Ohayo! Another Japanese product is here and would like to show you how easy it is to clean those nasty ehm . . . black/white heads can be.

Details from http://www.p-dc.com:

In addition to massage, the effect of extrusion equipment like pores! Just to press lightly with a component loosening massage + heat sensitive, and floated out chunks angle plugs jammed into pores to clean nostril.

Yen 50g 892 (tax included)
DPG component name, BG, PEG-8, silica, PEG-75, polyethylene, microcrystalline cellulose, PEG-8 isostearate, orange oil, water witch hazel, rice bran acid, glycolic acid, tocopherol, ethanol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, iron oxide, methyl paraben , perfume

After washing your face, directly adapt an appropriate amount (large grain pearl) to areas of concern such as the angle of the wings of the nose plug, massage lightly to press, please rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

(mind the google translate)

Sounds simple right? But it’s not. There are some of them get out but it’s not as simple as it look . . . they don’t go out as easy as they claimed to be.

This is the yellowish gel, with yellowish beads here and there, so it feels like a scrub but get hotter while touching the skin and the yellowish beads will disappear as I pressed it against the skin. It’s not as hot as Neutrogena heated anti blackhead product, but it still helps remove some of the heads. Black and white too. A regular use like twice a week is better and only on the part needed like nose.

For sensitive skin, I think it is best to use it once a week or test it before a go, but I don’t find the product too harsh nor causing sensitivity.

After the usage today, I use a pore pack mask (the paper strip for pulling the black/white heads off) and yikes! Still a lot of the white heads found, hmm, maybe it’s me that produces a lot of them -__-‘

Anyway it’s a product worth a try, but for heavy white/black heads owner, I think we just need to clean our pores better while using the products regularly in cleaning ’em.