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After a series of wonderful thought, I think most of you already aware, or at least acknowledge about these, but hey, I rather play safe than sorry.

Term of use: Everyone who come into my blog with the base of FREE WILL and taking all the information on my blog based on the reader’s own risk. How to read, understand and interpret is out of my responsibility.

Copyright policy. Every personal information here is mine and belongs to me or otherwise stated. I am the legal copyright holder of the material in my blog and it may not be used, reprinted, or published without my consent.

Since all the information here is based on personal experience ( and at that given moment), I’m not providing medical, legal, or other professional advice, the readers are reading and/or using any of the information at their own risk.

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I have the right to change the focus of my blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of usage (or anything related) at my own discretion.

I’m not responsible for the actions of the advertisers or sponsors. If a reader/s purchases a product or service based upon a link from my blog, my reader must take action with that company to resolve the issue, not from me.

Letters to me. All the letters sent to me from the readers will be kept confidential and I claimed the ownership of those letters, or where I see fit.

Thank you for the inspiration and putting things right.

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And the 4 items featured are from YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain, Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color, Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, and Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte.

Why do I choose them? The Base from Shu Uemura is ultra light and so comfortable under this crazy weather of heat and sun rays, it protects the skin from the damage of UV and in the same time gives coverage while letting the skin breathe. It is an all in one solution.

Then use the loose powder for extra coverage and help the mattefying effect of the skin. Plus additional SPF (mild but better than none), they also have this wide variety of colors that anyone can relate and found that super perfect match for their skin tone. It is actually a foundation too and the best thing about this product is you only need a small amount and using foundation brush, it can go along the way ^^

After the based we need colors of course, summer for me always means fun and being super duper cute with colors. NO need using the pinkish of the pinkest cheek and red red lips all in the same time, use YSL Glossy Stain in 09 when your cheek is mild. The lustrous gloss is super comfortable and smooth. It’s the feeling that only YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres can gives, sensational, stays on and vivid color.

While Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color can be used when you want something in the air and it goes by the name of romance. The cream pressed colors are beautiful and enhance with tea rose scent that you just have to use it to believe it and end it with pastel all over your face for a complete dolled look.

My Accomplishments

Hi Gorgeous!

These are a few of my accomplishments that I can remember since I started blogging in late 2009 and becoming more active in 2010.

I used to do reviews for websites and contributing, but as the months goes by I’m thinking of collecting them all in my own blog, that’s why I’m having one and it’s called: While You On Earth dot Blogspot dot Com.

The name was inspired by the things we have in this earth and needed now (until the world end and a new one was presented). The whole global warming, sun, etc is here and real. We need somethin’ somethin’ to ‘touch up’ our skin. From caring to enhancing.

Enough said about background here’s a bit of sharing from the past:

I’ve join Clinique during their Project Makeover with HerWorld Singapore, click on the image and soon you’ll find me there. It’s not where’s wally (waldo) so it’s super easy to find me. Beside on HerWorld, I’ve been in Singapore Women’s Weekly and give testimonials to Spa Esprit.

I love being a tester ^__^ and besides all the wonderful products I can put some inputs for the readers.

In Indonesia, I try to play my part as well. But still the one I did in Singapore is a whole lot more. I’m glad to say that I’ve been with a lot of brands and testing, reviewing, involving and many other form as well. Laneige, Clinique, Kose, Skin Inc, Shiseido, Aqualabel, Bio Essence, etc.

For me why do I need to work with them or at least surround them instead of just reviewing the products I have? It’s like give them a chance to explain and can’t deny of some miscommunication that often happen if I’m not with them. Like how a products should be used, certain condition and terms, you know, details. And when I just get the products from the shop those info like the background and why a certain products was created won’t be accessible. When I’m with the company, I get that!

So companies, don’t be shy and do contact me ^__^

If someone ask me what I really into, the answer would be skincare product. I don’t know whether this is a bad habit or just simply a hobby I can’t seem get enough of it.

I love to read labels, trying new skincare products and help people to get their perfect match skincare.

I’m pretty updated with skincare product around, somehow when I read magazines, travelings, or just strolling at the nearest malls, those things that pop up, some other things seems fading away, I’m in my own zone.

My advice is always invest in a good skincare product, not necessarily expensive or famous, but the one that really suits ones type and it work for them.

Nothing beats a perfect skincare product since it will effect the whole presence of beauty.

For me toiletries also a part of skincare. So it’s not just about facial skin, but body and hair too aka toiletries.

So for those skincare lovers like I am (or anyone that need my input), please do leave a comment.

The next thing would be perfume, I’m a solid collector since I was about 9 years old. Scent are linked to memory and I love how it can envelopes oneself into a package that one’s want to perform, sexy, feminine, bubbly, macho, or anything in between.

Last but not least cosmetics is linked with beauty products! Love ’em!