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Last week I was invited to SKIN AQUA Beauty Talk

They want to introduce the products that have been here for months and officially greet us as bloggers for Skin Aqua.

Skin Aqua comes in 4 types:

UV Mild Milk
UV Moisture Milk
UV Whitening Milk and below on the video is
UV Moisture Gel, for normal-oily skin.

The brand that carries by Rohto, mainly focus on the sun protection for the skin with the love from Aqua.

Wanna see the how Skin Aqua works?

Very cute isn’t it?

And now I’m here to find out more. and test the products.

The event at Tartine, will soon begin, in anticipation the whole room is filled with beauty bloggers.

None of us completely clueless about Skin Aqua, but we want to hear more. There is also a machine that can check our aging process due to the sun, it was so crowded, I didn’t get a chance to try it.
Some bloggers are afraid since the result is scary heehee.

But sun does gives us ‘scary’ skin if we didn’t protect our skin from the bad rays. Not all rays are bad, only some. Skin Aqua protects us from some bad rays from the sun.

Ms Ditta (Skin Aqua) , Fukura Akiyoshi (PT.Rohto) , and Arinda Christ. They are the hosts, they are sharing product details from Skin Aqua, the background of the company and current trends.

These are the main attraction in the event. Skin Aqua products. We were able to try them on the spot and some other brand from PT. Rohto such as Lip on Lip.


This is me and Priscil, after the event we manage to take some picture together.

Unfortunately the event have to end and I have to go back home, below is my review for the Aqua Skin ^__^ but first a bit glimpse of Lip On Lip


A review for Lip on Lip will soon comes up too heehee.

Now, let’s enjoy the review for Aqua Skin.

Since my skin is dry, I get mine in UV Mild Milk. And actually, this is not my first time using Aqua Skin, in Singapore and Japan the product is widely used and available in almost all beauty store, I’ve try them when I still lived in Singapore years ago and amazed by how light Aqua Skin is.


What makes Skin Aqua different from sun block? The ingredients! Skin Aqua mainly focused on hydration, that’s why it is called Skin Aqua . . . Aqua, as in H2O. Skin Aqua also contains Vit E and Collagen that beneficial to our skin. We’ve heard a lot about Hyaluronic Acid as it brings hydration, in Skin Aqua the Hyaluronic Acid has been modified to absorb better  and stays longer on the skin. Skin Aqua can be used daily and not just ‘can be used’, they are beneficial to our skin. Protects from the bad rays of the sun, moist and hydrated the skin, and with the Vit E, an antioxidant to the skin too.


I get 4 samples sizes as well, but 2 are the same, so 3 of them are UV Moisture Milk, UV Whitening Milk and UV Mild Milk. Take note only the UV Moisture Milk contains SPF 50 PA+++ while the others are SPF 25 PA ++ and SPF 20 PA ++, so the UV Moisture Milk is the highest SPF in all three (four if including Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA ++)


Here’s what’s amazing, in terms of texture, UV Moisture Milk is the lightest while UV Mild Milk turns to be the creamiest, perfect for dry skin.

But all three are comfortable and delightful to be used daily. Take note that they are not sun blocks ya, so if you stays in the beach for hours when the sun is up there, or other kind of outdoor sports, please use sun blocks instead of Skin Aqua. Skin Aqua is perfect to be used daily, indoors and normal exposure of outdoor without being too much.

Say good bye to sticky sun block, say hello to Skin Aqua for daily use, comfortable, smooth, soft skin protected from the sun.

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