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Hi everybody,

I’m here with Nivea Indonesia. Recently they’ve launch new products from the body series. Instead of plain regular lotion, the name body serum comes up, why?

dr. Hanny Nilasari, SpKK selaku staf pengajar Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin FKUI-RSCMmenyatakan, Serum merupakan bahan tambahan dalam formulasi perawatan kulit dan dapat terserap lebih cepat dan dapat berpenetrasi hingga ke lapisan kulit yang lebih dalam. Seperti produk perawatan kulit lainnya, serum dapat bekerja sebagai anti-aging, dan membantu mencerahkan kulit. Kelebihan serum, kandungan bahan aktifnya cukup tinggi, sehingga penggunaan serum
akan menunjukkan hasil dalam waktu yang lebih singkat dibandingkan dengan pelembab biasa atau produk perawatan kulit lainnya.

-All details provided by Nivea Indonesia-

In the lovely box, there’s two products, a charm bracelet, CD, booklet and agenda.

I’m so interested with the body serum since this is my first time trying on Nivea’s Body Serum. For Nivea’s fan for more than 20 years, especially the body and lips product, I would like to keep myself in front with their latest item on the market.


The two new products is made to help brighten up the skin tone, one for the dry skin and one for the very dry skin. Please do watch my video here:

What do you think about that? Are you interested to try them on? Here’s some more facts I want to share with you.

Clearly if you’re an outdoor person and very active, sun protection is highly recommended for daily maintenance. Keep the skin hydrated and sun protected is crucial.


It’s not just for beauty reasons like keeping the skin fair, but kept them healthy. A healthy skin can work better as our natural barrier to the environment. Healthier skin also more elastic so they doesn’t get hurt easily and looks glowing with natural radiant too. Nivea Body Serum gives me option to stays active outdoor and indoor.


Indoor? Yes, all of us who stuck indoor either for classes or our jobs demands us to, also get sun rays from the windows. I’ve done a test where I sit in a car on the left side. The left part of my body tend to be dryer even thou the sun haven’t touched the skin directly, while the right part is moister since there’s zero sun rays, direct nor indirect. So even thou we’re not outdoor, anywhere the sun touches us (direct or indirect) our skin still ‘suffer’ the consequences.

Of course, I’m not denying the benefits of the sun (Vit D), but around 15 minutes a day is consider adequate. That’s why we need SPF on our skin daily to prolong that 15 minutes.


NIVEA Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Serum

Memberikan perawatan intensif untuk kulit kering

Body Serum yang diperkaya dengan 96% kemurnian Vitamin E dan Grape Seed Extract untuk mengatasi masalah kulit kering.

Rp. 15.000 (75 ml), Rp. 30.000 (200 ml)

Look at that with just Rp.30.000 per 200 ml, I think Nivea is quite generous, especially for a cheapskate (like me) heehee I thought the product will at least cost Rp 50.000, it’s not, hooray!


NIVEA UV Extra Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Serum
Melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari dan mencerahkan kulit dalam waktu 2 minggu.
Body Serum dengan kandungan Vitamin C dari Camu camu dan95% Purity Vitamin C derivative sebagai antioksidan, serta licorice extract untuk membantu proses pencerahan kulit.
Rp 15.000 (75ml), Rp 30.000(200 ml)

Either UV Extra Whitening Serum or Intensive Moisture Serum, your call ^^ I think both serum is light enough, smells good (original or fruity), doesn’t give my skin any white cast, oily nor greasy effect, but just the right amount of moisture, low price, comfortable on the skin and unisex too.

To ensure the optimal benefit, just be sure to use them every day and like any other product with SPF, clean the skin thoroughly after each usage.

Thank you.

Hello everyone!!!

This item was a gift from Stephanie Nangoi, thanks babe! And she said she doesn’t like the scent, hence instead of throwing it away, she gave it to me which I received it, gladly haha! I love Soap & Glory, I think their stuffs are adorably pink and I love toiletries as well.

And the scent is the one thing she can’t stand off, that’s the first thing I’ve done, sniff it! This product has an odd start with me, the scent was kinda sharp and spiky at first to the nose, but something happens.


With babassu oil, sea salt and moisturising jojoba and mandarin oils. Scented with our Mist You Madly™ fragrance.

Instructions for Use

Scoop out a handful and rub it all over, then rinse. Smear our Daily Smooth Body Butter on top (it has the same sexy smell!), if you want to maximize the moisturize.


Insisted on trying the product I scoop a handful of this pink gooey hard big sea salts where tiny blue dots are everywhere (what are those) and start rubbing it off against my skin, and there it is. The scent start to evolve and tone down a bit. I start noticing a very vivid scent which I usually experienced when I’m entering a 5 stars hotels, the smell of a clean, fresh and comfortable room. That’s the smell! I have to admit that I enjoy the scent so much.

Move on to the texture, the sea salts are big alright and feels rough on the skin, and since it was really big, a lot of them goes down the drain before even buffing the skin. The product can be used on dry or damp skin and again, since the sea salt are big even though the skin is wet, they easily dissolve, it actually took them a while before dissolving. The scrubbing can goes as long or as short as you want it to, and depends on your moods.

Result? A soft and smooth skin with this memorable aroma that I enjoy for about 30 minutes to 1 hour after the shower, the oils help the skin to stay moist and the scrubbing effect help the blood circulation under the skin.

Overall, it’s a scrub that does buffing, pampering and aromatic (if you happens to like the scent like I do) and gives the result just as it is.

Ollaaaaa ^__^

This is a toiletries from one of my favorite brand, The Body Shop. They have massive variety of lovable things, I wish more brands comes up with more variation, even more than TBS in Indonesia. We need variation, put your hands up everyone who agrees!

From Satsuma, Mango, Moringa to Cherry and Cherry Blossom, their body butters are irresistible. I know customers from 8 to 50 years old are craving for this stuff. They come in many varieties, scent, benefit and different thickness. Some for super dry skin, dry skin, to normal skin condition.


Details from

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter

An intensive, rich and fragrant all-over body moisturiser with the decadent Japanese cherry blossom fragrance. Absorbs into the skin easily to condition and soften. Provides moisturisation that lasts up to 24 hours.


The aroma of sakura is flying from the pot. It is spring in Japan right now and for a minute there, my addiction to Japan has been cured. I love the sweet floral aroma, it’s something feminine, girly, and delicious at the same time.


The skin instantly gain moisture and looks glossy. Healthier, plump and smells goooooooooood. I miss Japan so bad @o@, I wish I can stay there anytime I want to ^__^

Okay, sorry, a bit euphoria there, back to the review. The Japanese Cherry Blossom provide a lovely scent, with just enough moist effect for my normal skin type in a hot and humid Jakarta. No more white stripes when scratch and hello pretty skin for almost all day long. I know it does say 24 hour, but I take a shower 2x a day (mostly) and use another dose of the body butter without being able to test the 24 hour but I think they might just do 24 hour like mentioned.

Dear everyone, 

ladies and gents ^__^ since all of these items may be used unisex, this post is open unisex as well!

Makarizo has done a big campaign lately and Indonesian Beauty Blogger are invited for this particular ceremonial to greet the new hair extravaganza in style and their latest products range Texture Experience.

Here are the full products from Texture Experience:

Hair Massage Cream:

  1. Black Chocolate
Diperkaya ekstrak Cocoa murni yang diformulasi untuk kerusakan rambut dengan mengontrol tingkat kelembaban kulit kepala.

  1. Vanilla Milk
Diperkaya ekstrak susu yang diformulasikan untuk melembabkan sekaligus mempertahankan elastisitas rambut. Ekstrak asli Vanilla berkhasiat untuk menenangkan saraf dan membangkitkan mood positif serta menjadikan lebih bergairah

  1. Cinnamon Coffe
Penemuan terbaru menyatakan bahwa kopi sangat bermanfaat dalam merawat rambut. Ekstrak kopi mempunyai sifat anti oksidan yang dapat mencegah penuaan dini pada batang rambut dan rambut patah.

  1. Strawberry Yoghurt
Diperkaya ekstrak Strawberry dan Yoghurt yang diformulasi untuk menyegarkan, menutrisi dan melindungi rambut

  1. Green Tea Butter
Diperkaya ekstrak Teh Hijau yang diformulasi untuk mempertahankan vitalitas rambut untuk kilau yang sempurna

  1. Mint Sorbet
Formulasi ekstrak Mint serta bahan Sorbet dapat mengembalikan vitalitas rambut dan mencegah ketombe

Body Scrub

  1. Seaweed
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Seaweed Extract (ekstrak ganggang laut) yang berfungsi melembabkan kulit.  Microscrubnya mampu mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih, tampak cerah dan terasa halus.

  1. Black Rice
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Ekstrak beras (Black Rice) yang memberi nutrisi pada kulit. Microscrubnya mampu mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih, segar dan harum.

  1. Deep Sea Mineral
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Color Clay Cocoa, mineral dasar laut. Mengandung Microscrub yang berfungsi sebagai scrub lembut untuk mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih dan lembut
 And today I’m going to share some of them which I have at home and have tried it for the review.



First, is the Mint Sorbet shampoo, I’m very excited to see this one since I’ve been looking for minty shampoo for normal hair. Yes, the details said to prevent dandruff as well, prevent is not the same like other over the counter products which is definitely for occurring dandruff.

I wish for a cold breeze but receive a slightly tingling and cool reaction. My husband said he needs something more mint than these shampoos, but perhaps he is used with the very cold shampoo ^__^

Let’s do the chart:

minty feeling: 2 out of 5

cleaning service: 4 out of 5
soften the hair: 3 out of 5

Overall, a good shampoo which cleanse the hair and scalp with a mild mint flavour.



So you want something minty, huh?! This one does it, hubby approved! ^__^ A serious mint in given with a very wonderful scent. I love the mint refreshing scent which stays on like perfume for the whole day.

We use the Mint Sorbet Hair Messag Cream after the shampoo and towel dried hair. 3/4 of the palm is enough for me and 1/3 of palm for hubby. I prefer the cream to be all over my hair and avoiding the scalp, while he is all over with the scalp involved too, he experienced more frosting mint while I enjoy the scent only. So if used all the way from the scalp, you’ll experience the mints as well.

After usage: The normal hair will become so soft, smooth and glossy too, while my damaged hair will looks tangled free, smoother  (but still not as smooth as those with normal hair) and enjoy smelling good like normal hair do too.


The funny thing is that in the cream have these tiny beads (baby blue colored) which looks and feel like a scrub. I thought they will burst when massage into the hair or at the palms, but they don’t. So is it a scalp/hair scrubber? Perhaps. I’m clueless heehee.


Next is the black chocolate, ooohhhhh \^0^/ I’ve tried the shampoo before (Click: HERE) which gives me a soft and smooth hair, (but still needed some conditioner) now, here are the conditioner. A light chocolate cream which looks like liquid chocolate literally and smells like liquid chocolate too. It was a unique experience, the exterior features really encourage me to lick them, which I didn’t, hello, self control O.O Careful thou’ you’ve been warned.

The result of using the conditioner is a softer hair, here’s the chart:

Tangle-free: 3 out of 5
shine added: 3 out of 5

healed broken hair: 2 out of 5
revitalize the hair : 3 out of 5
unique experience plus texture: 5 out of 5

Overall, it’s a good product with natural ingredients which gives the hair a softer and smoother feeling and a whole lotta chocolate.

Still think the conditioner not chocolate enough?

This one will!



A super duper dose of chocolate is seriously found here. It’s not just chocolate mousse texture but heavy pudding chocolate mousse with density and thickness and dose ^__^ Pulled it out of the jar need a bit effort since the opening is small and a bit sharp on the edges, I wish it came in bigger ‘mouth’.


I put the chocolate paste on my shampooed and toweled dry hair, the sensation it created is indulging and for any chocolate lover it will be an experience they longed for. Imagine a hard day at work and get back in a pampering routine with the most famous ingredients in the world that gives relaxing effect. I even crave some chocolate just buy smelling it.

I leave it on like any other hair treatment products, using a shower cap, I leave it on for 15-2o minutes and rinse it well. The after effect is an all day long chocolate scent with soft, detangled hair and fuller feeling. Like they just added some body to the hair.


Now, we moved on to the next level, a Body Scrub Seaweed. A muddy light green scrub with very tiny beads, even the Minty Sorbet Hair Massage Cream have bigger beads ^__– and the scent is almost like seaweed too, so it would be something like sea breeze.

The opening is super small, I can only put a finger in to get the scrub out. The texture is thick but not as thick as Black Chocolate Hair Massage Cream. I use it on a damp skin and the light scrubbing action able to clean the skin and not overdo it. Instead of dry skin, the Seaweed Scrub gives me a plump dewy skin afterwards.


 The skin become softer and gently removed dead skin with no harshness. Suitable to be used several times a week. I’ve used it after and without shower gel/foam the result is just the same, a bouncy and happy skin after usage.
 Last, it’s the item which I recently use, the Strawberry Yoghurt.
The scent is just like any strawberry yoghurt I found in supermarkets. The clear gel texture is cleaning the hair and gives a silky finish. I do need a conditioner afterwards. Suitable for those who are looking for a strawberry yoghurt scent but I think the overall effect can be found in the Hair Message Cream.

So far I’ve been experimenting and mixed a bit, the chocolate and mint can be mixed, the mint sorbet for the scalp and chocolate for the dry hair, the result is like a well blended choco-mint ice cream, delicious!!! The scalp get energized with the minty feeling and the hair become smooth and nourished with the black chocolate.

Thank you Makarizo Indonesia.
Stay tune for more juicilicious hair and body products.

Hi everyone,

after series of makeup and facial care, let’s move on to the body series. This one is among my favorite range from The Body Shop, Moringa. A sweet floral scent with lovely aroma of a spa. Moringa Body scrub is here.


Details from

A gentle exfoliating scrub for radiant looking skin, subtly scented with a delicate, floral fragrance. Stimulates the skin and removes dead skin cells when massaged into the skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and better prepared to absorb the next layer of moisture.

The particles are tiny and I can see a colorful tiny beads are here . . . what are those? On the packaging it was said moringa fruit powder, walnut shell, and ground rice are there, maybe that’s them. While Cherry scrub is bigger in terms of scrub particle, this one is smaller, way smaller, and I like them both. There are days where I prefer larger scrub beads and there are days where smaller size scrub is needed. The Body Shop got it all covered for any moods.


I use Moringa Body Scrub anytime I want to be pampered like royalty, oh, like a princess.

The scrub used on damp skin, massage in circular motion and let it glide all over the place. Put special attention on areas such as knees and elbows where the skin are thickening, so the scrub may help to loosen up and soft radiant skin appeared from within. After rinsing the skin get this glistening effect, like there’s some fragrant oil which gives scent to the skin and moist looking too.

Now on when to use it, I found them may be used before body wash and after, either way for me it’s depends on the mood. I know for sure it was recommended to be used before body wash, but I like the scent to last longer on the skin, so sometime I use body wash first then the body scrub.

I use the scrub around 1-2 times a week. Suitable to be used with the whole range of Moringa’s, body lotion, butter, etc for a more in-depth lingering scent of moringa and elastic younger appearance of the skin.

Hello everyone,

these are very special items which I’m blessed to try them on my self and my husband’s as well. Yes, the variant here given are actually for men, from Belif Cosmetics called Manology 101.


There are a total of 5 items specially made for men. 2 for the body, 3 for the face. In this opportunity I would like to share the products for the body.

First of all, I’m so happy and glad finally there’s products for men in the market without being too harsh nor ‘too much’. Locally, men are considered so ‘dirty’, oily, dandruff-y (hair), dull and need whitening products, seriously, I went to many places (local supermarkets/store) for over the counter products and some luxury brands, most of them sells items for body odors, over sweats, greasy, oily and dull skinned man. My man is NOT in those category. He is considered as a well-groomed person who longed for a simple products fits to his needs without being too much.

Gladly, he found belif Manology 101. Hooray!


Product Description

Body washfor men with natural cleansing ingredients. Removes impurities gently yeteffectively to keep the body’s skin texture hydrated and elastic. Formulated with Mallow ingredient that prevents skin troubles, leaving skin clean and full of vitality.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients or alcohol.

To Use

Dispense a sufficient amount on a sponge or hands, work into a rich lather, rub over entire body and rinse with water.


On the bottle it is written there’s mallow, soapberry, sweet flag, Napiers original formula that I seriously doesn’t have a clue of what it is, but I can tell you for sure how wonderful they smell and effect on the skin. Let’s do a He says (hubby) and She says (me) shall we?!


Regarding the thick white creamy texture:

He: It’s okay, nothing to complain.
She: I love how rich it felt and on the skin, the creamy gel glide effortlessly. Luxurious all over and feels pampering.

The scent:

He: Refreshing and smells really good. It’s a nice option compared to most products for men out there. Is there a ginger in it?
She: It’s a mix between something citrus and something warm like ginger. The product smells really energizing, like it said in the packaging. Sniffing it makes me feels like I’m in a spa.


The Bubbling Action:

He: There’s a lot of bubbles, nice!
She: I love how easy they lathered up and the soft bubbling action makes me use less than other body wash. And every pop! There’s goes the scent happily flying in the air. The whole bathroom smells good…..yes, I’m a big fan of the scent.

When using it:

He: It seems like they do the job well, cleaning the skin and not so slippery but I can feel the lathers clean the skin well, with a slight warming sensation on the skin.
She: I feel like I’m pampered. The lathers is rich, fluffy and using a sponge would definitely add more bubbles and foam making it more fun and energizing as it lifts up my mood. A definite mood booster.
When rinsing and after effect:

He: Easily rinse and doesn’t leave the skin feeling squeaky dry nor slippery. So I’m good to go as it seems like the product gives the skin a good cleansing action, smells good (without being girlie or smells like flowers) and the skin which sometime itch due to other soaps, feels not itchy at all. The skin which usually easily irritated looks calm and fresh. I like the combination of feeling clean without overly stripe off the moisture. I will definitely keep using the product and recommend it to my fellow mates.

She: Oohhh, this is really good. I know for sure there are a lot of soaps and body cleanser out there that striping off the moisture from the skin, so the skin feels like floor and irritated. Energizing Body Wash from belif is far from that. It is superbly wonderful. After rinsing, I can immediately feel the skin being energized, cleaned, yet still hydrated and moist. I love the lasting warmth sensation, not hot, but warm. I know this product is for men, but I’ll sneak in once in a while and enjoy it as well. For me it’s irresistible.

After the invigorating shower experience, we’ll move on to the emulsion.


Product Description

Energizing body emulsion for men that is applied to the skin without stickiness, leaving the skin silky and firm. Formulated with Lavender Oil and Arnica flower extracts that prevent dryness and enhance vitality in the skin.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients or alcohol.

To Use

After shower or bath, dispense a sufficient amount and massage gently over entire body.


Emulsion, what is an emulsion? Based on


  1. A fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible.
  2. A light-sensitive coating for photographic films and plates, containing crystals of a silver compound dispersed in a medium such as gelatin.
Yup, in this case, emulsion is a mixed between 2 liquids which usually un-mix-able. Something from the water family and something from the oil family.


Result? A beautiful white creamy gel which feels cooling on the skin and gives instant hydrating effect.

He: The anti-sticky emulsion is a fresh and unique option from the usually so oily/greasy lotion or worse those lotion for whitening which sometime irritates the skin. The smell is somewhat like the Body Wash, so I’m a fan alright and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, like instantly absorbed. For dry skin I need another lotion to top it off especially when used to the slippery feeling of normal lotion.

She: I love it. I’m so bored with conventional lotions nowadays and Jakarta is just getting hotter and hotter. Normal lotion will make my skin feels like difficult to breath (sometime) and when sweating, it will be like grease and yucky. The emulsion is perfect for the body as it was so light yet the nutrients needed by the skin is provided to stay looking healthy and plump without being too much. Like the proportion is done just right. I bet they did use a measuring glass in creating this perfect concoction.

But, frankly speaking, even thou I can use all of the body care from Manology 101 (and loving them), I do longed for products for my gender, and yup, belif does carry on for me (female) too. Hopefully soon I can try all of them and give you some review as well.


Come to the counter and try some yourself  \^__^/
Overall? Another brilliant and wonderful products from belif cosmetics which I think a must try.

Hello everyone,

L’Occitane just celebrate their 10th anniversary in Indonesia and the bloggers are given some travel sizes products to remember it by.

For me it’s not enough for a review but one particular product does gives me a strong impression. Almond Shower Oil.


Details from

Transforms into a lavish, softening foam–original and unique in texture–that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body. Rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids. Cleanses gently to impart a delectable perfume.


The liquid, the shines, the oil, reminds me a lot of a cleansing oil. It’s a cleansing oil for the body, a very lucky body. I love almond pudding so the first sniff of a delicious almond pudding is there and surprise in a good way.

Then mixed with water, a soft lathering effect emulsifying on a damp skin, wonderful floral and other ingredients that delighted the nose and all my senses. It was heavenly. The skin response by turning soft, moisturized and hydrated. plumped and nourished at the same time. The aroma is irresistible and how I wished it stays more than an hour.

The Shower Oil is suitable for those suffering from dry skin or irritating skin due to conventional soaps.

Use a lotion afterwards and let the skin stays hydrated all day long.

Hello everyone!

Egyptian Magic Cream is here and I get mine from

The delivery is made in 2 days and I applaud the promptness and quick response of the seller.

Beside the Egyptian Magic Cream, samples are also given to me ^__^

This multipurpose cream is famous and I think Madonna’s testimonial that came to my attention.

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural skin cream made from six of nature’s most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients. For more than 20 years we have been blending these ingredients using our unique, proprietary process based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs. The result is a luxurious cream with moisturizing and nourishing properties that are legendary among celebrities, the fashion industry, even doctors and hospitals. With that support, Egyptian Magic has grown exclusively through word-of-mouth to be one of the most popular and widely endorsed skin creams in the world.
Please look at our site to learn more about the product and to discover how others use Egyptian Magic on a phenomenal array of skin issues. From babies’ bottoms to the faces of the top supermodels in the world, Egyptian Magic legitimately bears the words “All-Purpose.” We are sure you will be delighted with the results and stand behind the product with a 100% guarantee.

Egyptian Magic is made of Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis. Our unique process combines these six simple ingredients to create a moisturizing balm unlike any other. That’s it. No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens.

Read the fascinanting FAQ here:

The first function of this cream I used is for treatment of bruises. Bumps causes bruises and usually on my daughter it will take around a week to heal and I applied ointment oil for it which sometime causes her skin to over heat or maybe one or two of the ingredients is too harsh for her delicate skin. So this time, I’m trying the Egyptian Magic Cream (EMC) and the thick cream melts in the touch of the hands and applying on a bruised skin become easy. After massaging the EMC texture stays oily and works well as lubricant. No irritation or ‘heat’ cause by it. My daughter skin stays soft and supple, the bruises also gone faster than usual time.

I also use EMC as hand cream where it kept the hands young, I’m not a fan of the oily feeling but it can be tackle by using less. I’m not using the EMC as a daily cream, but more when there’s problem, like chapped lips, mosquito bites, bumps and bruises, on heels, elbows, and other skin problems for the whole family.

Bottom line, the balm is very good in softening the skin, when the skin soften, it will become more flexible, suppler and healthier. The balm provide nutrients that beneficial to the skin. Nourished it and create barrier that protects the skin from further damage. 

Hellooooo ^0^

This new item is no stranger in our household and perhaps in anyone household. It’s a very famous brand of Vaseline. Their original jar or petroleum jelly is worldwide and used in so many ways.

This aloe is considered ‘new’ compared with the one that started it all.

Vaseline® Total Moisture® Aloe Fresh lotion leaves your skin feeling light and fresh. Our light feel formula combines pure aloe and Stratys-3TM multi-layer moisture absorbing quickly, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers*, leaving skin hydrated.
*stratum corneum (multi-layer surface skin)

The lotion is indeed light and absorb rather quickly leaving the skin feeling soft without any dots of stickiness. The lovely refreshing scent is pleasing for both male and female. Suitable for those looking for a nice moisturizer without being too much, however for people who are looking for a moisturizer that’s buttery wont be a fan.

Me? I like this soft, light, airy lotion heehee, especially living in a hot and humid town. But if I’m traveling something heavier will be my opt.

The white light lotion is affordable, fresh, simple, no fuss and hydrate the skin without being oily, greasy, and uncomfortable.

Hello lovelies,

This is a body care product from Too Cool For School, so they do have skincare (not just cosmetic) and body care. I’ve shared a review on their moisturizer before (Click ME) and now my husband also using it. Ultra Hydro Cream is suitable unisex and giving the skin a simple hydration that feels smooth on the skin.

I’m now trying Moringa Perfume Body Lotion, here’s some details from

I’ve used Moringa collection from The Body Shop before so I pretty much already a big fan of Moringa’s smell, but TCFS gives me a lighter option and a more suitable for my daily use. Somehow the concoction smells fresher too ^__^

While a body butter is definitely heavier and the milk body lotion still feels a bit more stickier than TCFS Moringa Perfume Body Lotion.

The white creamy lotion is wonderful, I wish I can use it with the shower gel too, so there are layers of Moringa and the scent will ‘stick’ longer and better on the skin.

The lotion alone smells really good and last for 4 hours. Ideal for the skin all over the body. Sometime after shower I use different type of moisturizer for some body part, but with TCFS Moringa Perfume Body Lotion I use it on the drier part as well as on normal skin. The hydrating effect last for the whole day or at least until the next wash.

Overall, a very fragrant body lotion with Moringa as the main attention, perfect viscosity, not too light and not too heavy, not sticky, suitable for daily use and I love the cute packaging too. TCFS is famous for bringing attention and delights to the eyes and this one is no exception.