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New Crocs New You Event

Hi all!

I just got back from a very colorful event with Crocs Indonesia. This is the official event for New Crocs New You where they gonna give a very very lucky person Rp 22 mio and to be the finalist all over the world for a dream makeover with an International Stylist shopping to the country of your choice all worth USD 8000.

The event is held in Miitem Plaza Indonesia where every guest invited can take a picture at the booth and a change to win vouchers too.

Shortly after the mc started the event with a bit information of the new Crocs, Crocslite: colorful, light weight, comfortable and a whole lot of attitude.

Then a mini makeover began with bloggers and media take part. It was raining colors everywhere. No more boring looks when Crocs around.

We all goo goo ga ga over the selection. Women are sure to find a pair they truly adore. Flat, wedges and rumors has it, high heels will soon join us here. Woopie! Heels in comfort is my best friend.

The cute girl who won best pics =^___^=

With Wingky Wijaya, Crocs Indonesia hand in hand has began an era of Crocs stylish range for Indonesia.

Now, why don’t you open and be a part of this awesomeness 🙂

Hi readers!!! So good to see you today XD hope the heat doesn’t get you, drink plenty of water and juices, they are good, refreshing and most fruits contain cooling aids for our body, neat!

This is my look for Crocs, just a pair can be used daily, you might want to read the previous post and don’t forget to join the super duper contest ya, click —> HERE.

Without further ado let’s see my look in a week taken using a pair of Crocs:

This is my look when bringing these babies home. A simple mall chic on a happy Saturday after attending an event. I remember being astonish by this blackie, I thought I would be so typical and indifferent, but when used they look so good.

Then on the first day of actually using them, feels like a walk in the park. Crocs as their motto, does deliver comfort and style in a go.

Then I offer the pair for a challenge, I’m not doing a marathon or some sort, just a quick walk and well goes around, up and downs and many more. The pair do assist me doing all those stuff, the waterproof part also wonderful and adding another point. Jakarta hot and temperamental weather making Leigh Wedge Woman a must have items.

Perk up and use my make up, a simple look with a dress does match the Crocs I’m using. Pair it up with a branded bags and voila! I officially up do my style for a beauty event. Looking good now goes well with smooth comfort.

Last but definitely not the least (and wont be the last time either heehee) another look can be created with a dark black hose, I found this look totally matchy matchy but adding some colors from the bag and did you see that tiny pinky Crocs key chain, ultra cute!!

So these are the look I have for a week with one single pair, imagine what I’ll have with more than one Crocs, oh wait! I do have more than a pair, I’ll wrap things up and in about a month there will be more looks taken with my Crocs ^__^

See you all soon and don’t forget to join my page for updates and tips on beauty as well
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Yes, you heard me well, Crocs newest campaign Seven days a week, read —> HERE
has officially started. And I’m joining them ^__^

Crocs has sponsored me a pair of any Crocs I want. So I choose this one:

Leigh Wedge Woman, and the color that I choose is black.

Why black? Crocs are known for their variation of colors and ability to spark things up with their juicy colors, and I agree, but unfortunately the color of my choice doesn’t carry the size that I’m in. My advice? If you happen to find a Crocs that you like on your size, don’t hesitate, get ’em before they’re sold out ^__^


Detail from Crocs Facebook Page:

The Leigh Wedge is the perfect comfortable heeled Crocs™ shoe for those long summer days.

If you are looking for style and comfort, the Crocs™ Leigh Wedge is the clear choice.

Retail Price : Rp 700.000,-

Take note that in Crocs be sure to consult with the staff, I know I did. She helped me decide my size, I was in between 5 and 6, I did have both sizes of Crocs at home, one for my wedge which is 6 and my flat is in 5. But Dea reassured me to get the 5 for Leigh Wedge since Crocs will readjusted eventually, yes, she did emphasize eventually.

So I get my number 5. The truth is, it is not difficult to choose a Crocs I can use 7 days a week, the hard part is to pick one ^__^ The choices are indeed wider by the days, you can see their website

I’m choosing Leigh Wedge since, numero uno: I like heights 🙂 the taller the better. 2. I want the one that pop up in terms of color but black also define them self as universal. 3. Crocs wedges are famous for their comfort as well. Let’s prove it!


Other choices of Leigh Wedges, Berry (top) and Oat (bottom).


Stay tune for my 7 days a week with Crocs!
Hi gorgeous readers!

Yes, as many of you have noticed that Crocs has their new collection here in Indonesia. The event is held two days ago in Grand Indonesia. Unfortunately due to a certain medical condition, I can’t be there in person, but Ms. Rheina kindly send me the picture and some details of the event 🙂

Handari Kunti (Advertising and Promo Manager PT Mitra Adi Perkasa), Rommy Djunaedi, Senior Brand Manager (PT Metrox Lifestyle) and Wingky Wijaya, fashion stylist of New Crocs New You


Bertempat di Grand Indonesia Jakarta, kemarin Crocs memperkenalkan koleksi produk terbarunya sebagai bagian dari kampanye global  bertajuk ‘Walk in Comfort, Wear in Style’ yang mulai dicanangkan pada awal tahun 2012. Jika sebelumnya Crocs lebih banyak dikenal masyarakat dengan sepatu berdesain clog, kini Crocs telah mengembangkan inovasinya untuk menghadirkan lebih dari 300 model alas kaki yang nyaman di setiap musim serta mengajak semua orang dari berbagai usia maupun gender melangkah dengan nyaman, ceria, tanpa mengorbankan penampilan yang gaya.

Q&A Session with the media

Children collection

I’ve noticed that they add more color and designs which match the city life style. The pink one looks like something that Suri would wear.

Adult collection

Beside having a casual wear, Crocs added more collection that can be use 7 days a week, formal or non formal, rain or shine, which is presented on the event with musical drama.

Last but not least, Crocs have a very interesting contest goin’ on right now for a makeover worth US$8000, wow!

Join here: