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>I Dove It


Recently I just joined a contest in Facebook about Dove Shampoo. You need to ‘Like’ the I Dove it Facebook page then you can see many photos posted by the fans on it. The idea is to get many voters and liked by the judge since the competition based on 50-50 vote-judge, so it’s pretty fair for me.

There are some things that is confusing for me, on the T&C is stated to take a picture with 3-5 of your friends, which means the pic at least have 4 to 6 people, right? but some only have 3 people on the pic taken for this photo competition about sisterhood in Dove.

Well anyway just to be safe I took a pic with 4 of my family and friends, we are all sisterhood in Dove.

If you want to vote for me I really appreciate it, you can search for I Dove It in Facebook page and ‘Like’ the page first then click on my photo to click ‘Like’. Thank you so much and perhaps when I get so many support from here, I’ll have another giveaway here ^0^

>Dove Beauty Moisture


For me a classic Dove would do the trick for the best shower cream that smells great, cleanse well and moisturize my skin. In any day it would be difficult for me to say ‘no’ to Dove Beauty Moisture. It’s like a gift I give to my skin, it feels like I take good care of my skin.

Do you know that moisture plays a very important role in not just keeping our skin pretty but it help protecting the skin from further damage. Aging is one of those but I’m focusing on daily wound. A dry skin is easily break from a simple harmless scratch while skin protected by moisturizer have better resistance. It increase their flexibility to stretch and stand against scratch and many different condition.

Harsh weather like dry or humid, can suck the moisture from our skin. While skin is the outer barrier of our body, it need extra protection so it stay moist. A skin that ‘strong’ against weather, daily habit, and aging is definitely a healthy skin. And a healthy skin must be beautiful too.


I’ve been using perfume oils since I knew The Body Shop, pretty much since they entered Jakarta. I love how they take perfume up to the next level. I love perfume, so it’s never too much and never have the doubt of using one wherever I go.
Normal sprayed perfumes not suitable to be sprayed directly, it is best to go to the mist as you spray it in front of you, but perfume oil like The Body Shop’s can be dab directly to your skin.

For me using perfume oils is more sensual and personal, so I always make sure the scent is not overwhelming and basic. Basic means not a complicated scents, simple fruit or flower or other ingredients such as Sandalwood, Vanilla, etc.

I’ve used Leap, Vanilla, Dewberry, Satsuma, Strawberry and many more this past 10 years and still can get enough. You can also mixed them up according to your mood or after use the oils on your skin you can spray perfume like usual to add some depth and take the scent-sation even more.

Sometime when I’m bored with my body lotion I add the oils to them and it’s just gorgeous. For a Vanilla lover, The Body Shop have its best (IMHO) the scents last the longest.

The thing is perfume oils is seasonal, during their first years they have like almost all the scents that was available on The Body Shop, but now, you can only get what you want if you’re lucky enough ^0^ since they keep come and go.

Pic: The Body Shop USA


Did you know that The Body Shop have more than 20 shower gels? ♥‿♥ wow!

And for me all their scents just so alluring. Each have their own uniqueness, from fruity, floral, to musk and coconuty.

I really like them since they make my skin clean, soft and smell great ✿◕‿◕✿

More good news is that their EDT collection also have their own shower gels. So you’ll never run out of choice. Here is some of my top favorite shower gels:

The Sweet Lemon is well sweet! Instead of the boring lemon, TBS created a lemon that smell fresh and unisex. This has been a favorite for me and my husband. Perfect for an active person who just wants to stay active, or to those who wants a perk up in the morning. The juicy lemon will get your brain to wake up.

I use the Shea during ‘dry’ time, when my skin feels so dry and need a boost of moistness. It feels delicate and soft. Like when I spends all my time in aircon room, and I need some cleaning that pampered my skin. The scent also so soft.

I know Fuzzy Peach from their EDT long time ago and now they are back. It’s just bring back all those memories when I’m still a junior high school girl. The smell is so fruity. Yums! Perfect for young girls and all those who are young at heart.

This exotic scent of Mango is delicious. I tell myself not to lick it when I use it. Perfect for a getaway in a tropical island, it makes you get in the mood. One thing for sure, I love how TBS is experimental on their shower gels, I never get bored, they always have something new on their sleeve, and makes me wonder, when TBS will create Pineapple shower gels? Slurp!

This is my girl’s fave one. The pinkish color is lovely. The scent is not strong like I imagine it would be. It’s a mix between fruity and citrus. If you don’t like lemon for being to citrus-ey or peach for being too fruity, perhaps Pink Grapefruit is your thing.

It’s my most top notch gorgeous scents of all time with TBS is here.♥‿♥ I love Moringa and just can’t get enough of it. It is sensual, feminine, delicate yet the scent linger on and on. I feel like I’m in Hawaii or other Polynesian island surrounded by hula girls. It’s really sexy!

Famous for it’s natural properties that promote good healthy skin, TBS present you with Olive. The scent is definitely not fruity nor floral, but got that nuttiness from Olive. It’s not my all time favorite but there are moments when I want to use it. Like when I want to give my skin extra nourishing and care.

For me Strawberry is screaming with “Girls who just want to have fun”. It is so fruity and girly in every drop.

These are just some of my favorite, you have to find yours, I bet in every scent (or more) there’s a fan that just waiting to indulge themselves in.

Check out their promo on Facebook

Images from TheBodyShop Australia website


As a user of The Body Shop I think they deserve a label on their own on my blog. This is another product that I use and really fond of. If you are blessed with a tub on your home and during your stay in a hotel when traveling. Get this one to ease that that exhaustion of a stressful day and immerse oneself in a blissful moment. Yes a bath soak can do wonders especially when the scents and ingredients used in it help you to get that.

Here is the info I got from TheBodyShop website in Australia:

Create an oasis of tranquillity with this foaming bath milk. With flower milks of calming lotus, heady frangipani and organic Community Traded honey to help condition the skin.

The minute I poured the bottle on the running tub, the scents just gorgeously flew everywhere. It lifted up the whole room, it feels like I’m in a spa. The rich and delicate bubbles, it lathes up smoothly. A soak in it is makes me forget all that jet lag and things I have to do, it’s just me time. My skin feels softer, smoother and relaxed.

After about an hour, I reluctantly left the tub, but the scents of flowers still linger on. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

This is the place where I bought it. The Body Shop Schiphol branch.

Try, you’ll know this is another quality product from The Body Shop.

Tips from me: Use a face mask and hair mask while you at it. It’ll become a complete spa experience.

Pic of the product from Google search
Pic of the tub and TBS store is from me.

>European Magic


Huge gratitude to Contiki for sending me and my sister on 9 days European Magic tour to 6 countries that was amazing!

Start from the preparations which is from Singapore, I met Tina, a representative of Contiki Singapore to get all the stuff done, some pebbles are met along the way such as visa requirement (I’m Indonesian so most countries I went need visa), flight, and since I can’t go to London first I will meet the group in Amsterdam. 411: Most Contiki tours start from London, they have like a headquarter there.

Finally after all things are settled we just wait until departure time. Tina was a great help, she even help my sister with her Visa, she even call the embassy to help smoothing things up. It was a stressful time for us but the result is worth every sweat.

We fly with Malaysia Airlines to Amsterdam on 14th of January 2011. We were super excited. For you who don’t know what is this all about, me and my sis are the winner of Dynamic Duo Competition held by Contiki.

Since we lived in Indonesia during the departure, we provided our own return flight to and from Singapore.

After 40 minutes flight to Singapore + 1 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur + 13 hours flight to Amsterdam (not including all the transit time), we finally reach Amsterdam’s Schiphol. And it was cold there.

There we are, me and my sis, so happy to finally touch the ground to our land of destination, we know that we got a lot of excitement going on. We check in at ibis Schiphol and it was a breeze. While waiting, we take a shower, a nap (to say good bye to our jet lag and effect of the cramped seat on our flight). And we went back to the airport since ibis have a free shuttle bus going on and we love to shop, there are so many brands that we are looking for like H&M, The Body Shop and many more. Since it was cold I was entertained to see the Body Butter sold need to be mixed first.

Around dinner time we finally met the groups, the first couple that we greet they are from Philippines, they are friendly, well most are. I have a good feeling it was gonna be a fun trip….it was.

Then we met Rachel, she was the tour manager with a sweet British accent. After the prep, we gather at the bus and on with the tour. There are many option open for the tour for extra money, we didn’t take it all since I guess I was more interested in free and easy, and my sis want to save her money for shopping. So like the canal tour, wine excursion, etc she prefer spa inside the hotel or have an adventure on our own.

Amsterdam is a picturesque place, so many beautiful buildings, spots and it’s just lovely. Many knows Amsterdam just for the red light district and cannabis, but it was so beyond that. They have many historical buildings, cultures, and the natures are just gorgeous. They have theme parks too and the food is delicious. Indonesia was under Dutch for 350 years so some of our food and language is influenced by them. Word like Apotik, kantor, parkir, gratis, are all there. First I found it so funny, like I’m in the middle of a mall in Jakarta.

Then after staying a night at Amsterdam we head on to Germany, a small town called St.Goar where it was flooded when we went there. While the rest of the group party at the bar downstairs, me and my sis are sleeping. We were exhausted, I couldn’t even hear a thing while my sis said they are so noisy, I guess it’s just us and the Japanese girl name Chizu that sleep early.

So the next day when we were on Munich, we pay back by having beers at Hofbrauhaus.

There’s a like almost all the varieties of young people there (Contiki is for 18-35 only), couples, married couples, singles, family (like cousins), sisters, friends, and solo travelers. So wherever your selections goes too, join up! There’s always a place for you.

In my group tour I met people from so many places and we all just blend along. South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, USA, but most of them are from Australia. I bet Contiki are really famous there.

This is my picture with Minyu and Rachel. Outside the Hofbrauhaus.

On the next day we stop by in Austria, a very lovely city and nice people. I bought a girl’s traditional dress for a half price. They have a famous Chocolate Cake there called Sacher Torte, it was crisp on the outside with citrus flavor and a bit more moist inside. They served it with a coin of dark chocolate and whipped cream. It was a delightful dessert for me. 5 Euro for a slice I say it worth the prize. We have that dessert at cafe that Rachel told us. Everyday she would gives us a sheet of famous places, famous culture, simple local words, maps, we found it helpful since we like to walk on our own.

And in each time we hit the hotel, Rachel ask us to make a day sheet of our schedule, things to do and prepare. Always read them and you can keep up. Some hotel doesn’t have elevator so Rachel told us to bring an overnight bag and leave the rest in the couch. We go everywhere with that bus.

I thought I have to stop in every city for a passport check, in Schengen countries it seems like you just need to check in and out at the first and last country.

Looking at the Gondola you know where it is….YUP, Venice, Italy. A romantic country that was so cold when we went there.

We join a local tour and take a walk around the small town. Many stores catch our eyes, until this day I’m still regretting for didn’t buy that boots there. Thanks sis!

There’s no way we missed the famous pizza, it was superb. Best pizza I ever tasted. They are thin and wide. The olives, the cheese, the crust, I guess it’s right, you haven’t try pizza until you went to Italy, it was different. They say the water is different there, so even thou’ you went to the famous pizza place outside Italy with an Italian chef if all the ingredients not from Italy, it is different, and I stand by it.

After Venice, we went to Lucerne, Swiss. A night in a jail hotel was something to remember alright. It was snowing hard, and I love it! My sis love it! It was our first snow fall. We’ve seen and tasted and felt snow before but not the fresh one that drops from the sky. It was beautiful. We didn’t feel any cold, just happiness. It’s a magic thing snow can do.

Then it was Paris. You want to see pics of Paris? Google up, it was that pretty. It was surreal, I thought Swiss was my highlight, it was Paris as soon as I landed my foot on. My sis was confuse what happened to me, but she got the germs too ^0^

If you haven’t visit Paris, you’re missing a lot!

After a breakfast at the hotel, it was a free day for us. So we walk on the street of Paris, we bought a tourist card so we can enjoy RER, subway, bus, etc, for 2 day. We went here and there so we get all the Paris and beyond.

We bought French perfume, eat their crepes and even almost got mugged on the subway. The shocking part is girls like 15 years old that try to pick pockets, thank God she didn’t made it.

So watch out travelers, no matter where you are, stay safe, be safe and always in alert mode.

This is Michael (Geordie) our driver. He was hilarious. He joke a lot and I see he have a fan from our group. I think many tour managers and drivers in Contiki are a very attractive people, some in their own ways and some just obvious, I see in their website they have a forum and on the Facebook you can see what they look like. Many pretty people there ^_*

Contiki website provide me with many info regarding my trip to confirming the trip too. So make sure you check them out. After the tour we can also gather at the forum, some even have gathering again.

Last but not least is Disneyland Paris. While some of the groups went Moulin Rouge, we are more ‘young’ at heart choose Disneyland and shop shop shop.

The next day is the last day. We departed before everyone waking up. So we made our own way to Charles De Gaulle Airport by train. Some went back to London, some stays, some continuing their adventure in Europe.

We have a blast of fun with Contiki, so if you fall in the category of their age limit, you are in the lucky zone.


The ad is so alluring but when I open it….it’s not golden, it’s just black, no biggy, for me it’s the function that meet the eye. After all I always prefer black anytime for a mascara.

When I first open the box I read the instruction, it is said I have to snatch that tiny plastic so the battery can work its magic….and vibrate.

Bzzzzzzz, it was intense at first, a bit shock for me, the tiny brush feels sharp if I accidentally touch the root of my lashes, so be careful okay. I think I like it more if the brush is a bit longer.

For the vibrating itself? Love it. No lumps, no awful gunk, it’s just easy breezy application that slide perfectly on my lashes. No need to move zig zag, just roll it! The color stay on long….it is waterproof…but it can easily cleaned with a warm water. I like that it feels light on the lashes, I hate that some other mascara feels so heavy and clumps here and there, with Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara my problems are buzzing away.

Pics are from Google search.


Data from Sephora:

Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk – Aerosol Spray
What it is:
A dry shampoo with an aerosol pump dispenser.

What it does:
Klorane Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk lets you clean hair without water. This dry shampoo is based on softening, protective oat extract, cyclodextrins, and natural polysaccharides (micronised powders with very oil-absorbing properties) to clean the hair without washing, as often as required. The hair regains volume and lightness within minutes. Quick and practical to use, it’s recommended for those on-the-go.

What else you need to know:
It’s hypoallergenic and formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.

How to prevent clogging:
-Shake can well prior to and during each usage. If this is not done, solids that fall to the bottom of the can travel through the tube and clog the valve.
-If the product becomes clogged or does not spray, take off the actuator (nozzle) and wash it with hot water.
-Dry well and place nozzle back on the stem.
-Shake can and depress the actuator upside-down. If it sprays it means the valve is not clogged. If it does not spray the valve is clogged.
-If the problem persists gently squeeze the can. If it collapses easily there is no gas, meaning the product has been completely used.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Phthalates
– Triclosan

My review: It ain’t pretty.

It does on certain level helps the oily scalp due to lack of shampooing to dry a bit but it is still not as good as real time shampooing. Even far. I’ve tried doing it accordingly, spray less and comb more, it’s just doesn’t work for me. The white powder residue is embarrassing. I better looked like someone who haven’t take a shower for days that look like a powdered head. I wish they have the black color or any other dark color, so it doesn’t make me look like an old granny. Even nowadays grannies colored their hair dark.

The only good thing about this product is they don’t contain any harmful chemical.

My tips: If you are blonde or have white hair, go ahead, use it but still be careful don’t inhale the products, it’s bothers me more than the white powdery spots on my head.

Pic from

>It feels tight!

Data from the website:


61% reduction in the look

of deep lines and wrinkles

This powerful wrinkle-correcting serum dramatically reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

More Collagen in 2 Hours
Exclusive Wrinkle Lift Restructuring Peptides™ begin to amplify collagen production in just 2 hours based on in vitro testing.

Instantly skin looks less lined.

  • See a 36% reduction in the apparent length, depth and number of lines and wrinkles.
  • Fills in and visibly immobilizes wrinkles with a flexible elastomer.
  • Skin looks brighter, fresher, more lineless.

In just 4 weeks, deep wrinkles look lifted away.

  • See a 61% reduction in the look of serious lines and wrinkles.

  • The visible, wrinkle exaggerating effects of the day are eliminated.

Let your wrinkle lift begin.


  • Apply every AM on clean skin. Follow with your moisturizer.
  • Pay particular attention to your deepest wrinkles.


  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic

Long isn’t it?! Well here’s my review:

It work! Just like I say in the top of the post, it feels tight. Not as in squeaky tight but as in appearance. Less saggy for me and those fine print which was made since I laugh a lot disappears. I look younger (yes, it’s possible).

I really like the scent, it is fresher than the other (Estee Lauder products that I have). It is a white creamy gel that absorb fast on skin than are cleaned and prepared (with lotion).

Since the product is Ophthalmologist-tested I feel safe to use it around eyes area which are delicate and tend to have more fine lines. I love how it rejuvenate my look instantly too (my eyes are the window to my soul). More good news is since the product is for ALL skin type, I recommend it for everyone since we all live in an aging world.

Pic belongs to


Data from the website:


For a more lifted look

Firms and smooths skin


Dry or Very Dry Skin and I got the Normal/Combination one

Brings your skin a more lifted, firmer look and a fresh, rejuvenated glow—faster than ever.

This highly effective moisturizer starts working right away to deliver the multiple benefits mid-life skin needs:

More Lift.

  • Speeds advanced lifting and firming benefits to your skin.
  • Minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles.
  • Exclusive ExtremeLift³ Complex helps amplify skin’s own natural collagen production.
  • Helps firm up the appearance of sagging and emphasize tighter-looking contours.

More Radiance.

  • Instantly infuses skin with super-energized nutrients.
  • Skin that was dull and lifeless immediately takes on a vivid radiance.

More Moisture.

  • Advanced hydrating blend of lipids, proteins and more delivers rich, lasting moisture.
  • Instantly feel a welcome surge of relief from that uncomfortable tightness.

See more lift.
Feel firmer.

Choose the Resilience Lift Extreme creme right for your skintype:

  • Dry Skin creme is richly nourishing.
  • Very Dry Skin creme is even more emollient and intensively nourishing.
Again mine is for Normal/Combination skin type…..which is my skin type, how come it’s not on their website?!


  • Apply every AM after your Repair Serum.
  • At night, we recommend Resilience Lift Extreme OverNight Ultra Firming Creme.
  • Both include a gentle sunscreen to provide effective SPF 15 protection.


  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic

My review:

I use it during my 11 days trip to Europe for a winter getaway. Yes, it is a getaway not a holiday, for me a holiday is legit after more than 2 weeks.

It was creamy as it creme de la creme would be. Looks heavy and thick. The color is a mix between milk. nude and a very pale pink (which is very thin). the smell is rather heavy for me, but I’ve used Estee Lauder before and my mum also a user, so it’s a distinctive signature scent of Estee Lauder may I say.

As my finger touch it I feel it is a bit (like teeny tiny) difficult to scoop it, a small spoon would do the trick, and when it glide on my skin guess what?! It melt like a soft snow on my skin. Isn’t it lovely? Who would have guess a seemly thick creme could change into liquid within a touch. It absorb so easily and to my surprise no oily effect afterwards.

Usually during my winter holiday my skin scream for being too dry, my make up blur and it feels awful, like cracking here and there. With Ultra Firming Creme it feels like my skin stays on tropical island where humidity is their best friend. It is so moist and dewy all day long. And the SPF 15 is another level for protection. The sun rays can bounce on snow you know, so always use a good sun protection wherever you are.

Now for the lifting effect….hmm I’m still 30 so there not much to lift (no objection on this, please) but still my skin looks firmer than before I use the creme. For the radiance? It glows. The pic above is my sis and I, we both use Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF 15 and our skin look and feel great! It feels comfortable. Don’t you just love a smooth holiday?

Pic of the product belongs to
Pic of me and my sis belongs to me….and my sis. I