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Clean to sublime expert serum make up remover is a precise and efficient removal step to get rid of even the strongest makeup, impurities and beautify the skin in just one gesture.

How to use:

On dry skin apply the milky pinkish light cream and massage with the fingertips. Remove any excess without the need of water.

I draw some waterproof eyeliner from Shiseido, it was really waterproof. Wait for the eyeliner to set and dry before put a bit of Clean To Sublime on a dry skin.

Just like using any cleansing oil, massage them well and take you time so the cleanser have time to ‘crack’ down the makeup and ‘melts’

Grab a cotton pad or a facial tissue and swipe it off, it’s gone!

Massage the rest with more of the cleanser and everything is taken off. I’ve tried using a lipstick, foundation, eye shadows, blush on, and everything on the skin, it’s gone, but, there’s one but, I’m not recommending the product for usage on eye’s area.

Benefit: No matter how lazy I am, I can just massage Clean To Sublime with dry hands and to the skin directly without the need of water and getting wet. Convenient to be use anywhere and anytime. Plane and traveling is my ‘favorite’ places as water is limited and during those exhausting nights when trips to the bathroom seems kilometers away.

With the effectiveness and gentleness of Clean To Sublime, I’m recommending the products just about to anyone who use makeup ^0^

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Hello babes!

I’m using Givenchy Hydra Sparkling First Step Luminescence Moisturizing Lotion and Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Skin nowadays for the hydration I need. Whenever my cheeks start to feels the dryness, I always have stocks of hydrating skincare and after using the Magic Lip and Cheek Balm (Click HERE) and be happy about it, I figure the lotion and cream will do as well.

The lotion or as we commonly says the toner, is super duper wonderful. I’m head over heel in love with the texture. It’s almost like a gel. The First Step Luminescence Moisturizing Lotion can be applied in the morning and/or evening over the face with a cotton pad or fingertips. Smells so good and comforting too. When it touches the skin the feeling of cool and slippery, gooey and hydrating is instantly felt. Gulp, gulp, gulp, my skin drank it all, I prefer to use my finger tips than cotton pads, so all the ‘juice’ got sucked by my skin =^0^=

The skin feels soft and smooth afterwards, love love love it.

Then followed by the Moisturizing Cream,

Details from

What it is:
A feather-light and velvety cream that melts into the skin.

What it does:
Hydra Sparkling Velvet Luminescence Moisturizing Cream reinvents the very concept of hydration with the innovation of a truly new water organization around and within cells. The formula is tremendously soft and comfortable with a non-greasy and non-sticky finish. The 5-molecule complex is capable of constantly generating the effervescence of sparkling water deep within the skin, to maximize moisture added to the skin and empower it with full sparkling energy for an intense luminescent result. Recommended for normal to combination skin types.

The soft cream felt rich to the touch and smells good. But compared to the toner, I prefer to play with the toner lotion heehee for being so gooey. Since mine is for normal to combination skin, I feel that I need the one for dry skin. The cream felt rich yet easily accepted by the skin, soon the surface feels soft and velvety smooth. No greasy, no oily, just right ….. but my cheeks need more, more moisture, more hydration. So, for dry skin, the cream is suitable for day time only, while at night, a richer and more hydrating formula is needed. For normal to combination oily, may use it for day and/or night.

Hello everyone,

It’s night time and I love a bit of luxury as the usually the scent will linger all night long. I love the snuggling comfort of a warm, fresh, fruity, and floral fragrance. Not too much, just right. I use this babies, Delicate Bath Gel and Silk Body Veil by Givenchy for the ange ou demon range.


Fragrance Family Floral-Oriental, Fragrance Notes Mandarin, Saffron, Maxillaria Orchid, Ylang-Ylang, Lily, Oakwood, Vanilla and Tonka Bean

The bath gel is a wonderful, easy lathering gel which smells really good and more woody than the Silk Body Veil. The bath gel cleans the skin and giving them a soft moisturizing effect plus lovely scent.

These are the texture, color and fluidity of the bath gel and body veil. The bath gel is light, clear gel while the silk body veil is a light creamy lotion.

The lotion is amazingly fragrant. I love the floral and fruity oriental note as it brings warmth and comfort to the overall scent. The skin become soft like silk and far away from stickiness. I love it so much, this must be pampering feels like.

Hello everyone!
First of all thank you Givenchy Indonesia for the wonderful product. I’ve been wanting to try this thing for quite a while and you grant my wish \^0^/ super happy! And I was right, I do like it. Very much!
At first I try it on the back of my hand and the pink color doesn’t really come out, but . . . let’s see how it does on my lip and cheek.
Details by


– Moisturizing formula
– Provides a pink flush to lips and cheeks
– Reacts with skin to create a customized tone
The balm’s innovative formula contains pigments that react with skin’s humidity to create a customized color. Lips and cheeks are left feeling replenished with a healthy and natural glow.
This is the product and the color is so obvious, although’ many customer says they didn’t notice and like the balmy effect on the cheek, so they use it as a lip balm only. Me? I use it for my lips first to see the effect and color.
This is me using it on the lips. I love it. The balm hydrates my lips and the feeling is comfortable, but the balm on the lips stays for like 2 hours max, so when the balmy glow is gone, you have this pink stained lips.

Then after 2 hours, I use it on both lip and cheek, which for the lips means reapplying. Watch this video please ^__^

You can see the visible effect on my skin. Perhaps if you have darker skin it won’t be so obvious and it depends on your skin condition plus temperature as well. Different people can get different result. Some with oily skin will also dislike the balmy effect.
On the lips the balmy feeling stays on for 1-2 hours while on the cheek is about 40 min – 1 hour. Then there’s a cute pink stain left on the lips and cheek that stay for around 1-2 hours after that. So you need to reapply for the glow and pink flush. The more you added the pink-er you get.
You can also use it as a balm after lipstick. It add the depth of the color as well.

For cleansing, use your regular daily facial foam and they will still be there, use cleansing oil or makeup remover or cleansing milk before foaming facial foam and they should be gone. This kind of product also tested your ability to thoroughly clean your skin ^__–.

Overall, this is a simple, easy, and handy balm. Plus for me during traveling or any touch up, it perk my look in a jiffy with added moisture!

Eyes are the window of our soul, lashes? They are like the curtains, you make a curtain looks pretty, so does the whole window and soul.

As seen, I’m a Chinese and my lashes aren’t blessed as long as our sisters in different genetic. So I need them to be longer and perkier ^__^

Recently, since I’ve been using Talika lipocils expert, read –> HERE. So my lashes do grow longer now, but still, I need longer lashes, like extravagantly ^__^ until I don’t need fake lashes anymore. Another way of giving my lashes an instant result is by using mascara, and this time I want to try Phenomen’eyes by Givenchy


The world’s first 100% round brush, for 100% freedom and 100% precision! Its spherical brush allows for high-precision application with 360° freedom of movement. Vertically, horizontally, diagonally, the brush can be used in all directions. It seeks out every single lash, even the most difficult to reach, coating and shaping them from the base to the very tip. Its formula allows for multiple coats without clumping or caking. The effect is immediate: an incredibly full fan of curved and lengthened lashes – for truly professional make-up.

The instruction is fully given on the sample packaging and their main goal is precision on every curve and angles. And how do they do that?

By giving us a small rounded brush.

Unfortunately this mascara sample is dry already, so I can only give you a review for the brush. When I have the chance to try on the actual product, you’ll be the first to know.

Since the small rounded brush is well, small, and rounded, it is easy to maneuver, but I need some practice since they are a bit prickly.

Some corner and edges that used to be unreachable with normal mascara brush, now become no problem and reachable.

For both edges too. And after a while I get used to the prickliness and able to reach that few lines on the edges that used to be difficult to reach, and if I do reach them with conventional mascara brush, they usually become messy and clumped.

And they can most definitely made a more curved on the area I want, top or bottom part of the lashes.

Even thou the mascara is pretty much dried up, I can still see some result from the brushing. The lashes are more defined and indeed the brush itself is phenomenal!

I know you probably wont read this post in the morning, but let’s just imagine you do so \^0^/ As morning is fresh, so does we want our look to be, fresh! And this one handy thingy will help you get there.
A Givenchy Eyebrow Show, mine is no.1 which is dark brown and I think it would be a very good addition to my normal black pencil brows I have. Plus I do have a more light colored hair as well, they’ll go along for sure.
Let’s see the product, and the price.
As many other pencils for brows Eyebrow Show also equipped with brush to blend the look more a more natural allure.
First let’s see my ‘before’ picture. I got some spaces and need more arch. In this post you’ll also witness how a brow can make someone looks so different. More refined and ready for the day.
Start by drawing the brows, some beauty specialist advice to always start from the outer side of the face toward inside. Since the inside part is slightly larger and need more adjustments than the edge. You can learn wherever you want about making your brow, from visiting beauty salons to stay at home and watch the youtube. But I advice you to know your own face and play with it for a while, make different shapes that suitable for you and you like it, or better, loving it.
After drawing it, always brush it so they’ll blend well. The brush of Eyebrow Show is pretty firm and able to help the blend well. The dark brown color also quite vivid but if you want a softer look just applied the pencil without too much pressure and brush it all the way.
As seen, the before and after is so different and now I like the trend of a more bushy eyebrow, but again, no boundaries, feels free to draw your brow like you want them to be, but remember the thinner they are the older ones face usually look. And too much arch also create an unfriendly face, again trial and error okay 🙂

This is my after look when I finished both of the brows, and I like to keep it original and not so symmetrical. Some love the exact copy while I prefer to follow the brows. Nevertheless let’s go back to the review of the product. The pencil is smooth and quite forgiving when making mistakes, I also like the fact they are erasable in a jiffy when I want to erase it but stays there as long as I don’t wipe it off.

The color looks natural and can give me from the softest look to the more vivid brows I ever see. For me the price is still in an affordable and reasonable price, and a pencil brow do goes a long the way.

A dazzling glaze on the lips and it gives me a sensual feeling with a ripe glossy sheer of red raspberry. Yes, it’s Givenchy Gelee D’Interdit in Explosive Rspberry (5)

This would be a journey to that gorgeous lips that you probably looking for, but first let’s hear some details I get regarding the product, courtesy of

  • Offering a soft, sheer veil of colour, Givenchy’s Gelée D’Interdit is a brand-new sensation for your pout. With a soothing, balm-like texture and glossy finish, this luscious, wax-free formula coats lips with a crystallised coverage of lively and playful colours.
  • Gelée D’Interdit in Explosive Raspberry
  • Balm texture and glossy finish
  • Wax-free formula
The wax free formula is the secret of the super comfortable feeling.

Let’s see how it work ^__^

First as usual a naked lips with nothing on it

Then start with lower lips, I glide the brush with ease and it feels really good and fragrant. It felt so luxurious!

This is my final look a smooth glossy lips with a sheer redness. So perfect to be used alone for a nude look and as top layer after a boring lipstick. It’s totally kissable! And the smooth sailing experience is a big bonus, beyond any balm can do.

Hi pretty ladies!

Finally, after receiving this serum I was able to try them, sorry, lately I’ve been really busy ^__^ (lame excuse) no really, many things going on right now and I try to get things sort out.

Here it is, from the back XD it is a very simple serum to be used 2 times daily before moisturizer. Vax’in is a serum for the first signs of aging and that means early 20’s (ups, I’m 10 years late), and here’s some info I got from


Youth Infusion Serum is formulated with a unique complex capable of generating micro-stimuli which encourage the skin?s cells to produce their own age-defying protein – HSP70.
Defense and repair mechanisms are strengthened. Wrinkle formation is slowed down. Tone and resilience are maintained. Skin stays luminous looking and youthful.
With this cosmetic vaccine-like age-defying effect, the skin is left looking youthful and invigorated.

The only bad thing I can say about this serum is I only received a sample, and it’s kinda too small to see a significant result. But I can clearly says that the serum absorb fast, no irritants or allergic reactions so far and suitable for almost anyone for being comfortable and delicate.

Hi ladies!

Another luxurious item I’m going to share today. Le Soin Noir details provided by


– An intense and intriguing black hue that vanishes on contact with the skin
– An exceptional, sumptuous experience that defines a luxury cream
– Leaves skin radiant, clear, and refreshed
GIVENCHY creates LE SOIN NOIR, a stunning marvel with a fascinating black hue, harvested from the sea and from one of its most precious anti-aging molecular treasures.
Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate is found in the depths of the ocean and reconstructs a catalyst in the skin to counteract the signs of aging. Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate exclusively contains these precious black molecules that are extremely rich in vital fatty acids.
Apply it in the morning and night to form a rich barrier that protects against the signs of aging caused by environmental forces and natural aging.

It was impeccable. From the first time I lay my eyes on them , it’s like a thick black jelly that promises a real goodness for your skin, pampering in a way that it will enhance our beauty and glow in the same time. Aging? Fret no more.

Clean your face thoroughly and tone it. Use the serum of your choice and get ready for Le Soin Noir.

I dab it on several spots on my face and well, they are black indeed. This is my nude skin, shared for your convenience ^__^

The black jelly texture felt really thick and look there are sparkles there, like if you dive deep into the oceans and found some gooey things that glows with minerals and every goodness it had. And the smell, Ooh! Givenchy is serious in fragrance alright all their skincare and cosmetics smells divine.

Now after enjoying the texture and scent, I spread it on my face, it was a bit thick but I still manage to blend it into my skin and it become transparent and

Look at me! My skin is instantly glowing, hydrated and brighter in the same time. Will I continue using it? I’m sane, so YES, indeed ^__^

Conclusion: You might want to get used to the thick gel texture, but other than that, with all the fragrance and ability to revitalize, hydrate and literally made your skin more alive and beautiful, you’ll love it!

Hi all!

I’m back with Givenchy beauty products, their lip gloss or so they say: Gloss Levres.

Details from

Gloss Interdit is a chic gloss with a sophisticated silhouette, a professional brush applicator, vibrant colors and a high performance formula! With its infinitely light texture, Gloss Interdit provides spectacular shine, smoothed and plumped lips.

I have no.04 which is Rose. I always into rose, seems like most of the makeup diagnose done for me all pointed to rose and I love it to be honest.

This is my naked lips. A simple tooth brush like once a week can do you good in scrubbing your lips, use a petroleum jelly with the brush. Smooth baby soft lips are yours.

I open the lid and the first thing that come to my senses is the beautiful scent and look at the lip brush, while other lip gloss usually comes in like spongy tips.

I use it directly to my naked lips without any lipstick or lip liner.

Brush-wise:,it helps with the application and the gloss color is intoxicating.

Look at it!

This tone is super suits me, it gives me that sophistication that I need and the feeling is comfortable as well. The floral fragrance also another bonus for me.

One minor downside that I’ve found is . . . yes, they are a bit magnet to the hair as well. So you might want to keep it clear ^__^


A very gorgeous and luxurious lip gloss that can be use alone or a highlighter of your lipstick. Can also be use with or without lip liner. For a more formal event you can use it as top coat while for daily use you can simply use it alone, the brush is very convenient and the fragrance is unforgettable as well (in a good way). A bit sticky especially hair-wise. But for that brilliancy, it worth it!