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lashes are the thing that can make the eyes looks bigger, more attractive, and seductive. In conjunction with my previous post, I guess today will be all about eyes ^^ and the areas near them.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler is one hot item in the cosmetic world. Why?


Details from

The emblematic, best-selling and award-winning shu uemura eyelash curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl. Upgraded silicone pad in a new “mushroom” shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl. Upgraded patented hinge with precise engineering applies perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes. Curved angle suits all eye shapes. Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control.

Impressive, right?!


I get mine a few months ago and let’s face it, this is a high quality product that has won awards for all the right reasons.

The packaging, sleek design that many has tried to copy (yet failed), the cute emblems that sometime attached to it (mon shu girl) or sometime a bit twist (the golden version). And mine, the original, the one that started it all.


Easy to be used, made with precision and some even swore it last for years and years to come. I’ve tried some other brand and well truth need to be said, this is the only brand for eyelash curler. Those fakes or perhaps the not-so-sophisticated has hurt my lids, broke my lashes, tweak my lashes in an unnatural way, bend the lashes forcefully and other unfortunate events. So, for me a great eyelash curler is a very important matter. And Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is a great eyelash curler that gave me perfect curls, no pain process, just gain, long lasting result (the whole day) and yes, like their description, precision.


Tips from the makeup artist, curl the lashes in three point, near the roots (never exactly at the roots as they might easily plucked the lashes, middle part and at the ends. Around 10 seconds in each point and on upward direction and there it is a curled up lashes ready for mascara. Add some liners too and bigger and far more attractive eyes instantly.


Sometime I use false lashes too and the curler helps the lashes to stay close to the falsies.

Love it!

Hi lovelies,

here is the second event last weekend, with shu uemura Indonesia, it’s ob.


Every now and then shu uemura keep collaborating with artist and other iconic designer to make a new items and new design to decorate their must have collections, from the cleansing oil to the mousse.


Since they launched near the spring somehow the collections reminds me of sakura, mamechiyo, and a whole lotta girlie girl princess theme. They are pretty alright and the opposite collection from gothic mon shu girl. Which reminds me of one thing, these collection once sold out, they are gone alright. I remember back in Dec 2012, I want to get myself an eyelash curler with mon shu girl attached, thinking I could wait for a while and later, I have missed those precious moments. So the next time I see something I like from shu uemura limited editions, be sure to get it while it’s hot off the press.


Featuring 4 princesses, moon, ocean, forest and sakura princess. They are dressed and have their hair colored accordingly.


There are many collectibles here, from the compact case to the falsies. So cuteee!!!


The full collections can be seen at their images, but the ones that made it in Indonesia are these:


After looking at those super duper cute irresistible items, I see the demo makeup is finished, and here she is in sakura mode:


And I also want some sakura attached to the eyes, so Ms. Dwi create an ocean sakura for me ^^


Thank you Ms. Dwi and please do take a look at her makeup too, wow! All of the colors of the moon, forest, ocean and sakura are all there.


Then, we have a chance to get a bookmark made freshly by the artists invited. Psst! These artists are using shu uemura’s products as their tools, so they create shapes and colors with the eyebrow pencils, lipstick, eyeshadow, and many more.


Thank you shu uemura Indonesia for having me at the event and don’t forget to see you soon at Mal Kelapa Gading on the 25th of May 2013!!!


See you soon, dressed as one of the princesses and won products from shu uemura ya!

Last but not least, here is my video showing off the products available from the shu uemura ob collections.


From mousse, cleansing oils, lipstick and falsies. Grab them fast!

Hi pretty ladies,

last weekend was a very busy day for me, 3 events in a row and my strength is limited nowadays, so I made it to 2 of them ^^

One is for Lancome. The anticipated product with Betty Boop, the iconic star which own the spotlight with all her glam and glitters.


That’s me holding the product right next to Betty. I can’t compare her sparkly curves and she is stunning!! The product is also the same, glittery and like a star twinkling lights in the night.


Here are some of the collection brought within the Betty collection’s, I’ll share all 5 of them in the video below.


Here are the bloggers invited, the event start from 10 until around 15, some comes at their own timing since the event is for us to enjoy, thank you Lancome Indonesia, we did enjoy our times with the dazzling lady.


Then, I’m off for some me time. Free consultation, free makeover, 2 minute aura treatment and polaroid moment.


Miss Chica turn my ordinary eyeshadow into a smokey va va voom. Using one of the eyeshadow from Betty’s collection, the one with a dark blue and lots of sparkles. It’s truly is like a night sky, panoramic and breathtaking.


Then the 2 minute aura, the one that always ends with favorite aroma from the Lancome world. Mine is Miracle. A fragrance which open possibilities, dreams and love.

Don’t forget to do a skin check while visiting the Lancome counter, they have tools to check on hydration, lines, pores, sebum, etc. Ask them for a quick and accurate result to get to know the skin better. The staff will also help finding the right products accordingly.


The result is, my skin need a boost of hydration and it seems like sun, heat and pollutants also make the skin dry and dryer, so I need to keep myself protected by using hydrating skincare and keep myself away from the sun as well. Sun protection like high SPF lotion is needed, hat and umbrella also encouraged.


Don’t forget to check out the video to found out the 5 shades of eyeshadows and the dazzling mascara too.


Au revoir!

Hi everybody,

There are quite a number of eyelash growth serum on the market right now. DASODA Super Eyelash Growth Factor is one of them. I get mine from a company in Singapore, I know nowadays the custom and FDA are being so fussy, a package of mine also stuck and I need to get letters of registration. Since the package are sponsored products, the company will try to settle things up. I imagine how difficult it is for those who shops online (international) and try to get their stuff. Hangin’ there okay, I hope there’s a solution and a logical one.

Okay back to DASODA ^^
This eyelash essence said to help beautifying and protecting eyelashes, eye zone essence, and may be use as a mascara base as well.


The product contain: Silk powder, panthenol, prohairen ß4, ceramide, keratin, lipidure®, vitamin B12, EGF, FGF. EGF x FGF steers the cell activation and a combined use with FGF promotes the synthesis and division of the epidermis, dermis, and hair matrix cells.


Those ingredients are able to care for the hair roots, moisturizing the lashes, protect cuticle, moisturizing the eye zone, treatment for dull skin, and have a separating + curling effect too.


The product is suitable for all skin type, suitable for damage lashes and promote thicker lashes, I think the product suits me since I want thicker and stronger lashes too due to the constant usage of makeups and falsies. Sometime the glue for falsies accidentally plucks the natural lashes. Regeneration is definitely needed so my lashes gain regrowth.


This is the product, a click-able pen so once the liquid are out it is impossible to go back inside, assuring me a more hygienic product, suitable for the eyes area. I’m always kinda afraid in trying products to be used near the eyes, and lashes are super duper close alright. So quality and packaging does matter for the best product possible for my precious sights.


The tip is a fine brush which used by holding the pen sideways and gently ‘color’ on the lashes on top and below. I found myself easier putting on the lashes below than the top part. If it’s become a bit messy, it’s okay since the essence may be used all over the eye’s zone (not eye balls) to help softening the skin and de-puffing action.


That’s the liquid, a slightly thick pinkish clear transparent liquid which is easy to use, doesn’t sting my eyes, not sticky and so far I like the sensation it created on the skin surrounding the eyes as well. Since I’m only using it for a week, I haven’t been able to share on the before after effect. But when I’m finished with the whole tube. I will. So far the effect I get is, moisturizing, hydrating and softening, for the lashes and the skin near the eyes.

Just click 3-4 times on each usage (since the first 2 usually nothing comes out) and gently brush the lashes one by one, I wish they have the brush for lashes where usually available for mascara, but I think I understand why they didn’t, again for the hygienic reasons ^___^

Stay tune for my before after . . . perhaps a month from now.

Thank you.

Hello lovelies,

here is my recent purchase for Rp.99.900 from Duo. Available at selected Guardian shops near you. I’ve been using Lash Grip for years and since it was not easily obtainable in Indonesia,  DUO become an option for me. One, it look like a twin sister of Lash Grip. Two, the variation, and last, they have one in black heehee.


Details from

Don’t forget to watch the video provided by Duo Adhesives on their website.


As easy as one, two, three. Prepare, glued on and stick it. I love the dark since when dried somehow appeared to be like a black eyeliner and hide imperfection, plus, it does made my eyes looks bigger too.

The slightly milky dark grey glue will turn into solid black once dried. That’s why it appears as if I’m using a black eyeliners. The glue can be added accordingly after usage with a tooth pick for precise measurement, just be careful not to poke your eyes with the sharp tooth pick (ouch!).


On me the glue sticks as long as I want it too, so far I’ve used it for 2 hours, 4 hours, and maximum would be around 10 -12 hours when I have an event all day long. So it has depends on the events and how long I have to use it. The tricky part is not to sweat or let it get wet/humid before completely dry and set on the lid.

The part where it usually detach first is the one at the inner side of the eyes. Maybe since it is the most humid place compared to the outer side. But when used in a dry and cool room the glue sets better and the fake lashes wont easily apart from the lids all day long.

So whenever I use fake lashes I have to bring the glue along for backup plan as well, just in case something wrong happen and I wont have to ended up with half lashes on.


Prepare everything before hand, like measuring the lashes, bring the cotton bud/tooth pick/ other tools you might need, clean fingers, so when the glue is applied and waited to be half dry, your fingers aren’t too busy doing something else. Wait till half dry? Yes, lashes glue are best to stick it on when half dry, not when completely wet. Completely wet means mess and there wont be enough glue left on the exact place meant to be.

Half dry is characterized by tackiness and exact stickiness. Trial and error is necessary ^___^ Practice before the big event, okay?!


Cleaning wise, if you love your real lashes, in the first place you should not let the glue touch or reach them. So when pulled it will be pulled from the lids. So far, DUO haven’t give me a clean finish, so it will be leftovers that need to be picked, kinda troublesome. Dolly Wink has better glue, one strike and all glue are out.


D’EYEKO is here and it comes in a form of Princess Syahrini in Cakrawala.


Here is the product, the one that reach for the skies and glare with every bits of princess aura surrounding her. With this much of attitudes, they definitely gets attention on their own.

Somehow the L and R lashes are not identical, the R one have cat eyes with winged lashes on the outer corner while the L one is equal on each sides (outer and corner).

Probably not suitable for the shy =^__^=


These are my before after usage of Cakrawala. Like usual the lashes is so light since it was made with natural hair, I do have difficulties on using D’EYEKO before and since been told to use it from the outer corner to the inner, it’s been almost like a piece of cake ever since.

D’EYEKO is not like most lashes where the string is plastic, they were a string of cotton. So it was very dent. By having it stick on one corner and gently put it on the other (inner side) is easier in terms of application. Always ready with a cotton bud or anything that have slightly pointier than the fingers to help putting the lashes properly.

And I must say, the glue provided is barely make a mark for me, I prefer other brand of high quality glue since they stick longer and better. Usually when I’m using the glue provided1-2 hours is the maximum hours of the stickiness and I ended up with half lashes hanging on the eyes.


I must say, I like this design and looks good on it ^___^ and have anyone notice I’m using it backwards, as in the left for the right and right for the left since I want a bigger eyes look with the more lashes in the middle than the corner. I know many bloggers out there reviewing the exact same thing and use it accordingly R for right and L for left, so I figure to do it differently ^__– But it ended up looking similar since the R and L lashes given already looks different than the other haha! Oops, I think the QC need to be upgraded.

Yet, underneath it all D’EYEKO still gives that same quality of natural hair, lightness and the feeling like I’m using none, with a powerful impact on the user to be a princess-like alluring beauty and attractiveness.


Thank you D’EYEKO.

Hello lovelies,

I’m back with more Za  “‘^0^”

Wink wink, time it’s Impact Lash Mascara (Long).

Details from, here:


I love the slim brush and everything written here founded to be true, it does stays waterproof and smudgeproof all day long.


As seen in the image above, the brush is super tiny, lean and long. Perfect in reaching the super fine lashes snug in between. And the creamy yet stays liquid mascara easily pull each lashes and made them grew longer instantly.


The clear pinkis packaging is wonderful, girly and pretty too. With details given, I can easily found out all the information.


This is the first time a packaging undersell the product inside it. The inside is way better than shown on the outside. The brush got this fine brushed which is wonderful to be used and guarantee a real result.


Below you can see the before after images and witness the instant lengthening effect and the black colors also glossy too.


I love it!

And I found zero smudge as well. The mascara also help the lashes to stay harden, curls or without curls. Curls? Just use a curling device before usage and curled lashes is ON ^^


Thank you Za Cosmetics for adding a dark luscious lashes, longer, and emphasized. Without the smudge and stays on and on with waterproof effect, sweat proof and resist flakiness all day long.

Cleaning wise? Use a waterproof makeup remover like Za’s

Hi everyone ^__^

Especially those makeup-addicts. IBB is back with makeup challenge and as always as staff we will provide some looks for you to copy. We gladly do that as well.

After trying to figure it out a unique topic for the members, one of the staff (start with letter H) really want a Valentine with no pink with it. Say whattt?? Valentine is all about pink, so now, try to twist your mind into something romantic without the signature color.

Register here: CLICK ME.

And thank you Make Over for the prizes so the girls (or boys) can win some of these wonderful goodies. For a look using products from Make Over, you all may visit Carryna’s blog.

Now, here’s mine

Here are all the products I’ve used for the look, variety from Anna Sui, Laneige, Palgantong, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Dasoda and Lash Grip. You may search their individual review at my blog on the labels or search through the search tab.
Using Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ as a base. This is the first time I’m using the product and it was quite easy to be used and lovely. Later I’ll provide the review on another post.
Below is the image of me after using Laneige.
Mine is No.21 Natural Beige. The shade is very natural as most BB Cream will gives skin a greyish tone or whitish, so it is not really natural. Really natural? Yup, they are ‘mild’ on the skin, like light-medium coverage and look somewhat natural compared to ‘old days’ foundation. But nowadays, foundation already gives us so many choices to look like we are on our ‘born-with’ skin.

So back to Laneige, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is able to make an evenness, covers most of the problems and ready for some colors.

Add Palgantong powder so there base are set finely. This product is still my best loose powder for being so good in not melting. It kept the makeup sets for 12 hours or so. I’ve used it during my trip to Osaka in summer and touching up is a privilege. This powder is able to stand through sweats and sebum for more than 12 hours. Just remember when sweating to dab on the tissue and don’t swipe. Dab is the best thing for a settled makeup.

The thing I do next is adding some blush on from The Body Shop, it’s an old product which I still love thanks to the shimmering effect of a rosy glow. Not pinky ya, rosy.

Make eyebrows using Anna Sui’s brow set, and eye shadows as well and make it all about sophisticated purple. A strong yet still romantic tones to be used in Valentine.

And adding some purple lashes. Using Lash Grip is wonderful as it is black in color and sticks for the whole day as long as during usage, it is waited until dry and no sweat has touched the unset glue. Removing the glue is tricky as it will not come off altogether. Or perhaps I use too much? In my defense if I’m using less, it will be gone in a few hours.

An eyeliner is added, DASODA is used and a stay on waterproof eyeliner also help to masquerade the gap between the fake lashes and the real one attached to my eyes.

Last, after seeing the whole look, I think my eyes should be the center of attention, I use a peachy gloss on the lips from Estee Lauder.

And the makeup is done, but Valentine wont be suffice with this look, I need a wardrobe to make them complete.


In a magenta colored dress.
I’m ready! Submit yours soon ya ^__–
Hi everyone,

this item is not new to the Revlon family, and has been lying around at my home for months and months. Looking at it I’m wondering why didn’t I make a review out if it?! Well, here it is.

The Double Twist is a simple black waterproof mascara with red packaging and silver linings. The shape of the bottle also quite plain. But they have something that I found to be quite interesting.

The big brush.
It was the biggest one I have so far compared to all the mascara at home. There’s tiny dots of reds on the brush and the brush itself is pretty hard. A bit sharp when touching the roots of the lashes. Not cutting sharp, just sharper than other brush which is like a brush. This one like made from rubber/plastic with rubber.

The blackness is enough for me and the liquid also suitable, not too creamy, and definitely not watery.

Here are the before after pics.

Instantly the lashes become longer and more vivid than before. I didn’t use any lash curler, and the mascara didn’t really add a curling action as well. The big brush able to grab the longer lashes and the rubbery material helps to hold on to the lashes, making sure they are separated well enough and coated by the mascara. However shorter lashes are a bit more tricky since the big brush is a bit too big for them.

On lower lashes the review remain the same, able to reach the longer lashes while the shorter on are left untouched.
The mascara supposed to be waterproof, it does but after sweating (like working out in a gym sweating) they will start to drop. Not smudge, just dots, black dots are falling apart under the eyes. But if you’re daily activity is inside a well air conditioned building, which involves no sweats or humidity they will stay with you al day long.

Cleansing wise? A good cleansing oil will do the trick.

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited about this product, it’s amazing and works really well…… superbly well.

Details from

Eyelash Lipocils & Black

2 x 2.5ml / 2 x 0.08 oz | Ref. : 8990

Longer, Healthier lashes in just 28 days

The Story:
For over 60 years, Talika laboratories have specialized in eyelash growth.

In 1948, Talika launched the 1st treatment for eyelash growth. In 2010, Talika innovates again with LIPOCILS EXPERT®, the 1st formula which stimulates eyelash growth, intensifies natural lash pigmentation and enhances curls.

In 2012, Talika reveals its game and takes its legendary Lipocils range one step further for those who want to look their best while waiting for their natural beauty to emerge. On one side, the classic conditioning formula grows lashes naturally longer and fuller; on the other, the keratin-stimulating mascara provides instant results.

The Product :
2-in-1 eyelash growth stimulator + mascara

Step 1: L I P O C I L S ®
The legendary formula for natural eyelash growth
Containing 12 botanicals Stimulates growth

Step 2: B L A C K M A S C A R A
Exclusive mascara formula
Gorgeous deep black look Lengthens, volumizes and curls Stimulates keratin synthesis

The Results :
IN JUST 28 Days :
Stimulates growth: 80%*
Thickens lashes: 74%*
* Test results – 30 volunteers – 28 days

Longer, Fuller, Darker lashes

The Directions :
Each Morning:
1/ Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.
2/ Apply Black mascara when desired.

Each evening:
1/ Cleanse lashes, optimally with Talika Lash
Conditioning Cleanser.
2/ Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.

This is the Lipocils the one that helps the lashes to grow (you may read my previous post made 3 years ago HERE regarding Lipocils and the result after using it HERE)

Now, they made a mascara, a very lovely one too. The blackest one with the smoothest formula ever tested (by me heehee), gives instant curls, length and volume as well.

The liquid glide smoothly on every lashes and feels so wet, put a name card on the lids when applying the upper lashes and under the lower lashes during application of the lower lashes and it will protect your skin. Wait for a while for the mascara to dry before blinking.

Or it would be like this, but fret not, use a cotton bud to clean the mess after the mascara is dry and noticed that they were like fibers, I love it. The mascara is proven waterproof and for all its benefit I think this is probably the best mascara I’ve used.

Smudge-proof, water resistant and waterproof, tear-proof, heat & humidity proof, sweat & perspiration proof.

Add length, curl and volume plus still build-able for more curl, volume and length. Deep dark color. Lovely formula and very smooth liquid on the lashes. Stay on with me the whole day and cleaning it also so easy with an eye makeup remover.

Last but not least, this is my final look, after the whole makeup and using the TALIKA  Lipocils & Black to the thickest possible by keep reapplying (no fake lashes needed) like they creating fibers. Dark , black, luscious fibers.