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Hi everyone,
As I have a multicolored processed hair, treatment is important. Treatments in salons and treatments at home to make sure the hair gain nutrition or at least feels soft and smooth, radiant and tangle free to reduce breakage.

There are many products out there and I’m always looking for the one that either best seller, long time favorite, new items or those with unique features.

Today I picked one from Makarizo, L’Oreal Professionnel and Alfaparf.

Here are the reviews.

Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract for colored hair by Makarizo. Now, who doesn’t know this one, almost any gal locally at least used it once. Been in the distribution zone for years, maybe around 5 years and famous for it’s . . .  smell.

Details from

Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract for Rebonded, Colored and Permed Hair

Formulated for hair that has undergone chemical processes like rebonding, perming, coloring and bleaching.Kiwi extract is useful to give hair the nutrition it needs for chemically treated hair.
It also acts as an antioxidant that protects hair.
Kiwi extracts contains Vitamin C, E and Kalium to keep moisture of the hair balanced and leaves hair shiny and soft to the touch.

I know and used on and off over the years and found the product to be quite fun. Fun? Yes, the product doesn’t really repairs the damage on the hair it’s just adding some softness, a low-medium detangling effect and wonderful fruity scent. It’s like conditioner but with a whole lotta fruity perfume added. Doesn’t see nor feel any significant long term effect for my colored processed hair. And if not rinse well, can be quite sticky and the hair will easily goes limp within ours. While other products here are easier to be rinse with normal temp water and doesn’t cause any limps and weight.

Suitable for those with normal to dry hair. And those who are addicted to the scent, I know I do 🙂

In Indonesia it was used like a creambath or when feeling lazy like a hair mask. Use after shampooing, massage them well on hair tresses, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, best with steamer and rinse everything well. I think all the products here can be used the same way.


Proteline, one of the items I’ve know for decades and used to be very famous. Smells weird, like medics. I don’t mean smell bad, just weird. Like a mix between cough syrup and floral cocktail, oh well, you’ll understand once trying it.

It does give the hair smoothness, but not completely easy to comb. Easier, but not 100% tangle free. As the parts that was broken do looks better, thicker and like nourished, coated with added shine. But for my deeply coarse hair, I need something more.

I enjoy the light and fresh weightless feeling afterward.

This product suitable for those with naturally dry hair condition, but wont be satisfying for over processed chemically dry hair.  Mildly processed like colored, permed or just let say, went through 1-2 chemical processed will still able to find happiness with Proteline.


A thick white creamy product that is enough for my medium-long hair and smells comforting and aquatic, a bit manly but still lovely at the same time. Used after shampooing and toweled dry hair. The cream feels really thick but like sticks on the hair strands, instantly the hair feels so soft and smooth. This is my favorite amongst these three. It have a lovely marine scent, does help the hair to manage the dryness, chemically dryness as well, repairs some damage (not completely but it shows some repair action), add shine and vibrant to the colored processed hair.

The hair regain a bit more strength and do seems healthier than before. This is an item that gives the very damaged hair it’s needs, protection, nourishment, detangling action, smoothness, softness, shines and smells great too.

Suitable for lifeless, very dry, brittle, and damaged hair from chemical process.

Hi everyone,

after changing the hair color last week (HERE), I’m back in the studio for a hair texturizing, so the color gradation pops out better.

These are my after images ^__^

They look good heehee ❤__❤ now I’m thinking how to top it off on my next hair style.

View from the side and below is Ms.Citi, the trainer that responsible in texturizing and curling. 

Alfa Hair Lounge also give me 2 products to take care the color, shampoo and conditioner of Semi Di Lino Diamante series.

Product details from


Salt and Sulfate free Shampoo, it gently cleans while maintaining the cosmetic color. Its special formula provides the hair with softness and shine.


Conditioning cream brings perfect moisture to hair lengths. Its innovative formula guarantees maximum color protection. Provide the hair with an incredible shine effect. 

how to use 

after shampoo, distribute the conditioner onto wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes. Comb the hair and rinse carefully.

It turns out that salt and sulphate causes the hair ‘pores’ to open up and the color wont last long. So these goodies are made to keep the hair maintaining it’s cosmetic colors. The scent is flowery, mild, and like a perfume. Plus, the soft feeling after each wash is just wonderful.

The conditioner may be used on scalp but need a thorough rinsing so there’s no leftover on the scalp. Leave a bit conditioner on the hair ends to keep them protected from dryness.

The trainer also reminds me not to wash my hair every day, once every two days is enough or the scalp will get ‘used-to’ being washed daily and the sebum will kept being activate. But I don’t think I can get used to it now ^__^ I love washing my hair everyday.

Hi there!

Last week, on Friday to be exact, I went to Alfa Hair Lounge for a hair coloring process including bleaching. I thought it’s going to be a simple root touch up, but Mr. Eddy has something else prepared for me, a Fashion Color transformation. Ooohhh!!!

I am aware Alfa Hair Lounge have this bleaching creme that made organically and said to be better for the hair. Nourished with Argan Oil, Olive Butter and minus the ammonia fumes.

Below is my hair transformation from before, after bleaching process and after coloring. It took me 3 hours and it was quite fast, since usually I will have to stay almost the whole day. The colors comes out great too. Deeper and vibrant. But it all comes in a price. A painful one.

The bleaching is quite painful and since the scalp already irritated from the bleaching process, coloring become a very difficult procedure I have to bear. It was really painful, I give it 10 out of 10 in terms of pain. The scalp feels burning hot and when I get back at night it seems all over the scalp have bumps and blisters. Around 10 bumps and blisters (yes, I counted them). And since this is not the first time bleaching my hair and coloring, it seems like this unfortunate event can be avoided, by:

Ladies, don’t bleach and color the hair when you’re in PMS or during menstrual period …. like I did. I discussed this matter with a doctor, trainer at Alfa Hair Lounge, hair stylist, and googled too. It seems like during those times the scalp (and all over the body) is far more sensitive, easily irritated (not just mood swings) and can’t hardly take pain as normal person in a normal body condition.

If you happen to have a sensitive scalp, don’t bleach and colored the hair until the sensitivity is cured.

Separate the day of bleaching and coloring at least 2 days or 48 hours so the scalp have time to ‘rest’ and regain strength.

Do not wash your hair prior to bleaching and/or coloring at least 2 days before. The natural oils (and dirt too) will actually protect your scalp from irritation.

Don’t bleach and colored your hair when you’re not feeling well. Some bleach may ‘attack’ you physically, causing headache, nausea, and so on. So you need your body to be in tip top condition. And never on empty stomach too. The process can take a while and you need your strength.

Last but not least, consult the stylish on the exact color you want to appear on the hair, and ask numerous question including how long it takes, how to take care the hair, how to maintain the hair, and so on.

Details from


Evolution of the Color inspires every hairstylist’s creativity:

  • Superior, 100% gray coverage
  • Extra luminous, shiny hair
  • Intense color
  • Long-lasting results, minimum color fadeage

Above is the cream used as the colorant on my hair after bleaching. It have a minty feeling that on irritated scalp will feels like burning. Again, all of these can be avoided with those tips (1-5).

After the painful procedure I love the result, haha! I really really do, it’s literally after the storm comes a rainbow. The trainer on Alfa Hair Lounge also so kind and they did remind me to never do these again when I’m in my period, it’s not recommended by them (they knew I was in my period after the bleaching is done, so it’s kinda my bad not to mentioned it …. I don’t know it would affect me….so bad). They keep fanning my scalp so the burning feels … less burning. I even shivered. It was really really painful.

They also the one who told me, next time we need to put bleaching on one day and coloring in another day, so the scalp have time to recover.

Now I’m on day 4 after the bleach and coloring. The scalp is indeed recovering, some bumps are still there but smaller in size and number, the blisters are all dried up, so I’m happy the damage wasn’t permanent ^0^ super relieved to be honest.

I’m taking care of my scalp by keeping them clean daily and washes them with shampoo from Alfaparf (from the Keratin Treatment, HERE) followed by the conditioner too for the hair.

Mr. Eddy also gave me a bottle of Precious Oil for the hair.

The honey colored oil have a texture like honey too, so thick yet when touched by the palm it starts melting and become lighter.

Details from

Olio multifunzionale – hair

With outstanding detangling and conditioning properties, this oil guarantees instantly tangle-free and soft, glossy hair that is as light as silk.
It protects the hair shaft and reduces drying and styling times.

Ideal for all hair types.


Apply a small amount of product to wet hair, massaging thoroughly along the hair shaft.

I use it accordingly and the detangle the hair just fine. At first the oil feels so sticky but as the hair keep being massage gently and dried the oils can’t hardly felt again. Leaving the hair so soft, shines and no more tangles. Far away from dry, instead, the hair seems nourished.

Oh yes, I forgot to add, usually after bleaching and coloring the hair (especially on the ends) becomes really dry and breaks out. Mine is not. Yes the scalp is suffering perhaps due to the sensitivity but the hair strands is completely fine. I guess this shown that the products used for bleaching and coloring is really good for the hair. Next time, I’ll definitely stays clear from all the problems (not during PMS, period, bleach and coloring in separate days, etc) and will give you another review for the scalp experience using the exact same products (if the chance does come).

I wont have the exact some colors like now thou’ (orange, deep violet, and deep blue), maybe I’ll have pastels =^0^=

Thank you so much Alfa Hair Lounge for the wonderful hair colors, hope to see you again real soon!

Hi everybody!

Those who knows me and sees me frequently must have known that my hair need help. Constant coloring, previous perming and daily hair drying takes their tolls on my hair. They become dry, frizzy and tangled easily. So when a kind owner of Alfa Hair Lounge offers us to tame those hair in a friendlier way possible. I’m opt to it.

All these time I did take care my hair, used shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged hair, masked my hair twice a week, use serum every day on the ends. But I guess, my hair need more help.

In a glance the before look has tell it all =^^= I’ve abused my hair and it’s time to make up the loss. Please read the treatments details here:

Progressive* straightening treatment with Keratin for all hair types

Its revolutionary straightening treatment containing Keratin! 100% safe, versatile and high-performance:
  • Smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle-free hair using an innovative Keratin-based technique.
  • 100% safe, conforms to European and international standards**.
  • Lasting result (up to 3 months).
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Paraben-free.
Keratin combined with the properties of oils:
  • Kera-Collagen Complex
    Complex containing Hydrolysed Keratin and Quaternised Collagen. The complex that guarantees long-lasting smoothness (up to 3 months). With the aid of heat, it reshapes the arrangement of the hair’s keratin chains, straightening them to give the characteristic smooth result.
  • Babassu oil
    A precious oil with extraordinary emollient properties from the Amazon leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.

And the video of the process:

It was around 3 hours and since my hair need a bit touch up, they add some colors after the treatment which is like a mask, so far away from sting, pain and smell bad (the treatment smells like acid and I coughs numerous times but unlike other chemicals). Overall, it was wonderful.

Kudos to all the products, no allergy, irritated scalp and angry hair afterwards, it’s just that the trainer who did my hair was very powerful, combed my scalp (yes scalp, not hair), he yanked my hair numerous time even thou’ I repeatedly asked him to be gentler, and I screamed once when he accidentally leave the hair drier too long on one part, it was painfully hot. Beside those incidents with the trainer, the products are indeed highly appreciable. 

And below is me right after the treatment.

The hair seems flat due to the straightening iron, I was kinda worry but they assured me that it wont be this flat after a wash in … 48 hours. Yes, we are not allowed to wash hair immediately or the next day.

They gave me this Shampoo and Conditioner for after the treatment. I use them 48 hours after the treatment and everyday since.

Paraben, sulphate and salt-free shampoo

Gently cleanses the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments.
The formula, enriched with Keratin and Babassu Oil leave the hair soft, tangle-free and glossy.


Apply to wet hair, massage to obtain a creamy foam and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Paraben, sulphate and salt-free conditioning cream

Nourishes and moisturizes the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments.
The formula, enriched with Keratin and Babassu Oil leave the hair soft, tangle-free and glossy.

how to use

After shampooing, apply the conditioner to wet hair and leave on for 3 minutes. Comb through hair and rinse thoroughly.

Both of them have a deep rich scent of oils. A hint of flower and musk too. Delicate, soft, kinda powdery and the effect is what I’m looking for. A soft and smooth hair. The Shampoo doesn’t lather much at first, so I repeat and the every time it’s like that, it has to be repeat to get an abundant foaming effect. Is it because my scalp is oily, or my hair is ‘that’ dirty?

I washes my hair every day and uses the conditioner every day too, they are lovely. I’m bored with the scent heehee but I love love love the effect so much.

Here’s my hair after a week, still softer and smoother but definitely not as flat as right after the treatment. I received many compliments as the hair looks healthier, shines and far less frizzy. Do I recommend the treatment? Yes, I do. Keratin Therapy is available in numerous salon, you may call 021-65838036 and ask them which salons are the nearest to you.

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