Hello ladies,

I’m sure this brand need no further introduction and their lipstick as well. Known for a their very soft texture, the lipstick have to be handled with care, closed properly, and gently used. When I use it on chapped lips, lines appeared on the lipstick where the chapped touched, like they are super sensitive on objects, even my chapped lips looks like razor scratching the lipstick’s surface.

The lipstick become so soft due to the high moisturizing effect.


Looks and feels incredible
It leaves lips wanting more
The product does look wonderful, the packaging and the lipstick looks luxurious and high class.

Color so incredible, it leaves your lips wanting more.
True Vision™ technology takes ordinary color and makes it extraordinary.
In a seductive spectrum of sheer, brilliant shades, from sublime to vivid.
They do come in many variety of shades, some does appear bold, while some comes with a sheer loveliness.

  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance
All in a sheer formula.

In 2 seductive finishes:

  • Sheer, Crystal Creme
  • Brilliant, Crystal Shimmer
Sheer-to-medium, buildable coverage
  • Wears for hours
  • Stays color true
Enriched with lip-loving ingredients, including apricot kernel, shea butter and murumuru butter that leave lips soft and creamy smooth.
No wonder the lips felt like it was being pampered, there are ingredients there which made the lips soft, hydrated and for me, reduce the chapped parts.

“Lipstick makes a woman sensual, powerful and kissable.”
-Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Dir


The color stays on my lips for hours, but it is not waterproof and they will be gone after eating, but somehow I’m happy to reapply as the lips does crave for more smoothness from it. Creamy yet not overwhelming, somehow there’s a seductive feeling when using this lipstick, its a sensation that the lipstick create on the lips.

A lovely and iconic product from Estee Lauder which I think many will look after, from the variety of the shades, beautiful packaging and benefits for the lips.