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>Cooperative can be taught

>About 2 years ago my daughter was diagnosed by abscess on her upper gum, caused by cavities on her teeth on that area. She used to be very difficult, reject her teeth to be brush and ended up in vomiting. Not that we’ve tried to help her out by bringing her to doctors and dentists but all of them saying because she is uncooperative there’s nothing can be done to help her cavities fixed.

So things got worst and her gum is swollen, we brought her to a pediatrician that claim that it’s only allergy. Filled with disbelieved we brought her to a hospital and after seeing a nurse, pediatrician, and dentist, she was diagnosed with dental cavities that lead to infection. The hospital put us an appointment for a specialist dentist for 3 months later, they are fully booked and didn’t care about the urgency of the situation. But a lady who work at the hospital help us by giving us a card, a brilliant dentist just open his new clinic and that is his business card, equipped with his clinic’s details.

We called and (thank God) another patient just canceled an appointment that day, so we rush there and met him. He was upset by how other dentist rejected to treat my daughter and leave her condition worsen. He treated my gal and settled a date for a surgery to remove her infected teeth. He gave us the best price too (believe me, I checked every where. he is the most compassionate dentist that not just care his patient but their financial welfare). He not just extracted the teeth that was infected but do some filling, cleaned and polished the rest of her teeth. Altogether that could cost 5 or 6 times the amount he charged us.

The first time we went there my daughter was never been so uncooperative. She kicked everyone, screaming and crying, but the Dr. Rashid know there’s things to be done, and it is more important. He is tough but dont get me wrong he is the most caring dentist we know. Now time flies and my daughter grew to be a girl who really likes her dentist. When I told her it’s almost time to see the dentist she was so excited and cheerful. She even kept on bragging how nice her dentist is.

So parents all out there please learn from my experience, yes a cooperative child is indeed lovely but when it’s time to get tough we need to taught them to be brave and embrace what comes before us. And yes, cooperative can be taught for they own benefit.

Find Dr. Rashid at

>Mask of Love

>Kose is a brand that is well known for more than 50 years ago since it was founded. The company embraced beauty and help women all around the world to accomplished a more smooth and alluring skin that enhance the ‘proudness‘ of being a woman.

Not so long ago a mask was born to help anyone who used it achieve a whiter and better complexion. You can read more about the details here:

But what’s more I want to share my experience using it. It’s the most easiest steps I ever took for a lovelier epidermis. All I have to do is clean my face, and put it on all over the needed area, wait for a good 30 minutes while reading beauty magazines and gently remove the mask. All the comedos and other indescribable gunk are out from my pores, leaving my face glow with happiness and purity. One time using it my skin glow and look really good, I wonder what will happen if I continually use it for months..hmm… modelling perhaps?!


Many people try to avoid it, they put their children on their friends or relatives homes so they can have a holiday on their own, why? beats me, I have no problem at all traveling with small children so far.

Yes, there are some incident like getting sick, cranky, picky eaters, or stuff that happens along the way, for me the key is planning. If you know you bring the kids along well why don’t you just planned it along the way, way before your trip. There’s plenty of kids friendly destination and privilege you can have if you bring kids on the trip. Believe it or not the stewardess become more friendly, custom give you priority between the queue, hotels offer you certain floor that better, cleaner and newer if you said your kids allergic to dust (even an upgrade).

Kids make the holiday more fun and exciting, they describe the stuff they see from their point of view, even places we’ve been before if we bring kids along they make more fun and funny too. Museums sound less boring every time kids are there. Like when kids try to play hide and seek at the museum of science and end up in a space shuttle. Imagine your child want to run away to the moon or suddenly they brought home some strange object that you found out later it was a 10.000 years old fossil. What an adventure!

Bring kids along also make you take your trips slower and by that you can enjoy more of the scenery and environment you’re in (you know with their small feet they can’t walk as fast as you and get tired easily, well about get tired easily is depend where they are.. okay this could take long but you understand, right?!). With kids getting attach or start conversations with the locals also become easier. Like common parents problem can be a starter…

So for all of you parents out there, please don’t ditch your cute little ones if you can bring them along (skip business trip, it’s not holiday). You can enjoy more with them.

>Fun facts at UK

>if you happen to have an accident or illness or anything that related to the ER when you are traveling in UK, its free, they won’t charge you there. Nice isn’t it?!

>1.Try to learn as much as you can about the country or place your going to.
2. Learn from the locals, there are many sites that offer information from the locals.
3. Know yourself, what you can or can not eat, your allergies, your health level and how locals live (like you’re going to villages where transportation are limited but you are very bad at hiking or walking long distance), etc.
4. Learn a bit (a lot would be better) about their language.
5. Know the laws and the do’s and don’ts. Always kind but alert at the same time.
6. Be happy and enjoy the ride.

>They are indeed humans, so sometimes we meet a good one sometimes we don’t, thank God so far we meet good ones. Like there’s a dentist that has been very kind for us, he is very talented, well-known and dedicated to his work but never charged us with overpriced invoice, he even gave us very cheap price with a very top-notch result that usually cost 3 or 4 times more. His clinic is at Camden’s Medical Clinic at 13th floor, he own and run Kidsdentist. Yes, I’m talking about my child’s dentist. To whom I know I’m very grateful for what he has done to my child.

There are plenty good and dedicated doctors in Singapore that still charged you with reasonable price, the key is to ask around you and hear their review, sometime it might be subjective but it can give you at least a little bit insight. Just remember to look for a doctor that always can answer your question, patience, caring, firm when they needed to, and believe it or not sometimes they don’t always stay in a fancy or expensive suites. The key is they have good recommendation.


>The procedure took about 30 minutes but the doctor need me to lie down on my front for a hour and rested for another hour. During the removal of the lumps I feel pain on certain area as it is probably near to my nerve system. the one that hurt the most is the pressure from the ultra scan. But last night I still can sleep well, maybe the flu also bugging me (or is it helping me with drowsiness?).
The sticky plaster they put on give me a very itchy sensation. 2 days from now I’m suppose to meet the doctor for the result, I hope everything okay…

>For cheap and most maximize free and easy trips here are my suggestions:
1. 6 months before:
Know which part of the world you wanna go and
search for that cheap no frills transportation, either air flight (budgets) or train or buses. Usually they will bombard the media with cheap cheap cheap deal (really cheap like 70% off). Remind yourself about Visa rules.

2. Do your homework, find out about your destination sites to see and match it with your interest. Then find a hotel near those areas.

3. Google your hotel to find a very good deal, no need to rush, just wait for the hotels to go on sale, have some backups.
You have to go through a lot of hotels website, some local company sometimes offer better value for hotels in its city. But I know some people like to play safe and booked only from world wide famous website.

4. 4 months later:
Booked your hotel, (if they were on sale 6 month before than it’s a good thing you already booked them)

5. Start planning the details, either want to visit the cities nearby or daily activity. Start hunting for stuff you might need. Like going on winter find winter suit (always buy on sale since it’s not daily clothes after you got back), mosquito repellent for countries that known for dengue, etc

6. Know your destination, for their local laws, tradition and culture. Look for their tourism board and ask for maps (usually they’ll send you a free copy or just print it). It’s useful especially when you really blind about the area or language they are talking. Guide book from tourism board include simple language guide, like ‘where’s the restroom?’ (very important). Some countries also offer free local guide, check them out.

7. 2 months before:
Confirm everything, from hotel, flights, other transportation, visa, money, currency, living cost, stuff you need, vaccinations, doctor’s recommendation on your personal health like spring in Korea means lots of allergy for some people, and so on.

8. Days before:
Check the weather, so you’ll be more prepared and less surprises. News also important, some political issue might even have impact for tourists, or natural disaster, so keep your eyes open.

9. When thing go not exactly like you want:
It’s okay, enjoy the ride and learn from it. You might have an adventure of a life time.

>for my scheduled biopsy….I hope everything gonna be okay…


>The thing about friends is many people said the one that connect with your hobbies, interest or same habits. But for me it’s the one that keep me on the ground and on my feet. The one that no matter what happen they always there, not in physical body most of the time but as far as an sms or instant messenger away. My best friends and I is separated in countries and even time but somehow we manage to know that she will always be there and I will always be there for her too.

One of them is pursuing her degree in Pediatric in Philippines, a very strong woman that doesn’t even realize how amazing her impact is in her friends life, or anyone near her. She always positive and naturally generous person. Her life sometimes hits rock bottom, not even once I recon it was her mistake, things just happen, but miraculously she always able to stand up again and beat all the odds.

Another one is a new mother that so busy juggling with her new married life and her work. I never told her about how proud I am being her friend. She is so independent, I can see, she is the strong pillar in her family, she kept them going on. She is the only one in my circle friends that never have those crazy wild moments in life.

Both of them are not rich but they always so generous to those surround them. We share our food and all our warmth together. I will always recall those joyful times when we was staying at my house or booked a room in a nice hotel. We play pranks and laugh our heart out. That will be moments that I’ll always cherish, and wait for in our next gathering.

I know for sure that friendship aren’t made during easy times, but when tears drop and the air feels to tight to breath and you need someone else to break those rope of problem just so we can stand again and deal with it. Having friends doesn’t meant your problem will go away, it will still be there, but true friends will give you strength to carry on.