Hello gurls,

Thanks to http://mygeolens.com I’m currently using the Diva Soul in Purple. This is the first time I’m trying using Diva Soul and after a series of trying different colored lenses, I’m kinda giving up since they kept giving me a blur cloudy vision instead of a perfect 20.

So when the team from mygeolens.com told me that the circle vision should be larger so it won’t make the vision disturbed, I give it a go and try one the one they recommend, Diva Soul.

The delivery is completed within 2 days, here are the products and they gave me a case as well. The myopia is -6.00 and -4.00. Just like requested.

Details from mygeolens.com:

Warna Violet, Biru, Hijau, Coklat, Abu-Abu, Pink, dan Hitam.

Minus Berwarna tersedia ukuran minus sampai -8,00 Hitam tersedia ukuran minus sampai -10,00.


-0.00 / -0.50 / -0.75 / -1.00 / -1.25 / -1.50 / -1.75 / -2.00 / -2.25 /

-2.50 / -2.75 / -3.00 / -3.25 / -3.50 / -3.75 / -4.00 / -4.25 / -4.50 /

-4.75 / -5.00 / -5.50 / -6.00 / -6.50 / -7.00 / -7.50 / -8.00 / -8.50/

-9.00/ -9.50 / -10.00

Spesifikasi Manufaktur : Diva Negara : Korea Diameter : 14.80 mm Kadar air : 50 % Masa pakai : 12 bulan

Tipe warna : Natural Garansi : 30 hari

Harga Softlens

Rp. 50,000 / botol


Here is the product and look at those huge circle vision in the middle. And below is the video of me using them for the first time, so please do mind the amateurism.


Now, what happen after I used them? I take it off after less than an hour. I can’t take it, they feel so itchy. So I cleaned them using the solution and put them away. I’m a contact lenses user, but a clear one to replace glasses, they are thin comfy and hardly feel like anything inside the eyes, the Diva Soul must be thicker.

But, I’m not easily giving up, after putting the lense in a new fresh solution, making sure they are cleaned and properly treated with my favorite solution. I try it again . . . the result? It was far more comfortable than my first try. Perhaps it’s the solution from the Diva Soul bottle that I can’t stand, which made my eyes blink a lot and feels uncomfortable, my personal solution of which I’ve been using for decades is the one that suits me. It helps cleans the lenses and made them more comfortable. I can use it for hours now and occasionally in a day I still need an eye drops for lenses for every 2-3 hours. But so far, so good ^^.


No blur, no cloudy vision, just a 20-20. The lenses still feels a bit thicker than the clear one but it does helps making my eyes looks bigger and prettier. I love the purple colors and I wish to have more in different colors. The team made a great job in suggesting which lenses that might suitable for my condition.


Remember not to use the lenses more than 6-8 hours (depends on your eyes natural condition). Always keep the fingers clean and sharp-free whenever handling the lenses. Pay attention to the time limit, Diva Soul ca be used up to a year, some are daily disposable, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. Clean the lenses with fresh new solution everyday and soak it in a new solution too. Consult your doctor in irritation occurs and before purchasing you may ask the seller series of questions to help you find your perfect match.

Thank you mygeolens.com