I’m going to Europe for a winter holiday and I’m preparing myself for a cold winter. I’ve been to West Coast USA, that is my first winter and I found them cool, not cold, just cool. Then a year after that I went to Beijing and have a -9 degree Celsius that freezes me, leaving me look like a snow man, bundled up in anything I can get my hands on, thick jacket, sweaters, gloves and ninja hat (it covers up everything in my face). Each picture can be like anyone since my face is unseen, no need to look for a curve, a pin from bowling alley look so curvy compared to me.

Then New Zealand and went to Mt Rotorua a year after erupting, it was cold and freezing and I didn’t have enough ‘protection’ as I left my coat in the hotel room. Even if I bring it on I still think it’s not enough.

So why do I ramble here? I need the right items for my winter holiday this time, no more freezing, no more looking like a snow man, but gives me enough movement, comfort and warmness. I found UNIQLO!


I bought this wonderful Fleece that:

Our fleece collection comes back this season in more styles and colours than ever. The perfect layering item to keep you warm and comfortable without weighing you down.
MATERIAL: 100% Polyester
CARE: Machine Wash Gentle Or Delicate

Which is so soft to the touch and I feel in love the minute I saw the….price. SGD59.90 is sooooo not expensive and come on! It’s so soft and I just can’t resist this wonderful coat. For me the length also so alluring, I hate when my tummy got cold, so normal jacket will not do for me.

The Mouton Fleece comes in 3 color, Black, Beige (mine) and dark chocolate… I meant brown. And do you know it comes in 2 zipper, so when you pulled both zipper in the middle it can look like you put on a button in the middle for more stylish look and adjusted coverage, smart isn’t it?! 

Suggestion from me: Since the shape is not fit to my body (or maybe yours too), get a pretty belt that will accentuate your look and better fit, it does help with the windiness too. My tummy are warmer now ^_^

Do you noticed the head warmer I used? It’s Uniqlo too and can be used as a head or neck warmer….comfy! Inside I use the heat tech clothing and leggings.

Next is my old item which I bought a year ago, tried and tested for it’s warmest and efficiency to fight against cold.



A technology so great that I think it need a post on it’s own, non other than UNIQLO heat tech.

Now, based on my experience using heat tech which is so hot in Singapore should be sufficient in freezing weather.

Other than heat tech shirts, what available here in Singapore is leggings (which is a must have for me), tops, camisole, etc.

And btw did you see the picture above there, where Ms. Charlize is the model, yup, their  ultra light jacket is so light and thin you can actually fold it until so small, an umbrella casing (sort of) is provided, yes, you can fold it until that small, they really defined the word traveling LIGHT.

So winter? Bundle down, please!

All data and images of the products alone are from UNIQLO
My pic belongs to me.