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Hi everyone,

it is a super duper busy week for me and exhausting as well. I’m down with fever and flu, I still have some sniffles but this post need to be written and posted A.S.A.P.

I’ve been doing this project with Shu Uemura. so you can discover which cleansing oil suits you best. CLICK HERE.

I’ve been a huge fan of this one, Ultime 8 and here’s some of it’s details on my previous post: CLICK ME!


Now, those (in Indonesia), who want to try Ultime 8 Cleansing Oil, or already try and adore this one so much, or just simply want a better skin while cleaning it, you have your chance to win Ultime8 Sublime Cleansing Oil from Shu Uemura right here ^____^ hooray!!!! I also love giveaways!!!

This clear light oil has been a delightful addition to my cleansing and skincare routine. After cleansing process the skin become so clean yet hydrated, plump and super duper soft. No more striking dry stiffness, all I have is dewy, glowing and happier skin.


Details from

ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil

 the beauty of cleansing oil is that it is the most effective to remove all impurities, and it creates the best skin condition. – Shu Uemura

the precious essence of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils has been merged together. those were carefully sought out from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world proven to have the highest skincare efficacy for a petal-soft silky smooth sensation.

8 exquisite oils from botanical origin for ultimate solution to 8 skin benefits powerful yet gentle botanical origin removal system for superb cleansing.

removes effortless all kind of make-up and impurities. skin feels soften, conditioned, hydrated, nourished from within and glows with a new radiance.


Perhaps it is due to the ingredients inside it now, here’s how your chance to win Ultime8 Sublime Cleansing Oil.

What is the ingredients inside Ultime8 Sublime?


Hints: Answer are available at my previous post (the link is one of those click-able words above) you have to read them and found out.

Post your answer on a comment box below. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@c13v3rgirl) and facebook ( where I will announce the winner there.

This giveaways run from now until 25th of April 2013. Winner will be announced on twitter and my facebook page on 27th of April 2013.

Comments away and win full size 150 ml of Ultime8 Sublime for one winner.
Don’t forget to write down your twitter and facebook account as well.
See you soon, on my next post I’ll show you my step by step of using the cleansing oil, more deliberated review and more images on the product ^__^

Hi everyone!

Last week for the first time I went on a haul at Multiply at the comfort of my own home. Most of the time I feel doubt in shopping online knowing some of my friends complaining about the ‘bad services’ given. Such as:

– after payment the online shop went mia (missing in action)
– products are fake/counterfeit
– expired goods
– lost mails?
– items seems opened and used (when payment made for brand new item)
– a very long delivery time (like a month)
and yes, still other excuses and reasons of why we shouldn’t shop online . . . unless they are trusted seller, like some shops at Multiply.

How do we recognize these shops? Do we need to check on them one by one? No need!

Multiply has done it for you. Just look at the Trusted seller logo in each shop and fret not, your purchase and as a buyer, you are protected from problems that may come from purchasing online.

So when I have the chance to try shopping at Multiply, instead of shopping at one online shop, I went on several cosmetic online shops so I can ‘test’ how things are going there. I found the system in Multiply to be very user friendly, where usually we need to pay individually, in Multiply even thou I bought many items from different online shops, I just put them in one shopping cart and pay them all at once, no need multiple payments.

(Cherry Lip Gel Patch and Tony Moly Cat Chu Lipstick from Korean Noona)

And since I already have an account in Multiply, my address is saved as well, so I don’t have to keep writing my address several times.

Confirmation are given in several different inbox message automatically. So I can check the progress one by one. Some shops response immediately, while some need 2 days.

(Etude Eraser Show Remover Bar from Rie Butik)

Cosmo for Beauty is the winner, they send me a reply almost immediately that my payment has been received and will send the product the day after.

(Egyptian Magic Cream from Cosmo for Beauty)

Petite Collection and Nadia Fashion Butik send me a JNE number the next day.

(All was done without I have to ask anything)


Nadia Fashion Butik, Petite Collections, Cosmo for Beauty and Olivianneshop sent the goods in 2 days directly to my home (very impressive).

The rest come in 2 more days (which means 4 days after payment). Korean Noona forgot 1 item and after I ask about it, they say it was oos (out of stock) and the refund is made after I give them my bank acc no. Kesho Shop also forgot to add one item I’ve paid and send the good the next day.

The Cherry Blossom shampoo and rinse (conditioner) smells really good and instantly turn my hair smooth and silky.

PocketBac from Olivianne
Smells really good and feels soft on the skin.
Everything went so well, so I made more purchases in the lingerie departments ^__^ why buying lingerie online

1. The selection of choices are vary.
2. Privacy (for some reason in Jakarta, I found many ogling eyes when shopping lingerie and many times there’s men in the shop >.<
3. Comfortable to browse around and pick the one I like, plus many shop comes with details for sizes too.

Now, you’ve read my shopping experiences, please share your shopping experience at any online shop and the best, the worst and the most memorable experiences will win a shopping vouchers from

There will be 3 winners where each win Rp.200.000


1 . Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  and Follow my Twitter account: @c13v3rgirl and the winner (later on)  will be announce via my Facebook Page
3. Comment on this post with your experiences (yes, you may answer more than once)
4. Tweet with: Hey @ (tag your friends),  share with @c13v3rgirl your olshop experience and win prizes from

Contest runs from today until 30th of January. So hurry and share your experiences ^0^

Contest is open for readers residing in Indonesia

Use code
during check out at Multiply and receive 10% discount until 31 January 2013
(min Rp.20.000 purchase).

And don’t forget to read my blog post for the reviews.

Christmas Giveaway with ULINX

Hi everyone ^0^

I have great news for all my readers around the world. It’s another worldwide giveaway with the prizes kindly given by ULINX

If you want to know more about ULINX please do click HERE, where you’ll read about their Classic and Lux Collection, now, ULINX has keep creating more collections and variations to our delight. The Mosaic and Symbols Collection has arrived.

This giveaway will be all about their newest addition, the Symbol Collection ^__^

Here they are:

And, like always ULINX gives us freedom to choose any symbols we like in any design we choose.

Just mix and match ^0^

I made mine and called it “The Everlasting Love of Butterflies”

ULINX jewelry are great as a gift for someone special or a present for yourself.

Want to win one?

ULINX kindly sponsored not just one or two prizes, but three, yes, 3 winners worldwide to win these wonderful goodies where each worth around $75.


Very easy, follow these steps:

1 . Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  and Follow my Twitter account: @c13v3rgirl and the winner (later on)  will be announce via Twitter
3. Comment on this post with your answer of “why is this the season to be jolly and how ULINX can help you with that?”.
4. Tweet with: Hey @ (tag your friends),  @c13v3rgirl is having giveaways & I want to win a @ULINX_Jewelry , do you ? 

You may tweet as much as you want.

2 winners will be chosen based on most tag and tweet
1 winner will be chosen based on the answer on the comment of this post.

The contest is ON from now until 22nd of Dec 2012. So, yes, there’s not much time, so hurry and participate!

There will be 3 winners worldwide
Winners are allowed to create their own bracelet accordingly and prizes will be shipped to their home address
ULINX and me are not responsible for any lost mails or any mishaps during the giveaway.
So everyone, please behave and play fair ^__^

Thank you so much ULINX =^0^=

Hello girls!

Thank you so much for everyone who participated on the giveaway sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Sorry, I have to wait until 12th of October 2012, so I am 2 days late of officially announcing the winners on my blog (I have announced the 4 winners on Twitter and my Facebook page on the 10th) because I have to wait for the 5th winners to give me her address. All 4 have replied except one and after the date is due I have to changed with another winner, and she did the same, didn’t return my email with the address needed after designated time and I have to pick another winner. So the 5th winner changed 3 times 😀

Haha! Ladies, please do check your emails regularly heehee.

And finally the 3rd winner responded immediately and I’m happy, finally 🙂 I can’t wait anymore since all the other 4 have confirmed a.s.a.p.

So here they are:

Caroline Pitono

Ira Watirahma

San Dee

Erika Lie

And the 5th winner, after changing the winners 3 times:

Christina Lea E.

Congratulations all, your details has been passed to L’Oreal Paris Indonesia and stay tune for my next giveaway ya.

Psst! After receiving the prizes please take a picture and tag my facebook page, I would love to see.



Have you read my previous post on the new range by L’Oreal Paris?
They are cute, adorable and so ‘IN’ at the moment?

Click HERE

And hmm, do you want some?

L’Oreal Paris Indonesia will grant your wish, well, 5 of you.

Join this wonderful giveaway just by creating a Style Board of Candy Looks, here’s a sample of mine:

Keen to join? Followed the details ya:

“Style Board of Candy Looks” will be held from 20th September 2012 until 7th October 2012.

Each contestant has to make a Style Board inspired by the new collection by L’Oreal Paris which is Miss Candy.

The Style Board need to be posted on their Facebook wall tagging L’Oreal Paris Indonesia, WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com and open for public view.

Tweet “I’m creating a Miss Candy look inspired by @LorealParisID and @c13v3rgirl, see it here: (url of the Style Board on Facebook Wall)”

Then, leave a comment on my blog (yes, this blog) with facebook name, twitter account and email.

Winners are chosen based on creativity and will be announced at my blog on the 10th of October 2012.

5 winners will get 3 products sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Indonesia from the new collection of Miss Candy. 1 Glam Shine, 1 Nutri Shine and 1 Le Vernis, per winner.

T&C for all contestants:
1. “Like” L’Oreal Paris Indonesia and WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com Facebook Pages
2. “Follow” @LorealParisID and @c13v3rgirl on Twitter
3. Be a followers of
4.. Play fair and be nice to other contestants.  

So, what are you waiting for? Join and win some sweet prizes from L’Oreal Paris Indonesia

Hi all!
I’m here with a splendid jolly good news \^0^/
I got my first ULINX
What is ULINX?
Yes, ULINX is a Jewelry with magnetic personality. Kindly read it here for more details and information:
And couple weeks ago they contacted me and offering a sponsored giveaway, and it’s worldwide too woo hoo!
So stay with me and I’ll let you know how to win one.
After a week of delivery, yesterday, I’ve received my bracelet, it is a customized for me and by me too ^__^ ULINX is just superb. The winner of the giveaway also able to made their own as well. In fact all ULINX’s customer can design their own bracelet and use it however they please.
The charms right now have around 54 charms to be mixed and match. I’ve choose mine from the LUX and Classic Collection.
Open the site and after choosing the design, click the charms you want and drag it to your bracelets. You can have it as simple as choosing the available designs or like me, choose them personally one by one.
I called mine “The Never Boring Summer”, the colors and shades I choose represent summer, a lot of sunset aura and some bold pink from the fruits and flowers in the summer
Mine is worth around USD 62.65 and with the delivery (worldwide) USD19.95 = USD 82.6, heehee, thank you ULINX
And the reason why I want it in many colors and in that specific design is that, I know that the magnetic charms are so easy to detach and re-attached, creating more style which is suitable for the most conventional to the contemporary.

The magnet are strong alright, so don’t worry, it won’t suddenly detached from you without your will. And do use it wisely and not purposely attached them to your credit card, watch, etc. It is okay to be use near those magnetic sensitivity items, but use common sense ya ^^

For those with medical devices, please keep it away from the bracelet, ULINX is safe for you but maybe not for your medical device.

And since the bracelet are all made individually, they can be detached from each other, giving me endless possibilities when using it alone or all at once. For my wrist the bracelet is very long but can easily made into something that fits like second skin or a loose accessory. Some people even made it into a ring. 

Playing with ULINX for me is very fun and I never look at accessory the same way again. Instead of this boring one item, ULINX can be changed daily and suits my dynamic lifestyle. Sometime I like it plain while on some days I like it colorful and draws attention.

The choice of colors in ULINX also liberating, no matter what outfit I’m in, they are always IN, from a very matchy matchy day to block colors. Awesome!

Here are some of the inspiration and yes, you’ve seen them alright! Many celebrities have used it and they look fab! I read many praises and adoration from them.
And now you can be one of them!

We (ULINX and me) are giving you a chance to win one of your own! You can design a bracelet with your own creativity or choose the one that existed and inspire you. The delivery cost for the winner … also FREE! Hooray! So you get a bracelet and it will be shipped to your home, wherever it is, yes, a worldwide giveaway! Let’s say it together, thank you so much ULINX!


How to win it?

Very easy, follow these steps:

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  (this is needed since I’ll announced the winner on my facebook page)
3. Comment on this post of who are these famous person who used ULINX, there are so many, you only need to mention one. Hint: They are on ULINX official website.
4. Create your own bracelet on the web , you may want to register first (also FREE), and then email the design to me: with your name, email, country and name of your design.

After you made your design, in the ULINX website there’s an option to send your design via email then add some data.

Example: Carnellin,, Indonesia and The Never Boring Sunset.

Where later I’ll publish your designs on my facebook page. So, after 2 days you should be able to find your design on my facebook page, if it’s not there, please do send me again, just in case there’s a glitch.

The winner will be chosen base on creativity in designing their bracelet and naming it and adding a few word of why that designs means to the creator, will add some bonus points ^__^

The contest is ON from now until 5th of August 2012. So, yes, there’s not much time, so hurry and participate!

There’s only 1 winner worldwide
ULINX and me are not responsible for any lost mails or any mishaps during the giveaway.
So everyone, please behave and play fair ^__^

Hi all! Especially you my followers,
As some of you already know from yesterday’s post: HERE.
That Yves Saint Laurent will have this gorgeous event as a celebration for their 20 years of Touche Eclat. A beautiful tools that have been used to enhance your facial beauties.
And Yves Saint Laurent Beaute has kindly given me invitation for my followers as well \^0^/ aren’t you happy now?
I know many of you send me messages that you want to be invited in events like beauty bloggers do, now you have the chance. All you have to do is comment on this post with your name and email address. That’s it! For you who haven’t been my followers and secretly reading my blog (I still love you), you can join as well, just be my followers and write your name and email as well on the comment for this post.
I will wait for your name and email address until Friday (25/5/2012) (yes, tomorrow) at 6 PM. And every followers who comment with their name and email address will have the invitation for the event AND a FREE YSL’s Make Over vouchers.
On the event you will meet some celebrities and socialites as well as participating in quiz and lucky draw ^__^ exciting right?! Bring your camera okay!

So what are you waiting for?

Comment with your name and email address ya and be quick, I wont wait forever.

Confirmed guest will received an email from me before 8 PM tomorrow and see you soon!

Hi all,

I’m very happy that my page on facebook has reached more than 100 ‘likes’, for that I’m giving these 3 vouchers I got from Lancome.

Please join the giveaway directly to the facebook page: HERE.

See you there ^__^!

Congratulations to all of you, you’ve won these super serums, please send me an email containing your name, email and phone number.

Meta Tresna Christina Lea E  Carolina Utoyo Ai Chu  and Jesika Selina

One Winner from Twitter is Sheilla

I trully wished more of you would join, those you send me an email you still need to follow the rules accordingly so only 6 of you qualified to be the winner.

Again, CONGRATS to the winners and send me those emails okay ^___^

The new year of 2012 is here and yes, it’s time for giveaway brought to you by Lancome Indonesia. As usual the giveaway will be simple and the key now lies in ‘sharing’. There will be 10 set of these duos (each 7ml) that worth Rp.450.000.

Please follow these steps to win them:

1. add Lancome Indo as friends on Facebook.

2. “Like” Lancome Indonesia facebook page —> click HERE.

3. Follow @LancomeID twitter and RT “@LancomeID sharing my vision of beauty with Visionnaire
4. “Like” WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com on Facebook —> click HERE.
5. Follow @c13v3rgirl on twitter and 

6. CONTEST : to share “what is your vision of beauty, female beauty and beauty itself” (get the inspiration from thevideo uploaded in lancome Indonesia facebook) – and you can share on the wall of WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com Facebook page, tag Lancome Indonesia and Lancome Indo as well, lastly tweet about it on your twitter account mentioning @LancomeID

Contest is closed on the 15th of January so be fast okay! Winner are chose based on creativity of what they share and people responding (by clicking ‘like’ or share), you can tag your friends on the comment as well, the more you share the higher your chance on winning ^___^

Then I will choose the 10 winners

         You can collect the gift only in selected counters and in certain period of time (TBC) – JAKARTA ONLY! If winner can’t collect the gift in that selected counters and that period of time then gift will be given to other selected winners that I choose later on.  
So, start rambling on WhileYouOnEarth.Blogspot.Com Facebook page, tag your friends along and don’t forget to follow all the steps mention above to qualified.

Dear Readers, this just in:

The contest is extended! So it will be closed on 21st Jan 2012 with the gift to be collected 25th – 29th of Jan 2012. Hooray, you got more time ^___^