Okay it’s rambling time ^__^

Today is Bloggers National Day, where bloggers are celebrated -___-‘ who celebrating who? I know compared to those abroad bloggers in Indonesia have a long way to go. We need to take action and be more real in creativity and activity.

Unlike other nation where bloggers have their own organization/community where the T&C are clear and easy to move around which the system is running, in Indonesia we are still knocking on doors or have to struggle on our own. But hey, don’t let this stop us, I say keep on moving. As long we stay persistently good, artsy (in our own unique way) I say go for it!

Each of us have a way in communicating or see things differently. That’s Great! Why bother? The neighbor’s grass aren’t always greener, so just pay attention to your own field and be damn good about it. For me being the same is pure boredom, be your own unique self is awesome!

Not good with words? Use a pic, not good with pic? Use your words. Not good at both use art or paint yourself out of it. I know a girl who instead of taking a pic with HDRLSR (what ever! I don’t have one it’s too ex for me) she drew the pic of a product on her review….brilliant!

In the end blogging is about you expressing things that you want to express. We know there’s a famous travel blogger since she love traveling, that gorgeous girl in fashion world, or beauty blogger vlogger which is so talented in tutorial, but stop looking at the sun and stay on your planet. What is YOUR passion, you’re into and deepest desire, DO THAT!