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Hi everyone,

from my recent trip to Japan, I bought these goodies from Kate. I’ve been a fan of Kate’s eye shadows for the amazing sparkling effect since 5 years ago and for me they are among the first that keep giving sparks to the eyes in the vividly natural way possible.

Nowadays, there are many other brands and variety as well, we have plenty of choices in getting our eyes dazzling.

Mine is in PU-1. I love how easy and simple the product is, blending has never become easier and the fine texture of the powder makes it worth every penny to purchase. The look changed into wider eyes but still in the softness and delicate tones of Japanese makeup.

Here is my look from yesterday’s event with Boss. The dark shade can easily gives me a smokey eyes, the white base is super fine and soft, suitable as a base before everything else and as a highlighter for the nose, the purple is a hue that so delicate and definitely no color block here, and the beige, light brown and cream is the complements for everything else and make a wonderful harmony.

I rarely use a primer prior using eyeshadow and with Kate Wide Edge Eyes? I don’t feel the need to.

Hello everyone!

This is one of the item I get from traveling in Japan, the Bright Up Powder from Kanebo, I guess I was lured by the multicolored powder.

Details from

Multicolored fine powder mix, cover the dull yellowish-white without having to float.
Prevent makeup, it is a solid face powder followed by glossy transparent skin.
1,000 yen each full two Bright Up Powder
SPF 15 PA +
○ blended marine collagen (moisturizing ingredient)
○ pearl essence blended (moisturizing ingredient)

○ adsorbed components sebum to prevent the collapse
Puff ◆ ◆ ◆ with all-season Unscented

Case for Pressed Powder
¥ 350

 All the details is in Japanese, so please do mind the Google translate method up there ^0^

Kanebo (and like other brand in Japan) has many many many branches of products below, such as Kate, Lunasol, etc. Still in one giant happy family of Kanebo, thou’.

Media is still in Kanebo.

Below is me using the pressed powder after using Even Better Makeup by Clinique. So the pressed powder is used after foundation/BB cream, I’m not recommending it to be used solo.

I love the instant brightening effect and the skin become soft and smooth. It’s not exactly mattefying but definitely keep the sebum away, so the skin appears velvety powdered. For me no.1 suits my skin well for giving a fair look without being pale, no.2 gives the skin a more natural look with more beige.

The powder last for 2-3 hours and need another touch up when I’m outdoor, but if the air is dry or in air-conditioned room, it can last for 4-6 hours (my skin type is combination dry).

Collage of me after using Bright Up Powder, fair looking skin it!