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Hello lovelies,

Indonesian Beauty Blogger March 2013 is officially started today ^__^

Created a look like a dazzling Marilyn and win prizes from The Balm, a cosmetic brand from San Fransisco which recently landed in Indonesia.


Some of the products used in this tutorial are courtesy of The Balm and will help me creating a look that hopefully as mesmerizing as Ms. Monroe herself.


Here are the three items, Balms Away, the eye makeup remover, Shady lady, an eye shadow with a whole lotta attitude, and Mary Lou Manizer, a highlighter / luminizer that want to get all the attention she can get.

I’ll share Balms Away review on a next post and two makeups here ^__^


It’s gonna be an exciting next post ^__–


Let’s start the step to step guide of me trying to create a glimpse of Marilyn’s iconic look.

Start with a bare face.


Boi-ing, an industrial strength concealer from Benefit to cover large pores, under eye, fine lines and other imperfection.


Shiseido Lifting Foundation shade I 00, by fingers, dot a few spots on 5 parts and blend away. Covering all the uneven skin tone and creating a base for the skin. Wait for a good 5 minutes before the next step, so the foundation have time to sets in.


Followed by a compact powder by Estee Lauder.


I use a foundation brush for CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Powder Makeup. Make sure the skin is completely dry and the foundation has set before this powder or it will make some blotchy effect.


Then a Loose Powder from Teint Miracle series from Lancome, a very beautiful light powder that gives the skin a luminous effect with a mild glistening aura.


On some part Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent is added, then blend with fingers.


Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact is used for my brow in shade 03. Simple, so easy to use and looks natural.

Don’t forget to tidy up the brows first.


I use a base for eyeshadow using Kate eye shadow in PU-1 inspired by this look from Marilyn,


She looks stunningly beautiful.


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner for that cat eye look or at least a winged, but I need something more, the lashes.


D’Eyeko is used, and just happen to be the only lashes I have that able to create a very sexy cat eyed lashes.

Tips of using D’Eyeko that I get from Lizzie, use from the outer side to the inner, and it works!


A subtle touch of a Cheeky Glow, for that light blushing touch from Maybelline.


I need a shadow that really perk up the eyes and increase the effect of the sexy lashes, Shady Lady is here.


Comes in 10 gorgeous shades that’s bold and brave.


There’s some tiny sparkles, I see they have some shades that’s not available in other cosmetic brands and unique too.
The selling price is Rp.150.000.


Same goes with Mary Lou Manizer, which I think a must added collection to any beauty pouch. Rp.280.000.

I love this highlighter as it draw attention right through it and exactly where you want the attention to be. Easily blend and watch out, you may in for a spotlight \^0^/


Then, it’s the lips, I tried making them thin but decided to make it bold and so red and seductive,
Maybelline Red Porcelain, I love this lipstick, like a red leather just landed and rule.


No Marilyn look would be complete without that famous black dot, right below her left cheek.


Using the Hyper Sharp Liner again and voila!

I want to go all out with a blonde wig, but try imagining Marilyn in a brunette.


Using my Philips are a curler, a wave that says, hello, I’m here.


Get a help from L’Oreal Professionnel Bounce Whip.


Divide the hair section by section and tongs on! Change my clothes into something with vintage tag label, and I’m ready!


How do I look?


Inspired? Please do join the makeup challenge and create your own version of Marilyn Monroe and win prizes.

Submit your creation here:



 “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”
Marilyn Monroe


Images of Ms. Monroe from Google Search and Quote from

Hi everyone ^__^

Especially those makeup-addicts. IBB is back with makeup challenge and as always as staff we will provide some looks for you to copy. We gladly do that as well.

After trying to figure it out a unique topic for the members, one of the staff (start with letter H) really want a Valentine with no pink with it. Say whattt?? Valentine is all about pink, so now, try to twist your mind into something romantic without the signature color.

Register here: CLICK ME.

And thank you Make Over for the prizes so the girls (or boys) can win some of these wonderful goodies. For a look using products from Make Over, you all may visit Carryna’s blog.

Now, here’s mine

Here are all the products I’ve used for the look, variety from Anna Sui, Laneige, Palgantong, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Dasoda and Lash Grip. You may search their individual review at my blog on the labels or search through the search tab.
Using Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ as a base. This is the first time I’m using the product and it was quite easy to be used and lovely. Later I’ll provide the review on another post.
Below is the image of me after using Laneige.
Mine is No.21 Natural Beige. The shade is very natural as most BB Cream will gives skin a greyish tone or whitish, so it is not really natural. Really natural? Yup, they are ‘mild’ on the skin, like light-medium coverage and look somewhat natural compared to ‘old days’ foundation. But nowadays, foundation already gives us so many choices to look like we are on our ‘born-with’ skin.

So back to Laneige, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is able to make an evenness, covers most of the problems and ready for some colors.

Add Palgantong powder so there base are set finely. This product is still my best loose powder for being so good in not melting. It kept the makeup sets for 12 hours or so. I’ve used it during my trip to Osaka in summer and touching up is a privilege. This powder is able to stand through sweats and sebum for more than 12 hours. Just remember when sweating to dab on the tissue and don’t swipe. Dab is the best thing for a settled makeup.

The thing I do next is adding some blush on from The Body Shop, it’s an old product which I still love thanks to the shimmering effect of a rosy glow. Not pinky ya, rosy.

Make eyebrows using Anna Sui’s brow set, and eye shadows as well and make it all about sophisticated purple. A strong yet still romantic tones to be used in Valentine.

And adding some purple lashes. Using Lash Grip is wonderful as it is black in color and sticks for the whole day as long as during usage, it is waited until dry and no sweat has touched the unset glue. Removing the glue is tricky as it will not come off altogether. Or perhaps I use too much? In my defense if I’m using less, it will be gone in a few hours.

An eyeliner is added, DASODA is used and a stay on waterproof eyeliner also help to masquerade the gap between the fake lashes and the real one attached to my eyes.

Last, after seeing the whole look, I think my eyes should be the center of attention, I use a peachy gloss on the lips from Estee Lauder.

And the makeup is done, but Valentine wont be suffice with this look, I need a wardrobe to make them complete.


In a magenta colored dress.
I’m ready! Submit yours soon ya ^__–

Hi everyone!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger is back with a makeup challenge \^0^/ and this December (2012) the theme is End of Year Party Look

Prices for this month will be from NYX

These are some of the stuffs I used for transforming my sister heehee, yes, my sister will be my model once again.

Thank you my dear sister ^^

First, on a cleaned moisturized skin, I applied a concealer (Shiseido) on the area affected with acne marks, redness and uneven skin tone, including the bags under the eyes. Followed by foundation from Shiseido to even out all the skin tones and set the base with loose powder from Coverderm.

The concealer is a bit darker than her original skin tone so I applied as if it was shading as well to enhance her cheek bones.

As for Coverderm Finishing Powder, the fine particles easily blend and create a natural matte finish look. May be applied right after foundation or at the end of the overall makeup to ‘set’ everything’s up.

As usual after the base, I always more to the eye’s zone, start with the brows. As she like her natural brow, trimming with a tool from Panasonic is my answer. Then draw a bit lines using Revlon and brushes the brow with mascara from Lancome.

But I recommend a tidier brow for a more ‘Party Look’. For me the brow could make a big difference in one’s look.

Next, is the liner. I’m trying this stickers for eyeliner, just open the packaging and stick them on the lids. Of course it’s a bit tricky especially when ones doesn’t have an even eyelids, like my sister, her right eyes appears bigger than the left thanks to the uneven lids.

A scotch tape may be applied before the eyeliners stickers so the eyes become even, then after sticking the stickers, use a liquid eyeliner with the same color as the stickers.

I’ve used Shiseido, a creamy eyeliner to help even out the sticker, there’s a tiny bling on the edges of the stickers. Next time, I’ll choose a bigger one.

This time, I want the eyes to be sharp and let the eyeliners get a spotlight, so no eye shadows are used.

Followed by Benefit’s Duster as a highlighter only on the nose line.

A bronzer by The Body Shop and blush on by Anna Sui for her cheeks area, one for the cheek bone, and one to add a touch of rose so she wont look pale and dull.

Last? A lips sticker!

I’m so excited about this next item as it can create a difficult look which will be super duper tough using a normal lipstick and brush.

Hello! Noticed me?!

Get her hair done. attached a bling on her forehead, use a very sparkly outfit and my sister is ready for an End of Year Party!!!

Share me yours and join the Make Up Challenge by signing up: HERE. Deadline? 20th Dec 2012.

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I was invited by Anna Sui Indonesia to attend a very lovely event welcoming the new fragrance called Fairy Dance Secret Wish.

The event held at Taman Menteng, they have successfully transform the venue into a home for fairies.

Walk into the leaves of pink flowers, where through it, we will meet fairies.

There she is, a beautiful fairy dressed in pink with pink flowers on top of her head. Wings and beautiful aroma of a fairy with a secret wish.

Sheets colorful pastels in peach, pink and creams, this is not just a glass house anymore. Details become real and so lovely.

Oh look even the glass are touched by fairy.


Soon the event began with a pretty ballerina.

dancing around followed by 2 of her friends.

Then they freeze and Ms. Melissa opened by greet the whole guess with her perky voice.

Followed by the Marketing Manager from Anna Sui Indonesia and representative of Anna Sui Singapore. They look so pretty too. Oh look! The ballerinas are still frozen, we need a touch from fairy to wake them up.

Here come three little fairies, waking the ballerinas and all of us before welcoming all of us inside her home.

Where fruits and flowers are dangling from the tree.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is here and ready to dazzle you and give wishful hopes.

With mango, rose, sandalwood and many other beautiful concoction, the fragrance become very interesting, a bit seductive and lovely.

But wait, there’s something more, it can grant your wish.

So I opened the box, heehee, cute isn’t it?! Two fairies dancing on top of a rose.

On the cap, there’s a fairy sitting, waiting to be called and be free.

The 3 sided bottle is unique and by rubbing each side and dance a fairy dance, the wish made may come true. The scent also liberating, ageless, both me and my daughter really enjoy using it. The EDT last around 3-4 hours, I love the top and middle note, and as for the bottom note, I love how they keep the sandalwood in tame mode as I’m not a fan of sandalwood.

Overall, it’s a comely fragrance to be used day time and suitable for those with free spirit in mind.

The series comes in lotion as well. I haven’t try it, I wish someday I can try it ^__^

Make my wish come true, please.

Oh well, at least one of my wish has come true, I won the best wish, as I wrote down ” I wish I have all Anna Sui’s perfume and be the happiest girl on the planet & smell good too”

And given a pouch from Mystical Masquerade Holiday Beauty Collection 2011, the Magical Princess.

Inside there’s a lip gloss and eye shadow palette. 

Adorable!! All Anna Sui’s products are so attentive in all the little nibble on the side, flowers on the cap, the tea rose scent and everything in between, just like the perfume bottle, everything is so dainty.

The product is from 2011 o2, the scent is a bit off then the new ones, but it seems like it can be used for 3 years unopened and 12 months after being opened.

Here’s the swatches of the eye shadow. I’ll be using it soon for another look, maybe a princess look ^0^

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.

Hello lovelies!

Yes, Indonesian Beauty Blogger has started giving you all a makeup challenge each month start from November 2012. And the theme these month is Enchanting Fairy, triiinggggg.

The prize is for 2 person, where each get a Rp.500.000 hampers from Too Cool For School (Total prize is Rp.1.000.000) cool isn’t it?!

Read the details HERE

Better hurry, the competition ends on the 20th of Nov 2012.

Now here’s mine, noooooooo I’m not joining the competition, I’m just giving you mine and hope you get inspired by it ^0^

A huge thanks to my little sister, once again she has become my model heehee. Above is her before face.

Start with a mineral foundation by bareMineral in light. I don’t need a thick layer of coverage since her skin doesn’t have much problem to be covered. Yes, we both have great genes ^^ btw none of these photos are edited, I dislike edited photos, well, minor is okay, but is the changes are major like jawline, nose shape, and bumpy red skin become flawlessly smooth without a trace, it would be just wrong. We should be proud of our-self, it’s funny how you met someone on their photo and in actual real live to be the complete opposite. Okay, enough chit chat ^__^

I added some Maybelline Clear Smooth in Natural for those anti sebum protection. Both the powder and the mineral foundation applied using brush. Perfect for a young lady like my sister where she wants the lightness of a makeup without being heavy.

Then I tidied the brow (no plucking, she dislike plucking the eye brows) using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes for the brows and the lashes are using Too Cool For School Super Glam Volume Up Mascara (blue).

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo 04 used as a based for the liners and lid.

Topped it off with Revlon Colorstay 540 and for the liners? Revlon Colorstay 002 Brown. Easily blend the look where the green takes part as a star. Blend it with light green and creamy yellow base.

The Body Shop Cheek Color 04 with golden sparkles for that fairy dust.

Now the theme starts now, using the brown eye liners as the main twig, heehee, my sis didn’t allowed me to give her a branch, so twigs it is.

 Gradually draw leaves one by one with Revlon and Anna Sui. Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in 03 also used as the main lines of the leaves, where the eyeshadows becomes the fillings. 

To add another sparks on the forest theme, Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz (BS 45) is added using a lip brush.

Carefully turning the eye lid on the left side as a leave as well. Decorate the hair ehm, she is not a tree, accessorize her hair and put on a costume for that forest fairy overall look.

The lips are smeared with Ceramide Ultra Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in Honeysuckle.

 Adding some green shadows in the middle part for a touch of green.

And below for a more mysterious look of a forest fairy where all the lips covered in green shadows.

It’s easy isn’t it? So? Join the competition and let your imagination run wild.

All the products used and thank you sister =^0^=

Hi everyone,
I’m super duper loving this next item as it really amplify the lashes to an extension that replace fake lashes, yes, 1 cm longer lashes? No problem!
The packaging and bottle is exquisite, Anna never forget to show her love to her passion.

Details from

“No need for fake lashes because you can just dramatize your own with Lash Amplifying Mascara which provides high impact volumizing effect with easy buildable smooth application.”

• SMOOTH – Spatula designed brush allows easy buildable smooth application, coating 3 sides of lashes in just 1 swipe.

• DENSE – Cream  film-type based formula with Gum Arabic gives instant thickness and dense effect. 

• FAKE LINER – Soft brush tips allows close to eye line application,  creating easy eye liner effect while building up volume from the lash roots.

This is it and that’s the spatula drenched in the thick black ‘sauce’ of goodness that will cover lashes in the most extreme way I’ve tried. It looks like a square spatula but it’s actually shaped like poseidon’s trisula.

The distance between one point to the other is wider than any mascara brush, there’s for the sauce can be as thick as possible and hardens creating a fiber-like gum based material which thickens and voila, the most extreme lashes are created.

There is a downside, the trisula will touches the root of the lashes and create some ‘mess’ which later this problem can be tacked by making them into eye liner as well. So it’s kinda like 2 in one product.


The Lash Amplifying Mascara can be used alone, or as my images above and below where the before is my naked lashes, in the middle is me using mascara (any mascara will do, waterproof, non waterproof, it wont matter), and the image with the words “After Lash Amplifying Mascara” is the after. So it was obvious between the before and finished result as the Lash Amplifying Mascara creates a significant longer, darker and extreme lashes without using fake lashes.

I love the scent of tea rose, I love the effect, I love how waterproof it is and I don’t have to worry about glues like fake lashes do, and the eye liners created also waterproof cum resistant as well.

The trisula help me reach those lashes on the edges which normal mascara brushes have difficulties in reaching it and definitely better for the lashes below the eyes too.

I can only say wow \^0^/

Now cleaning-wise, don’t be surprised to see this,


it’s not your lashes, it’s the Lash Amplifying Mascara, yes, 1 cm longer lashes is easily created. Use eye makeup remover and they will fall off and I found it quite funny too, they look so tough up there, but easily cleaned as well, with cleansing oil or eye makeup remover with warm water.

Let’s just say this is another successful product from Anna Sui.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia, I love it! 

And I’ll come back with more reviews for you, hopefully I can try the one in pink and turquoise \^0^/

Hello ladies,

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo is my love as it brings more than just 2 tone, yes, like said by Anna Sui: 1+1=3, here:

Maximize the Kaleidoscopic Illusion concept with these 7 shades! Blend both colors in each compact to create a magical gradation of layered shades. 1+1 = 3 with the Eye Color Duo! Use each shade alone, or blend together to create an iridescent glowing new shade.

I got mine in 04 (thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia) and it easily create a gradation, use it as one shade, 2 shades or 3 shades all at once. 

I’m using the dark blue as a liner and the lighter shade as a highlighter on the lid to create a natural daily look, yes, I know Anna Sui’s can be dramatic, but as seen, the blues can be natural and soft too. So I didn’t mixed the shades on my lids images above.

Here are the images of swatches and mixed shades:

The two created a new shade.

After mixed together create a sparkles in blue. A light blue in dazzling silver.

As always the tea rose scent is bursting with love and hmm, I think I’ll use it with my eye shadow brush instead of small sponges applicator given.

Both of the colors are vibrant and alive, it stands against more than 20 rubs (yes, I tested it) so as long as you didn’t rub your eyes so much, they’ll stay there for sure for the whole day.

Don’t forget to clean it with an eye makeup remover after use and see you all again real soon ^0^

Hello beauties!

Anna Sui Eye Shadow Palette in 201 (lighter purple), 201 (deep purple), 851 (gold creme) is here to entertain you all with the most beautiful colors.

This is the box and inside there’s a casing for 3 eye shadows of your choice. You can simply mix and match to you delight. Please read it HERE for more details including price.

Just detach them one by one and on the bottom part there’s a small double tape (glue) to stick the palette conveniently. They’ll snug in and feels like home. Mine is exactly the shades used for the promotion of Autumn 2012 Collection. The smell of tea rose is ah-may-zing, loooove it!

Inside there’s a tiny brush/sponge, unlike other eye shadows which only gives us the spongy edges, this one there’s some brush action, due to the various texture, creamy and powder.

Please refer to my video of me using it.

As mention the MUA from Anna Sui told me to use the creamy texture first, then followed by the powder. Usually use the color that’s darker then lighter (for the powder). The eye shadows (powder) also can be used as liners for the eyes.

I love the gold cream as t glides so easily on the lid (skin), and it gives me instant radiance effect, glows and stays that way. Then the deep purple, bold and brave, reminds me of the 50’s, the era of freedom, best trends and seductive too.

The lighter purple is demure, calming and soothing. It’s the bridge between the golden dust and daring purple.

The colors stays with me almost all day long (no rubbing, please) and I love the staying power of the scent as well. Use it with the whole range of Anna Sui Cosmetics and you’ll be the Queen of Tea Rose, scentational!

Anna Sui Nail Color N in 210

Hi pretty ladies!

You’ve read my post of my recent encounter with Anna Sui: HERE, now I’ll give you the nail color in 210 review.

Please take a look at Anna Sui website to found out more.

There are 32 colors and which one I’ve tried? The classic Anna Sui’s color, yes, deep purple.

The scent is ah-may-zingg I meant it. There’s tea rose everywhere and it stays on the nails up to 3 days. I kept sniffing my nails \^0^/

I really love the depth of color, it was intense. Now, I’ve used it for 5 days and they are still so pretty. It doesn’t chipped easily.

When it was applied the lacquer felt a bit runny and has to be applied 3 times to achieve the perfect color for me. It dries quite fast, not 60 seconds but still in minutes.

The bottle is awesome. Like every items from Anna Sui, they are collectibles.

I love it!

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia

Hello everyone!!

Great news! Anna Sui Autumn 2012 Collection is finally here and they pampered us so well, where? In a salon in Jakarta.

Greeted by Anna Sui’s colorful roses, I’m so happy to be there!

Arrays of Anna Sui’s newest products celebrating autumn! No more boring eye colors, we’ll be a match to those beautiful leaves in the fall.

The toiletries, luxurious toiletries!!!

Manjakan dirimu dengan kekuatan mawar dari ujung rambut hingga ujung kaki untuk seluruh kegiatan istimewamu!
Mnajakan rambut dan kulitmu dengan kemewahan mawar. Pakailah gaun indahmu, kini kamu siap memukau setiap orang di pesta dengan rambut yang halus, kulit bersinar dan menjadi pusat perhatian.
Berdandan bukanlah hanya menggunakan make-up, menggunakan pakaian dan sepatu yang indah, menata rambut, memakai perhiasan… Aroma yang wangi merupakan hal yang penting, ini adalah hal yang dapat membuatmu menonjol diantara kumpulan orang-orang. Dengan meningkatkan rutinitas sehari-harimu dengan produk ANNA SUI Hair & Body, bahan-bahan kecantikannya memberikan keuntungan dari kepala hingga ujung kaki dengan tea rose. Hair and body memberikan aroma yang mewah.
Manjakan dirimu dan dapatkan aroma mewah musim ini!

The cosmetics 🙂 All of the guess here are pampered with head to toe treatment. First, I let them wash my hair with Rose Hair Shampoo, followed by the conditioner. The Tea Rose scent is amazingly fragrant and aromatic. The shampoo cleans my hair beautifully and the conditioner helps smooths the strands. Can be used for any hair type, including colored, like mine. The scent last until the next day ^__^ love it!

After blow drying, it’s make up time ^^ from the simplest touch up to start from the beginning, they got it all.

Manicure pedicure? Yes! Completed with their new nail polish, mine is in purple, I’ll show it to you on my next post.

And here are some products details from Anna Sui’s 2012 Autumn I Collection:

Launch Date : September 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 200.000
Available : 5 Shades
Size : 1g
Tingkatkan makeup matamu!
memperkenalkan waterproof liner yang lembut
dan jelas!
● Smooth, comfortable application!
Menggunakan lilin yang sangat lembut, kami menciptakan pensil yang sangat lembut. Dan kami memilih minyak yang sangat ringan.
Memperkenalkan aplikasi lembut dan ringan!
Garis mata yang cantik sangat mudah untuk dibuat dengan pensil yang mudah diaplikasikan. Sempurna untuk eye palettemu!
● A single simple swipe yields deep, vivid color♪
Mutiara dan pigmen yang berjumlah banyak dikombinasikan menambahkan kedalaman pada mata. Membuat mata lebih besar dan dramatis.
● Long lasting waterproof base!
Keringat dan airmata tidak masalah bagi eyeliner waterproof ini yang terlihat segar sepanjang hari.

Launch : September 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 179.000
Net Weight : 250g
Percikan dari mawar alami …
Dua lapisan body lotion untuk kelembaban yang tinggi
● Refreshing application leaves skin super smooth
Bahan dasar air dan teksturnya dikombinasikan dengan rose honey agar lebih halus ketika diaplikasikan.
Seaweed Polymers* membuat kulit bersinar, lembab dan tidak lengket
● Moisturized and smoothly toned skin !
Lotion terdiri dari 2 lapisan: mengencangkan dan melembabkan kulit.
Emulsion Capsules** lapisan pertama untuk memperhalus kulit
Seaweed Polymers* lapisan kedua mengencangkan dengan menahan kelembaban padakulit
Terdiri dari bahan dasar air yang menghaluskan dan melembabkan.
<Toner Level>
<Emulsion Level>
*Seaweed Polymers…Conditioning ingredients that are able to hold a large amount of water.
**Emulsion Capsules…Highly moisturizing capsules with an core of oil-based beauty ingredients.

Launch : Sept 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 159.000
Net Weight : 200g
Meningkatkan kelembaban dan membuat rambut lebih halus
● Reverses damage and leaves hair ultra-moisturized!
Triple Silicon Emulsion**memperbaiki rambut yang rusak.
Rambut mudah diatur dan lembut.
● Keeps color-treated hair looking healthy.
Thick and creamy Coating Capsules** membungkus setiap helaian rambut memastikan perlindungan dari akar rambut hingga ujungnya agar berkilau dan sehat.
*Emollient Capsules…A highly absorbent blend of oils
**Triple Silicon Emulsion…A combination of three silicon emulsions that repair damaged hair

Launch : September 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 159.000
Net Weight : 250ml
Busa yang lembut membuat rambut halus
dan beraroma mawar
● A satiny smooth finish…
Diformulasikan dengan bahan yang biasanya ditemukan di hair conditioner, Rose Hair Shampoo baru membilas rambutmu dan secara simultan memberikan kelembaban sehingga rambut lebih halus dan lembut.
● A rich foam that delicately cleanses…
Kombinasi Balm Cleanser** and Smoothing Cleanser* diciptakan untuk busa yang lembut
Busanya membersihkan kotoran di rambut dan kulit kepala.
*Smoothing Cleanser…Cleansing agent that leaves hair smooth
**Balm Cleanser…Natural cleansing agent derived from palm oil
***Bubble Keep Polymers…Conditioning ingredients that improve foam density

Launch : Sept 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 159.000
Net Weight : 250g
Kulit lembut beraroma mawar… busanya membuat kulit tubuhmu lebih lembab.
● Rich, creamy bubbles create mousse-like treat for skin…
Triple Clear Capsules* membersihkan, meningkatkan elastisitas kulit dan membuat kulit lebih bersih dan lembut
Bubble Keep Polymers*** *Triple Clear Capsules…Cleaning capsules with a core of oil-based beauty ingredients
**Bubble Keep Polymers…Conditioning ingredients that improve foam density
● Ultra-moisturized, silky smooth skin…
Bahan kecantikan yang dikombinasikan untuk meningkatkan kelembaban dan mencegah dehidrasi yang biasanya terjadi setelah mandi.

Launch Date : September 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 130.000
Available : 35 Shades
Size : 1g
Kombinasi pribadimu untuk warna yang jelas dan kilauan yang cantik!
● Varying formulas for varying colors!
Formula base yang berbeda memperlihatkan warna terbaik setiap warna :
☆A Powder Base for vivid color
Formula yang kaya akan pigmen membuat warna yang jelas dan tahan lama
Dengan membungkus pigmen dengan minyak khusus, menghasilkan formula yang lembut ketika diaplikasikan dan sangat cocok untuk dimainkan olehmu agar mendapatkan gradasi warna yang berbeda.
☆A Moist Powder Base for clear color and dazzling pearls
Dibuat dari bahan dasar minyak yang transparan agar mudah dibaur, bahan dasarnya juga terbuat dari mutiara menciptakan hasil akhir yang bersinar dan mengkilap.
● An exquisite collection of Purples in true Anna fashion!
Ungu adalah warna favorite dan ciri khas Anna!
Hal inilah alasan mengapa kamu dapat memilih 8 wariasi dari warna ungu untuk menciptakan penampilan apapun yang terinspirasi dari warna ungu! Dari lavender yang lembut hingga warna ungu yang gelap, dari gaya yang cute hingga seksi atau penampilan apapun diantaranya, sangat mudah didapatkan

Launch Date : September 2012
Retail Price : Rp. 130.000
Available : 6 Shades
Size : 1g
Introducing Cream Eye Shadow-
Your eyes will shine like stars!
● Instant drama with one swipe!
Glitter yang glamor and kilauan warna metalik meningkatkan make up matamu secara instan!
Serbaguna – bisa dipakai sendiri untuk gaya glossy-wet atau tambahkan dengan eye color favoritmu.
glitter Anna-esque adalah sesuatu yang harus dimiliki wanita yang fashionable!
● Made for dazzling shine!
Clear Fit Base yang transparan* membuat glitter dan mutiara berkilau sempurna dan terlihat segar sepanjang hari. Gunakan sebagai base untuk menambahkan kilauan dimatamu agar lebih tahan lama
*Clear Fit Base…A gel-type oil base, often used in lip gloss, that has translucent clarity and adheres well to the skin
**Stay Fit Powder…Tiny, uneven particles of powder that fit well on skin

Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia for inviting me and see you all real soon!!