sugar Complex (Pro-Xylane® + Black Sugar)
a complex arranged from two sugar molecules, Black Sugar (molasse extract) and Pro-Xylane®.

Pro-Xylane® : Obtained from natural xylose of beechwood through sustainable green chemistry*3, Pro-Xylane® effectively boosts*2 synthesis of certain GAGs*4, in order to lift and plump skin while retaining ample moisture. It also has a collagen boosting*2 effect enabling skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
Black Sugar: Inhibits*2 tyrosinase activity to limit the production of melanin to delay the appearance of dark spots.
Litchi Shell Extract
neutralizes oxidative stress*2 which can accelerate the aging process. it is also known to prevent collagen destruction by inhibiting*2 metalloproteinases, destroying enzymes that can be overproduced when skin tissue is damaged by UV.
Depsea water
Depsea water is one of the purest waters on earth and naturally infused with rich minerals to energize the skin, fortify skin barrier function and enhance skin’s self-moisturizing ability*2.

*1: glycation : an uncontrollable bridging reaction that occurs between proteins and glucose and is recognized as one of the major factors in the process of skin aging.
*2: in vitro tests.
*3: an ecological conscientious chemical philosophy that encourages the development of sustainable processes that are kinder to the natural environment.
*4: glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) play a crucial role to help bind various components of the skin’s matrix. With age, production of these macromolecues slows, leaving the extra-cellular matrix gradually weakend.

Reading from the ingredients itself you can take comfort in the efficacy. One thing comes my mind, usually anti aging and firming skincare especially the night one are so thick and heavy. Shu Uemura’s Phyto-Black Lift Renewing Night Cream does seems thick on the first glance, but when I touch it feels bouncy like a gel texture. The ability to absorb also very good, like they are covering my skin very well and there’s a firming feeling instantly. The lotion which is used before the cream gives me a radiance. The watery liquid is an indulgence. I always a fan of Shu’s lotion, in any kind ^__^

What you’ll love:

The luxurious yet simple black packaging, somehow for me skincare in black is always  interesting and intriguing XD.
The scent from the lotion which is mild and the night cream which is so lovely and I just love it on my face. Flowery scent without being overwhelming.
The texture of the watery lotion where it prepares the skin for the night cream is like Batman and Robin, dynamic duo alright.

And like any skincare, be patient in using it, it’s not a visible 180 degree difference in one night. It takes time. For me, using this night cream is a time that I’m looking for ^__^ pampered in every ways. Kinda like an all in one night cream, for anti aging, increase firmness, relaxing, boosting collagen, detoxifying, reducing lines, and the comfort when using it. Say bye bye to heavy night cream and hello to beautiful skin from Phyto-Black Lift Radiance Boosting Lotion and Renewing Firming Night Cream. Use the serum (concentrate) for more anti-wrinkle action.