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After trying numerous oils out there in the market, I finally found the one that super duper light and gives immediate result to my skin.

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Product Description

This hydrating facial oil creates a new concept for skin care as it lightly and quickly absorbs into the skin while at the same time supplying nutrients. Contains Pomegranate oil rich in vitamins to keep the skin healthy, producing a moisturized and radiant skin texture.
It is also formulated with three herbal oils and four essential oils, blended by Napiers’ traditional method that has been handed down for 150 years. It provides nutrients to the skin, brightening a tired, dull, and uneven skin, while preventing dehydration and reducing skin dryness.

No addition of

Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

To Use

After cleansing, use it as the next step of toning. Dispense a sufficient amount on the palm and gently apply pressure with the palms, wrapping and patting the face with both hands for better absorption. It can also be mixed with a few drops with essence or cream.

Probably the closest thing from True Facial Oil is Bio Oil (HERE) which Bio Oil feels a bit heavier (doesn’t mean the product is heavy, but just a tad heavier than True Facial Oil), and intended to be used all over the body. While True Facial Oil is for, facial use.

The general usage of True Facial Oil involved in not just around skincare but mixing it with face base or foundation already become a legend.

Like mentioned in the prelude True Facial Oil is super duper light and penetrate on the skin almost instantly, and the immediate effect I see and feel is when the skin become so much softer and smoother than ever before. It feels really good and comforting.

The scent is delicate and fresh, not yet in a berry scent of juicy but there’s a hint of fruits there. The scent doesn’t last long on the skin but the effect is.

Overall, I love how light the True Facial Oil is, so when it touches the skin there’s not a trace of leftover, just result. It almost felt like water, yes, the lightness is even comparable to h2o. Soft smooth skin in an instant and use it daily to see the skin getting even softer and smoother you’ll forget how rough the skin was. The oil also enhance the sense of touch, feels better and looks better too. Like the skin become calmer and away from stress. Radiant (away from greasy), relaxed and when mixed with makeup, the particle of makeup become softer, easier to blend and looks better on the skin as well.

In the end, a must have product for anyone who love their skin.

Hello lovelies,

this one brand is quite special for me. I’ve used AHAVA since 10 years ago, my mom bought them during her trip to the Israel and Egypt. It wasn’t anything fancy like the new packaging and the whole collections as seen nowadays, but I already very much love their original dead sea mud, suncare and hand cream too. All in the old bottle, tube, and pack, but still, ’till this day, their scent and effectiveness unchanged.

Thanks to @Phanie14 I’m trying Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer, normal to dry skin type.

Details from

This creamy, gel-textured formula transforms into a light absorbing moisture cream when it touches the skin for a cool and refreshing sensation.

  • Protects against environmental damage with Vitamin E and soothes with Aloe Vera
  • Amino Acids are rich in humectants
Ingredients: Aqua (Mineral Spring Water), Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isopropylmyristate, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Propanediol (Corn derived Glycol), Alanine & Creatine & Glycerin & Glycine & Magnesium Aspartate & Saccharide Hydrolysate & Urea, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Peg-40 Stearate, Sorbitan Tristearate, Caprylyl Glycol & Chlorphenesin & Phenoxyethanol, Maris Sal (Dead Sea Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Dimethicone, Allantoin, Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Linalool. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to one of the ingredients.

The scent is that signature scent of AHAVA, it’s like going back to 10 years ago, the rich feeling of the cream also still feels the same. I love how it pampers my skin like none other. The minerals are indeed different. Smooth on the skin and the feeling does last longer than any other cream. Those who have oily skin should not use this product as there are some oils felt. So please read and consult before purchasing to get the correct range for the skin.

For my normal to dry skin, it was a match made ^__^ the feeling of hydration last long and stays there until the next day. I don’t feel a cool and refreshing sensation, more like hydration, like swimming in the sea and the skin absorb the minerals from it and become plump.

Use it after cleansing, toner and serum. So far, I’m able to use with other brand and range. Suitable for long wear with minimum retouch in a dry climate including in-flight air.

Hi all!

Before you read this post, please do open the Introduction to Belif –> HERE

And now, I will do a review for you here  ◕ ‿ ◕
You’ve seen the product as well on the previous post. These are the 3 items that I’ve tried at home, after serious consideration and observation (no, I’m not, I’m just relaxing and enjoying the products, they are super comfortable), here is my review.

After kept on reading and reading, plus learning and learning from their website ( and pamphlet given by Belif Indonesia, I fell in love with belif even more.

They are real, no fuss no frills beauty products that gives simple products from the nature. High in quality but keep the packaging minimal for lower cost. How considerate ◕ ‿ ◕

These are the three items that I got from Belif:
(from the left)
The Aqua Herb Cream (which is da b.o.m.b)
Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B
Hungarian Water Essence

I love their packaging as well. The pot have this opening which looks like a hat when taken off. The black and white are simple and the blue represent the freshness and moistness they give.

Please do watch the videos below to get the ideas of how the skincare (Hungarian Water Essence and Aqua Bomb Herb Cream) works.

  ◕ ‿ ◕

And below is my picture after cleaned and used the essence and cream.

First, let me share with you about the essence. The Hungarian Water Essence is a prove that God loves us, he create these plants and other natural ingredients to gives our skin the hydration it needs. The clear gel infused in our skin creating a revolution that breaths live.

This herb boosts microvascular circulation, keeping skin tone clear and healthy. By removing active oxygen, it prevents oxidation of skin tissue.
See the slightly redness on my skin, no, it’s not allergy, heat or any discomfort, in fact I feel cool, but it’s the rosemary working and in the same time all other ingredients gives water in a form that easily accepted by my skin.

Then followed by the cream
The scent is wonderful, like a fresh plants and I really love how the cream which is so much like a gel pampered the skin, creating this protective layer of hydration and so much love. The skin become dewy once again.

Lady’s mantle
This herb helps soften the skin with its natural properties to remove dry, scaly, and flaky skin, while controlling excess sebum, resulting in tighter pores and less oily shine. Also acts as an excellent moisturizer.
Yes, a perfect moisturizer without being overwhelming nor too heavy on the skin. They are far from greasy and oily.

After waiting for a while (just like I normally do) around 5-10 minutes, I applied the Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B

Careful thou, it does says moisturizer B.B but not to replace a moisturizer ya.

Here is some details:

Another love from me


It is well known fact that most B.B Cream caused the skin to dries out, that’s why a long term usage can caused the skin to be flaky, dries out and even get worst after each usage.


Aahh! The gel, gooey, lotion feels light and the scent is almost like Aqua Herb Cream, I’m in a herbal garden now, so happy!


I apply it on my skin, just a small one will do. I’m the type of person who always put too much products heehee, but this time I believe in Belif and put just enough.


Easily distributed and again, the smell . . . it is comforting.
Then after evenly distributed, here’s my after picture,

ta da! An even-toned skin, moist and looks healthy too. The coverage is medium so the look is still natural and not heavy. The rosy undertone give my skin a pretty finish.

Suitable for those who have dry skin or wants to use a B.B Cream the whole day. The SPF 20/PA++ is perfect for daily use and the moisturizer gives your skin a hydration boost, but no worries there are Plantin, it regulate the skin’s moisture so it would be just . . . right.

Overall, will I keep using them?

Hungarian Water Essence?

Yes, for

*the hydration it gives to the skin. It feels like the skin are drinking all the moisture from the water
*the comforts on the skin, no more dry, stiffed, nor tight skin
*being gentle, quickly absorbed and instant result
*universal, as it can be used on any skin type and location (elbows, neck, hands, etc).

Aqua Herb Cream?

Yes, for

*the wonderful creamy gel sensation, that is cooling, refreshing and not overwhelming
*the blue-colored cream, haha! For me anything that’s blue is interesting.
*the moisture level it feeds into my skin and how it create a layer of moisture, so the skin stays hydrated longer and better.
*the wonderful scent, herb and naturally.
*suitable as a day and night cream

Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B?

Yes, for

*the moisture it helps to protect
*the SPF 20/PA++ which is perfect for daily usage (don’t forget to double cleanse the skin later after the day’s over)
*easy to blend and soft dewy finish
*comforting and not cakey.
*medium coverage for a natural look

Tips: You may apply loose powder afterwards for a matte looking skin.

And all of the products for doesn’t have additive:

No addition of
Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

ஐ¤*¨¨*¤¨°o.O See you on my next post O.o°¤*¨¨*¤εïз

Hi all!

I’m back with L’Occitane. This time it is about the hydrating range from Angelica. The pale green plan that is so amazing and inspiring ^^

Details can be found on

And here is the products details in using order plus some reviews of mine ^^ and don’t forget there’s a video below so you’ll see the instant transformation of my quenched skin thanks to Angelica series of L’Occitane.


During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was used for its excellent medical properties and as a herb. It was recommended for the overworked or convalescing. angelica essential oil has hydrating and toning properties, which helps restore one’s beauty.
Cleansing Gel:

This fresh and delicate Angelica Cleansing Gel transforms into a light and airy foam when combined with water. Enriched with water and essential oil of organic angelica, it softly removes make-up and impurities, while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film, for perfectly clean and hydrated skin. Skin immediately feels soft and looks radiant.


The gel is so delightful, with the scent that’s is typical for the whole range of Angelica, a green note, it was able to cleanse my skin without striping it dry. Soft and gentle. But for the makeup, you need to remove your makeup then this cleansing gel. Easy to lather but not abundantly.

Exfoliating Gel:

With its pearly glow, fresh scent and melting texture, the Angelica Exfoliating Gel instantly revives tired skin. The natural micro-balls gently remove dead skin cells and impurities, and boost microcirculation. Organic Angelica Extracts preserve natural hydration, for skin that is incredibly clean, soft, smooth with a beautiful glow.


There are some of unique products in the range, in terms of texture, scent and function, the exfoliating gel is one of the uniqueness, with clear chubby beads, it cleanse the skin and help the circulation process without being too harsh. Suitable for those suffering from dry skin where the skin is ‘hurt’ enough by the dryness.

Instant Hydration Mask:

The Angelica Instant Hydration Mask is an ultra fresh and water-soaked gel that rehydrates the thirstiest skin within 3 minutes. The skin will instantly draw all the hydration it needs to provide radiance, comfort and freshness all day long. Its rinse-free formula allows the active ingredients to give skin 24-hour continuous hydration. The skin will be fresh, plump and thirst-quenched.


This is the star of the range as well. Providing instant hydration to the skin and fast too. The staff at L’Occitane Indonesia told me, if one’s skin really dry, can use the mask as sleeping mask, but it is not recommended to normal or oily skin to use it as a sleeping mask. I like the fact that the hydration is calming, soothing and yes, the scent is also so wonderful, it was love at first touch. One of the must try products from L’Occitane and I can really say, anyone need hydration ^^

Eye Roll On:

This ultra-fresh and light Angelica Eye Roll-On gel immediately decongests the eye area, reduces dark circles and puffiness, and smoothes fine lines. Eyes feel instantly awake and younger, with signs of tiredness diminished. Suitable for all skin types.


Soft and gentle water for the areas near the eyes. Suitable for those who need a mild rejuvenation for the eyes. Can be used anytime and it is a very handy product.

Milky Lotion:

This Milky Lotion effectively penetrates to your skin and activates skin cells for maximum absorption of moisture and nutrients. Use it right after cleansing and toning as a hydrating booster to your skincare routine.


Another favorite of mine from this series. The lotion feels gooey and I really love love love how it work itself on my skin. Moisture and the milkiness is like the curd on top of milks. My skin loving it as well.

Hydration Cream:

Made with organic angelica from the Drôme region of France, the fresh and silky smooth Angelica Hydration Cream efficiently moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
L’OCCITANE’s patented angelica complex reinforces natural skin hydration by stimulating aquaporines, improves skin elasticity and protects from free radicals. Skin is plumped, smoothed and more radiant. Best for dry to normal skin.


The cream reminds me of Immortelle but slightly loghter and juicier. Giving the skin more hydration and softness it deserve. Water does provide the life for our skin. The white cream is delicate and I think it is suitable for any skin type, a friend of mine whose also acne prone love Angelica and it helps her skin to recover as well.


Angelica is a range of products specially made with love for those suffering from dry skin. Suffering? Yes! Dry skin can be painful, as the skin easily cracked, irritated and well, angry. Redness it cause is not a happy blush on the cheeks, it is a sign of S.O.S. So, pay attention to your skin (or those surround you) and you might need Angelica yourself or recommend it to someone who need it. Angelica series is great to be used the whole set but you can still pick a few that you need and it will still work for you. Our skin have different needs and Angelica have many products that can accommodate the skin’s need of water/hydration. Remember to also maintain a good healthy diet, eat enough fruits and vegetable, plus drink minimum 8 glass of water per day also helps your skin hydrating. Help your skin quench it thirst from outside and inside!

L’Occitane had invited us for an event specially made for the beauty bloggers. It was something green and beautiful, I love this kind of green, it is relaxing and comforting at the same time, hmm, thinking or redecorating my home and painting it soft delicate green now ^^
I’m dressed with a touch of green, dark green -.-‘ so not Angelica. Angelica is known for being an angel plan for protection. And I’m going to found out how it can help protecting us . . . from dehydration.
Ms.Sarah giving us the presentation, start from the plant itself here’s a glimpse:
During the Middle Ages in France, angelica was used for its excellent medical properties and as a herb. It was recommended for the overworked or convalescing. angelica essential oil has hydrating and toning properties, which helps restore one’s beauty.
Many stories regarding the plant which engender longevity, safeguard and yes, hydrating properties.
Angelica improves the circulation of water between vitality and hydration of the essential oil, protecting against free radical. In our polluted city, this is crucial.

 Explained the skin hydration mechanism which helps us understand what happen to the skin within. Yes, they have done their research, a thorough research.

And best of all the galore of products are presented right in front of each of us, without a single doubt, I try them on.
The cold roller ball for the eyes and the mist. Love ’em, I always into these thingy, since they can be used anytime anywhere, handy and suitable for anyone on the go. Sitting in a car where there’s jam can caused your skin to dried out (plus stress too), mist it up anytime and be hydrated, calm and happy. Ooh, and the scent too, greenly lovely.
Even their exfoliator is mild and help the hydrating process.
With its pearly glow, fresh scent and melting texture, the Angelica Exfoliating Gel instantly revitalizes lackluster skin.

Small, all-natural exfoliating particles gently remove dead skin cells and impurities, while micro-balls made of natural gum massage the skin, boosting microcirculation. Organic angelica extracts preserve natural hydration, for skin that is incredibly clean, soft, and smooth with a beautiful glow.

Doesn’t it look refreshing as I told you it is 🙂

The Angelica Hydration Face Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin.

Use at any moment of the day: in the city, on an airplane, at the beach, or after exercising for an instant boost of hydration. This can also be applied to achieve a long-lasting make-up finish.

You’ve read so much so which part of this plant holds the key to hydration? The root ^__^

But you still need to see the plant to be able to locate the root, there it is the soft pale green plant called Angelica.
Some of the products by L’Occitane that proven to be a hit and just in case you’re wondering the series is suitable for anyone between around 20 to 30’s who need hydrating ASAP.
Here’s a video of my sister using the whole range in a mini facial done by L’Occitane Indonesia.
She uses the cleanser, toner, scrub, mask, lotion and moisturizer too. It was so wonderful and the scent is superbly beautiful. Instant hydration!
As always L’Occitane made sure the products comes from respectable, reputable and trustworthy source.
That’s something Mr.Olivier would put his signature on ^__^

Thank you L’Occitane Indonesia for having us!

We love your products

Carnellin signing off and stay tune for my next post.

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