Hello everybody!

Here’s another post from my recent trip and daily I bought so many of them, well, at least as many as I can get my hands on ^__^ heehee.

I love lashes, get them in many varieties and the glue as well, while doing so, the Dolly Wink is so cute and decide to try it on.

Mine is No.1, Honey Brown.

Details by Koji:

In a soft core, Eyebrow pencil can draw natural brow.

Honey Brown familiar fluffy hair color bright. I finished in an impressive natural brow.

You can be strong in sweat and water, because hard fall, to keep fresh all day to draw eyebrows.

With screw brush texture soft, blurred if after drawing, I finished in natural further.

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The products packaging from behind. Found out more details regarding the product at: http://www.koji-honpo.co.jp

So I try on the product and it was soft and smooth sailing, it even beats items from other brands that cost twice or tripled. Wonderfully made, Wonderfully made, stays true to it’s color and looks natural . . . after brushing.

The brush is super duper wonderful, top of the notch. Love it to the max. Gentle, effective yet give a proper shading effect with a fur-like effect and cottony feeling. It’s the ultimate brush for me.

This is my final look, I love how my brows synchronized with the hair and it stays there until the end of the day or until I cleaned them. It stays there through sweats, humidity and heat too. See the difference between normal brows -black, my sis- and the one colored with eyebrow pencil in honey brown -mine-? Love love love!!

Cleaning it? Use any foaming facial wash, cleansing oil, or the gentlest makeup remover and it’s gone 🙂