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Hi lovely eyes,

has anyone told you that? I had! The feeling is wonderful and made me feels like I have the prettiest eyes on the planet ^^

Unfortunately (sucks, there’s always unfortunately), these eyes need help to stay pretty for years and years to come. That’s why I’m really happy and keen on trying Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl. The new item from Lancome specially made for the pretty eyes.


Details from

Eye luminosity, the new visible sign of youth.

The new 360° eye contour transformation.
Lancôme introduces its 1st eye-illuminating serum, engineered with a unique rotating and massaging applicator to reach even the most inaccessible eye areas.
Experience a 360° eye contour transformation above and below the eyes for visible results.

After 4 weeks of use, results show 78% of women thought that the eye contour was visibly improved.1

– First-of-its-kind 360° massaging Light-Pearl™ applicator.
– Perfectly adapts to the fragile eye area
– Offers a delicate and precise massaging action on the eye contour

More Luminous
See Deflated Eye Bags
After 4 weeks of use, results show 78% of women thought that the eye contour was visibly improved.1

1Self assessments – consumer test – 4 weeks.

Have you read it? 360 degree of massaging and eye contour transformation. Me waaaannnttttttt

Smoother skin near the eyes, deflated eye bags and luminous too? It’s really engineered for the eyes, sounds too good to be true? Look at the applicator and let me testify some for you as well.


The teardrop shaped metal ball feels cold on the skin, perfect for the eye bags, the one that usually need cooling action for compressing. The cloudy slightly gel liquid is like a dew touching the eyes area. Comfortable and gives somehow a delightful feeling, it’s either the massaging action or the texture of the metal tear drop pressed against the skin with a lovely serum, or just both.


Perfect for a lazy bum who rarely gives their eyes a daily massaging or even a great product to be put on. It’s two in one ^^


Will I keep using it? Yes!
Will I recommend the product? Yes! For everyone start from early 20’s or when the agings start to take control more than ever before.

Tips on using it?
On a clean face after toner and facial serum, before essence, moisturizer and sun protection.

The staff from Lancome told me the product can be used anytime, including after makeup, but I’ve tried using after makeup and it melts my makeup away plus the applicator become tainted, so, I stick to my how to on the Tips above, use it during skincare time for a younger, prettier and perkier looking eyes.

Hello gorgeous ladies,

there’s a new serum in the Biotherm world and I’m going to share how awesome it is, be prepared ^^


Here some details from

The team from Biotherm has been so excited and exuberant when showing me the products and what it can do. I was in either try to grasp their enthusiasm or somehow in disbelief, can a product be THAT good?

They’ve shared with me the 9 visible result, the texture, the bottle and the details.


As usual the Biotherm is about pure thermal plankton and since a couple of years ago, they start exploring new resources to the waters from ocean, lakes, rivers and not just spa water. Now, the Blue Therapy Serum is extracted from 3 different water sources.


Please do watch the video.


What do you think? After viewing the video, reading about the ingredients and see the details above, where we can do something about aging and it will show an 80% differences. So from 100% aging, only 20% is inevitable, so if we use the correct product, we might avoid the 80%, resulting in a youthful skin, firm, less lines and wrinkles, and less dark spots too. Amazing!



80% of the signs of aging can be visibly reduced.


Wrinkles appear smoother, contours feel tighter as though uplifted and dark spots appear reduced for a visible transformation. For all skin types.


A golden elixir that melts into your skin.

Apply morning and/or evening to clean skin.
Apply either underneath your usual moisturiser or anti-age product, or apply alone.
Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the centre. Finish by the neck. Avoid eye contour.


And this is the product, please do mind my comical mood ^^ lately I need to express my self more, more than just words, after all an image worth thousands of words. A product this good do need thousands of words ^^

Yes, there are tiny sparkles on the smooth gel, like golden mixed with white gold is crushed and infused. The amazing smell of aquatic resources and a touch from Biotherm scent department. It’s like an elixir, an efficacious liquid for youth.

I’ve been using it for weeks and I’ll begin with how smooth and fast it is to penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin a bit glow before completely absorb. There are reaction from the skin, in my case, a positive reaction. Hydration, firmer, dewier, plumper skin with a more even toned complexion within 10 days. And I’m sure this is not yet the climax.

The product is used like other serum, on a cleaned face, after the toner and right before moisturizer. I use it with my Aquasource, a moisturizer from Biotherm family as well. You may use it with other brand and range but best to be used within the series of the same brand.


Will I keep using it? Definitely!

Will I recommend the product to my loved ones? Yes!

Thank you so much Biotherm Indonesia.

Hello lovelies,

finally I have the time to finish writing about these wonderful products I’ve been using for some time. I am amazed on how the texture can be so light and fulfilling at the same time, it was like instantly absorbed. Perhaps it is due to the water-based ingredients, ohh yums!

And just a bit of history here, before all of these goodies come, the team from V10Plus ask me to do some check list on my skin condition. Where later they’ll give me products suitable for my skin based on consultation sheet, cool isn’t it?! So the result are suitable items for my unique skin. 


I’ve done my checking and there are items that get more than 3 points: BIO CELL Serum and Ceramide Serum. The team from V10Plus add one more serum for me, the Collagen Serum. An ingredients that I used to avoid since somehow it made the acne appears. Will V10Plus Collagen Serum gives my skin the same effect?


To understand a product, I have to use it accordingly, V10Plus is equipped with step by step guide as well … what, no toner before the serum? Nope! Apparently the serum texture itself is quite light and doesn’t need anything before usage, a clean and dry skin is enough.


Here are my babies, the Collagen, Ceramide, and BIO CELL serums. The one that I’m really curious about is Ceramide, I know I’ve been using Ceramide based ingredients for my hair, as it helps the damage part to be strong and healthy again. I guess it’s not just my hair needs the Ceramide, my skin’s too.


The bottles are in different colors, they are so cute, and I think the texture of the serums should be the same to0, or isn’t? Soon, I’ll find out.


From 10 different ingredients, I am going to review 3 of them, heehee so excited!!

Here are some info from

What is BIO CELL?

BIO CELL encourages the production of energy in the skin cells. BIOCELL in your skin continues to decrease as you get older. V 10 plus slows down the symptom of aging very similar in molecular structure to estrogen. Estrogen is called the “beauty hormone”, which keeps the skin youthful. But estrogen secretion decreases dramatically from your late 40’s, so you have to supply BIO CELL to your skin.

BIO CELL is good for…

DNA Repair, Skin Cells Repair, Anti-wrinkle, Prevention of melanin production
What is Ceramide?

Ceramide is the main component of intercellular lipid, which keeps water in the skin and also protects your skin from external stimulus, such as air drying or ultraviolet ray. Lack of Ceramide depresses the barrier function of skin and causes dryness and roughness of the skin.

Ceramide is good for…

Dryness and sensitive skin. It fills in the damaged horny layer and enforces the barrier function of skin. V 10 PLUS Ceramide serum uses vegetable Ceramide, which is extracted from rice polishings.

What is Collagen?

Collagen dominates about 80% of dermis and keeps the elasticity and juvenility of the skin. It decreases after your mid-20s, so you have to replenish collagen to keep your skin looking young. 

Collagen is good for…

Wrinkles and elasticity. V 10 PLUS serum uses marine collagen which is  FRESH SEA BREAM’s SCALE. It contains more amino acids and its molecule is smaller than the pig’s and cow’s collagen, so it has more penetration power. Also, as it contains marine elastin, you can regain soft skin with this combination. 

Neat, right?! All the details provided by them and please do read on their Brand History to learn more about V10Plus.


The one I’m going to take pictures is the green one, Ceramide Serum, why? The texture of the serum is the one I found to the thickest and almost like a gel. BIO CELL and Collagen are runnier than Ceramide. This is fascinating for me ^__^ since maybe from all those 10 they all have different viscosity according to each of their ingredients.


Currently all of them are made in Japan and have the exact same clear transparent colors. I found no allergy or any kind of discomfort from using them (all three of them).


I uses them daily according to my moods and figuring out my skin’s need at that time of application, so I’ve used all three, mixed all three, and any condition I want. One thing for sure, each usage is 3 drops. It could be 3 drops of Ceramide, 3 drops of BIO CELL, 3 drops of Collagen, 2 drops of Ceramide + 1 drop of BIO CELL, 1 drop of Collagen + 1 drop of BIO CELL + 1 drop of Ceramide, etc, it was a very fun activity for me, which kinda made me wish having all 10 of them ^__^ just to satisfy my ideas or creativity heehee.

The best thing about this serum are they contain NO paraben, NO chemical fragrance (they literally smell like nothing at all), NO artificial color, NO mineral oil, when opened it has to be finished within 6 months, so yes, they are included as fresh products.


Like mentioned, I’ve used all three of them including the Collagen, and I’ve suffered zero acne. The Ceramide is a huge hit for me since it help my skin to retain moisture/hydration way better than any other serum I’ve used. I know I have to keep using them so I can see visible result, but so far for these past few weeks the feeling and sensation I get is just wonderful. Like the products are custom made for my skin.

The BIO CELL actually feels like nothing on my skin and so far I haven’t found new wrinkles/lines, hopefully in the long run it’ll help reducing the wrinkles or at least keeping me stay younger longer ^___^

And I’ve tried them with other products from other brands as well and so far they are okay. Okay as in able to be used together and in fact, adding more benefits to my skin. Since the serums are all water based they are better to be used before any other products that may contain oil or other ingredients that will block the absorption. None of other products that I’ve tried to be as light as V10Plus serums, so suggestion from the V10Plus team about using it before any other product from other brand is proven to be correct.

I know we are used to get a serum in the market which already made just as it is, in V10Plus customers can have a precised ingredients which is benefit for their individualized skin. 10 serums with hundreds of possibilities for mix and match. For me these serums aren’t just my serums for life but things may chance, my hormones, age, or I can move to another country with different climates, and changes happens. I can easily get another series of serums from V10Plus, so I think they are not the kind of unchangeable, one size fits for life, permanent serums. They are like serums that grow with you where you can choose the one that fit you at that moment. 

Will I keep using it? Definitely! Will I recommend these products to my loved ones? Yes!

Hello everybody,

after decades of successful iconic item called the Advanced Night Repair, a serum for the face, finally Estee Lauder launch one for the eyes area last month (Read it: HERE).


Here is the product, the box and the details attached to it. A 15 ml pump bottle with nothing but goodness for the eyes area. The minute I saw the product, somehow I found it believable. Maybe due to it’s precedent product known as ANR, or maybe because of all those research behind it.


Use it before an eye cream, so yes, it’s an eye serum. Twice daily and enjoy the benefit. The product has been with me for a month now and here’s my review.


I’m not using it alone, but with her faithful companion to guide her through. The Advanced Night Repair serum for the face. I’ll compare their texture and see them standing side by side to fight the aging out of my skin. Since now there are two ANR, one for the face and one for the eyes, let’s call it ANR face, ANR eyes, face and eyes, oh whatever, you got the drill 😀


Here they are, in terms of texture, color and physical appearance, immediately there are some differences. From the clear slightly brown/orange easy to digest serum to the light creamy white ANR eyes. However, both have that almost the same memorable scent, the one that only available in the ANR world. A subtle herb earthy slightly aromatic floral scent.


And both feels so easy on the skin, one for the facial skin feels so good on the skin and the one for the eyes as well. It may looks creamy but it is away from heavy and thick. Instantly melts and cover the eyes area with the liquid, penetrates and absorbed by the skin. The feeling afterwards is smooth, soft and relaxed.


From the press release and details given, I know that ANR eyes are made with full research and knowledge of the eyes original condition. Where it needs a pampering action from all those blinking, laughing, and all our facial eyes expression. And I know for sure I can’t escape using anti aging products, these last few days I have difficulties in sleeping on the right time.

Perhaps due to the surgery and the stitches or maybe it’s just something that all of us has experience. Stress from work or daily life. I meant, we all want a nice, slow paced life with zero pressure. But in reality almost all of us can’t have that luxury, the result? We are exhausted and the skin gets to it’s toll as well.

Lines, wrinkles, dehydrated skin is amongst the things we’ve seen the minute we step into the 30. Or for some 25. ANR with a remarkable formula which not just fix the skin on top but all through the DNA.

There’s when and why we need help, and ANR (face and eyes) are 2 of my recommended items on my list. List? Yes, there are a lot of good products out there, anyone just need to find the perfect item exactly matches their skin. It’s just happens that these 2 matches mine and a whole lotta people out there ^_________^


Use the eye serum from ANR to help the aging off from your eyes from the early age, I’m talking about 18-20’s. Since the signs of aging hits the eyes first. Always use the ring finger from the outer to inner side of the eyes. Try to avoid rubbing the eyes, it’s not just causing wrinkles (since the eyes area are 40% thinner than the face) it’s also might cause infection to the eyes. Avoid using other products for the eyes which has thick texture and fragrances since it can migrate to the eyes. The ANR eyes may be used alone without an eye cream on top of it.

ANR eyes also help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

And if needed or wanted, use it with ANR for the face.


By using them both for a complete Advanced Night Repair experience continually and routinely (minimum of 2 weeks daily application and see the result on your skin) I’m looking younger overall and gradually.

PS: Don’t forget to use the rest of the skincare products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sun protection) and always use a clean hand when applying.

So far I can use these products with other brand and range, mix and match accordingly to one’s skin type and needs.

Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia.

Hello ^____________^

For you whose been following my blog must know how active I am today, yes, the internet connection is ON!

As always, there’s tons of item needed to be reviewed, and I love how most companies provide items which is irresistible, works well and smell really good. Like this one from Shu Uemura. 


Details from

phyto-black lift

premium global anti-aging line

phyto-black lift is a premium global anti-aging skincare line designed to visibly lift and firm skin while gently smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for a revitalized more youthful complexion. enjoy skin’s youthful beauty – with instantly visible results.
phyto-black lift key technologies
power of black ingredients – elixir for youthful looking skin.
the mystic beverage, black tea ferment has been known in Japan since the 5th century for its legend to have cured a sick emperor. for centuries and in contemporary japan, black ingredients are recognized for their many health & skin benefits as a source of lasting youth and vitality.

phyto-black lift expertly blends unique black asian phyto-ingredients enhanced with advanced beauty technologies to address the major skin concerns of aging.

Black Tea Ferment
helps to prevent skin glycation*1 of collagen in order to maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles and sagging. It also acts*2 as a powerful detoxifying agent to help skin recover an alluring radiance.
Black Sugar Complex (Pro-Xylane® + Black Sugar)
a complex arranged from two sugar molecules, Black Sugar (molasse extract) and Pro-Xylane®.

Pro-Xylane® : Obtained from natural xylose of beechwood through sustainable green chemistry*3, Pro-Xylane® effectively boosts*2 synthesis of certain GAGs*4, in order to lift and plump skin while retaining ample moisture. It also has a collagen boosting*2 effect enabling skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
Black Sugar: Inhibits*2 tyrosinase activity to limit the production of melanin to delay the appearance of dark spots.
Litchi Shell Extract
neutralizes oxidative stress*2 which can accelerate the aging process. it is also known to prevent collagen destruction by inhibiting*2 metalloproteinases, destroying enzymes that can be overproduced when skin tissue is damaged by UV.
Depsea water
Depsea water is one of the purest waters on earth and naturally infused with rich minerals to energize the skin, fortify skin barrier function and enhance skin’s self-moisturizing ability*2.

*1: glycation : an uncontrollable bridging reaction that occurs between proteins and glucose and is recognized as one of the major factors in the process of skin aging.
*2: in vitro tests.
*3: an ecological conscientious chemical philosophy that encourages the development of sustainable processes that are kinder to the natural environment.
*4: glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) play a crucial role to help bind various components of the skin’s matrix. With age, production of these macromolecues slows, leaving the extra-cellular matrix gradually weakend.


I would like to discuss start from the light texture, the emulsion is used after toner and smells really good. Like blends of fresh flowers. Easy to be used and absorbed by the skin. Due to it’s nature (travel size packaging :D) I’m only reviewing for a week of usage. The serum may be used twice a day (day and night time). It was able to gives my skin a light hydration and light smoothing effect.

The deep lines after a week usage are still there but the finer one looks more relaxed. No allergic reaction, no stickiness, the skin remain calms and look radiant. Reading from the product details it seems like they have so many benefits in one item but surprisingly feels so light and friendly on my skin.

The white emulsion for me like an all in one solution for complexion, hydration and smoothness. What can I say? Another high quality product from Shu Uemura not to be missed.

Hello ladies,

from the recent event with ASTALIFT, I brought home a set and try them recently. Due to it’s nature I can only give a review of 1 week max, so consider this post as first impression ^__^


In Japan, there are many samples sold in the marketplace. Varieties of brands are offering travel sizes as a tool for customer to try before purchasing a full size item. Now, I see ASTALIFT also selling this minis on their counter, the price is around Rp.150.000.


There are 6 items in the set and a details plus brochure is included. So anyone could just read the details plus there’s a how to guide as well. From massaging technique to printed information. All of them in Japanese but the photos are quite clear showing how to’s. The amount of product needed in each step also shown. Wow! Japan are very precised in details for sure.


Start with a cleansing gel to remove all the makeup. Gently melt the gel on the palm before massaging the face with it.


It was wonderful, I love the Damask Rose scent, the texture of the gel. Watch out don’t let the gel get into the eyes, it sting. I use the gel to clean waterproof mascara which perhaps eye makeup remover will be better for the sensitive eye area.

Still, on the skin, the gel feels really good and thoroughly clean everything it touches.


All those makeup are gone (incl. the waterproof mascara with a bit of the gel get into the eyes, my bad) and dissolving themselves in the gel. I add a bit of water to emulsify and then rinse everything off. Move on to step 2.


The cleansing foam or Moisture Foam in ASTALIFT world. This creamy lathery cleanser are so easy to bubbles up. Creating a fine white foam abundantly. Always lather a cleansing foam before touching the face, so it’s the bubbles that cleanse.


Just like the cleansing gel, massage the foam onto the skin until every side, angle and in between are foamed. Once rinse the face feel clean . . . like almost squeaky clean, like the limit between really clean to overly striping the moisture completely off from the skin. I enjoy double cleansing so much that I keep repeating step 1 and 2 with or without makeup on.


Then, come the unique part. The Jelly.

Details from

Jelly Aquarysta

The epitome of all ASTALIFT’s products – Jelly Aquarysta, is a unique anti-ageing phenomenon for every woman.
The uniquely named Aquarysta is derived from AQUA and CRYSTAL, which symbolises the light as water texture of the clear jelly, and the crystal-clear, moisturised skin it brings.
It is the first product to be used right after cleansing / washing in your daily skincare regime, and before lotion and emulsion.
This extraordinary revolutionary skincare formula targets visible signs of premature ageing: dark spots, lines and dull skin, delivering visibly younger, more luminous and ‘replumped’ skin.
Key Ingredients:

  • human-type nano-Ceramide
  • nano-Astaxanthin
  • nano-Lycopene
  • highly-permeable Resveratrol
  • Collagen
  • Damask Rose

  • 40g

The unique texture of something that really similar to jelly or jell-o. On the skin the jelly will melt and distribution process become easier. The skin receives the jelly as well as a pleasing step on skincare routine. At first I thought it would be a sticky experience, it’s not, somehow the formula just goes into the skin without any inconvenience traces. What’s left on the skin is hydration and plumpness.


The bright orange is an enticing addition to the product, the team from ASTALIFT assured me not to worry, as the orange/red color will not stain the skin ^__^


Continue with lotion. The orange colored water is a delight to the skin, I use my hand to distribute the lotion (not cotton) and gently tap them over and add some pressure using the palm to some parts where the palm fit the area. Making sure to help absorption of the nourishing ingredients.


Step 5 is the essence.

Essence Destiny

Formulated with high concentrations of nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, highly-permeable Resveratrol, Royal Jelly, skin firming Elastin and Collagen to effectively deliver anti-ageing goodness deep into the skin.
Use regularly to feel the bounce and suppleness on skin. See your skin return with vigour and enjoy luminescent skin.
Key Ingredients:
  • nano-Astaxanthin
  • nano-Lycopene
  • highly-permeable Resveratrol
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Royal Jelly
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Damask Rose


A product that wins awards and one of the star product in the series. The texture is also unique, almost like an unset jelly. So cute and the skin accept them as it was their own. In fact, I think all products in ASTALIFT are penetrated easily into the skin. All of their texture feels so light but packed with a whole lotta goodness for the ageing skin. But without any feeling of overwhelming nor too much.


The last step would be the cream. The one that seals the whole moisture and nutrients from the outside world. Making sure the products applied before can stay intact on the skin, absorbed and enjoyed.


This is the cream, milky orange in color and rich in texture. I use it by dividing the cream into several spots on the face. Then, gently massage the cream on the skin with small circular motion.


The moisture stay with me all day long, I use them twice a day, in the morning after a shower and at night after cleaning the face or after a shower as well. The 6 steps might feel a bit much for some who haven’t got used to it, but for me, it all took less than 3 minutes. I try to do it slower, since actually each step need time and proper massaging technique.


Overall, I think the set is quite convenient. It comes with all the product in the series where needed (complete set) and suitable for those who want to try before they make any purchasing. I know some other brand provide free samples, but usually the packaging is not as neat as ASTALIFT. The set gives me some ideas of the products, which are:

1. All of them is light in texture but none feel sticky on the skin.
2. The whole 6 steps doesn’t overwhelmed my skin.
3. The brochure inside the box is nicely done, but I wish it comes in English or Bahasa for customer in Indonesia.
4. A great way to introduce the skin to the whole set in full size.
5. Love the naturally derived scent of Damask Rose in the range.
6. So far no allergy reaction nor undesired effect. Usually products contain collagen triggers acne on my skin.
7. I like the natural colors of the products (team ASTALIFT assured us it was not colored, but naturally from the ingredients).
8. I like the high technology behind these products which help the product penetrated better and faster on the skin with nanotechnology. You may read the details here:

And with all those reasons, I want to try the full size products and other collection from ASTALIFT.

Thank you ASTALIFT Indonesia.

Hello ^__^

From the recent event with Clinique, I get myself a nice juicy serum heehee. I’ve been eying on this item for months (since I saw their appearance on Singapore Women’s Weekly) and dreaming about having it. At last, it’s mine \^0^/ 


Details from

  • Skin Types: All
Potent serum gives every skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles, sun damage. In 4 weeks, see obvious reduction in lines, wrinkles, improved texture. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact. Different commitment, different results. And yet impressive results guaranteed.

  • Apply 3 to 4 drops twice a day to face and around eyes. For all Skin Types. Partner with any of Clinique’s de-aging solutions
  • For increased prevention against the effects of stress, sun and pollution, add Superdefense SPF 25 and Super Rescue.
  • For intense visible repair, add Youth Surge SPF 15 and Youth Surge Night.

I don’t know about most people, but I always make a wishlist on things I want to to have, most of them are beauty products haha! I found them very interesting and appealing. Clinique’s ad is always sleek and clean. Minimize in design yet able to strikingly provoke curiosity and clearly describe the results of using the products being advertized.

Laser Focus ad is cool and looks high tech, like it was made with the latest machine in the universe. The clear slightly milky serum is said to be as close as dermatological laser procedure, I’ve done one of that laser before and hmm, let’s see the result shall we?


The serum used after cleansing and toner. The serum may be use all over the face and areas near the eyes too, neat! I love beauty products, each and everyone of them (that works) but I’m still longing for an item that can be used all over, fuss free products and actually really effective. I know we need 4, 5, or even 6 steps, but still, don’t we all just longed for the easiest, quickest, fastest, and simplest product out there?!

The fact that this serum provide several benefits to fight aging from wrinkles and the sun is cool too. Some products provide anti-lines and wrinkle, some helps clears up the spots, this serum provide both and it actually add some ‘power’ of hydrating as well. The slightly sticky texture holds the moisturizer which added right after the serum, promote better moisture barrier for the skin. I use it mostly on night time and waking up with this plump and dewy skin. The finer lines are far more easier to be erased, in a number of 1-2 weeks the very fine lines disappearing.

I do have several dark spots on my cheeks, so far they are still there . . . hmm, I know that spots are tougher, but I’m keen on keep using it until the whole bottle is finished ^__^ So far I can see the whole face seems brighter, softer and happier. Maybe the tinier and thinner spots are gone by now like the skin been through a regenerating process.


Overall, this serum with a fancy packaging not just looks cool from the outside but inside too. First time user might feel the serum to be sticky, use a hydrating moisturizer after the serum and see how the serum helps hold the moisturizer to stay intact to the skin. I think it is best for those around 30 years old or when the signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and spots are appearing. May be used with products from other brand and type according to one’s need.

Laser procedure also took several treatment to start showing result, for now I choose Clinique RepairWear Laser Focus for showing results almost like laser treatment with a very small fraction of the price.

Hi all!

Last week I was invited by ASTALIFT.

About ASTALIFT from

‘ASTA’ in Japanese means tomorrow and ‘LIFT’ refers to the uplift of one’s inner emotions as beauty shines through. The result is a meaningful brand promise that offers renewed skin.
Created by FUJIFILM, ASTALIFT is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy.
Not many know that oxidation – the leading cause of freckles and skin ageing – is responsible for colour fading in photographs. FUJIFILM has applied its advanced understanding of the process of anti-oxidation technology to create ASTALIFT’s award-winning anti-ageing products.
What’s more, Collagen – an important structural protein in human skin – is also the key ingredient for photographic film. FUJIFILM, harnessing its nearly 80 years of collagen research, has effectively channeled this area of expertise to ASTALIFT’s products.
FUJIFILM has also applied its proprietary knowledge of nanotechnology – for exposing and colour developing in film – to allow high concentrations of ultra-fine skin-nourishing ingredients to be delivered effectively and deeply to targeted levels of the skin, while preserving their efficacy.
FUJIFILM’s strengths in image analysing technologies – gleaned from our vast experience in the photographic and medical fields – have also been used in skin tone reproduction technology to enhance one’s looks in the cosmetics field.
Inspired by skin cell research. Powered by proprietary nano technology.


At one of the prestigious hotel in Kuningan, a brand that produce Jelly that feeds the skin with the power of red and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin.

Anti-oxidation, Collagen, Nanotechnology and Optical technologies

Not many know that oxidation – the leading cause of freckles and skin ageing – is responsible for colour fading in photographs. FUJIFILM has applied its advanced understanding of the process of anti-oxidation technology to creating ASTALIFT’s award-winning anti-ageing products.
What’s more, Collagen – an important structural protein in human skin – is also the key ingredient for photographic film. FUJIFILM, harnessing its nearly 80 years of collagen research, has successfully cultured 3 types of collagen – each precisely engineered to reach a different skin layer – to protect, supply and nurture the collagen in your skin.
The brand has also applied FUJIFILM’s proprietary knowledge of Nanotechnology to allow strong skin-nourishing ingredients in ASTALIFT products to penetrate deep into the different layers of the skin. Nano-size antioxidants – Astaxanthin and Lycopene, combined with the 3 types of collagen are absorbed quickly into the deeper layers of the skin for optimal hydration and nourishment.
FUJIFILM’s strengths in image analysing technologies – gleaned from extensive R&D in the photographic and medical fields – have also been used in skin tone reproduction technology to enhance one’s looks in the cosmetics field.


A team from Singapore brought us the presentation about how the nanotechnology and the meaning of Aka No Chikara.

One of the ingredients found in ASTALIFT is Astaxanthin, which is a red pigment.

Astaxanthin is a Carotenoid found in nature – in vegetables containing β-Carotene and Ricopin. High in applicability, it is 10 times more powerful than β-Carotene and 1,000 times stronger then CoQ10.

The benefit of using ASTALIFT:

ASTALIFT is formulated with 3 types of collagen of different sizes, not only to hydrate skin surface, but also to effectively permeate deep into the skin’s stratum corneum layer.

The 3 types of collagen act together to moisturise and enhance skin suppleness, as well as to enhance the collagen deep inside your skin.

ASTALIFT is also powered by Astaxanthin, Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that is 1,000 times more powerful than CoQ10 (Co-enzyme Q10). It protects the collagen within your skin from damage and maintains the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Like Astaxanthin, Lycopene and highly-permeable Resveratrol are antioxidants with age-defying properties.

And during the presentation, we can all try the products on our table.


I started mine with a cleansing gel. Then, one by one until everything on the table, tried them all on the hand surface. So far I found the texture of all the products to be light, rejuvenating and hydrating. The skin looks to be gaining vitality as well.

I love the subtle scent of roses, which is from damask rose. Lovely and comforting in the same time.

 Here are the products:


The complete series is presented and available in Indonesia. You may have seen them in several department store in Jakarta, such as, Seibu Grand Indonesia, SOGO Mal Alam Sutra, and SOGO Mal Kelapa Gading. 


The brand also have 2 signature items, the Essence and the Jelly. I’m a huge fan for beauty products in a form of a jelly ^__^ or other ‘unique’ texture/ form.


They handed me some travel sizes to be tried at home. Fret not, I’ll share my review right after trying them one by one.


The uniqueness doesn’t stop there, the masks are made with a high quality fabric, yes, I have one from the whitening series and will share the review as well after trying them.


Both of the mask is orange in color after being soak with the ‘juice’ from ASTALIFT.


Beside skincare, ASTALIFT also comes with a series of makeup. Again, with some stunning features:


Skincare and makeup in one (not meant to replace skincare thou’).


Want to try them? Me too!


The selection of shades are not bad. Even the lightest shade comes in three variation from pinkish, ochre, to ochre beige, and they all contain astaxanthin and collagen like the skincare.


Time do flies when I’m enjoying myself. This is me with the team from Singapore and Japan.


Thank you for having me and all of us during the event .

Thank you for reading this post, stay tune for more review on the products and prepare to be mesmerize @_@ by ASTALIFT



Hi everyone,

on the previous post I’ve reviewed the series of Astaxanthin from the toner, essence, emulsion and cream (read: HERE). Now, as mentioned in that previous post, there’s one more item that I really want to try, the Moisture Fixer.

The Moisture Fixer is a


Somehow I’m not that confident in using it as a primer, but still I’ll do that ^__^ and share you some thoughts, however, the main attraction would be Moisture Fixer as a Sleeping Mask.


Look at that! Isn’t it beautiful? An amber gel form which resemble an almost set jell-o and all it’s glory. I do play with it for a while and until you actually look at it and personally scoop it out and yes, play with the product, where then you’ll see exactly what I meant.


When scoop out in a quick way, it will act like an agar, but when gently pour down, it will slowly melts and drips like honey.


It is the most interesting texture. I wonder how they made it like that and why and all the history behind the making. I hope someday all my questions are answered. For now, I’m just enjoying the product ^__^


I put it on a cleaned skin and let them do it’s magic. Again, when gently put on the gel will slowly melts and able to be distributed well on the skin. I think if it used as a primer after a cream, I have to melt them well at my palms before touching the facial skin.


This is me after 30 minutes using Moisture Fixer.

At first, the gel feels cool where then there’s this warm sensation. I let the whole family to try on this mask, my mom, dad, hubby and sister. We all experience the exact same thing when all our skin type is differ by far. The skin gets rejuvenating effect waking up in the morning. I don’t experience abundant moisture but perhaps when used with the whole series the moisture will stay intact inside the film it created.


By using the moisture fixer alone the skin get a warm feeling, the smell is light and a bit citrus zing at the end, the lovely texture is fun to put on the skin and application also easy once the gel is melted. I did massage it a bit before leaving it on around 30 minutes or so before bedtime so it wont stick anywhere else but my face.

The sleeping mask gives the skin a bouncy and firming effect (yes, all of us experience that as well), which means this is the perfect item for aging skin in terms of sagging. The rejuvenating effect also so lovely like the skin somehow become younger and healthier overnight.

In terms of being a primer, the honey golden gel helps a sticky foundation become looser blends everything before setting it finely. Wait for the skin become touch-ably dry before adding some powder.

Anneyong everyone,

I’m here with a series from Nature Republic called Astaxanthin, fiuh! That’s a hard name.

Astaxanthin, based on

Astaxanthin (/æstəˈzænθɨn/) is a carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which are built from five carbon precursors; isopentenyl diphosphate (or IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (or DMAPP). Astaxanthin is classified as a xanthophyll (originally derived from a word meaning “yellow leaves” since yellow plant leaf pigments were the first recognized of the xanthophyll family of carotenoids), but currently employed to describe carotenoid compounds that have oxygen-containing moities, hydroxyl (OH) or ketone (=0), such as zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin
Wow, tough to digest, isn’t it? Try these: 

(all details are provided by Nature Republic Indonesia)

Products given to me are Toner, Essence, Emulsion, Cream. Unfortunately, not the Moisture Fixer, I really want to try it ^__^

Anyway, in this post I will share a review of using the products I have from the Astaxanthin series. The product which is made for around 30’s and above.


I feel really tempted after reading the details about the products and how cool they are as they added the elasticity back to the skin and those anti-oxidant as I’m really concerned due to the high pollution in Jakarta. The coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and arbutin, the ingredients that a skin need to get fairer and younger is there. Let’s see how my skin goes after using the products for almost 2 weeks.


A heavy glass bottle with bright orange look, quite heavy, and I love the cap details, like a leave. Almost all Nature Republic items have that same design for the lid.

Start with the toner, a clear orange fluid, smells like orange too, fruity and fresh. The toner is a delight to the skin as well, Easy to use. I damped the cotton with it right after cleansing and feel the skin responding by getting softer and ready for the next step, the essence.


The Essence is delightful as well, gooey and orange. Smell like marmalade with the texture like simple syrup. Gentle on the skin and easy to be absorbed. The skin instantly grab the moisture and become hydrated. I love to use it day and night.


Next is the emulsion, a creamy texture in a heavy glass bottle, I wish they come in a pump shaped, since it is a bit tricky to jotted them out. Smells like a fresh peeled orange, not as light as the essence, but still feel easy on the skin. Help the skin to retain the moisture and stay plump longer.


Last on this series is the cream, a super duper rich cream which I think is my least favorite product here. Why? The texture is so creamy and feels thick on the skin. I use it on night time only since on day time feels sticky.

The smell of the cream is like a orange milk, pleasant and nice. On the damped skin the cream will easily glide, so I always make sure the skin is in their wettest possible heehee.


Here is the result after using Astaxanthin for around 2 weeks. The skin does become plump and hydrated but on a few areas such as under the nose (above the lips) some acne are spotted, not much, just 1-2, but I think that’s due to the rich formula. But overall the series does provide me some benefits such as:
More hydrated skin
Plumped skin which means less fine lines
Fairer skin
Healthy glow

Fresher look.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.