Hi pretty gurls ^__^

Most of us do love the effect of a fake lashes, somehow it does help creating a bigger, sexier and more a live!

But unfortunately, not all lashes created equal. Some may look dashingly good on you, some may not. Learning how to use it is a mere halfway to a success luscious lashes look. It involves patience, skill, and a very good glue XD

Now let me review one of the brand that is quite famous in Japan and worldwide, Canmake.

Selling price is 500 Yen.

I get mine from one of the beauty shops in Tokyo. Actually my husband get this one for me, thanks babe ^__–

Before I’m reviewing the product let see what they have for us in the whole range

Now let’s review no 03. The quality of the lashes is very good and strong. With a bit of curls, all in the right place I found their size exactly match my eyes. I don’t have to cut it or make it shortened. Glue is provided, it’s in white.

The glue dries quite fast, so in a matter of seconds and a couple of blowing, the glue is ready to be stick to my lids. Unfortunately the white color does not turns into transparent, so I need to darken it with eye liners in black. And after sweating a bit the glue comes off. Bummer! First it was on the left lashes, when I’m still at home, so I just clean the dried glue from the lashes, and reapply before leaving home.

Then since the traffic is bad and the air con in the car is so hot, when I reached my destination the lashes (both this time) comes off again. They are still stick on the edges alright but not on the lids. It’s a good thing I trust myself and bring the glue along. I apply it again and this time it sticks better when the air is dry-er inside the mall.

But, other glue does sticks better than this one. Glue-wise: not recommended. Lashes: Highly recommended for their strength, remember I have to keep cleaning the glue and reapply several time that day, but the lashes are still strong, shape like new and beautiful as ever.

Front Look

This is me right after using the lashes, it gives me a whole lot of cat-eye ^__^

Rather side look

And this is me during the event with the same lashes.