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Staying in a friend’s house sometimes means using her products too heehee, thank you San San ^___^ and yup, different people use different product and what might be suitable for them, would not do the same to you.

In my own household my husband also uses Neutrogena and Oil-Free Acne Wash is one of his too. He like the product as it helps the oil on his face reduced, but me? My dry cheeks are screaming for moisture and dislike the product at all.

The lather is as lovely as the original Neutrogena, and so does how it feel during cleansing, smell, liquidity, color, well just about anything, until I rinse it up and dry my skin. Ow ow ow, I can feel it’s like a different sensation, a bit more drying, my nose is quite happy actually but my cheeks are suffering.

2 times using the product redness comes on my cheeks. That’s it, I think that’s the end of our relationship, it does what it does anyway, so my verdict? Suitable for acne prone and oily face, but a big no no to dry cheeks, dry skin and sensitive as well.

Liquid Neutrogena

Hi all ^___^
New year just come and years passed us by, but still, Neutrogena stays as inside the comfort zone as I rarely find faults in them. So if you’re looking for a product that safe, simple, no frills and fuss, but pure function, you’ll love Neutrogena.
Me, personally have been using Neutrogena (on and off) for the past 16 years, from the lip balm, rain bath, to facial skin care, yes, they have many and 90% works all the time. Now, I’m passing this legacy to you when you want a skincare that just made for your skin. They have different types for different skin condition yet this one, I can say, is made for ALL skin type.
I really like the golden color and the aroma (rumors told me the new one have no scent at all now), easily lathered for customer’s benefit and cleanse the skin well (daily debris only, makeup? Use makeup remover first) without striping it dry. My skin feels soft, clean and smooth afterwards.
I give this product a highly recommended star award ^___–

Liquid Neutrogena® is pure and gentle cleansing for clean, clear, healthy-looking skin.

This glycerin-rich facial cleanser contains no harsh detergents. It removes excess oil and then rinses clean–without leaving any pore-clogging residue.

Get clean, clear, healthy-looking skin with Liquid Neutrogena®.

    Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
    Clean rinsing