Hello everyone!

Hmm, have you heard about online shops? OF COURSE you have XD, nowadays everything can be purchased online and everywhere we go there’s an online shops. From reputable brands to personals.

I’ve made purchases online before, from flights, reservations, to clothing and accessories. Usually since I found them giving me better deals and for products, since I can’t found them anywhere else. But I know, I heard you, the key is safety, who would ever buy anything if they wont feel safe.

Now there’s a platform that holds the online shops together called Dskon, where you’ll find group buying. Yes, a cool way to make purchasing cheaper.

Sites of many online shops also there with reviews and ratings. So you know which one to trust and which one is doubtful. The shops are neatly organized into categories, from education to traveling. You’ll find what you’re looking for sure.

There’s also blog:

        Dskon Blog 

where local bloggers and writers contribute, giving you tips and their opinion in various topics.

My favorite is this:

Dskon Beauty Portal Dskon

From the official sites from the brand to various sites like kemana.com or blibli.com. I can browse dskon and found many deals all at the same time without the need to search one by one.

And one more thing, they have trends too !!!!  It’s like magazine, online shops platform, and blogs at the same time.

Trends on Fashion like for Autumn 2012 on Sheer Pleats also available on Dskon Blog. See anything you like?

Visit Dskon directly and be amazed!