Okay, first thing first, don’t you think that this is the best ad you’ve seen? Chocolate or Strawberry Super Wax, what are those? You’ll see them in a moment.

Browhaus Lobby – Senayan City
Now here it is, about some time ago I went in to Strip at Senayan City and meet Mrs. Elly, a beautiful lady that owns the place. And we have a very nice chat regarding Strip and Browhaus. For Browhaus, I think nowadays it’s quite common and can be found in many salon in Jakarta or surroundings, but the one that really create a beautiful suitable design for you, is their main purpose.
Browhaus Reception – Senayan City
Linked with Browhaus is Strip, the Ministry of Waxing. I still vividly remember like 5 or 6 years ago I was going here and there looking for a place in Jakarta that do Brazilian Wax, a full wax for our private area. None are willing to do so nor even heard that kind of services. So when I moved to Singapore I was so happy to see Brazilian Wax was flourished there. Nearly every mall have one (or 5 sometime). But I’m puzzled with choices, which of them is the best one. I do my math (counting prices) and observed each location.
Browhaus Room – Senayan City
So I’ve tried Strip at Raffles City, I still remember going there, I feel kinda scared, for the pain, and imagining all the things gone wrong. I went for XX Strip for full bikini line, it was a breeze. I remember how quick and almost painless it was, the staff also nice but not overly sweet, she do her job well without a fuss and made me feel comfortable. I remember the word ‘breath’ on the wall in front of me.
After that experience, I went to other places for Brazilian Wax thinking it would be the same. Price wise, Strip do cost more (but not the most expensive), some do priced cheaper, but later I found out it came with other things as well, called pain and super pain.
Strip Reception – Pondok Indah Mal 2
In Singapore alone, I’ve had Brazilian Wax in a place that quite famous (if I say it out loud here, you’d surely recognized) for the term of pain for a full Brazilian Wax was about 6 out of 10. 10 as in giving birth. So I guess the word bearable was true and I thought if I do it in Strip it would be the same (remembering I only done a XX there before).
That’s why I settled with 6/10. Then I moved back to Indonesia last year and try other places that have Brazilian Wax, claiming they done this for years and fully qualified to do the job, with constant training and QC. The pain was 9/10. I swear to my self NOT to do anymore Brazilian Wax in Indonesia. Until I found Strip.

 Today I was scheduled to do a Brow Construction and an All Off Brazilian Wax. First, Brow Construction, the picture above is me with the therapist. She is pretty and her brow is perfect.
This is me, before. My brow are a mess haha!
Frankly speaking, I was ready for the pain, but she didn’t give me any. She is really quick, it’s like crazy fast keep plucking my brow according to what we’re agree on. Oh yes, we did consult each other on the suitable shape for me. She finished one brow for a mere 5 minutes, and she is so humble saying it was 10, really, it was 5 minutes from the first pluck to the last.
Then after 10 minutes, both brows are done. I love love love love love, have I say it clearly? I love it! She made an arch which lifted up the whole face and it looks natural on me. The best part of all is how fast it is, some customer do their brow during a fraction of their lunch hour and it cost around Rp.100.000, affordable have a new meaning, and it says awesome!
Then, I moved to a closed room, comfy bed and clean environment, Strip is well known for their high standard of hygiene and in Indonesia, the rule stays the same. And I’ve got to admit, now as I will take the full all off on Brazilian Wax my fear came back, will it be so painful like the last time?
But before that, I try on the IPL for my armpits. The area is cleaned, shaved the applied by cool gel. Then the IPL is done within a second, since I only want to review the pain, it was really painless. There are some very tiny pinch felt, but it’s really far from the word pain, it’s just a sensation. The therapist told me that usually a pain (heat pain) can be felt if the (level of) strength of the laser is too much. Some customer want an express result and ‘force’ the therapist kinda over the limitation of her condition. so my advice, to listen to your therapist, they are likely to know their stuff well.
I wont do a review for a full IPL service since it will be useless, a person’s hormone, condition and hair follicle is really varied. Some took 6-7 treatments and they are hair free for more than a year, while other need less or more.
Now, we moved on to the Brazilian Wax. A full all off.
I prepared myself for the worse, after cleaning the area, I lay down and the therapist asked me if I was interested in the add ons, which is several shapes we can choose, triangle, rectangle or heart shape. I opted for all out, which means no shape. What’s on my mind? I think I need to review how does it feel for when everything is waxed in Strip. Please do thank me, it does crossed my mind, does a beauty blogger really need to go through all this for a review? Sometime it does.
I’m using a Chocolate Hard Wax, which smells and look like chocolate. But I can’t show you any picture regarding the process wink wink, so I just show you what it’s look like. Here, the pretty cutey strawberry show us how. They are both hard wax (Chocolate and Strawberry), and work kinda the same. But the Chocolate works better for the area down there.
Above is the picture of the hard wax being scooped. It was kinda hot and drip easily, so the therapist need to keep on spinning it, wait to cool a bit before applying to our skin. She always made sure which heat level we can stand. No need to worry about getting burned.
The when applied, I found as always this part as a real treat before the pulling begin. And I noticed she didn’t put any paper, cloth or anything to pull the wax with.
It was a peel off wax!
The wax was easily peeled of from my skin, but stays strong holding each hair, I was amused and relieved all at once. Each pull was completely just the hair. My skin stays undisturbed, therefor the pain is far less than any other places I’ve been. It was 2 out of 10. Yes, some places you can still feel pain, but count to three and all the pain are gone. It was not just bearable, it was a truly liberating experience. My fear of Brazilian Wax is all gone thanks to Strip! They are the best in the best in the business and I highly recommend getting your wax done at Strip and Strip only.
The result is a clean smooth skin with no irritation. There are a very little bit of left over (like 1%) and easily plucked with a tweezers by the therapist.
On the walls there are some words by celebrities whose a fan of Strip, heehee, I made my comment there.
This is me with my therapist from Strip, frankly speaking, my smile is REAL, I was happy as can be. The experience is superb and please do try at least once in your life time. Btw, they do have 20% off until April 2012 for a first timer, so instead of Rp.340.000, you just need to pay Rp.272.000 for a liberating experience like I have.

A little bit sharing here on why I keep having Brazilian Wax, is not just like some people think, you know for sexual pleasure, it’s more like hygienic reason. I like a clean soft private area. I live in a very humid land were I’m sweating just about everywhere and I hate wasting on tissue every time I went to the loo too.

The area waxed also become smoother and I do feel good about myself. I just remembered what Mrs. Elly told me, getting waxed on private area is not about who would look at it, it’s about how we look at ourselves. How we feel about our self. It’s kinda like when you wear sexy underwear and on the outside you started to feel more confident about yourself.  That’s empowering!

Don’t missed out this opportunity and use that 20% off as soon as possible ^__^

Call (021) 2992-3538 Plaza Indonesia branch for any details and information.