Hi everyone!!!

I bet by this point almost all beauty bloggers out there knows about WishTrend and their relationship with beauty bloggers. I’m pleased to be one of those beauty blogger and received a pack of products directly from Korea.

They gave me a bunch of samples with one highlight. The Confume Argan Oil for the hair.


The lovely scented oil is said to be beneficial for the hair, details from www.wishtrend.com:

[Confume] Argan Treatment Oil

+ Provides nutrition to the hair,   enabling it to maintain its original liveliness.

+ Well absorbed into every single hair,    granting moisture, luster
   and elasticity to your hair.

+ Takes careful care of dry area
   to allow a moisturizing quick effect.

+ Protects the hair from heat,   at the same time shortening the hair-drying time.


My review:

This clear light oil is easy to penetrate into the hair without causing the hair to be limp or weighted down. The first thing I see is my hair become shinier. Since I have oily scalp and knowing for sure the oil is made for the hair not scalp, I avoided the scalp area at least from the middle part of the hair. It is important to use the oil little by little and not to overdo it. I use it on a towel dry hair, right before blow drying. The oil helps the hair to look healthier and on the parts where it is dry and brittle become less dry and less brittle ^_______^


Overall, it is a very easy-to-be-used product which gives the hair instant result and when used daily will give the hair a long term effect as well. The hair will become stronger, healthier, silkier and glossier day by day.

The tangles will disappears and protect the hair from the heats too. Especially for those who love to style their hair with ‘hot’ tools daily. It helps the hair to become stronger and less angry due to the constant heat applied. Angry? Yup, my hair can become super frizzy and look like a bunch of angry mobs there, like they have been electrocuted.

The oil will tame those fly-aways so the hair become tidier as well.

Thank you WishTrend and stay tune for more reviews for all the products shown above. Korean cosmetic lovers, you don’t want to miss this!