Hi all!

Another product from Japan that I bought during my Summer Trip. It is impossible not to buy any beauty products there, as they are blessed with abundant varieties and collections not to be missed. The latest product is always around every 3 months, new packaging, new designs, improved ingredients and so on!

I never have an eyebrow mascara before, I always use the one for lashes heehee, so the tone usually either black or deep brown. So the minute I lay my eyes on this cutie, grab it immediately to be used on my new dyed hair.

I used to think that black brows with blonde hair is okay and still look natural, I’m wrong! Lighter shade of brow that follows the hair look so much cooler, better and friendlier to the eyes (looking at the brows) ^0^

After picking it up, I gazes on other similar products as well, but triggered with Kiss Me since they have the word “Best Seller”, “Highly Recommended”, etc.

After choosing the shade (the product comes in 3 shades of browns, dark, light and the lightest is no 01) I get mine in 01. Confidently using it on the spot and use it for days after it for a full review. The brush is soft and wonderful to be used, the mascara is user friendly and not clumpy at all, gently brushes the eyebrows with it and the colors will gradually follows, no errors whatsoever. Perfect for a shaped brow. For those whose brows are not shaped yet, can trim it down before using the mascara and use pencil brow in the same color.

On the picture above and below is me after using the mascara, no signs of a black eyebrows left behind, meaning, it gives my brows a full coverage with natural looking flows.

The mascara create some kind of fiber wig, strings of gooey things which is later become harder and hair-like rubber thingy. Waterproof and water resistant, it stands through the whole day, against the sweat and humidity. I really like it. Later on I cleaned them at the end of the day with cleansing oil and warm water. The mascara will come out fiber-like, so it’s not the hairs from the brows that falls off, it’s the mascara.

Final words: I love it and will keep on using the product ^__^