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>In this world there something that believable or things that just simply too good to be true, well CozyCot lies in the middle of it. It is really good and believable. What am I talking about? It’s about my dream. I’ve been locking for a perfect website that talk nothing but my personal joy and love. Since I was a little girl somehow toys, dolls, and playing, doesn’t really interest me. My greatest joy is to smell good. I use soap, shampoo, conditioner, treatments, cologne, perfume, or powder that make me ‘bloom’ in those scent that makes everyone surround me feels as if I just walked through garden of flowers and took a bath in it.

I really like looking good too so my mom make up box is my daily getaways too. I like cosmetics, well they come second after my toiletries craving. I love beauties product for me it’s define being a girl. And after years and years and may I say again years of ‘soul’ searching I finally found a place where I do fit in. The CozyCot website. It’s not just talking about beauties product, commercial of the newly born product, but real actual people can review about them and we can share our personal stories there. For me I finally found my ‘family’.

I feel really fit in there. But even though you are not ‘crazy’ about beauties like me anyone can still have the benefit of the website and check the product before you buy it. You can find people with same problem, like sensitive skin or sensitive nose and see did the product they’ve tried bothered them or not, its a wonder how CozyCot review can save you.

And the forum is oh-so-lovely, nothing better than to chat and just have a good healthy dose of beauty product or treatment info or just a simple (never, we like to pour our heart too) woman to woman talk.

Contest? It’s here too for those competitive gal who love to have fun and at the same time can learn about different product. CozyCot also indulge us with gathering. You’ll never feel left out again for what’s cool and happening right now in the girl’s world.

Shopping, well there ain’t a gal who doesn’t like to shop. CozyCot knows that (a gal best friend know what you need), check what they have to offer for you and you’ll be delighted knowing that they sell the best stuff around.

Last but definitely not least CozyCot know how to appreciate us by giving us points we can actually redeem for the stuff we want. Yes! Really! Bring your whole gang to join the site? you’ve got points, reviews? you got point and save others, put in your data? points, be open and share your love to them? points (only in the CozyCot where you express your love and get appreciated because it’s a two-sided love story).

Well pretty ladies (all ladies ARE pretty, some just need a teeny bitty gadgets and care, NOBODY perfect) come and meet me at – where beautiful minds meet”.

>The Daytime Rescue from Kawaii product offer 28/PA++SPF based from its natural ingredients I find it the best of its kind. The spray bottle make using sunblock oh-so-easy for a lazy gal like me. I hate those sticky feeling when using sunblock with my hand, it felt sloppy. But Daytime Rescue does felt different. My skin still feel fresh and protected in the same time. The Licorice extract (anti inflammatory) is also good for those with sensitive skin prone to the sun exposure. Other ingredients you can check at their website like vit c, star fruit extract, etc. Its so cool imagining that in this small product contain so many good stuff that benefit to protect our skin.

I used to think that sunblock only necessary during holiday to the beach or swimming activity, but nowadays where the sun really hit the spot, its a must for daily use if I want to stay looking good.

verdict: Love it!

>First I thought it was some kind of lip balm that protect the lips, well i’m half right it does protect but not the lips its for the skin. The color is white and translucent when applier on the skin, the effect, skin look tighter, scars (from wound or acnes) seems less obvious. I found it very easy to apply and carry everywhere. It fit even the smallest purse. So clever!

>This is a story about a lovely princess that love spending her days in the beautiful garden in her palace. Everyday when she wake up in the morning she never forget to wash her face with a special magic cleanser that make her face clean and glow with ominous beauty. After that she use a gel that can make any ‘ugly duckling’ turn into a ‘beautiful swan’, without forgetting her special tools to protect her from the evil ray.

Now she is ready to explore her beautiful kingdom and enjoy her days. When problems comes she never forget to spray it away all those stress away protecting her natural beauty. She is a very clever girl, she know what she need to do to stay beautiful so her prince charming can found her since she is the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. She knows when she need extra help to fight the spots so her luminous glow stay perfect. Her eyes are also her most precious asset to see the love from her prince, that’s why she never forgot to preserve them and help intensify her delicate eyes, after all eyes are the windows of our soul. She can use it day or night.

At the ball when she likes to play pretend she then wash away all her make up using a special dissolver that not just powerful to clean but restore her beautiful skin.

These are her secrets but since she have a warm heart she also share it with everyone in her kingdom, so her kingdom is known for beautiful ladies that shine through the world.

>Junsui an aroma skin refresher, I used to use just mineral water spray or maybe the oxygenated but this one is way better than any other product that claim freshen up the face. It got nutritious mineral and flowers extract. I use it daily to help calming down the skin from our hot weather. And in the mall from too many air conditioner exposed that also known to dry the skin and make it looks dull. So in other way I can say Junsui can be used on any condition or temperature.

The only thing I miss is I wish there’s a smaller bottle so it can fit my small purse or bag. Junsui is so good that I let my 4 years old daughter use it on almost every occasion she seems to need it, like at the beach or cold mountain weather. Its so gentle and pure that I think it work in any skin condition, like my husband’s ultra sensitive acne prone skin that easily breaks down every time he stress out at his office. The gentle scent help soothe him too.

I know it seems to good to be true but Junsui really is precious water that every one can use and have a benefit from it.

>Brighten Up Gel

>First of all its my favorite moisturizer that I think it’s unbeatable in her class. It’s totally all in one. It comes with two scent (my favorite is the Citrus Paradise, but the Herbal Forest is unique too). What’s so great is I can use it either night or day time, so no more numerous bottles for usage. For me that’s perfect for any busy woman in the world. You can check it o their details on the website, for me everyone should at least try and buy a bottle, you wont go back to your usual plain-o-moisturizer.HERBAL FOREST & CITRUS PARADISE

>Being a girl and being pretty is like a peanut butter and jelly, it’s just match. After looking and gone through a lot of beauty product searching I finally found one that really complement’s ones beauty, Kawaii. A delightful product from Japan that not just bring natural skin care but brings the word beauty come back alive in any of their user. My favorite product will be their all in one moisturizer that is really all in one in a very good simple way. Now they are producing more and more and according to the customers need. I’ll do the review one by one per day (yup, to keep the excitement alive)…so keep tuning in.