Hellooooo ^__^

Have you ever try Tsubaki collection? They are everywhere in Japan and I’ve tried the Shining collection and now it’s Head Spa time!!

Available under Shiseido company, Tsubaki range still use Tsubaki as the main ingredients or at least the highlight for the product.

Here they are, shampoo and conditioner.

Details are available at shiseido.co.jp:

Just info: Tsubaki is Camellia

And even thou the products can be used for dandruff issue, I’m not using them for that . . . it’s for the spa sensation, and btw in Japan, you can buy any product in sachets/sample sizes before buying them in normal sizes, and great for traveling too ^^

And here’s my review:

The spa sensation is truly there. Most ‘spa-related’ products are usually overrated, but Shiseido brings quality to the table. I love the cooling menthol in the shampoo, it was just right, followed by the warmth of ginger, like giving me that sweet warm scent which feels like I’m in a Spa. Splendor, rich, and pure indulging for me.

It’s not just a sensation for the hair, but for the scalp as well. Invigorating and almost feels like Christmas thanks to the ginger, hmm like a ginger cookie perhaps heehee.

Now, what does the shampoo do beside cleansing? It gives me a fuller body feeling, like the hair is actually felt thicker 🙂 still soft and feels good. The conditioner is a must after the shampoo, adding and completing the series for that smoother touch, tangle free and floral-warm scent. Yums!

I really enjoy using them, the feeling during usage, the creamy lathers are fluffy, the after rinsing and I love the shine too from the silky slightly thick conditioner, I wish I can try the rest of the range which is the extra cleansing and massage spa mask, off to Japan again ^0^